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I was helping Ryan get into some action in the famous pool, Stodvarhylur, which usually holds char in addition to brown trout and seatrout. And would you believe it, he got them all: a veritable Iceland grand slam. We then split out on the river and picked up smaller seatrout here and there. I saw some big ones on the upper river, which in my opinion is the most interesting part of the river. The big ones, however were easily spooked! The next two days we dedicated to ION’s monsters. Would the fish be in the area this time of year? Would the tributary on Beat II attract the trout? Yes! The fish were there, jumping like mad - and behaving unusually. During springtime, the trout feed actively and are often seen head and tailing. Now, they were jumping all out of the water like salmon: big coloured males showing off.

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