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In addition to the revived salmon stock, the river fishing culture has also taken huge steps forward and, for instance, the number of recreational fishermen has increased remarkably. The development that has taken place during the past 20 years in fishing tourism has even surprised the entrepreneur of Naamisuvanto, Petri Uusitalo, himself. Salmon fishing madness Emilie and I fish like maniacs for four days and sleep only a few hours each night. I thought I was done staying up all night, but the nights spent awake with my thesis during the spring are nothing compared to salmon fishing. The pools we fish look so promising that every now and then I forget to breathe because I’m sure that the salmon will grab my fly at any given moment. The story goes that Baltic salmon are strong - and I can’t wait to experience it myself. The chance of hooking a big salmon keeps me focused despite my tired mind and I continue fishing with a smile on my face day after day even though my waders leak badly and I can’t recall when we last ate. By the river, it almost seems like salmon fish-

ermen get all the energy they need from the very thought of catching a salmon and the looming midnight sun. My thoughts go in circles when I think about where the salmon is, why it won’t take, how I should present the fly, whether I should change to a heavier line, where the drag is - I wish I would see at least a glimpse of silver! The realm of big salmon I’ve fished for salmon in Sweden and Norway on previous occasions, but the River Tornio is beyond compare. I fall in love with its magnificent size, versatility and the challenge it entails. Due to its big size, there are countless of places to fish. Emilie and I fish many promising pools from the bank. In many places, the fishing resembles fishing in the Norwegian private pools because, apart from us, we don’t see many fishermen fishing from the bank and we get to open one beautiful pool after another. It’s early season, the water is cold, and the current is strong, so we fish with heavier lines and big tube flies, which should help us to find the salmon. However, despite the breadth of the river, one doesn’t always have to cast that far to catch a salmon in River Tornio.

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