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The Profile of a Fly Fisherman

Name: René Harrop Born: September 6, 1945 Occupation: Fly tyer, Writer, Fly Fishing Consultant Website: Facebook: René Harrop

Few people have inspired and meant so much to so many as the American flyfishing legend, industry insider, outdoors writer and fly tyer extraordinaire, René Harrop. A bottomless well of wisdom, René resides in Montana where he spends his time catching finicky and selective, wild rainbow trout on flies that he has conceptualized and perfected over the years. We’ve had a word with René about what there is to learn from fully focusing on and immersing oneself in one river (The Henry’s Fork); what can be done to get kids and adolescents into fly fishing; and much, much more…

How did you get started fly fishing and when? I began fly fishing in the early 1950’s by watching my father. Dad gave me a nine foot bamboo rod with about four inches broken from the tip in 1954. I fished with a willow and no reel prior to that time.

What is it that intrigues you about fly fishing? I like the way fly fishing forces me to observe, think, and to concentrate. Each individual trout represents a new experience and no two are ever exactly the same. Ideally, fly fishing is a one on one encoun-

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