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MATERIALS: Hook: Ahrex NS156 Traditional Shrimp #6 Thread: Red/Brown Tail: Red/brown golden pheasant + 2 strands of Flashabou Body: Tan dubbing Palmer hackle: Grizzly saddle Front hackle: Golden pheasant the inventor himself, Henrik Brangstrup. I told Henrik about my fascination of Autumn Fly and asked him for the story behind it, and so here it is, roughly as told by Henrik Brangstrup: “The idea behind Autumn Fly emerged after I had developed a small series of flies, which had underfur dubbing from my old cat, Jerry. Whether it was as nymph or a salmon fly was debateable, but it just seemed to work, and it delivered fish. Fall fishing for sea-run brown trout has always been very dear to me, and I knew that this new fall-fly had to have natural colours but still be visible in turbulent water. From experience I

know that sea-run brown trout can be very finicky, and that targeting them in turbulent and murky water can provide the fly fisherman with an advantage. Long before I pulled out the chair underneath my fly tying desk, I had a clear vision of the unborn fly. First and foremost: Underfur from Jerry for the body. As for the rib, I had to choose between silver and gold rib, but I has an idea that silver would reflect light better than gold. Red fibres from a golden pheasant and two strands of pearl Flashabou for a tail, a body hackle from a grizzly rooster, and finally, a red chest feather from a golden pheasant as a front hackle and a head made of red tying thread (or red varnish).

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