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From Pastor Larry Cooke



Your prayers are working for In the Word Ministries; we are seeing so many lives transformed through the word of the Lord. We are starting some of the services we asked you to pray for us about, so keep praying, over 500 salvations in the first quarter of this year plus many rededication. We really got blessed the other day when a man came up to us in church and asked if I remembered him, which I did not, he had served time at trustee camp at the Eastham prison and told me when I came and ministered there in 2010 I preached a word that touched him so deeply (even today he can almost tell it back to me word for word) he said the word challenged him so, he began to dig in the Bible deeper and deeper studying and growing in the Lord, he is out now and has started a ministry for those being released to have a place to stay, the name of his ministry is The House of Providence in South Texas. He has relatives living in our area and just happened to be in church that day with his family, God is so good

Prayer Request

a young   I   need   your   prayers   for     from  jail   man   that  is  to   be  released   was   a   after   7   years   in   prison.     He ist  with   Muslim   and  now  serves  Chr me  good   all   his  heart,   we  have  beco d   (as   I   friends,   and   he   calls   me   Da   Upon   am   his   Spiritual   father). want   to   release   this   month   they   e  would   deport  him  to   Iran  where   h   We   are   have   to   die   for   the   faith. ep   him   believing  for   a  Miracle  to  ke ers. here.    Keep  him  in  your  pray



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Why so many denominations and differences of opinion in Christianity? This was a question that plagued me for years till I went to the word and the Holy Spirit for answers, I know most people have this question “Why so much division in the body of Christ.� The Lord began to show me that most people read the Bible with preconceived ideas of what they believe and want the Bible to say or what they've heard through religious tradition. Please read Colossians 2:8, most people want the word to agree with them and what they have been told in the past. So many of us came to God through family traditions or what our denominational church told us about God or something we heard growing up and we tried to make God and his Word fit into our plans and agenda. So we end up doing nothing with any great value or purpose and wonder why all this church going, Bible studying, and religious activities aren't working for us, we still seem to be kind of empty and confused about life. God's answer to me was, we should read the Bible only to be changed by it, not trying prove anything, if you don't want change then the word won't work, if you will read the Bible saying God conform me to you, make me the person I was designed to be, to become more like Christ. then when you read the word you will become like him and as you become more like him and I read and am change to be more like him, we will all come into agreement and harmony and become one in Christ, one body, no more competition or personal agendas, just Jesus in you and you in Him. Please allow God's word to accomplish what it was sent to do, he wants to make you free.

Ministry Update!

We will hold over 390 services this year, we will send out to inmates and their families and our supporters and donors over 4000 devotionals this year. We correspond regularly with around 50 inmates We write three different types of newsletters each quarter, one for supporters (Those that believe in us, praying for ITW and those that donate), one for inmates, one for family of inmates, each speaking to that particular group. In one recent week I preached nine services in four days with over 100 responding to the altar call for salvation. We have been given the privilege to minister in two state jails to men that are not allowed to come to services on Sunday mornings, so we have services on Thursday morning at one jail and on Thursday evening at another. We have also been asked to take some services in another Harris County facility. Since we moved to Montgomery, Larry Austin who spent two years going to Colorado County Jail with me,

is doing most of the ministry there now, we still provide him with Bibles, devotionals and support. I did go to Colorado County jail last week and ministered for Mr. Austin. What a great job he's doing there. As you can see the ministry is growing. More opportunities are opening up and more people are being trained so we can do even more. Thank you so much for your prayers and support, we would not be able to reach out without people like YOU! We pray for all of you, Sending our Love and Prayers, Larry Cooke

June 2012 Newsletter  

Words from Larry & Shelly at In the Word Ministries, Houston Texas