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Immediate Media Co is the special interest content and platform company. Our fastgrowing, multi-platform media business is home to over 1,300 people across eight divisions. We own and operate some of the best-loved brands in the UK. And we only focus on special interest markets, engaging over 22 million passionate consumers each month, offering them world-class content and innovative new products and services – including ecommerce and TV shopping. Immediate has over 75 consumer brands. We sell over 76 million magazines each year and engage 35 million unique users every month. With over 1.3 million active subscribers, our audiences are affluent and loyal to their favourite brands. And with more than 90 licensed editions globally, the universal appeal of our content and brands makes us one of Europe’s largest licensors of magazine media brands. Our brands include Radio Times, olive, Homes & Antiques, hitched, JewelleryMaker, Sewing Quarter, MadeForMums, You&YourWedding and Mollie Makes. We publish BBC Top Gear, BBC Good Food and BBC EasyCook on behalf of BBC Worldwide as well as BBC History, BBC Gardeners’ World, BBC Focus and the CBeebies portfolio under licence, and the Lonely Planet Traveller magazine for LPGL. Immediate was named Media Company of the Year at the 2015 British Media Awards and Digital Publisher of the Year at the AOP Awards 2017. Follow us on Twitter @Immediate_Media

The zeitgeist of wellbeing and mindfulness


o longer just for those of the new-age persuasion, meditation and mindfulness are fast becoming leading extensions of the wellness industry; mindfulness is no longer a niche interest but well and truly mainstream. Aided by the rise of the smartphone and meditation apps, mindfulness has grown into a full-blown lifestyle choice, sitting comfortably with other healthy choices such as yoga, clean eating, green travel and spa experiences as well as artisan crafts and handmade activities. With the growing awareness of mental health, mindfulness is now seen as a useful tool that can help people manage their thoughts, feelings and attitude to life, both at home and in the workplace. According to Sensor Tower, there are now more than1,300 mindfulnessrelated apps available; the most popular, Headspace, has been downloaded more than 20 million times. To refect the demands for healthy living, many industries are evolving and transforming their businesses and brands. The consumer trend for ‘experiences’ continues to grow and diversify while purchasing choices are becoming more discerning – quality, health and sustainability are key. The mindfulness industry is reported to have generated $1.2 billion in revenue last year. Four in 10 adults in the US say they meditate at least weekly, and major companies including Google, Apple, General Mills and Goldman Sachs have adopted meditation programmes for their employees. Within the publishing world mindfulness is also making a considerable impact. UK sales of ‘mind, body, spirit’ books are booming, against a backdrop of slowing sales elsewhere on the shelves. In magazines, while there has been a steady decline in mainstream women’s fashion and lifestyle, the mindfulness and wellbeing market is growing.

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● mindfulness sales ● fashion/lifestyle sales


JUN 15

Sales of the women’s fashion and lifestyle sub-category are decreasing as more consumers buy from mindfulness/wellbeing sub-category.


APR 15


Modern brands for modern lifestyles


ur brands are growing with the trends. Launched in 2016, Project Calm magazine is a natural link between wellbeing and crafts/ creativity – ‘Mindfulness Through Making’. Tackling a broad range of subjects from gardening and writing, food and feminism, travel and yoga – and everything in between – we view topics from a creative and mindful perspective. We include loads of extras such as card inserts, templates, papers and stickers for readers to make modern, original and achievable projects. We have built an incredible international fanbase that is growing stronger issue by issue. Inspired by Project Calm’s success, in 2017 we created In The Moment magazine to refect the appetite for clean living, natural and healthy choices, and positive messages. Ofering thoughtful features and expert advice on wellbeing and mindfulness, relationships and real people – and mirroring current ideas, beliefs and trends. In The Moment is a refreshing voice in the women’s lifestyle sector on the newsstand. We know that because our readers tell us! And our unique gifts and creative paper inserts make In The Moment not only relevant and beautiful, but fun and practical too! The modern-thinking woman is smart, funny, caring, nurturing, inclusive and unique and In The Moment refects this in an intelligent, beautiful and enjoyable way. In The Moment’s readers aren’t looking for generic women’s lifestyle magazines - they like us because our content is all about true values, quality of experiences and what is really important in life.

“A breath of fresh air to find on a supermarket shelf”

“One of the only magazines that I feel better off after reading�


From day one In The Moment magazine has gone from strength to strength. Marks & Spencer and Waitrose offered listings in the majority of their stores from launch, such was their belief in our brand being right for their shoppers. A year after launch, In The Moment has the largest number of supermarket listings within the Mindfulness and Wellbeing sector, overtaking well established brands such as Psychologies, The Simple Things and Natural Health. We are now dominant in this sector with more than 21% share of all supermarket listings. In The Moment also has international licences in Portugal, Poland and France. Project Calm has built an incredibly loyal international fanbase that is growing stronger and bigger, issue by issue. This success is reflected in our move from publishing Project Calm quarterly to bimonthly (six issues a year) from 2018.

n LAUNCHED May 2016 n DISTRIBUTION 27,000 n FREQUENCY Bi-monthly (6 times a year) n EDITORIAL PILLARS Nature, Home, Mind & Body, Travel n FORMAT 132 Pages + roll-fold posters, card inserts and stickers. Quality matte paper, contemporary look and feel, beautiful images and creative illustrations. Project Calm magazine is for creative women who enjoy all types of crafting, cooking, home-making and gardening. By encouraging readers to pause and rethink how they spend their time, this magazine taps into the popularity of mindfulness, through making. Readers are inspired by beautiful projects, ideas, features and profiles, and are encouraged to experiment with new pastimes.

“Project Calm has an expanding loyal fanbase across the globe�

A visual feast, a unique magazine Project Calm is a bi-monthly compilation of the many beautiful things in life. Outstanding in look and feel, it is a high quality magazine that includes original and exclusive work by top writers, illustrators and photographers and inspires a loyalty in its expanding fanbase across the globe.


Project Calm is a visual treat, printed on luxurious paper and

2 card and designed with a modern look and feel.

Both unique and exceptional, Project Calm embraces longform

3 features alongside snippet ideas and tips: it’s smart in its

approach and inclusive in its appeal – a beautiful brand that creates a great environment in which advertisers can be proud to appear. Extra elements are included in every issue! Exclusive and

4 original designs for papercutting, origami, bookmarks,

notecards, posters, postcards, stickers and templates are just some of the extras featured in issues so far.

Why we’re different We’re down-to-earth, practical and friendly. We never tell readers what to do or make them feel guilty about anything they don’t do. Our aim is always to improve our readers’ mood!


We’re all about the good stuff! We focus on all the amazing

2 actions, activities, ideas, people, places and products from around the world. If it’s good for our readers’ minds, hearts and bodies then we’re interested!

We’re unique and we’re different from the rest. Like most women,

3 we love fashion, make-up, cocktails and treats, but we won’t be slaves to any of it - we are independent thinking and have health, wellbeing, sustainability and real happiness at our core. Our sense of community, friendship and fun is genuine and

4 thriving. We support independents and small businesses; we encourage our readers to be discerning with their purchasing choices. We are part of a powerful publishing company and so have

5 access online, and on the high street, to marketing and distribution that matches the big lifestyle women’s brands.

“A beautiful, practical lifestyle magazine for the modern thinking woman”

n LAUNCHED: June 2017 n DISTRIBUTION: 49,000 n FREQUENCY: 13 times a year n EDITORIAL PILLARS: Wellbeing, Living, Creating, Escaping. n FORMAT: 116 Pages + card inserts, posters and stickers. Quality matte paper, contemporary look and feel, beautiful images and creative illustrations. In The Moment fills a gap in the market for a stylish, contemporary magazine appealing to a new generation of mindful consumers. Whatever the topic, In The Moment relates to its readers’ wellbeing and mindfulness, creating a strong and relevant identity using a fun, joyful and practical approach. Humorous, knowledgeable columnists and must-read opinions entertain and inform; this new publication offers women a refreshing choice for all aspects of their lives. Inspiring readers with creative pastimes, healthy lifestyle choices and positive ideas, In The Moment is a beautiful, creative, mindfulness magazine for the masses. In The Moment opens up dialogue on the world, nature, family and what is really important in life, reflecting readers’ high standards and ethical leanings; readers really care about the quality and provenance of anything they buy or use.

OUR AUDIENCE, OUR READERS Diverse in age, culture, ethnicity and geography (UK), our audience is 99% female with a high household income - 83% are ABC1. 68% are married or are living with their partners, 52% have children and 70% are working (full and part-time).*


n London, postgraduate, working in marketing. Enjoys climbing in her spare time and planning an adventure holiday trip to India. Tries to practise mindfulness a few times a week. “In The Moment feels less pressurising than so many other magazines. It’s positive and nurturing.”


n Part-time mum, two pre-school kids. Lives in Bristol. Husband away all week with work. Loves home décor, spending time outdoors and reading. “In the Moment is a treat just for me and feels like a big hug coming through the letterbox each month.”

ALI, 43

n Yoga & pilates teacher & blogger. Lives with partner. No kids. Interested in going on city breaks and spending time with nature. “I love this magazine, it’s refreshing to read, something uplifting and positive which values meaning rather than superficiality”.

* Source: Reader Survey (January 2018)

The emergence of the mindful consumer


indful consumption is set to be the biggest consumer trend for 2018. “Today’s consumer displays a high level of mindfulness about wellbeing and the environment,” says Innova Market Insights. “Consumers are becoming increasingly mindful in their choices, wanting to know what is in their products in order to make decisions about health, sustainability and ethical issues. “Consumers have an holistic approach to looking after their wellbeing, which increasingly focuses on peace of mind as well as the body. From health concerns driven by cleaner and overall healthier lifestyles, to environmental issues that responsible manufacturers tackle, bringing ‘peace of mind’ is key. So it is no surprise that consumers are becoming increasingly mindful in their choices, so they can make decisions about health, sustainability and ethical issues.” n Magazine consumers are no longer excited by (or loyal to)

fashion lifestyle magazines; the mindful consumer wants a magazine that gives them peace of mind. n Other interests are more important to readers: health & ftness;

yoga & pilates; walking & gardening; creativity and crafting trends. n Across the age bands, these women have a lot of common ground

in their attitudes to politics, the world, nature and family. n The aesthetic of the products they choose to buy is important to our

readers: their home interiors, the food they buy and make, the beauty products they use, the places they travel to, the magazines they read...

“I love the magazine: it’s refreshing to read something uplifting and positive which values meaning rather than superficiality!” Reader Survey, January 2018



Yogamatters Meditation Cushion, Purple, £27.50

Self-confidence and self-belief

Manduka Cross Back Halter Bra, Geo Jacquard, £55

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alking into a yoga class for the frst time takes a lot of confdence. There’s a common misconception that you have to be beautiful, bendy and blissed out to do yoga. And let’s face it, most of us aren’t. Yes, we’ve all heard that yoga is good for us and yes, we may even feel tempted to give it a try, but for many of us, we simply haven’t got the selfconfdence and self-belief to give it a go. 'It’s not for me. I’ll never be able to do that. I’m not fexible enough to do yoga.' However, here’s the thing: every body is a yoga body. YOU CAN DO YOGA Yoga is all about connecting mind and body. If you have a body and you have a mind, then you can do yoga. A yoga practice focuses on the breath. If you can breathe, then you can do yoga. Most yoga classes are about connecting the breath to the movement. It’s not about achieving a pose, but moving towards a pose. A good teacher will know the right adjustments to make each pose work for your particular body, and yoga props like blocks, bricks and straps can make each pose more accessible.

Yoga allows you to be comfortable in your body and mind, to feel good in your own skin. You will get to understand and accept your limitations better, but you’ll also discover your amazing potential, as you fnd yourself doing things you never believed were possible. So how can we fnd the self-belief to step onto a yoga mat and open ourselves up to these possibilities? TURNING ‘I CAN’T’ INTO ‘I CAN’ What we believe about ourselves affects everything we do and say. So instead of giving yourself reasons why you can’t do yoga, how about giving yourself the reasons why you can? Discover how wonderfully empowering it is to begin turning ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can’. All things are possible if you believe. That’s the mantra that accompanies the Believe Bar necklace, part of the inspirational Mantra Jewellery collection available at that inspires confdence and selfbelief. You won’t achieve all that you hope to achieve in your frst yoga class, but if you believe you can do it, you’ll get there in the end.

positive afrmations Just going to a – yoga class can boost stocks some fantastic your self-confdence. afrmation card decks It shows how much and journals that you care about your can help you. health and wellbeing and that you are worth caring about. That’s such a positive message in itself. You’ll fnd yourself standing taller somehow as you walk out of your yoga class and you take that self-confdence with you into the rest of your day. When you’ve said ‘I can’ to attending a yoga class, you’ll fnd yourself more able to say, ‘I can’ in all sorts of other situations throughout your day too. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Yogamatters has all you need to get started on your yoga journey: a wide range of yoga mats, props, accessories and yoga wear. Yogamatters also stocks a wonderful collection of inspiring books by renowned teachers on yoga, meditation and mindfulness for beginners. There’s no better place to prepare for this yoga adventure than And there’s no better time to start than now!


Creating bespoke content


ooking for something bespoke? We have plenty of experience when it comes to helping brands make an impact. We have an expert team of marketers and creative people who are focused on ensuring that our clients are getting the most that our magazines and websites can ofer. We can ofer clients an array of options from custom creative partnerships, sponsorship opportunities, social media campaigns, online advertorials, custom print projects, inserts, advertisement features and native advertising. We can create bespoke content for clients. Our advertorials are a powerful way to introduce a brand to readers; they sit comfortably among editorial pages within the magazine. Our teams at Immediate Media are highly skilled at working with partners to a specifc brief in terms of message, look and feel and delivering highly engaging editorialised content.

“We have plenty of experience when it comes to helping brands make an impact”



“A good night’s sleep is vital to our health”


e’ve all heard the ‘eight hours' a night’ mantra, but how many of us actually get that much sleep? Around 50% of UK adults get by on six hours or less of slumber a night, and it’s taking a toll on our wellbeing. “Getting a good night’s sleep is just as important for our health as eating well and getting enough exercise,” says medical herbalist Katie Pande. “But it’s often neglected. As well as killing our energy, poor sleep is linked to more serious health complaints, such as weight gain, depression and even an increased risk of dementia.” Luckily, there are plenty of things that we can do to improve our snoozing, by setting the scene with calming lighting, using a sleep mask and a enjoying a relaxing bedtime brew. Pukka Herbs’ night time 7-day wellbeing kit is ideal to help you have a peaceful night’s sleep. “Whether you’re sufering with sleep troubles, trying to adapt to a new sleep pattern, or just need to get a good night’s rest, herbs can give you a helping hand,” says Katie. Enjoy a cup of soothing tea, take a herbal supplement to aid restful sleep and drift of.

SWEET DREAMS Pukka’s new 7-Day Night Time Kit is the perfect support to a peaceful night’s sleep. Formulated by Medical Herbalist and Ayurvedic practitioner Sebastian Pole, the kit includes seven days’ worth of soothing Night Time herbal tea together with Pukka’s Night Time herbal supplements, both of which have been expertly blended with the highest quality, organic and sustainably sourced herbs. Pukka teas and supplements contain the highest quality organic herbs. For more about why this is important, go to

ADVERTORIAL SERIES We can create a bespoke advertorial series for our clients. The benefit of a series is that it engages our readers on a deeper level, providing interesting content and ongoing engagement each issue. We can work with our clients from start to finish, from creating various concepts, to photography through to editorial input.





“A calm mind is essential for focus”

“Be the best version of yourself, whatever the season”


S Pukka’s new 7-day Turmeric Brainwave kit is perfect for kickstarting your creativity and boosting your brain. Formulated by Medical Herbalist and Ayurvedic practitioner Sebastian Pole, the kit contains seven days’ worth of invigorating Turmeric Gold tea and rejuvenating Turmeric Brainwave herbal supplements, which have been expertly blended using the organic and sustainably-sourced herbs. Pukka teas and supplements contain the highest quality organic herbs. For more about why this is important, go to

pring brings forth beautiful fowers, warmer weather and lighter days, and we are ready to enjoy everything that this new season has to ofer. So the last thing we want is to be struck down by illness. Feeling ‘well’, both physically and emotionally, feels great and allows us to be the best version of ourselves. Every day, our natural immunity works to make this happen, but every now and again it needs a little help to do so. Luckily, nature has all the answers we need to give ourselves an energising boost when we start to feel under the weather. Pukka believe that harnessing the power of plants can have incredible benefts for our health, using the highest quality and sustainably-sourced organic herbs to create their range of teas and supplements. Their 7-day seasonal wellness kit includes a tea made from foraged elderberries and dried echinacea fowers, as well as an andrographis herbal supplement, all of which support your wellbeing. Sit back, relax and enjoy a cup full of the fruity favours of spring, knowing that it will help you to make the most of every moment of the new season.






to enter visit

A six night Inntravel rail holiday through the heart of Spain EXPLORE THE CLASSICAL CITIES OF OLD CASTILE ON AN INNTRAVEL SELF-GUIDED JOURNEY

We've teamed up with Inntravel to ofer you the chance to win one of their SlowMotion journeys – a 6-night, self-guided holiday for two through the heart of Spain by rail – on which you can discover treasures from the Golden Age, admire astonishing art and architecture and sample some of the country’s most delicious food and wine. Tune out and switch of as you take an unhurried journey from one charming hotel to the next, becoming absorbed in everything around you – the local life, people, hospitality and food – and feeling revitalised and refreshed as a result. Flights are included from the UK to Madrid, as are two nights’ accommodation in Segovia, Salamanca and Madrid, plus rail journeys between the three cities. Specially created, self-guided walking tours take in the major sights, as well as some delightful, hidden corners.

This page: the view from SegoviaÕs old town. Opposite, clockwise from top centre: a tiled shop front in Madrid; a lively market in Salamanca; Salamanca's ornate cathedral; tapas and wine in Madrid.

HAPPY DAYS Pukka’s new 7-Day Seasonal Wellness Kit is the perfect support to keep a spring in your step. Formulated by Medical Herbalist and Ayurvedic practitioner Sebastian Pole, the kit includes seven days’ worth of invigorating Elderberry & Echinacea herbal tea together with Pukka’s Andrographis herbal supplements, both of which have been expertly blended with the highest quality, organic and sustainably sourced herbs. Pukka teas and supplements contain the highest quality organic herbs. For more about why this is important, go to

Photography Jesse Wild


Photography Dave Caudery

ometimes creativity comes easy – a simple idea can spark a whole host of ideas, projects and plans. Yet at other times, our creative side seems just out of reach, leaving us feeling tired and sluggish. But what can we do to boost our brain and fnd new inspiration? For medical herbalist Katie Pande, it’s all about creating the right environment. “A calm mind is essential for focus,” she explains. Having somewhere quiet that you can retreat to and let your mind wander is a good place to start. Meditation, too, could be key: “as well as aiding relaxation, it’s been found to help with sustaining attention and improving working memory,” says Katie. Our diet is also an important factor. “Blood sugar peaks and dips can make it difcult to maintain our concentration,” Katie explains. “Focus on eating wholefoods, as well as getting lots of brain-boosting nutrients.” Pukka’s Turmeric Brainwave 7-day kit is the ideal way to feed your creativity. It contains turmeric, a golden spice that is said to boost circulation to the brain, as well as natural botanicals that promote mental clarity and concentration, such as brahmi, rosemary and tulsi. Enjoy some quiet moments, sip on a calming and invigorating tea and let your creativity fow.

ADVERT RATES There are a variety of creative options and single or series rates to choose from...



3 series 6 series 13 series

DPS Page Half Quarter

£1,683 £935 £514 £282

£1,510 £841 £462 £254

£1,290 £709 £385 £210

n/a n/a n/a n/a

Creative Options Advertorial, Sponsored Post, Sponsored Social and Content Creation POA



3 series 6 series 13 series

DPS Page Half Quarter

£1,515 £845 £465 £253

£1,360 £765 £425 £230

£1,165 £688 £386 £210

£1,050 £625 £348 £190

Creative Options Advertorial, Sponsored Post, Sponsored Social and Content Creation POA

Creative solutions = happy clients!


e have plenty of experience creating original advertising solutions. And we enjoy working closely with a variety of clients who appreciate our collaborative approach.

“We have been delighted with the sales and interest gained from advertising within In The Moment magazine. Their collaborative approach and wellbeing focus and philosophy has been key to us gaining exposure through their lovely feel-good magazine.” Helen Davies, Founder, Earth Kind Originals

“In The Moment have done a great job on our latest series of advertorials to launch our 7 Day Kits into the wellbeing community. Their creative attention to detail and understanding of the product and brand have really shown in the advertorials and we are extremely happy with the executions.” Becki Stephens, Communications Brand Manager, Pukka Herbs


n Group Advertising Manager Penny Stokes 0117 300 8206 n Account Manager Emelie Arnold emelie.arnold 0117 300 8112 n Client Partnership Manager Beckie Pring 0117 300 8205


n For all editorial enquiries, please email: or

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Calm moment media pack  

Take a look inside In The Moment Magazine and Project Calm – two leading wellbeing and mindfulness magazines produced by Immediate Media.

Calm moment media pack  

Take a look inside In The Moment Magazine and Project Calm – two leading wellbeing and mindfulness magazines produced by Immediate Media.