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“Threadies” smashing jelly prawns and showing no interest in your fly. Flathead, Bream, Whiting, Javelin Fish, Estuary Cod, and Trevally can all save the day when blanking on some of the more prized captures. Bluewater Though I tend not to dredge deep, there are all the usual tropical species to be had such as Coral Trout, Red Emperor, various other Emperor species, Rankin Cod and the list continues. I hope to start spending more time trying to figure out this style of fishing. After seeing some spear fishing mates spear a massive10kg Red Emperor in 10-15m of water I think dredging up big fish could be a very real possibility. At present it’s just a case of too many fish and not enough time, not a bad problem to have I guess all in all. Spanish Mackerel are an all year round proposition. I’ve found the winter brings in greater numbers of fish, quite often being seen launching meters into the air like missiles smashing bait. During first and last light, they seem to be on the surface and more active. Winter also brings on large Cobia numbers with the arrival of squadrons of Manta Rays. On a flat and glassy day these Mantas work the current lines hoovering up all the “scum” found floating in the wash. You can easily maneuver the boat into position to get a good cast in as they tend not to deviate too far from these food highways.

of billfish can be world class, and the Black Marlin tend to be on the smaller side making them excellent fly rod targets. You can also find large numbers of Sailfish resulting in a lot of fun to be had for those willing to spend the time and effort. Dragging teasers and some skirts with belly flaps stitched into them seems to work the best, but there are times when you can see pods of free swimming Sails which if you’re lucky, can give you an opportunity to lay out a few casts on these impressive bluewater creatures. The Flats Finally the flats, I can hear you say. I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to the flats as all the other fishing opportunities have taken up a lot of my time. This has changed as now I actually prefer to fish the flats over everything else. I guess for me the three main species I like to target are Permit, Blue Bastards & Blue Bone. Many other species can and will turn up, including big and small GT’s, Queenfish, Goldens, Jacks etc. LET ME START WITH WHAT I HAVE HAD SUCCESS WITH:

Billfish: Sailfish & Black Marlin

Blue Bone These blue tractors tend to like the bays with a bit of reef and therefore they can cost you a few flies when you decide to target them. The cast needs to be highly accurate as the country you find them in can offer little chance of stripping to reposition the fly. They can be found out on sand patches and this makes your chance of landing one a lot better.

The waters off Karratha get good numbers of billfish in the cooler months. This all varies with ocean currents bringing favorable water temps closer to land. The runs

Blue Bastards These fish will be found in bigger numbers in bays which have mangroves nearby and they really know


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