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in the wilderness issue 1


In the mist of debris, where pages of printed women adorned with globalization’s filth merchandize, In The Wilderness came about: a zine concerned with reflection and expression in a time when people are ever more unfulfilled and unrealized. Slowly, we are becoming spectators in life. We watch every season of every show, but do the least amount of work. We create little, we think little because we are busy, yet, we are doing nothing. Our world is less rich with dialogues, because we restrained our speech with blogs and keyboards. In The Wilderness is a visual dialogue through appropriated language of mass produced cultural artifacts, where DPI, data bits, and sidewalks converge. The work in this zine isn’t intended to be great, nor good. Form, and color dictated how they were expressed. Chance played a major role as well: some of the pieces used images from both sides of a page, some pieces were cut at all but merely folded. But all share the same spirit of storytelling and form making. I hope you enjoy having it as much as I enjoyed making it.

In The Wilderness issue 2

I’m very interested in hearing your feedback, your thoughts, your reflections. Different perspectives is what makes a dialogue. If you would like to leave a feedback about In The Wilderness, the collage displayed here, your thoughts, and your interpretations, they are very welcome. Your comments may be included on the issue 2 of In The Wilderness. Also, if you do collage work and would like it included in the next issue, feel free to send them too.Just send an email to:

In The Wilderness #1  

Art Collage Zine with a message.

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