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Of course, I was absolutely overwhelmed by this kind of appreciation and, since then, I have not stopped my efforts in drawing and painting fish and sharing them with the social media community. I guess you could say that, while flyfishing itself may not have been the starting engine for what I do today, it sure as hell provided a huge boost of confidence, reach and inspiration for me.

How do you muster the stoicism to do art relating to fly fishing, when it takes time away from fly fishing? I do not think that art takes time away from fishing. I think fishing and creating art goes hand in hand and in my case, they rely on each other. If I am not knee-deep covered in commissioned artwork, I choose whatever I feel like doing at the moment, sometimes it is fishing, sometimes it is painting. Why did you get into painting in the first place, and why have you decided to paint fly fishing motives? What inspired you?

As mentioned before, I started drawing as a child and always was inspired by books and documentaries about animals and wildlife of all forms. Living pretty much in the countryside, I was also into nerdy stuff like bird watching, local reptiles and fish. I also kept fish in tanks all my life and consumed every book about the ones I had, as well as all those that I dreamt of getting. So the topic of my art was determined very early by my interest and obsession with fish. Luckily, my family, my closest friends and so many people around me from the beginning, until today, always supported me doing that!

How do you split your time between fly fishing and painting? Splitting time between fly fishing and painting is actually quite easy for me, because I mostly paint at nighttime, while the most productive fishing around here occurs during daylight. So as you see, there is no direct competition between these two things for me. What really is much more of a challenge to achieve, is the balance between studying, art and fishing.

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