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I was now down by the spot where the big fish had shown, and nothing happened so I did something I don’t normally do. I went through many flies and presentations. In smaller rivers, you normally only get one chance before the fish is spooked. On bigger rivers with fast water, you get more unless you unsettle them wading. I tried changing into a weighted black fly, which was taken on the first cast while sinking. The fish went deep, back and forth, over and over again. I had no doubt it was a big fish over 90cm. I put maximum pressure on the fish until it came to the surface, but then it got stuck on a rock out in the middle of the river. Now, we could see it, but the line was wrapped around rocks - and it was

to deep to wade out. After almost giving up, the fish suddenly came free. With the risk of a damaged leader, I took it easy until Tómas finally got it in the net – a 98cm male salmon. Oh, joy! This was one of my biggest moments this season since I came with no expectations. That was the last fishing day for me in Iceland in 2016. It was a fantastic season where the salmon came very early and big. In my time on Laxa i Adaldal, I have never seen anything like it. On Laxa i Adaldal alone, I landed 7 Salmon over 100 cm! Even rivers that don’t normally produce 1m+ salmon produced giants in 2016: Vatnsdalsa yielded a giant of 110 cm and 3 over 110cm were caught in Adaldal.

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