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From Digital Filmmaking to Kayaking, Tesseract Summer Camps Have It All! Scan Our QR Code to Join Zona’s Fan Club!

MARCH 2013

Get started today! Call or visit: 855-428-7985 • Grand Canyon University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. (800-621-7440;

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Innovative. Collaborative.


Don’t Let Your Child

Get Lost in the Crowd

Pre-K through 8th grade The Valley’s Most Innovative Independent School for Students in Early Childhood through Grade 12

• Academic Excellence • Critical Thinking • Collaboration • Confidence • Love of Learning

• Global Perspectives • Character Building • Public Speaking • Internships • Scholarships

Learn why Tesseract is the education leader in the Valley. Call 480.991.1770 or visit

At SCDS we have a MAXIMUM of 15 students per class!

Schedule a tour today! • 56th St. & Shea • 480-452-5777

Lower School Campus I 4800 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd. Middle & High School Campus I 3939 Shea Blvd.

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Mandarin • Spanish • Music • Art Physical Health • Etiquette • Science Lab • Field Trips Secure Campus • AM/PM Childcare

it’s A Home Run! Scottsdale Christian Academy Proudly Unveils Refurbished Baseball Facilities


e’re really looking forward to a great season,” said Booster Club President Jeff Benson written by Zona of the Scottsdale Christian Academy Junior Reporter baseball team. This year, thirty-two i sk ow players were selected to make up the Kaity Klon Varsity and Junior Varsity teams. Eleven returning seniors are on the Eagles Varsity team, along with skilled underclassmen and even a freshman rookie. They will be playing and practicing, along with the JV, on a newly refurbished field. The award-winning field (Best Division III Field in 2012), gleams triumphantly in the sunlight. The grass is bright green, the dirt is carefully raked, the dugouts are organized and the stands are freshly painted. There’s even a new announcer box with a snack shack built in the back for the spectators to enjoy. The batting cages, previously on the left field side, have been moved to right field to accommodate the new bull pen and picnic area taking up residence on the left field side. The score board also boasts a touch up, and a brand-new American flag sways majestically on it’s new pole, complete with a golden eagle resting on top. The Eagles’ new field was funded with the help of sponsors and has taken about a year to complete. Well, sort of. “It’s never really done.” said coach Bill Swift. “We’ll always continue to work on it and make improvements.” Coach Swift has been coaching for over a decade. His favorite memories come from winning state in 2004 and 2005. He is hopeful that they’ll win state again this year. Meanwhile, throughout the season, the coaches are trying to instill strong leadership values in the young men. They are drawing from male leaders in the Bible that came from nothing and grew into something great. “Right now “

we’re learning about Abraham,” said Coach Swift. The team will practice everyday except Sunday. In addition, the team bonded on a missions trip to Nicaragua that took place in late February. “It really brings the boys together. The teamwork that we see there is so important, and it helps us throughout the entire season.” said Jeff Benson. The field looks great, the teams look great, and the coaches work hard to ensure that the teams’ morality looks great. Scottsdale Christian Academy’s Baseball teams have a lot ahead of them this season. In the words of Coach Swift, “At the end of the day, we’re here to play baseball, and we’re gonna do it on a great field with some great players.”

Baseball Booster Club President, Jeff Benson, (left) and Varsity Baseball Coach, Bill Swift.

Introducing the Valley’s NEW Trackless Train!


ALL AboARD! “Never too old to ride a train.” Tom Henrickson, Engineer/Owner

A Unique Way of Adding FUN to Your Event! • The train comes to you in cities throughout the Valley • Fun for all ages–children to adults • Rent the train by the hour or even multiple days • Special events, company outings, and many other types of events • Desert Dwellers Express consists of an engine, 2 cars, 1 caboose, Engineer Tom, and a souvenier boarding pass • All cars have paddled seats, seat belts, doors and non-slip flooring • Enjoy the whistle and bells as the train chugs along bringing smiles to everyone!

ReseRve YouR Date Now! Call for pricing.

Present th is c at your eve ouPon nt you will re and ceive


the first h

our rate

480-694-7697 •

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Jose Pablo Martinez-Rendon

Stewart Freshman at Valley Lutheran High School

1. How has High School life been so far? Is it hard being a freshman? So far, high school life has been amazing. I love Valley Lutheran. Everybody has been so kind and I feel like we are all family. Even though I am a freshman it is easy to make friends with students from other grades. Everybody really cares about you and that is a security that I wouldn’t trade for anything. 2. What have you enjoyed most about Valley Lutheran High School? Do you have any older siblings that go to school with you? I would say the best thing about Valley is the great people whom I have come to love. My coaches and teachers make my time at school so amazing. I don’t have any older siblings at Valley, however, I feel like some of the older kids have taken me under their wing, which has been very helpful. 3. What position do you play in softball? What is your favorite jersey number to wear? The softball season has just begun, so I’m not sure what position coach will put me in. However, I’m super excited because I trust my coach to know what is best. As this point I don’t have an opinion on what number I get, yet I do hope to be able to keep that number all four years. 4. Do you want to continue to play softball throughout High School? I plan on doing softball throughout high school. Mostly, because I love the sport, all the girls are supercool, and I have the best coaches ever. The exercise is just a bonus! 5. What do you think that your best skill is on the field? On the field I think my best skill is fielding. However, everything could use much improvement. I am excited to become a better player. 6. Are you usually on top of the pyramid or bottom? Which do you prefer? In cheer I can be on the top (fly) or the bottom (base). For football season I mostly flew but I prefer basing because it is more of a thrill to me because I feel more part of the stunt. 7. Which do you like better, Cheerleading or Softball? Wow that’s tough!! I love both events so much. I feel like Coach Howard pushes me to be a better person as well as cheerleader, and I appreciate that so much, and Coach Phillips encourages good relationships and sportsmanship. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such supportive girls. I’m happy that the cheer and softball season do not clash, because I do not know what I would choose. 8. How do you have time to manage your extra curricular activities and studies? It is occasionally difficult to manage extracurricular with sports and schoolwork. Our teachers are very understanding, and I have learned to develop time management and planning ahead. Both are very important. However, it is not to difficult to stay caught up. The teachers at Valley make learning fun, and I enjoy going to school every day. 9. If you had any superpower what would it be and why? If I could have any superpower I think it would be to breathe underwater. I love swimming and I have always wanted to explore the ocean. 10. What do you want to be when you grow up? What would your all time dream job be? When I grow up I want to become a marine biologist and study animals so that we can preserve them for future generations. I have always had interest in sea creatures, and I love science. My all-time dream job would be working with a marine animal rescue aquarium. Being able to help animals and enjoy being underwater would be awesome!

6th Grader at International Charter School of Arizona

1. How long have you been attending ICSAZ? What is your favorite thing about your school? This is my first year at ICSAZ. I like everything, honestly… the teachers, my friends – the only thing I’d like is a new playground. 2. What is your favorite subject in school? What makes this your favorite subject? Language Arts because we read really cool books. I also like my teacher. 3. Are you involved in any activities at school? Clubs? Sports? I’m in charge of the Entertainment Section of the School newspaper – Badger News. I’m waiting for the soccer season to begin. 4. Where is your favorite place to travel to? Where is the farthest you have traveled to? I love going to Mexico City – my family and friends live there. I love the food and spending time with my cousins. We traveled to Merida last Summer and I got to swim with whale sharks. It was awesome! 5. What is your favorite language to learn? How many languages to you want to be able to speak and which ones? French, which I’m learning at school. I’d like to also speak German and Italian. 6. What do you want to be when you grow up? Why do you want to be this? An actor and a Broadway performer. I like movies, it’s my hobby. I like to go to NY with my Dad because he goes there for work. I love to perform, I guess. 7. You like to bake….what is your specialty? Cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies. I love decorating and eating them too! 8. If you could spend the day with anyone who would it be (dead or alive)? The cast of Les Miserables (the movie). What are some of the things that you would do and talk about? I’ll talk about their careers and how they got there. I’d then take them to an amusement park and ride a rollercoaster with them – that would be fun! I love rollercoasters. 9. If you could have any superpower what would it be? Telekinesis so that I can move things with my mind. I’d use it to prank my friends like have floating objects like a ghost and laugh about it. That would be funny!


“Learning, Serving, and Sharing in Christ.”

1:1 iPads 5199 N 7th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85013

602-230-1600 Call and set up a visit day at Valley!

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$60 individual membership/$100 family membership • Great way for kids to learn about and help critters of all kinds! • 10% OFF Educational Programs including summer camp • Hands-on events, special guest speakers and much more! • (602) 273-6852 x122


Gaby won diver of the month!

1. What grade are you in? What do you like most about Freedom Academy? I am in sixth grade and the thing I like most about Freedom academy is how the school is like one big family. 2. How often do you practice diving? How old were you when you first learned to dive? I practice three days a week. I started recreational diving when I was 6 and didn’t start competing until I was 10. 3. What is the highest board that you have ever dove off of? The highest board I have ever dove off is three meter. 4. What do you think that your best skill/dive is? My best dive on one meter is an inward flip, which is where you are facing the board, jump back and flip forwards toward the board. On three meter, my best dive is a 1 1/2, which is where you do 1 1/2 forward rotations. 5. What is the hardest thing that you have had to learn with diving? I have never been afraid of heights or flipping, but the thing I have a really hard time with is keeping my legs together and my feet pointed. 6. Have you won any awards? Tell us about a time that you were very proud of dive that you did? I was named Diver of the Month this month on my team. That is very exciting for me. At meets, I have won 4 ribbons and a bronze and silver medal. The time that I was most

proud of a dive I did was when I first competed a reverse dive, which is where you face forward then do a Gaby is back flip. a 6 t h gr 7. You also play the ader guitar, what is your at Freed om favorite song to play? Academy I love all the songs I play, but if I had to pick a favorite it would probably be Forever by Chris Tomlin. 8. What do you aspire to be when you grow up? When I grow up I want to either be a pediatrician or a neurologist. 9. Who is your role model? What makes this person a good role model? My role model is my coach, Cassie. She is my role model because she is very supportive and is always encouraging me to try new things.


Scottsdale • In the Zona • 5


Fo r Kids & Teens!

Sun Devil Soccer Camps! Tempe


mp Sports Camp - Day Ca


all, volleyball, baseball, archery Our camp days include soccer, basketb nce; learn sportsmanship, team fide and swimming. Campers build self con amazing and great role models. are lors play and new skills. Our counse king memories and meeting friends. Enjoy the summer playing games, ma e have some fun with us! You are only a kid once- com TYPE: Day AGE: 4.5 - 13 28 – August 9 Session Dates: One week sessions, May 12:00) options Full Day (8:30-3:30) or Half Day (8:30-am to 6:00pm Extended stay is available from 7:30 m Visit our web page Hub bardSp ort tion or call (602) 971-4044 for more informa on our SEVEN Valley locations!

Imagine that! summer camp

paradise valley

35 years of having fun! Over 30 speciality camps: Sciences, Fine Arts, Campus News Reporter, Challenges, Mission Impossible, Minute to Win It, Shark Tank, Mind Games, Indoor Sports, American Girl, Culinary, Technology, G.I. Joe, and Summertime Sisters. 5 to 6 year old camps: Magic School Bus, Art, Mixtures, Showtime, Pirates and Princesses, Kitchen Tales, Young Investigators, and Space. Type: Day AGE: 3-11 Start Date: June 3rd Monday–Thursday: 3 week sessions 9am-12pm – $250.00 or 9am-3pm – $468.00 Early care available Contact: (480) 570-5234

R e s e r ve in Yo u r S p ot mmer ZO N A’s S u s To d ay ! e r u t n e v d A

i n t h ezo n a

. co m

6 02 -79 5 -3


6 • In the Zona • scottsdale

There are several soccer camps to choose from, Half-Day and Full-Day options, as well as Keeper/Striker Camp, and Team Camps. So if you are looking for a fun, yet challenging environment to improve your game, Sun Devil Soccer Camps are the place for you! There is a spot for everyone no matter your skill level. Type: Day AGE:6-16 Half Day (8am-11am)/Full Day Camp (8am-2pm): June 3-7 • June 10-14 • June 17-21 • June 24-28 NEW! Water activity time for Full Day - Slip ‘N Slide, Sprinklers, and More! Keeper/Striker Camp (6pm-9pm): June 24-27 Contact: for more information.

Camelback Desert School Summer Camp Scottsdale

The best summer day camp around! Since 1950, we have been providing a wide variety of engaging and fun summer activities. Children choose their summer camp activities at Camelback Desert School. Swimming, gymnastics, yoga, chess, sewing, sign language, Spanish, digital photography, crafts, cooking, science, compass navigation, magic, animal care, and field trips are favorites. Contact: Call 480.451.3130 or visit for more information. June 3rd – August 2nd. 2 years – 8th grade. Register by the week or at a discounted rate for three week sessions. Don’t wait! Our summer camp fills quickly!

Astrocamp • idyllwild, CA Astrocamp is located near the Town of Idyllwild in the San Jacinto Mountains, California. Campers live in comfortable dormitories surrounded by pine, oak, and manzanita forest. We offer traditional summer camp fun along with a host of science activities like robotics, astronomy, inventions, rocketry, mission to Mars and lots more. Other activities include boldering, rock climbing, mountain biking, zip line, ropes course and sky coaster. TYPE & AGE: We offer one week sessions for ages 8-14 and two week sessions for ages 10 to 17. Contact: For information on dates and rates log on to or call us at 1-800-645-1423.

Fo r Kids & Teens!

friendly pines camp

2013 tall Ship S u m m e r Sa iling Long

Sail the California Chanbeach, CA TOLE MOUR. Learn mar nel Islands aboard the tall ship ine biology, saili or snorkeling, kayak an d explore pristine Islanng, go scuba diving d habitats. Saili the Tall Ship TO Type & Age: This live-LE MOUR is a great way to spend the sum ng aboard mer. a-bo The ship leaves from ard experience is for boys and girls ages 10 Rainbow Harbor, Long -18. Be Contact: For more in formation call 1-800- ach, California. 645-1423 or to le m ou r.o rg


Nestled in the cool pines, Friendly Pines offers 30+ activities. Low camper/ staff ratios. Carefully screened and selected staff. ACA accredited. An Arizona Tradition since 1941. TYPE: Overnight AGE: 6-13 COED SESSION DATES: Session 1: June 16 - June 29 (14 days) Session 2: June 29 - July 13 (14 days) Session 3: July 14 - July 28 (15 days) Trailseekers: July 14 - July 21; July 21 - July 28 (8 days) Contact: 928-445-2128 or 1-888-281-CAMP

St. Joseph’s Youth Camp ona

catalina sea camp catalina island, ca

Located at beautiful Toyon Bay on Southern California’s Catalina Island, Catalina Sea Camp takes full advantage of the amazing land and marine environments. From Scuba certifications to snorkeling, marine biology, sailing, underwater video, underwater photography, kayaking, seafood cookery, Sea Camp has something for everyone. It is a remarkable community that brings together campers, instructors, and counselors from all over the United States and all over the world. Type & Age: We offer one-week sessions for ages 8-13 and three-week sessions for ages 12-17. For information on dates and rates log on to or call us at 1-800-645-1423.

z Northern Ari mormon lake)

f Flagstaff at lots of activities: (23 Miles S.E. o ight camp offers days and 6 nights. This overn Archery, Hiking,

6 , Arts & Crafts, Mountain Biking Horseback Riding, Kayaking,, R/T Transportation from Tempe, camp T-Shirt, and includes Lodging, Food their activities and more ! DVD of 1st and Save $48. 8-15: Register BEFORE May gin June 23rd es Ag al: eci Sp d Bir rly Ea ons be Don’t Miss the rly Bird Special is $450. Sessi Regular camp fee is $498. Eafor ages 8-12. Also, June 15-21 Teens ages 15-17 can for ages 13-15, and June 30thselors. Training Fee is $175. Includes CPR, AED, train to be Camp Coun / Leadership activities, Call to Protect, Team buildingials and more! all training mater tact us day at: SJ YC AZ .co m or con To ter gis Re d. ite Lim is ace Sp l at: or cal . 480-449-0848

Carrie Curran Art Studios Fine Arts Day Camp Scottsdale

Young Vincents kids explore their creative side this summer! Kids develop artistic skills while painting with acrylics, drawing and creating mixed media projects. Professional artist Carrie Curran and her art education staff will guide children to develop an eye for color, composition, and design. Students create a portfolio they are proud to display for an art show at the end of every session. Parents agree that this one-of-akind program is the perfect blend of creative fun and fine arts education. Students, beginners to advanced, will enjoy new thematic projects each session. ALL ART SUPPLIES INCLUDED. TYPE: Day AGES: 6-8 & 9-13 Session Dates: One week sessions, May 28 – August 12 Monday-Thursday 9am-3pm ($295) Visit our web page Register online or call (480) 478-8121 for more information Location: Scottsdale Rd & Shea Blvd

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…became a GIRL SCOUT, got to zip-line, baked cupcakes, flew a plane, conquered shyness, rode a horse named Chloe, discovered my strengths, shot an arrow, became an actress, climbed a mountain, had a spa day, bonded with others, learned to lead, made lifelong friends, when can I go back again?



REGISTER NOW to make it yours. Fun. Growth. Adventure. Now’s the time to discover everything our resident and day camps have to offer.

2013 Girl Scouts-Arizona Cactus-Pine Council

Our camps (Camp Maripai, Shadow Rim Ranch, Willow Springs, and Day Camp on the Road) offer affordable, girl-centered programs. Three overnight camps are located in the Prescott and Payson areas where girls create memories, make lifelong friends and learn new skills. Activities include horseback riding, archery, ceramics, rock climbing, dance, drama, day trips and more! Day Camp on the Road brings the magic of camp to Flagstaff, Window Rock, Lake Havasu and metro Phoenix for a fun-filled week of activities. Girl Scouts build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. You don’t have to be a Girl Scout to attend camp! 119 E Coronado, Phoenix Contact: 602-452-7000

To register or for more information visit

FIT-N-FUN Summer Day Camps! Promoting health and fitness while having a BLAST! Gymnastics •Trampolines •Group Challenges • Obstacle Course Team Sports • Relay Races • Inflatables and Much More! Trusted by Scottsdale families for over 17 years, Our high energy, fully certified staff will make every day an adventure. AGES 3-12 Years-Half and Full Day Options State-of-the-Art, Indoor & Fully Air Conditioned Facility!

WEEK 1: MAY 27-MAY 31: Mirror Mirror (PG) WEEK 2: JUNE 3-JUNE 7: Hotel Transylvania (PG) WEEK 3: JUNE 10-JUNE 14: Madagascar 3 (PG) WEEK 4: JUNE 17-JUNE 21: The Lorax (PG) WEEK 5: JUNE 24-28: Ice Age 4 (PG)

WEEK 6: JULY 1-JULY 5: Rise of the Guardians (PG) WEEK 7: JULY 8-12: Big Miracle (PG) WEEK 8: JULY 15-19: Journey 2 The Mysterious Island (PG) WEEK 9: JULY 22-JULY 26: Diary of a Wimpy Kid-Dog Days (PG) WEEK 10: JULY 29-AUGUST 2: Pirates Band of Misfits (PG)

*Titles subject to change

(480) 596-3543 15821 N. 79th St. •Scottsdale, AZ 85260

8 • In the Zona • scottsdale

Maddie Madia Junior • Notre Dame Preparatory

Q. What school do you go to? What grade are you in? A. I attend Notre Dame Preparatory and I am a junior! Q. What type of dance do you usually practice at Paula Carr Dance Academy? A. At Paula Carr Dance Academy we do all the main types of dance including ballet, contemporary, tap, hip hop, and jazz! Q. What is your all time favorite? My all time favorite is hip hop!  Q. What type of dance do you think is the hardest to learn? A. I think the hardest type of dance to learn is ballet!  Q. What shows have

you been apart of with PCDA? A. At Paula Carr Dance Academy I have even a part of the last 6 dance recitals. We also do many events including the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks games, and Phoenix Mercury half–time shows. We also compete as a studio at many dance competitions throughout the year! Q. What would you like to be when you grow up? A. When I grow up I hope to be on Broadway or have a profession is dance. Q. What is your favorite subject in school? Why? A. My favorite subject in school is chemistry because it is very easy for me! Q. Why do you love PCDA so much? A. I love PCDA so much because I have been dancing with the same girls forever and everyone there is like a second family to me. Paula makes us all feel

so special and like one of her own daughters and I can’t imagine dancing anywhere else. Q. Dancing with the Stars or So You Think You Can Dance… which is better? A. I think So You Think You Can Dance is better because it shows a dancers true potential and I love all the dances they do. Q. If you could spend the day with anyone in the whole world, dead or alive, who would it be? What would the two of you go and do? What are some of the things that you would ask him/her? A. If I could spend the day with anyone in the world I would definitely pick Beyoncé! With out a doubt, Beyoncé is my role model. She is such an amazing dancer, singer, mother, and woman! She is a great person to look up to. I would ask her about all of her experiences and how she stays such a strong woman who many girls aspire to be.

Comprehensive Driver Training Programs Include: • Interactive Simulation Based Training • On-Road Instruction • Parking Clinic

*MVD LICENSED | 480.948.1648


Family run in the Valley for nine years


3310 N. Hayden Rd., #103

• Parent Class • Permit and License Prep • Skills Assessments

Locations in Scottsdale & Chandler

Arizona’s premier, week-long, residential summer camp for children ages 7-14 with moderate to severe asthma. Licensed medical professionals monitor the children’s healthcare needs round-the-clock while children enjoy the traditional activities of summer camp like archery, fishing and canoeing. Asthma education is integrated with recreational camp activities, empowering children to understand and avoid their asthma triggers, recognize warning signals of an oncoming episode, properly use their medications, and exercise control over their disease.


650 – FINANCIAL AID IS AVAILABLE Scottsdale • In the Zona • 9

Summer Camps AT Tesseract Tell us a little bit about the summer camps that Tesseract has to offer? Tesseract Summer Camp provides fun, thematic, summer opportunities to children age 3 through Grade 12. Our integrated, experience-based, multi-sensory learning environment stimulates campers to engage as interested, curious learners. Tesseract educators are guides on the side, and help campers accomplish this goal by using innovative, collaborative, child-centered approaches to teaching. This year, Tesseract Summer Camp is offering Early Childhood programs that encourage imagination, creativity and community. Pretend to be a rockstar jamming out onstage, a king reigning over royal court, or a pirate traversing the high seas. Paint, dress up, play, sense, act, explore, create, pretend, learn with our Tesseract Camp Educators. Grades K through 6 can participate in camps that involve stop motion animation, Pinterest crafts, learning with Legos, sewing and crocheting, soap and candle-making, Star Wars, American Girl Dolls, clay and 3-D art, Mandarin, Spanish, and much more. Grades 5 through 12 can experience camp in a more adventurous way. Learn the art of glassblowing! Kayak the Salt river. Climb real rocks. Study Digital

Filmmaking, Conceptual Physics or writing. Challenge yourself by trying something new and exciting! What is a favorite program of yours that you have to offer? Why? Although I’m excited about all of our programs this year, we are especially looking forward to Glassblowing Camp. It’s an opportunity for middle- and highschoolers to participate in a craft that is seldom taught right on-site. What a wonderful chance for our campers to learn from a professional glassblower! Tell us about your involvement with Hubbard: For the past three summers, Hubbard Sports Camp has held some of their camps on Tesseract’s Shea campus. We’re pleased to have a highly regarded, well-run program utilize our facility. Hubbard is able to offer programs that would not be otherwise available. The partnership benefits our students, the community and both Tesseract and Hubbard. It really is a win-win for everyone. What will the kids get out of the summer camp? Are they educational? All of Tesseract’s summer programs employ the same approach to youth development and education as our academic program. We believe in child-centered learning. Our campers will walk away from our collaborative, experience-based summer camps with more confidence, independence and a passion for learning. Additionally, they will enhance their ability to interact with others, utilize technology in their daily lives and become active members of a global community, all while having lots of summer fun. What kind of feedback do you receive

from the kids about the fun they have at the summer camp? Kids who participate in Tesseract Summer Camp enjoy close relationships with our educators, personal relationships with other campers and lots of camp fun. Many of them enjoy camp so much that they go on to become students at Tesseract during the school year. How long have these camps been around? When are they held? Tesseract’s summer camp is entering its 10th year. It has always been a wonderful addition to the community. Families drive from all over the valley to attend our summer camp because it is a unique and fun experience for the children. They appreciate that many of the camps are facilitated by our year-round educators. This summer, Tesseract is offering eight 1-week-long camps. Sessions begin on June 10 and continue through August 9. Where can a parent go to get more information about these camps? Parents can get more information about Tesseract Summer Camp by contacting Sylvia Hutchinson at 480.991.1770 x133 or shutchinson@tesseractschool. org. They should also visit our website at

bradley 1. What type of instruments do you know how to play? I play the piano and am Bradley is beginning to play guitar with our music teacher Mr. Aaron. 2. What is your favorite song to play? My favorite song to play is Good Vibes by an 8th grader Revolution. at Scottsdale 3. What do you think is the hardest thing about learning to play an Country Day instrument? The hardest thing about learning to play an instrument is practicing every day. School 4. You are graduating from Scottsdale Country Day School in May. Which high schools are you considering? I am hoping to attend Brophy College Preparatory or Notre Dame Preparatory. 5. Are you nervous about going to High School? No, I am quite excited about going to high school. 6. What is the number one thing that you are going to miss about SCDS? I will definitely miss the teachers and small classes at SCDS. 7. As an eighth grader, what are your favorite class subjects? Who are your favorite teachers? One of my favorite subjects is science. I cannot choose a favorite. I like all my teachers. 8. What do you aspire to be when you grow up? When I grow up I want to become a software engineer for Google. 9. What other interests do you have inside or outside school? I am a member of the Phoenix Children’s Chorus and the National Boys Charity League. 10. If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be? What are some things that you would talk about? I would like to meet and interview Bill Gates. I would ask him what it was like to be the founder of Microsoft. 11. If you could have a super power of your choice, what would it be? If I had one super power, I would like to teleport. I would look at all the sports rule books to make sure there were no teleporting rules. 10 • In the Zona • scottsdale


Parents’ Corner We found the best upcoming events around the Valley for you and your family! ongoing

FREE Baby Splash Swim Classes


at Moran is the founder of GoGoRetire & College Planning, helping families to prepare financially for college, or a successful retirement.

Here are just a few myths and facts about financial aid: Myth: We make too much money to qualify for any financial aid. Apply for financial aid no matter what because there are a number of factors besides income that help determine eligibility. I have seen families with incomes as high as $ 180,000 qualify for aid, so don’t rule yourself out. For more information, visit, or

Fact: Know your “College Number” You need to know your EFC (Expected Family Contribution) number which the Department of Education uses to determine what your family can afford to pay for college. If your EFC number is less than cost of attendance (COA) at the college, then there is a chance for need based financial aid. Myth: We need to complete our tax returns before filing the FAFSA financial aid forms. No! You can file your FAFSA based on reasonable estimates. Later, the college will probably ask to see a copy of your actual tax return. Know your deadlines because you don’t want to miss a financial aid deadline. You can visit, and then select “deadlines” to determine filing dates. For example, Arizona State (ASU) has a deadline of March 1st. Myth: You need to pass a credit check to receive federal student aid, or it costs money to apply. No credit check is required to receive federal student aid, including most federal student loans. Also, applying is free, and can be done online at Fact: I need help! Talk to financial aid departments, do research on the web, learn strategies to legally position your money for financial aid purposes, or talk to a college planning professional.

Hubbard Family Swim School’s new Riverview location - conveniently located near Scottsdale - offers FREE “baby splash” swim classes every day of the week except Mondays for babies 8 weeks to 5 months of age. These 30-minute water acclimation classes give parents or caregivers a chance to learn excellent tips on how to enjoy tub time at home with baby and also learn how to prepare baby for swim lessons. The temperature of the heated, indoor swimming pools is 90 degrees all year long. Babies love it! Advanced registration is required. Please call ahead to learn about the many different class times and space availability. 1061 N. Dobson Road, Suite 101, Mesa. (602) 971-4044 or www.

Apr. 14

FREE Open House at Friendly Pines Camp in Prescott

For families who would like to learn more about Friendly Pines Camp in Prescott,

this renowned, 72-year old sleepaway camp for boys and girls will host an exciting Open House event on Sunday, April 14, from 11 a.m. to 3p.m. Bring the whole family for a fun-filled day of camp tours, wagon rides, toasting marshmallows, zip line rides, drawings for prizes, delicious refreshments, and more. A free buffet lunch will be served. The camp staff will also discuss with new parents all the emotional and physical benefits of sending children to a sleepaway camp for the first time. Friendly Pines Camp is available for children ages 6 through 13 and offers a wide range of traditional camp activities: sports, horseback riding, waterskiing, rock climbing, performing arts, fine arts, pets, hiking, canoe, kayaking, and more. The camp is located at 933 East Friendly Pines Road, Prescott. Advanced registration for the Open House is requested. Call (928) 445-2128. For more information, visit

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to a night of food, fun, learning and prizes!

Energy Efficiency and Arizona Home Ownership Seminar Thursday, the 21st of March, 5:30 to 7:30pm Millennium Resort in Scottsdale

Industry experts will be presenting valuable information on what it takes to own a home in Arizona and what every homeowner should know to have the best living experience. We will cover home energy, finance and asset protection while learning ways to:

5 Increase your property’s value 5 Lower the costs of home ownership This is a free seminar and promises to help you save thousands of dollars! If you own a home or are thinking of buying one, you should not miss this event!

For more information go to or call 602-281-4284

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M A G A Z I N E has several FREE reports that you can download to help you with your college planning needs. Also, you can register to attend a FREE seminar, or schedule a FREE one-on-one review.

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& Sports Camp



LAUGH HARD & PLAY HARD! 7 SPORTS CAMP LOCATIONS soccer, volleyball, archery, swimming, baseball, basketball, field sports REGISTER NOW!

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Scottsdale March 2013  
Scottsdale March 2013