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Take the Girl Scout Journey – troops Take the Girl Scout Take theJourney Girl Scout–forming troopsnow! Troops are formed based on the Journey –forming troops now! availability of volunteer leadership. forming now! Troops are formed based on the

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In the Zona!

zona: How long have you been playing volleyball? maggie: I have been playing volleyball for six years. zona: What position do you play? maggie: This year I play Being a the left side, but in the past I have been a middle, defensive specialist and setter. I love life lea to play all positions. zona: Do you have any college plans? Do you aspire to play such a de h o nor. We r is volleyball in college? maggie: My college plans are still in the process. I would like chosen were of f of o to either be in Arizona or Colorado. For volleyball, I am looking at Grand Canyon u r li s fe p , acade irit University and Colorado Mesa University. zona: What do you think is your best mic life ual ability a skill on court? Do you prefer spiking or volleying the ball? maggie: I believe my nd great o to lead. It is a best skill on the court is passing and also being a leader. Even though I am a good p passer, I love–and prefer–to spike the ball. zona: Tell me about being a lifefellow c portunity to h elp la leader? What is your favorite thing about being a life-leader? maggie: Being their fa ss mates grow ith and a life leader is such a honor. We were chosen off of our spiritual life, academic help th in to answ life and ability to lead. It is a great opportunity to help fellow class mates grow em er questio some tough in their faith and help them to answer some tough questions about life. My ns abo favorite thing about being a life leader is being able to be someone that the ut life. girls feel able to talk to about life and anything going on. It has allowed me to get close with so many students. zona: What do you love most about attending Valley Lutheran? maggie: I love the family-like atmosphere. This school is like one big family. Most everyone gets along and is involved in everything. Everyone here cares about where you are headed in life and what you are striving for. zona: What’s your favorite TV show? Favorite book you ever read? Favorite subject in school? Least favorite noise? Favorite dessert? Favorite restaurant in town to go to with your family? Favorite board game? Favorite video game? Favorite band? maggie: TV show: The Big Bang Theory. Book: Kite Runner. Subject: Math. Least favorite noise: Nails on a chalk board. Favorite dessert: Chocolate-peanut butter shake. Restaurant: 13th Street Grille. Board game: Clue. Band: The Cab and Maranias Trench. zona: If you could spend one day with anyone dead or alive, who would it be? What would be one thing that you would want to talk about with him/her? maggie: I would want to talk to Carrie Walsh. I have watched her play volleyball and read her stories for years. I would ask her what she did to become this well of an athlete and I would ask her what kept her going. Who inspired her and what made her love the sport so much. zona: Any shout outs that you want to give–family or friends? maggie: I would give a shout out to my whole family. My dad for always being there and always being my biggest fan. My mom for always having good food for me to eat after games. My sister for always encouraging me to keep going. Then I would thank my team and my opponents. My team has allowed me to push my self and make myself better. They work hard at every practice and it is a good team that has taught me teamwork and leadership. My opponents have pushed me to do better and adjust the way I play, so I also thank them.

Maggie (on the left) shares good times with her volleyball teammates/friends

In the Zona!


Cheridan Hallett is an 8th Grader at International Charter School of Arizona zona: What grade are you in? How long have you been attending ICSAZ? cheridan: I am in eighth grade, and this is my first year attending ICSAZ. My favorite thing about this school is that it is small and each student gets more one-on-one teacher attention than most public schools. Also, I love our principle, Mrs. Johnson. She is the best principle I have ever had or heard of! She is really nice and has a great sense of humor; she takes the time to get to know me, as well as others. In the mornings before school, I love arriving early just to go in and talk to her and she will joke with me back and forth. I like how the principles office is up front and accessible to all, anytime. zona: What is your favorite book to read? Do you like the Hunger Games trilogies? cheridan: Funny you should ask! My favorite “book” right now is the entire Hunger Games series. I was saddened upon reading the very last page of the third book–as I am when finishing any series–I want it to go on and on. The books had action, suspense, violence, romance–everything you could want. I am so glad my mom made all of us siblings read the books before watching the movie. The movie wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as good as my imagination had conjured up, and of course many details were missing. Reading is one of my most enjoyable pastimes, and how I end most every day, far into the night. Some of the books I have enjoyed are: The Hardy Boys Series, The Chronicles of Narnia, and a series of 36 abridged classics, as well as any magazines articles of real life adventures (like Boy’s Life). zona: You are an avid skateboarder, how long have you been doing this? What is the hardest trick that you can do? How long did you it take you to learn this? cheridan: My love of skate boarding began 3 years ago when a friend came to live and homeschool with us. He taught me all he knew, and in the process, I developed a love for the sport. The hardest trick I can do is stall grinding. With skateboarding there is always a next level to try for, always something new to learn and progress towards. Amazingly, almost every time our family or friends have gone to any of the skateparks we have found others willing to share their knowledge and skill, and even sometimes their extra parts or boards! zona: What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of school? cheridan: In my free time I like being with friends (who doesn’t?). Art is also important to me. My favorite is drawing still lifes in pencil and pen (I often have a sketch book handy). I have dabbled in scratch board, watercolor, oil, and charcoal as well. zona: What are some of the sports that you play currently or in the past? Which one is your favorite? What position do you prefer to play? cheridan: Soccer is my favorite sport to play, but not necessarily to watch. In the past I have played front and middle, though I am not playing currently. Perhaps next year our school will have a team. zona: What is your favorite subject in school? cheridan: Science, because Ms. Koutsky makes the class interactive, we’re not just studying a dry text book. I have always been interested in chemicals and their reactions. And math–it hasn’t always been my favorite but the teacher makes all the difference! Ms. Hohl makes everything easy to understand, plus we can proceed at our own pace, which I really like.

Favorite Thanksgiving Day tradition & the best thing on the dinner table? “We always have a lot of family and friends over–that’s my favorite part. All the boys will play football in front of our house, then come in for inside games later. The month before Thanksgiving, each of my family members write “100 things we are thankful for”. We write each of these on a leaf and then display them on the wall around our dining room table. My mom always serves a traditional turkey dinner with gravy, stuffing, and her special mashed potatoes and gravy. At each place setting is 5 kernels of corn to remind us of when the pilgrim’s had to ration this amount per person, per day, resulting in the worst time of thier lives. Then we go around the table and every person shares the 5 top things they are thankful for that year. Lastly, my mom or dad reads a version of the first Thanksgiving story. “

“Art is also important to me. My favorite is drawing still lifes in pencil and pen.”


In the Zona!

Alex Amaya is a 7th grader at International Charter School of Arizona zona: You’re originally from Flagstaff, do you miss the snow? How do you like the “City” so far? alex: Yes, I miss the snow, I miss sledding and skiing every year on the mountain. The city is okay so far. The weather is getting nicer and the winter is going to be great. zona: How has ICSAZ helped you acclimate yourself to Phoenix? alex: It has helped me meet people and have friends. zona: Tell the readers about your participation with FAAN (The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network)? How did you become involved with this? alex: I used to do walks for FAAN to help raise money for research to cure food allergies. I heard about the walks and wanted to help. zona: What do you want to be when you “grow-up?” alex: I want to be an astrophysicist. zona: What type of art do you do? Have you won any awards for your art? alex: I won a contest for drawing animals once; it was a contest ran by the animal shelter. The only really art I do is drawing/sketching. zona: What has been your favorite thing to do in your new home? alex: My favorite thing to do is go to our pool. zona: Tell us about your sounds like you have a full house. alex: Yes I do have a full house! I have four brothers; their names are Ethan, Aiden, Evan, and Elias. Ethan is 10, Aiden and Evan are twins and are 8 years old, and Elias is 4. It’s a lot of fun to have them around.

Favorite Thanksgiving Day tradition & what does thanksgiving mean to you? My favorite tradition is to go to my aunt’s house for dinner. To me, Thanksgiving is a time where people come from everywhere to have a good meal and have fun.

“I used to do walks for FAAN (The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network) to help raise money for research to cure food allergies. I heard about the walks and wanted to help.”

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Parents’ Corner

We found the best upcoming events around the Valley for you and your family! Phoenix: Movies in the Park @ Biltmore Fashion Park Showing “An Affair to Remember”. When: November 7th Where: Biltmore Fashion Square, 2502 E Camelback Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85016

The Heard Museum Thanksgiving Day Harvest Feast
Thursday, November 22, 2012; 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Every year, the Heard invites visitors to sit down for the Harvest Feast, an American Indian-inspired meal for the Thanksgiving holiday. Combining unique Native ingredients with traditional recipes, this year’s menu features turkey and dressing, tamales and posole, all traditional Southwestern holiday dishes. 

Cost: Adult members $60, adult nonmembers $75, children 12 and under $30. Price does not include gratuity or museum admission. Beer, wine and cocktails are additional. Reservations required by November 17. Call 602.252.8840, ext. 2271. Desert Botanical Gardens American artist and filmmaker Philip Haas’ monumental sculpture installation, The Four Seasons, will debut this fall at the Desert Botanical Garden. Haas was inspired by 16th century Italian Renaissance artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who painted imaginative portraits composed of fruits, vegetables, flowers and related objects. Each of Haas’ works (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) is more than 15 feet high and will be on display in the Stardust Foundation Plaza. When: Now–April 28, 2013 Where: 1201 N Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona 85008

Arizona Science Center: LEGO® TRAVEL ADVENTURE There are many different ways to travel where you need to go and in LEGO Travel Adventure, visitors are invited to create vehicles capable of flying, driving, and floating - or all three! Go on a travel adventure to exotic locations, through all kinds of terrain - mountains, oceans, jungles, and more. Dioramas featuring Hawaii, Paris and San Francisco will serve as inspiration for creating vehicles with wheels, wings, and more. When: Now–January 1, 2013, 10am–5pm, Daily

Scottsdale Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art Steering the Spaceship Earth: Teens respond to the whole earth catalog. The Whole Earth Catalog is an important documentation of the mindset of the 60s-70s counterculture; a time when there was a movement away from the dehumanizing influence of technology and a focus on the identification and creation of tools to empower creativity. This exhibition presents the views that teens express through art that encapsulate their vision for creating harmony in their own lives: present and future. When: Now–January 6, 2013 Where: 7380 East 2nd Street in Downtown Scottsdale (Inside the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts building)

Desert Stages Theatre A Musical extravaganza with some of Dr. Suess’ most beloved characters lights up the stage. Featuring the adored Horton the Elephant, The Cat in the Hat, Gertrude McFuzz, Lazy Mayzie, and the little boy with the big imagination- Jojo. Suesical Jr. is the tale of the conquering challenges and the power of loalty and friendship. When: November 16th–December 16th; Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm, Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm and 3pm.


In the Zona!

Red Rock Fantasy XXII Nestled within the world-renowned red rocks of Sedona, Red Rock Fantasy is a festival of nearly one million lights providing a man-made marvel within the scenic beauty that has drawn visitors for the past one hundred years. Now, in its twenty first year, and boasting over two dozen displays created by families from the Southwest, the festival promises never before seen marvels of light that leave children in wonderment and move adult minds to enjoy the holidays as they did when they were young. A portion of the proceeds benefit over two dozen regional service organizations. Guests can vote on their top five light displays and winners will receive awards. Where: Los Abrigados Resort & Spa 160 Portal Lane, Sedona, AZ 86336. November 15, 2012–January 5, 2012 Open nightly (weather permitting) Sunday – Thursday 5:00 pm-9:00 pm, Friday & Saturday 5:00 pm-10:00 pm. Cost: Adults $5, Seniors-$4, Children 4-12 $2, Under 4-Free More info: 1.877.444.8044 or

50th Anniversary Celebration at the Phoenix Zoo There are many wonderful stories that make up the history of the Phoenix Zoo. Join them as they celebrate the Zoo’s rich past, current successes, and what they are doing to preserve the future for wildlife. Kids can create zoo tools of the future, design and build animal exhibits and all can enjoy keeper talks, activities and displays. When: Nov. 17th–18th, 9am–4pm Where: Phoenix Zoo Cost: Adults $20; Kids ages 3–12 are $10. More Info: 602-273-1341 or

Ts & e P


Anna with her precious pup, Elias.

f f a t S a n o Z

s t e p r i e h t d an

Heidi with fluffy Figaro and her two tail-waggers Dozer and Friday

Misty with her playful pug, Rocky.

Kaci and her flustered feline, Perci.

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With a warm and friendly staff of technicians and five full time veterinarians who specialize in all types of treatments for dogs, cats and exotics, we can meet your every need.


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Dr. Tom Bookhout

Choir Director

Scottsdale Christian Academy zona: How long have you been a choir director? dr. Bookhout: I have been a choir director since 1986, twenty six years now. I have not always done this as a teacher, though. I have directed choirs as a music pastor at a church, a symphony chorus director, an opera chorus director, a university choir director, and a school teacher. zona: How long have you been at Scottsdale Christian Academy? dr. Bookhout: This is my second year at Scottsdale Christian Academy. I began here in August 2011. zona: What first made you want to teach choir? dr. Bookhout: I suppose I always imagined that I might be a teacher, since there are many teachers, even music teachers, in my family. The music classes (band, chorus) I was in during high school were my favorite classes and I was very inspired by my teachers—Mr. Conklin, Mr. Jaeger, Mrs. Woolever, and others. I distinctly remember wanting the opportunity to have the same influence on students that they had had on me. I started college expecting to become a band and choir teacher, but the choir at Houghton College was so extraordinary that I fell in love especially with choral conducting. I also began to recognize certain gifts that God had given me and that they would be well used in choral music. Fortunately, my first job gave me a great opportunity to develop that skill and I have stayed in choral music ever since. zona: What did you get your doctoral degree in? dr. Bookhout: I got my doctorate in choral music from Arizona State University. My masters degree is in choral conducting from The Eastman School of Music. zona: What grades are in your choir groups? dr. Bookhout: At Scottsdale Christian Academy I direct the Middle School Choir for grades 6-8, and the High School Concert Choir & Chorale for grades 9-12. zona: Do you have a favorite group of ages to teach? dr. Bookhout: I used to think it was high school students, and in many ways they are still the age that allows us to perform the most challenging and rewarding repertoire; but the middle school students at SCA are so extraordinary that I love working with them as well. zona: Have your choir groups won any awards this year and/or past years? dr. Bookhout: SCA has not participate in contests, per se, in my first year, but over the past dozen years the choirs have won several awards at festivals. SCA has had a very active and widely admired choral program for many years. We were honored in several ways last year by receiving invitations to perform in very select venues. We were


In the Zona!

I distinctly remember wanting the opportunity to have the same influence on students that they had had on me.

invited by Arizona State University to share a concert with their choral program last spring. We were told that they had never done this before. We also were invited to collaborate with the outstanding adult choir at Camelback Bible Church to perform Chichester Psalms in the spring. Several of our students later joined that church choir to perform a feature concert at the summer conference of the AZ American Choral Directors Association. zona: What is your favorite thing about being a Choir Director at Scottsdale Christian? dr. Bookhout: I am especially excited to be teaching at SCA because the students are so talented, so eager to learn and work together as such a wonderful team. The level of interest in choral music is extraordinary here. Thirty percent of the student body in the middle school and high school sing in the choirs. Because the student body attends fine churches throughout the Valley, they come to us with lots of experience singing in church and in children’s choirs. Their shared love for God and the values taught to them by their churches and families means that there is a very good spirit of friendship and cooperation among the students; and they all have a very similar focus in life. This is essential for a successful choir. I also enjoy being around students and teachers who are so enthusiastic about high academic standards. The students are excited about learning and enjoy their education at SCA. zona: Have you always wanted to be a teacher/director as a kid? What was your favorite subject when you were in school? dr. Bookhout: I had lots of music in my family. Performers and music teachers are scattered throughout my extended family. I always enjoyed music probably more than any other subject. Still, in high school for a while I entertained the idea

of being a physics teacher (again, because I had such an inspiring teacher in Mr. Holt), but ultimately I asked myself what would I like to do most every day the rest of my life? The answer was music. zona: What is your favorite song to either sing solo or as a group? dr. Bookhout: Wow, that is a hard question to answer. I guess my favorite choir music always is whatever we are working on right now. I have a responsibility to be completely immersed in whatever we are rehearsing or performing, so at that moment it is my favorite piece in the world. In my life right now I am conducting choirs that are singing “Messiah,” (Phoenix Symphony Chorus & Camelback Bible Church) “Carmina Burana,” (Phoenix Symphony Chorus) and Christmas music (ALL my choirs), so that is my favorite music right now. My most favorite pieces of music are those with fantastic lyrics about significant things, that are set to perfectly suited music that make the text even more meaningful. I also love pieces that are a little different than all the others, that have something lasting and memorable about them that set them apart. It can be a very easy or very hard piece, just so it is worth doing. zona: Do you have a favorite song on the radio right now? dr. Bookhout: Now, that is opening a can of worms! I listen to all types of music, depending on the mood I am in: classical radio, big band, country, jazz, classic rock, whatever. (Rap is a little hard for me to enjoy, but my son loves it!) Songs with good words and melodies are always my favorites. I suppose I really enjoy songs that move me (either sad or happy), that inspire me to worship God, or remind me how much I love people in my life. A fun one I love to hear is Michael Bublé singing “Everything” because it reminds me how fortunate I am to be married to my wonderful wife, Jeanne.

Watch for Archer’s Name in Lights!

Fighting for AIR By Doug Kelton, Editor of In the ZONA Magazine

Wheezing... shortness of breath... chest tightness... coughing, all symptoms of asthma... have you ever witnessed a child go through an asthma attack? I did zona: What doright you love aboutof performing? recently in the courtyard of the Tempe Market Place, infront the movie What plays and what roles in those theater, and I felt so helpless. The little boy finally settled down and wasplays okay, have you performed? archer: I love just unfortunately though, it’s commonplaceactually here inbeing Phoenix. So, I wanted to learn on stage and performing more about this chronic (long-term) lung disease, and I figured, why not in front of people. I’ve played Hickory ingo straight to the experts, so I spoke to aThe representative at the Lung Wizard of Oz, Jack ScottAmerican in High School Association to further educate myself onMusical this alland tooI’m familiar disease: currently rehearsing in the role of King Triton in The Little Mermaid. I ZONA: Whatget is asthma? AMERICAN LUNG ASSOusually cast in the ensemble in these CIATION: Asthma is known to be a complex Oz, plays too. For example, in The Wizard ofcondition with of causes contributing facI hada spectrum three roles. zona:and What has been tors, your with airway inflammation as itsyou central attribute. favorite character that have been Asthma is a chronic characterized so far? What airway makes disease, that character yourby recurrent symptoms such asMy coughing, favorite wheezing character and is favorite? archer: High SchoolofMusical he Scott inThe chestJack tightness. severity asthmabecause varies from wastoaperson. wacky ZONA: and sillyWhat character and that’s aALA: lot person causes asthma? If you could be intoany of funis,tothere play.iszona: The truth not a conclusive answer what production, whatruns would it be? Why? Who causes asthma. It often in families, but this does I would like would you Why? archer: not explain howplay? one sibling can experience asthma, Shoprelated of Horrors and play to be in Little while another does not. There have been some environmental aspects to people with the asthmonster plant, Audrey II. The style of music is ma as well. This is especially true in adult onset asthma…which is often environmental. Overweight cool and the story line is creepy and funny at children have two times the risk of developing asthma, so obesity may be a factor. ZONA: What efzona: What is thebyhardest the Americans same time.are fects can asthma have on health? ZONA: How many directly affected asthma? part of musical theater and theater? Why? ALA: An estimated 17.7 million Americans suffer from asthma; more than 5.6 million are children archer: Tech Week is the week of the first under age 18. Asthma ranks eighth in prevalence among chronic conditions in our nation and is a performance. It is a full dress rehearsal. You leading cause of serious illness among children. Asthma brings million have to start at 4more p.m. than and it1.9 usually lastsAmericans until 10 to emergency rooms each year. Asthma is the leading cause of school absenteeism attributed p.m. each day. Then you go home and do yourto chronic conditions. (Lung Disease Data, The American Lung Association, 2003) What do you zona: Do youZONA: ever get nervous homework. do for kids with asthma in schools? ALA: We havebefore a few in school programs that support children a performance? If so, what do you with asthma. Asthma 101 Presentations can be offered to get those whoyour are responsible children do to over nerves? If for not,the why do with asthma in the school setting (parent groups,you teachers, school nurses, health aides, coaches, think you don’t get nervous? archer: etc). Another program is Open Airways (OAS) for Yes, schools an asthma management I getisnervous before a show butprogram once thefor children grades 3-5. It consists of six 40 minute group lessons for children with asthma performance starts, the nerves start toheld fade.durI ing the school day or after school. OAS uses groupalso discussion, stories, and role play toand help get to work withgames the other kid actors zona: we help each other with the students take part in the program. The program works by teaching children that nerves. it is okay to have WhatSome does ofthe for inArcher? Do asthma and that they can take control of their asthma. thefuture topics hold covered OAS include you want asthma to be asymptoms, professional performer? basic information about asthma, recognizing and managing using medication, would love to be an actor and be avoiding asthma triggers, getting enough exercise,archer: and doingI well at school. in a movie and maybe have my own TV show one day.

An estimated 17.7 million Americans suffer from asthma; more than 5.6 million are children under age 18.

Archer Nicholson Attends Freedom Academy

ZONA: What are symptoms of asthma? ALA: Symptoms can vary for individuals with asthma. Children and adults can exhibit one or all of the following: coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and others depending on the person. ZONA: What treatments are there for asthma? ALA: The primary treatment for asthma is a step approach using different classifications of medications and asthma education (to teach about asthma warning signs and avoidance of triggers.) ZONA: How can the community benefit from your the American Lung Association? ALA: The work we do at the ALA benefits our community as a whole. We help people quit smoking, assist adults and children with lung disease (asthma, COPD, etc.), support clean air initiatives (such as tough air pollution standards, alternative fuel and commuting options), influence public policies to make our public spaces, workplaces and homes free of second hand smoke, and MUCH more!

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Brightmont Academy’s

One-on-One Approach to Learning

Ferace Daghlan is a 10th Grader at Brightmo nt Academy

Zona: How long have you been going to Brightmont? Ferace: Two months. Zona: What grade are you in? Ferace: I am in the tenth grade. Zona: What do you like best about Brightmont? Ferace: I like the one-on-one teaching and learning and the attention the teacher can give to me. If I don’t understand something we can work on it–we can get into more detail. I like that I can change my schedule and pick the hours I want to have my classes in and the independent study lab helps a lot. Zona: What makes Brightmont so much different than attending a traditional public school? Ferace: The one-to-one part instead of having 20 other students. You can ask more questions and the teacher is focused on only you, instead of you and all the other students. Zona: How has Brighmont helped you in your academics since attending? Ferace: In the two months I’ve been here I’ve learned more than all last year. I feel like I can learn more things. Favorite Things are easier to remember, and we have good worksheets for review. I see my grades are g in iv g s k a lot better because the teacher can make things more clear. Zona: What is your favorite n a Th subject in school? Ferace: World History. Zona: Do you participate in any sports or : Tradition activities outside of school? Ferace: I play basketball at the gym. Zona: Do you have “We u su al ly a favorite instructor or do you just have one instructor all day? Tell us about him/her? to Ferace: I have three instructors. My favorite instructor is my history instructor. His name is go to California ’ nts Mr. Zuggi. I feel like I learn from him the best and he makes all the subjects clear and I learn e ar p d n ra g y m a lot in the class. d visit

house an with family.”


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Naomi is AZ’s youngest Kukkiwon Certified Black Belt. The Kukkiwon is the governing body of the WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) and the center of TKD in South Korea.

zona: How long have you been practicing Taekwondo? Naomi: I have been practicing TaeKwonDo since April of 2010 when I was 3 years old. zona: What do you love about Taekwondo? Naomi: I love to be active and training helps me get strong. I also love learning new forms and competing in tournaments. zona: You are a black belt. Was it hard to work your way up to the highest level? What was it like when you finally got the black belt? Naomi: Yes, it was hard. I went to train four days a week at my dojang (school) and practiced almost everyday with my dad at home. I was super happy and excited! zona: You are the youngest black belt in the state of Arizona. What does that feel like? Naomi: Wonderful! zona: Have you ever broken anything with your hand or feet? What have you broken? Does it hurt? Naomi: Yes! We have to break wood boards for every belt test. I had to break 3 boards in a bundle with a back kick to pass my black belt test. It kind of hurts sometimes. zona: For other kids out there doing Taekwondo, what advice do you have for them as they are trying to get to a black belt? Naomi: Practice, practice, PRACTICE! Practice makes perfect. zona: You were recently on T.V. for all of your accomplishments. What was that like? Naomi: Fun and weird! zona: What do you love about attending Freedom Academy? Naomi: My friends are super nice and I like all my teachers. zona: Who is your teacher? What makes your teacher cool? Naomi: Ms. Atkinson. She is fun and good at sign language. zona: What other hobbies do you have? Is Taekwondo your favorite? Naomi: Golf, art, piano and I really love to dance! TaeKwonDo is my favorite! Naomi Seo • 1st Grader at Freedom Academy

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Tori Mazzacone Senior - Saguaro High School

Know a GREAT KID that deserves recognition?

Photos by Krysta Holmes

It feels good to get some recognition for working so hard. I also have an awesome Co-captain named Maddy Sears that I appreciate so much for her passion and dedication!



onnea in the zza co Tori Mazer, 2012 Novemb

– Tori

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Fave kind of dance: My favorite kind of dance is contemporary. I love all types and it is hard to pick, but contemporary has such an extreme range of movements. I think that contemporary fits me the best. Fave TV show: TV…I honestly don’t watch it. I haven’t had cable TV since I was eight years old, up until two weeks ago, and I’ve only turned the TV on once since then. Fave movie of all time: My favorite movie(s) ever are the Harry Potter series. Although I’ve never read the books, I literally watch one movie from the series once a week. Fave band/Fave song: I don’t have one favorite band, but I love Imagine Dragons, Beyonce, Daughter, Mumford and Sons, Ed Sheeran, Bon Iver, and Tom Sonntag. By favorite song is Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran.

Family run in the Valley for nine years 14

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3310 N. Hayden Rd., #103

zona: What’s your favorite subject in school? Fave food? Best place you ever danced? What drives you crazy!? Have you ever actually LOLed? Would you dance with a Llama in front of the President and all his dignitaries for $1,000? Tori: My favorite subject in school would definitely have to be dance. I can’t get enough of it outside of school, so I also take dance class at school. But, if I had to choose an academic subject, my favorite would be English. It comes to me easily and I love to write. My favorite subject (type) of dance is contemporary. I love all types and it is hard to pick, but contemporary has such an extreme range of movements. I think that contemporary fits me the best. My all-time fave food would have to be Italian (I like to live up to my last name). The greatest place I’ve ever danced was The Edge in LA. It is a dance studio that gave me great challenge, and had great vibes! Something that drives me insane is lack of sleep.

Paula Carr

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Dream big and dance from the heart

Carr Tor i is Paulaemy’s Dance Acad hip & top scholars ner award win s at variou s competitionut. o d n in state a the Tor i is also f her o PRESIDENTl dance high schoo ny. compa

But hey, who would prefer no sleep? Of course I’ve LOLed, at almost everything I see or hear! Not only would I dance with a Llama in front of the president and all his dignitaries for $1,000, I’d do it for FREE! zona: Why is Paula Carr so cool? What makes her dance academy so great? Tori: Paula Carr is so cool because she isn’t just a dance instructor, or studio owner. She makes her dance studio feel like home. I have never once heard a mean or negative word come out of her mouth. Paula is nutty and goofy, and one of the funniest people I know. At the same time, Paula whips us dancers into shape and helps all of us improve. She’s a beautiful lady inside and out, and I don’t know what I’d do without her or her academy of dance. zona: Does Saguaro High pay enough attention to the dance program? Tori: Saguaro’s student body surely pays attention to us at assembly performances. More than anything, we love to put on a great show that people enjoy. zona: What awards have you won as a dancer at PCDA? did you receive a scholarship to dance there and what did it take to gain that accomplishment? Tori: Since I’ve been dancing at PCDA, I have made accomplishments that wouldn’t have been possible without the confidence that I’ve gained through Paula’s help. Two years ago, I got my first dance convention/ competition scholarship at Hollywood Vibe dance convention. The next year, I received two more (one from Hollywood Vibe and one from Co. dance). At Hollywood Vibe, performing my first ever solo, I won overall high score, and first place in my division. For this, I was chosen to compete at nationals for dancer of the year. I also received a “Clear Talent Group” award from Co. Dance, giving me the opportunity to audition for a talent agency. I was so overwhelmed with joy to receive this award! Soon after these accomplishments, I also won $100 dollars for the Young Artists’ Competition through the Herberger Theater. For PCDA, I also have a scholarship which I appreciate immensely because it allows me do what I love. I am there for Paula whenever she needs help to return the favor! She’s awesome. zona: Where can dance take you? What do you see yourself doing in 10 years? Tori: Dance can go in many different directions, and I’m not sure of where I’ll go with it. I never want to give up though! I think that in ten years, I will have hopefully graduated college already majoring in either dance or physical therapy. It would make my life to be able to be on a professional company in New York or California, be on a show like So You Think You Can Dance, or be a commercial dancer. In ten years, dancing will still be in my life, but I would also love to be happily married! • 480-947-9898

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Scottsdale November 2012  

Full text of In the Zona - Scottsdale from November 2012

Scottsdale November 2012  

Full text of In the Zona - Scottsdale from November 2012