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March 47 Services

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PRAYER REQUEST Would you consider hosting a home presentation of In the Word Ministries to your friends who would possibly be interested in supporting this type of ministry? We do all the work, you just provide the people! In the Word Ministries will hold over 360 services this year and see some 2,000 – 3,000 receive Christ and another 1,000 or so rededicating their lives to the Lord. We write and keep in touch with those in prison and many after they have been released. We are committed to always use the resources given to In the Word Ministries to be used to kill giants and set the captives free.

From Pastor Larry Cooke


Greetings Fellow Soldiers, Look around our changing world. We are in full battle mode for our hearts, our minds, our families and our country.   This is a spiritual war that will require warriors who are willing to let go of some personal pleasures to engage in the fight for souls and righteous living, so that the glory of the Living God might show forth in the way we live and reach out to others, using the resources God has given us to fight for the lost, hurting and spiritually dying. We are to be Soldiers for Christ, however, so often we are paralyzed by fear when it comes to standing and fighting the good fight of faith. In 1 Samuel 17:1-58 the army of the Lord was stopped by fear. The scripture says when they heard the giant speak and challenge them; the army of God was frozen in place because of fear.  Even with all the resources of God at their disposal, fear kept them in check.  However, when David heard the giant speak his threats, he said, “Who is this giant that he thinks he can defy the armies of the Living God?” David took all his resources (a sling and 5 stones) and said, “I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty.” and he slew the giant that stood in their way.  Moses and all the children of Israel were stopped from going into the Promise Land because they saw giants. No one tried to stop them, but in their own minds they saw themselves as too small to go in and take what God had promised, again fear stopped a move of God until Joshua and Caleb stood and said, “Do not fear or rebel against God and He will give us this land.” ...continued on pg. 2

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Continued The very worst thing we can do today is let fear of stock market fluctuations, the government, wars and storms stop us from using our resources to reach out to the lost like never before. Whether you have little or a lot, will you accept the challenge, deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Him? If God is for you who can be against you?! Most of the people we minister to are facing giants that take the form of drug, alcohol or pornography addictions, struggling to find a job, working to restore families, court cases, divorce and depression.  We know the promise of God that through Him and His Word and in the Name of Jesus WE CAN kill these giants and restore the lost and broken souls so they can be whole again. I spent Mother’s Day at the Holiday Unit, a prison. Yes, I would have liked to have been home with my wife celebrating with the children what an awesome mom she is, but God has called me to use the resources I have to kill some giants.  There were about 100 men who stood up to receive the Lord and come to know Christ as their personal Savior that Sunday at the Holiday Unit ~ Praise God!!  I am thankful that I have a wife who is willing to give up time and personal attention on her special day for the cause of Christ. We use the resources we have and God gives the victory! Your Missionary to America,

Letter from an Inmate Brother Cooke, I want to thank you for sending me the nice letter and the hand drawn picture your Sunday school kids made for me. I hung it up until I was told to take it down, and the Sponge Bob Valentine card was so sweet, I made a Bible marker out of it.  Please tell the little ones I said thank you very much.  I was falling down cause my own kids don’t even write me, but then when I got your letter God showed me that I still have people out there that do still care about Thank you, Billy me.

Letter from a Sally’s House Graduate Dear Brother Larry, I just want to say thank you for the work that you do and your faithfulness to minister to the women at Sally’s House. You led me to the Lord when I lived at Sally’s in 2007 and I am still clean and sober and sharing my testimony, giving God all the glory. When I moved into a place of my own, I began attending an awesome church that teaches God’s Word and the Holy Spirit has freedom to minister and lives are changed, as mine was by your ministry.  God’s grace is so amazing, being delivered from drugs and alcohol and the total darkness I was in Not only was MY life changed but that of MY FAMILY.  A few days ago one of my daughters asked me to what I attributed the undeniable change in my life and I told her it was: Brother Larry leading me to Jesus.  I had tried many times to get and failed, but when you put Jesus in the mix it worked.  We are all so very thankful. I always remember you in my prayers.  In His Love, Maria

Pastor Larry Cooke

We would appreciate any financial support you can give. We are a faith ministry and can not take offerings at the places we minister, so we depend on you to be moved by the Holy Spirit of God to see how precious these men and women are to Him.