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Lion’s head or Surf candy: It’s always hard calling a pattern your own! You can always find similarities with other patterns. Whether this fly is a Lion’s Head or a Surf Candy, I honestly don’t know. But I came up with the idea for this fly when I saw my oldest daughter’s lion costume. The fur trim on the hood was made out of really nice craft fur with a great looking colour combo. In my mind it would look perfect tied onto a fly hook!

My daughter, however, didn’t quite share my enthusiasm when I brought out the scissors, so in the end some STF dub (Synthetic Transluscent Fiber) replaced the fur from her outfit. With a bit of marker pen work STF Dub looks really good. And as always with STF you get an awesome

transparent look in the water. I use the Lion’s Head-pattern for sea-run brown trout on the coast. It works great in both shallow water and tied to a sinking line going deep, when the water temperatures rise. But it probably works for most fish that go after small fish or fry: A simple pattern that’s fun to tie!

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