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This Senior Takes the Advanced Teen Driving Course for a Spin!

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educators’ Corner by: Kris Johnson, Executive Director, International Charter School of Arizona


A Principal’s Tips to An Excellent (and Educational) Summer

ummer is just a couple of months away, and next month In the Zona starts featuring their Summer Camp Adventures, so now is the perfect time to start thinking about summer activities! As educators, we are frequently asked what we think students should do each summer. Should I pay for camp or put my child in summer school? Will their brains waste away? Here are a few teacher-approved suggestions to make their (and your) summer less stressful (and filled with learning)! These pointers work for big kids too. Take Field Trips Pull out the calendar and once a week plan a trip to a museum, zoo or historical site. Look up your destination’s website first because these places often have maps, coloring pages or worksheets that your child can do while there. (If you aren’t sure where to go grab an Arizona map and identify places close to home that you can visit.) When you take your weekly field trip have your kids spot wildlife or local landmarks. Create a Bookworm It may not sound like fun at first, but with the right books your child will begin to enjoy escaping into a good book. Make it part of your routine to read one hour every day. Set a reading time during the day that is quiet and won’t likely be interrupted by any other event. Have your student read parts to you aloud that they find interesting or exciting. At the end of the hour ask them to spend five minutes telling you all about their story. (These techniques help students with reading comprehension.) Sneaky, huh?! A fun game is to let your child test you. Have them ask you questions about their story. Dear Mommy … Every night just before going to bed, ask your child to write a letter or note to you about their day. (Younger children can draw pictures and tell you about them). It is very meaningful to your child if you write back to them. (When they read your letter you’re sneaking in some extra reading time.) Brilliant! As they progress,

encourage them to use descriptive words and great sentence structure. In your response you can offer ways to make their story sound more exciting. This is a great activity that allows parents and kids to communicate non-verbally. (You can even make a little book of all the letters at the end of summer break.) Sweet! Pay It Forward A student’s self-confidence increases when they learn to work productively with others in a positive way. Volunteer at a food bank, library, school, summer program, or church. Learning to volunteer and work with others transfers to the classroom. Teachers require students to learn to work together productively on many projects, and students who have volunteered and know when and how to make a difference do much better. Making a difference in the lives of others also increases students’ sense of empathy and self-worth. If all else fails, have them volunteer to babysit a neighbor’s child or pets, or even to mow someone’s lawn. Mom’s Little Assistant Take the bore out of chore by allowing your child to create an in-home restaurant, complete with a personalized menu … more writing practice. Voilà! Cook dinner together one night a week. Cooking classes are rarely offered at school and it’s a skill every child needs. Hot dogs are an easy meal that anyone can make. Homemade pizza is another great option. Help your student understand the importance of including fruits and vegetables in every meal. Also, have your kids do their own laundry this summer. (They will thank you once they get to college.) A summer full of television and video games with nothing else is a wasted brain. Enjoy your children this summer and give them knowledge and experiences they won’t get anywhere else. Kris Johnson is the principal at the International Charter School of Arizona. Arizona’s first and only languagebased middle school guaranteeing bilingual proficiency by graduation. To reach her visit

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Moms and Dads! CoreBalance Studio is offering a 40 minute power spin class while your child plays yoga in the Tiny Trees yoga class. This four week session has been developed to give parents a workout while their child learns the basics of yoga breathing techniques and basic yoga postures while playing games in a fun & soothing environment.



Space is limited. Classes start Jan. 24th

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Zona sent you to the Advanced Teen Driving course for a day. How would you describe your experience? My experience at Bondurant was amazing. It was really cool getting to drive a Chevy Camaro and the Cadillac CTE plus learning all the other tips about how to better handle a vehicle in high stress situations. What was your favorite part of this course? My favorite part was probably the drifting exercise because we got to drift around and around for like 30+ minutes. What’s not fun about drifting? Why was that your favorite? Cause it was live. Would you recommend this course to your friends and other teens? I would highly recommend this course to other teens and my friends because you’re provided a ton of information in such a short amount of time and it’s never boring because you’re not driving some hunk of junk like you would in a typical drivers education course but a cool car that’s fast and looks really good. It’s just such an awesome experience. What are 3 important things you learned that you will practice from now on as you are driving? 1. It’s better to avoid an accident then to step on the brakes right away. Try to swerve rather than stop. 2. Weight transfer is very important when driving. More weight on the front tires makes for an easier and more crisp turn. 3. Counter steer when the back end of your car is falling out and use a little gas to get it going straight again. Don’t over turn and spin out, but rather be patient and feel what the car is doing, then make a correction.

John Interviews Bondurant’s Marketing Coordinator, Lindsey... How many visitors do you guys see pass through the school each year? About 10,000 students attend the Bob Bondurant School every year. Can you name some of the films your instructors were stunt drivers in/ for? Bob was a stunt driver in ‘Grand Prix’ in 1966 and also instructed James Garner throughout the film. Bob also instructed Paul Newman in 1968 film ‘Winning.’ Some of our instructors were precision drivers in ‘The Kingdom’. How important is it to learn safe, responsible driving techniques for teens? Crucial! It will literally save your life. We receive many calls from students informing us that techniques they’ve learned in their class aided them in avoiding an accident. Are there any driving techniques or maneuvers that the school has developed and invented for safer driving that’s used throughout the world? The Bondurant Method (in a nut-shell): Concentration - ultimate car control demands 100 percent concentration! Vision - Always look ahead and practice proper target fixation and depth perception. Vehicle Dynamics - understanding weight transfer, understeer and oversteer, and ways to correct issues. Line Technique - Turn-in point, Apex and exit. Achieving 100 Percent Car Control - the understanding and action of all techniques combined!

For John’s FULL Interview with Lindsey, visit!

And his father, John Parker II, shares what he thought of the experience... Zona sent your son John to the Advanced Teen Driving Course for a day. How did your son describe his experience? John described the experience as fun and informative. He learned skills that will help him to be a better driver. How does this make you feel as a parent regarding his safety? As a parent, I feel much more comfortable letting him drive a car on his own, particularly on the freeway and in heavy traffic.

Tell us one thing everyone should know that you learned. You can still turn the car once the ABS is activated. Even if you slam on the brakes to avoid an accident, steer the car in the opposite direction in order to avoid becoming apart of the scene too.

What important techniques do you feel he learned that better his driving skills? John told me that, according to Bondurant, braking is “overrated.” Specifically, it is better sometimes to swerve to avoid an accident, than slamming on brakes.

Take the Girl Scout Journey – troops forming now! Troops are formed based on the availability of volunteer leadership.

Take the Girl Scout Journey – troops Take the Girl Scout Take theJourney Girl Scout–forming troopsnow! Troops are formed based on the Journey –forming troops now! availability of volunteer leadership. forming now!

Troops are formed based on the Troops are formed based on the availability of volunteer leadership. availability of volunteer leadership. 602.452.7000

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Paris Ransley

6th grader • international charter shool of arizona

What is your favorite part of Cheering at International Charter School? My favorite part of cheer is all the stunts and dances we get to perform! I love being the flyer in stunts because it’s such an awesome feeling when I get to be lifted up into the air. I also love doing all the dances with our new gold, sparkly pom poms! It’s so fun to shake them around and perform with them. Is this your first year in Cheer? Yes, this is my first year… and so far, it’s amazing! It’s such a great experience for my very first year. I have learned so many cheers, dances, and stunts. One of my favorite things to do is the splits; I’m getting more and more flexible as the year goes on! I’m so excited for next year’s cheering as well, because we might get new team members, we will be more advanced, and will learn new things. You are going to Paris soon… what are you going to do there? Have you been to Paris before or is this your first time? I have been to France before as a little girl, to the south in Nice, but never to Paris. I have always wanted to go! My mom loved Paris so much that my middle name is Paris. When we do go, I will go to the whole area of Montmartre, have dinner at the Eiffel Tower, walk and dine along the Champs de Elysees and see the Arc de Triomphe, see the

beautiful fountains, sit in an outdoor café and watch people walk by, and have thick, dark, hot chocolate served in a pot with fresh whip cream! What other places have you traveled? Where is your favorite? I have traveled to so many places around the world! I have been to Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico, Vancouver, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Toronto, and Monte Carlo. Do you speak any other languages? Yes, I speak French and a little Spanish. They are both handy because we are going to Paris, and we travel to Mexico a lot, so I can speak their languages. Learning languages is so fun! How many pets do you have and what are their names? I have six pets and 12 little goldfish in my pond in the backyard. I have two cats and 4 dogs. My cats names are Goldie and Baby (or Cece). My dog’s names are Titan, Tiara, Bella, and Coco. Titan and Tiara are boxer mix, and Bella and Coco are Chihuahuas.

slobbery! I would also like a pug because they are so small, short, and squishy. But I would probably have more than one or two dogs. I would get more of protective dog as well like a Great Dane. What do you want to be when you grow up? Why? I want to be a fashion designer or a famous singer. I want to be a fashion designer because I love to look at all the different kinds of clothing whether its wedding dresses, jeans, beautiful tops, or shoes. But also I would love to be a singer because singing is my favorite thing to do! I sing at school, with my friends, or even in the car with the radio on! What do you enjoy doing on weekends with your family? I enjoy playing games with them (like bananagrams & story cubes), chillin’ in our awesome backyard by the pool or hot tub, doing crafts with my mom, watching movies at night with them, and going to really cool restaurants – we usually do that at least once a week. They are so fun to hang out with!

& Sports Camp



LAUGH HARD & PLAY HARD! 7 SPORTS CAMP LOCATIONS soccer, volleyball, archery, swimming, baseball, basketball, field sports REGISTER NOW!

If you could own any animal what would it be? Why? I would love to own a MONKEY! I like the Cebuella pygmaea, it has white fluffy ears. But, if that doesn’t work out, it might be a pug or any kind of bulldog. I would want a bulldog because they are so adorable and

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Arcadia • In the Zona • 5

Jenny Butzbach • Senior st. Theresa Catholic school’s Valley Lutheran High School Miles Shaw & Keely McMullen Tell us a little bit about your sport involvement at school? I am involved in volleyball, basketball, and softball. In volleyball I am a middle blocker. My team this year was the State Runners-Up for our division! It was exciting to be in the championship and grow as a team. In basketball I am either a guard or a post, it usually depends on who else is on the court. Then in softball I play shortstop. What would you say your favorite sport to play is? My favorite sport to play is definitely softball. I’ve been playing since I was six years old and I have always enjoyed it. It’s a very relaxing, yet an exciting game that never gets old. A lot of my friends also play and my coach is awesome. I’m really looking forward to the season! Was there one sport that was harder to take on than another? For me volleyball was probably the most difficult. It takes a lot of practice and hard work to play well as a team and grow as a player. Our practices for this past season were three hours long and our conditioning was brutal, but in the end it paid off and made me a better player. What is your involvement in the life-leader program? Why did you want to be in this program? I am one of the leaders in my family group along with my friend, Phoebe. Together we lead a monthly bible study where we talk about issues that people in our group may be dealing with from day to day. We have the life-leader program so that students build closer relationships with each other and God. When I heard about the life-leader program I really wanted to be apart of it. The life-leaders get to lead our school and set examples for others. It is a big honor to be apart of this group and it’s nice to have a group of people that you know you can always go to for anything. Any shout-outs that you would like to give? I’d like to give shout outs to my mom and my sisters for always supporting me in everything that I do, I could not be anywhere without you guys. And also to my friends Allison, Georgia, Aaron, and Phoebe! You guys are awesome!


Share Their Service Experience


he 2nd Grade students at Saint Theresa Catholic School had an opportunity to get involved in all aspects of service to others. They hosted a hot chocolate sale for 4 days out of their classroom and earned $308 for Maggie’s Place. As a class, they made decisions from the very beginning that allowed them to incorporate their Discipline with Purpose skills. They decided what to sell, who would have certain jobs, what the best system would be to get the product out quickly, and how to best clean up. Great problem solving skills! They utilized their social and communication skills when dealing with the customers, and they also wrote out the advertisements in writing class. Representatives from Maggie’s Place came to the class Christmas party to accept the donation, and reminded the students how their hard work was appreciated. All in all, it was a fantastic opportunity to work as a team, for the greater good of supporting the Maggie’s Place organization.

What was your part in this fundraiser? Miles: I took the money from the people and put it in the jar. Keely: My class sold hot chocolate. I made hot chocolate on Thursday.

What was your favorite part of the whole project? Miles: Getting free hot chocolate at the end. Keely: Selling the hot chocolate because it was really crazy busy and a lot of fun.

What was the biggest thing that you learned? Miles: I learned about counting money and raising money for Maggie’s Place. It felt really good to sell hot chocolate for Maggie’s Place. I am happy because the people at Maggie’s Place can buy more food for the moms and the babies. Keely: I learned how to help Maggie’s Place in a fun way. Maggie’s Place helps moms and they’re trying to open another house to help more moms. Our hot chocolate money will help.

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Christ Lutheran School’s Gravity CruiSer Project


hrist Lutheran School is proud of our continued relationship with SAE International’s A World In Motion® (AWIM) program, which is a teacher-administered, industry volunteer-assisted program that brings science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education to life in the classroom for students in 6th grade. Benchmarked to the national standards, the AWIM program incorporates the laws of physics, motion, flight and electronics into age-appropriate hands on activities that reinforce classroom STEM curriculum. Christ Lutheran School participates through the Gravity Cruiser program. The students receive a “letter” from a fictitious toy company that asks them to build a toy that is gravity powered and can move at 3 meters on its own. The students engineer and design a chassis, a tower and lever using materials supplied by the company. The students work in groups and learn the process of trial and error. In addition, they receive assistance and guidance from retired engineers and ASU engineering students as they complete their different tasks.

Lulu Gilbert, a 6th grader at CLS, participated in the Gravity Cruiser project: Can you describe the Gravity Cruiser Project? We were challenged by an imaginary toy company to make a toy that doesn’t need batteries. With trial and error, we had to find a way for our gravity cruiser to go at least three feet.
 Did you work as a team or by yourself? We worked as a team and I definitely couldn’t have done without Laurel Abbott and Brendan Thompson.
 Did you have a name or theme for your Cruiser? Yes, the name of our cruiser was TAG, which comes from our last names. The name of our group was B+L Squared. What was your favorite part of making the Gravity Cruiser? Definitely designing our cruiser. When it came time to test it, how did yours do? During the chassis tests, ours went the farthest. Once we added the tower and lever, ours did okay. It went slowly and steadily, averaging 9 feet. What kind of advice did the engineers give you? They gave us advice about where to put the pennies on our lever, and about how to adjust the friction level on our tires.
 Do you want to be an engineer when you grow up? If not, what do you want to do? No, I think I might want to be a lawyer. What other things do you do outside of school? I study ballet at The School of Ballet Arizona. I also enjoy volleyball and being with my family.

Arcadia’s iRun Offers More Than Just Shoes


alking into the doors of iRun, the first thing you might notice is the wall decorated with an assortment of men’s and women’s athletic shoes. Or maybe you’ll notice the numerous running numbers that decorate the back wall or behind the service register. Either way, there’s much in store that iRun has to offer its patrons. iRun is a full service walking, running, and hiking store located in the Arcadia. iRun opened their doors in April 2011 by Owners Mark and Katie Cosmas. The store offers the most up-to-date equipment to ensure every hiker, runner, and walker—no matter their ability—is safe while practicing their activity. Aside from shoes, the store also offers clothing, hydration equipment, sunglasses, and all other basics needed for running. “We have free running groups that meet Tuesday mornings at 5:30, Thursday evening at 5:30, and Saturday morning at 6. We just meet in front of the store and go. We welcome all abilities,” Mark Cosmas said. Cosmas recommends if you plan on running, make sure you are properly fitted for your shoe by somebody who knows what they’re doing (like the people at iRun). The shoe depends on strides and foot type. If you use the wrong type of shoe it could cause pain in your knees and hips or other problems. “You don’t have to be a runner to come in here. We’re really laid back. We try not to be intimidating,” Cosmas said.

What’s your favorite subject in school? Probably math.
 What do you like best about Christ Lutheran School? The cool friends that I have. What do you like best about your teachers? They are really helpful and understanding. If you could give one piece of advice to the next group of students making a Cruiser, what would it be? Just keep making minor adjustments and keep trying. (602) 368-5330 Arcadia • In the Zona • 7

Molly Luther

Rose Lowry

8th Grader • Saint Thomas the Apostle School

Desert Shadows elementary school

3rd Grader

What do you like most about attending Saint Thomas? The thing I love most about Saint Thomas is the welcoming environment. The students and teachers are such great people that I know I will miss when I graduate. It is so nice to see everyone so happy and excited to be in such a great community. How long have you been going there? I have been going to Saint Thomas since kindergarten. Do you know where you are going to high school yet? No, I do not know for sure. But I have definitely put Xavier at the top of my list after attending 8th Grade Day and shadowing. Are you involved in any clubs or sports at Saint Thomas? I am currently in the yearbook club, writing club, and will be starting basketball soon. Who would you say your favorite teacher is? Why? I have two favorite teachers: Ms. Junker and Mrs. Zeches. Both of them are hilarious and really make learning fun. I think they are both great at what they do and truly care about every student. Does your favorite teacher teach your favorite subject? What is your favorite subject in school? Ms. Junker teaches Language Arts and Mrs. Zeches teaches honors science and algebra. Language Arts is probably my favorite subject, though I do enjoy math and science with Mrs. Zeches. How do you prioritize your time to get straight A’s? I always find a balance. I usually spend about half my time after school doing homework and the other half relaxing. If I have extracurricular activities, I squeeze in time to finish an assignment if I’m in the car or have a few minutes. I also use extra time given at school to work on my homework or read. What do you aspire to be when you grow up? I have thought a lot about what I want to be when I grow up. It changes all the time. Right now I really want to be an orthodontist.

Q. How long have you been at Arizona Sunrays? A. A year and a half. Q. How long have you done gymnastics? A. A year and a half. Q. Do you wish to be in the Olympics someday? A. Yes I do.

Q. If you were to be in the Olympics someday what Country would you want to compete in and why? A. I would like to compete in Italy, I think that it is a beautiful place and it is the home of parmigiano reggiano and that is my favorite cheese.

Q. What level are you currently competing? A. Level 3

Q. What made you want to start gymnastics? A. I always had a fascination with the chalk.

Q. If you could have any superpower what would it be? A. I would like to have super strength.

Q. What do you like about your coaches? A. They push me and challenge me to be the best gymnast that I can be.

Q. What event is your favorite? A. Beam and floor. Q. Which event is your least favorite? A. Vault. Q. What is the hardest thing that you have had to or are learning? A. My Kip.

Did you make a News Years resolution? What was it? How have you been doing thus far? I haven’t made a specific New Years resolution, but I do want to work on trying new things. With my 8th grade year coming to an end, I look forward to beginning a new chapter in my life as I enter into high school. What do you do for fun outside of school? Outside of school I love hanging out with friends, listening to music, and spending time with my family.

Q. Who are your coaches? A. Lizzie and Erin.

602-992-5790 celebrating 22 years!

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A Tradition of Excellence STA seeks to encourage every child’s unique gifts and talents so that each will grow in love and knowledge of God, and will achieve their highest potential in higher education and in life! Currently Conducting KINDERGARTEN TOURS Call the school office to make your appointment Join us for OPEN HOUSE 2013: January 16th - All Grades January 27th - Kindergarten Only

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$60 individual membership/$100 family membership • Great way for kids to learn about and help critters of all kinds! • 10% OFF Educational Programs including summer camp • Hands-on events, special guest speakers and much more! • (602) 273-6852 x122

Jackson Murphy: Eagle Scout and Much More by: Pallavi Wakharkar, Phoenix Country Day School


n June 2011, Phoenix Country Day School team at Phoenix Country senior Jackson Murphy became an Eagle Day School and an active Scout—the highest rank attainable in the participant in the school’s Boy Scouts of America program. Becoming theater program, having an Eagle Scout is certainly not an easy graced the stage in many a accomplishment—scores of merit badges and musical. Next year, however, hours of extensive service projects are just Jackson will be moving on to some of the prerequisites. However, Jackson’s bigger things as he takes on success with the Boy Scouts didn’t stop his first year of college. As if with his Eagle Scout ranking. In December all his other awards weren’t 2012, Jackson was presented with an even enough, Jackson also was the more prestigious award: the National Eagle recipient of a 4-Year Navy Scout Association Outstanding Eagle Award, ROTC scholarship, covering awarded by the Grand Canyon Council. Only full tuition, educational six other Eagle Scouts were given this award, fees, textbooks, and even a with ages ranging from 17 to 85. monthly allowance. Jackson was the youngest Eagle Jackson will be using his to be awarded, but the prize scholarship to study at Miami can go to any Eagle of any University of Ohio in the fall Jackson is age—as they say, “Once an of 2013. At Miami University, the youngest Eagle, always an Eagle.” he will be challenged both Eagle Scout to According to the mentally, in the classroom, be awarded the National Eagle Scout and physically, in the gym, National Eagle Association, only the as he trains to become Scout Association Eagles who “have an officer in the U.S. Outstanding brought great honor to Navy. After graduating Eagle Award! the Boy Scouts of America college in the year 2017, through their personal and Jackson will officially professional contributions be an Officer in the Navy, at the local, state, and regional serving for at least five years. level” are awarded the Outstanding Eagle When asked what he most looks Award. Jackson says, “The most rewarding forward to about serving in the thing about being an Eagle Scout is having Navy, Jackson responds, “Being already been exposed to so many different able to serve my country, protect opportunities in a variety of skills that others others, and be a leader in a global my age have not had.” force for good.” Currently, Jackson is serving in Boy Scout Undoubtedly, we will be hearing Troop 401 as Junior Assistant Scoutmaster, much more about Jackson Murphy’s but this is not all does with his spare time. accomplishments in the future. Jackson is also the captain of the men’s swim Congratulations, Jackson!

ARCADIA MATH LEARNING CENTER 4730 E. Indian School Road, Suite 107 • Phoenix, AZ 85018

Phone: (602) 957-4500 Email:

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Arcadia • In the Zona • 9

Tell us about your band? What type of music do you play? Our band is called Sticky Melendaz and we formed at the Scottsdale Music Academy. I’m the singer and have friends who play bass, drums, and guitar. We play 70’s, 80’s and 90’s rock and roll and love songs by Led Zeppelin.

What would you say to another peer that is trying to pursue a career in music? Listen to everything. Become a well-rounded musician by learning about all types of music. That’s what I’ve done and am having fun making beats on LogicPro, learning about sound engineering, and creating music of my own.

How long have you been together? We’ve only been together for a few months, but are having a great time. I’m pretty new to the band, but they made me feel like I fit right in. What are some other bands that you get influence or inspiration from? I like all genres of music. I try to expose myself to as much music as I can and even play guitar in my church band. Some of my influences from today would be Bruno Mars and Michael Bublé. I love Van Halen’s style and most 80’s “big hair bands”.

Sticky Melendaz, from left to right: Braden Powers, Austin Forney, Scott Janetsky, and Grady Byrne.

You also are a DJ, do you DJ events or are you more of a turntables DJ? I do a little of both. I have been the DJ for all of my school dances and had my first gig outside of school at Big Joe’s Little Gym for its one-year anniversary.

Have you made any New Years resolutions this year? Yes, I have and of course it has to do with music. I want to improve my scales for guitar and learn more technical stuff for the beats I like to make.

What is your favorite song right now? Who is your all time favorite band? I have a new favorite song every week. One week I’m rocking out to “Back in Black” by AC/DC and the next I’m trying to sing like Ed Sheeran.

What are some other things that you do for fun outside of school and your band? I love my school and played on our football team. I also enjoy acting and singing with a group called DoReMi.

For Showtimes & Special Events visit

UltraStar’s UltraLuxe Scottsdale Cinemas at the Pavilions at Talking Stick

9090 E. Indian Bend Road (Loop 101 @ Indian Bend)



$ *

Daily Early Bird Special! First Matinee showing of each title


UltraDiscount Tuesday & Thursday! Many movies discounted ALL DAY every Tuesday & Thursday

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Child Admission EVERY DAY! *additional charge for 3D films


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movie line: 480-278-7324

10 • In the Zona • Arcadia

Changing Taste Around the World Written by: Kaci Demarest, Junior at Sunnyslope High School Photos by: Apphia Shirley, Heard Museum


he Heard Museum will host the Chocolate, Chili & Cochineal: Changing Taste Around the World exhibit from Feb.16 through Oct. 27. The exhibit is designed to show how foods native to the Americas, such as tomatoes, potatoes, and beans, have influenced cultures around the world. The display will include items relating to food such as demonstrating how food was gathered, cooked, and later eaten. Throughout the course of the exhibit, the Heard Museum will host a variety of events that invite local growers, authors, and artists that utilize these indigenous foods. Located in Sacaton, Arizona, Ramona Farms is a family-owned farm that grows many of the indigenous foods. The farm currently has 4,500 acres under cultivation on their property. They grow a wide-range of products; however, their biggest seller is Tepary beans. Tepary beans are considered

one of nature’s super foods because they’re low in fat, contain essential fatty acids, high in protein and fiber, and are known to prevent diabetes due to the low glycemic index of them. Local Author Carolyn Niethammer showcases uses for the indigenous foods in a widerange of recipes that Chocolate, Chili & Cochineal: showcase the Changing Taste Around the World finest ways to incorporate hosted by heard museum these foods into every diet.

Feb. 16th–Oct. 27th

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