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For those who aren’t yet familiar with Plastic in the Basket, can you tell a little bit about what it is? #Plasticinthebasket is a very simple initiative and philosophy that encourages fly fishers to collect plastic waste when returning from their fishing trip along the shoreline. Being a Scandinavian coastal fly fisher, I carry a line basket to collect stripping line when fishing. This basket is perfect for collecting plastic. Sadly, it is easy to fill up the basket, but every little bit helps, it’s a fun thing to do and we encourage people to share photos of their baskets full of plastic to inspire other anglers to follow their example.

How and why did come up with the idea? Well, it started around 3 years ago on the Island of Bornholm. Every year, a bunch of fly fishers meet up

for a fly fishing session, #Bornholmsession, to fish for coastal seatrout. It’s as week full of arduous fishing, great food, wacky competitions, and loads of memorable moments. One day, we were coming back from a random fishing spot and found loads of plastic along the coastline. Our initial thought was that someone should do something about the problem, but we soon realized that we were “someone”. It might as well be us instead of someone else. We had our line baskets strapped onto our hips, so we came up with the idea of collecting plastic in these baskets. It took only a few seconds to fill them up. A few basket-fulls of plastic were now gone from the coast, but unimaginable loads of plastic were still lying along the coasts of Bornholm. As many before us, we turned to social media for help. We created #Plasticinthebasket, hoping that our fellow anglers on Bornholm would help collect plastic. I posted it on my Facebook and Instagram page and when we came back to the house, people were already talking about the hashtag.

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