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I desperately tried to keep tension on the line as it took off to the right in a huge curve, line slicing through the water and tearing through my fingers. In seconds the reel was screaming as the fish made a bid for freedom, all I could do was hold on and watch as the fly line disappeared and my pink backing followed suit… Bloody hell! Attempting to gain back control I cranked the drag down a little and set about trying to get this monster to play nice. Thank goodness he too, like Brandon’s fish, had run out to sea and not over the reef. But that was just the start: The battle was just beginning. The next 10 minutes felt like a dream. I really can’t remember what exactly happened. It was pure and utter mayhem: A haze of vicious head shakes, violent bursts of speed followed by frantic line retrieval as I attempted to tame him. Finally, after maybe 15 minutes or so he was in sight. I could see his huge silver body as he threw himself about like a stroppy teenager desperately trying to get free. Swimming left then right and even flipping on his back, he was a cheeky bugger for sure, and

boy did he dislike the boat. It took several attempts to get him into the net and a lot of colourful language! Every time he came close he would dive down or tail slap the net out of the way then shoot off to the side to dodge it altogether. F’ing and blinding he finally gave in and succumbed to being landed. And there he was: Sitting in the water, grumpy pink pout and huge inquisitive eyes staring back at me. He was stunning! No time to lose, we tagged, photographed and measured him: A whopping 68cm! A big kiss on those luscious pink lips and I said my goodbyes. With one final swish of his tail he slunk off to join his friends and our mission was complete! We had done it! We had Cracked the code! A new species of permit could now be added to every fly fishing fanatics bucket list and it was time to celebrate! For more info, please visit:

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