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As I continued reeling, something felt off. There were no vibrating headshakes making their way up the line, and as I tightened down on the fish I realized the pattern had been broken. I felt as though my line had been tied to a submarine, with the fish leisurely towing me around without yet noticing it had been hooked. Suddenly, hell broke loose as the fish turned around and emptied the fly line and a generous portion of backing off of the reel. The fish leisurely pulled as much line as it pleased, occasionally turning and swimming straight towards the boat to give us a good scare. I was trying not to let my mind wander to what could possibly go wrong at this point, as I knew the list was long. After multiple diligent attempts to get the fish’s head turned towards us, finally we were able to get her in the basket. The measuring tape read just past the 28inch mark, and the girth resembled that of a rugby ball. I realized as I watched a massive tail propel her back to the depths that no matter where or how far I travel in pursuit of new fly fishing opportunities, there is no place like home.

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