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Dedicated to You who reads this.


LOUDER, AND LOUDER… then it coasted off…oh, shit, it’s just a jet. OUR MINDS CAN PLAY DEVILISH TRICKS YOU KNOW. So, I’m good, I just keep walking on, and I think about writing about how silly our minds can preconceive, to not think about anything walking into a situation of any kind, being fully aware of the experience and enjoying it for the love, compassion, and sometimes lessons, and… and… WOW!! TWO DOGS COME RUNNING UP NEAR THE GATE I STAND AT SPACING OUT ON THIS WRITING -- HISSING, GROWLING, BARKING, THE FIERECEST I’VE HEARD THEM. I HADN’T MOVED BUT WATCHED… The pain was ringing off them… it was ringing off me… This land is ours you know. Like the owners who own them… there is so much we own. RELAX – BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT. GET CLEAR. IT’S NOW’OCLOCK AND THE OWNERSHIP IN THIS WORLD STOPS. IN THE MOMENT OF NOW COFFEE TABLE LOOKBOOK EARLY 2012

Welcome to freedom.


Shine!  Because today you realize you’re IT! …The missing link in your life is YOU.

All is well and good in this moment. Love in quiet surrounds its space – breathe it.

New York Summer 2011 Photos Brooklyn - Hamptons

We're an entire generation coming back to Truth.

I’m a more introverted person but when the mission hits, whatever it may be for you …get prepared. A more extroverted being can emerge when the topic arises.

Because this energy …this vibration …this supplier of love - I use “GOD” for lack of a better word.  propels this space.

It's time to


packed away



Your inner voice, the Divine faith of the Holy Spirit you bestow is the only G.P.S. you need. It’ll land you where you’re supposed to go even if you don’t know yet. Faith and Gratitude; watch the most joyous route take place.

Vermont Summer-Fall 2011 Photos

Don’t want something; expect something.

The biggest change is no longer seeking it.

The topics we usually discuss about others say more about ourselves.

Love is the thing you are. Place no bets about it, whether in this moment, stuck in the past, or longing for a future. As my friend and teacher Rev. John Elliott says, “no matter how much hate, I don’t care if you are Hitler… there is always a call for Love.” Underneath all our egos, all the thoughts packed away with fear, pain, or doubt, Love flows like a deep sea current for most, but not you, not this moment right now – because in this still, unrestless mind you find the sole vibration echoing in your Self: Love; that is the thing you are.

You meet yourself everywhere. Go anywhere.

Grace is a word recently added to my vocabulary. I have little of it most the time. But time is not the discussion here -- only the biggest issue for this writer. We need it now! Right NOW! Instant results, fast cash, easy training, overnight rewards, big bucks working from home, WE NEED IT NOW! It’s a demand world with TV ondemand results, leaving our spirits in the least demand they’ve ever been. “WHO ARE YOU?” I ask myself. We can’t operate without time, but without time we can operate Grace, because Grace comes without considering the time something gets done… “It’ll be done on God’s watch,” you might hear some old-time churchgoer say… because that’s Grace, that’s understanding the bigger picture. Set your goals on eternity, not a calendar. I’m learning Grace today.

You can’t be a victim you gotta get!

“So what is In The Moment Of Now?” Some people may ask, it’s a good point and a good question – In The Moment Of Now as my brother and cofounder Konrad Fitzgerald suggests, “The Now is the timeless space between the past and the future where anything is possible.” The Now; to live in the moment; a tricky but simple action that leaves questions and answers through it’s present unfolding; a map to Heaven on Earth, and a limitless existence. The clothing, the pictures, the writing, is pulled together artifacts of the Spiritual journey. All aspects transcend the “reality” world of the surface mind and inspire positive change to the inner Self when indulging in this movement we call Life.

California Fall-Winter 2011 Photos

Be cool with every word, every movement, every moment with your Self. That is the key to Happiness: The constant acceptance of who you really are. (My Self-note to work towards)

Some would say that is accessing your Star power, which is true, but really it’s Star control we’re after. Because the Power is always there, just the control isn’t. It’s where “celebrities” are created from, and people with High Power and “elite” status manifest in this World.

Defending is pretending. Pretend no more. (with help from David Brown)

Thank you Spirit for your patience.

My ego wants you to read this. My Self is thankful I’m able to write it.

There is the surface mind – personal thoughts, concerns, claims inflicted by physical interest. Then there is the Divine mind – the infinite knowledge shared by all; where ideas of the purist exist. Go create your electricity. The next great concept rests in you.


Love is the only Freedom and Reality humans will ever Truly have. It’s also the bravest thing to strive for in any circumstance.

We seek what’s outside us, but it’s the Power inside we’re looking for.

Transpire a Goal to Inspire a Soul.

Don’t forget what you’re working for.

© Moment Of Now, LLC 2012

In The Moment Of Now Coffee Table Lookbook | Early 2012  
In The Moment Of Now Coffee Table Lookbook | Early 2012  

Writing & Photography by Luke Eriksen Art & Photography by Konrad Fitzgerald Additional contributions by Kory Jean Kingsley, Elise Robinette...