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5 Interior Design Rule that are Made to be Broken

In this article, we’ve shortlisted some rules that our best interior designers of Mumbai think are just made to be broken. 1) Metal should not be Mixed with Wood

A list of interior designer companies in Mumbai that poor quality of work suggest that metal and wood can’t go together well enough. However, we at Intezine believe that if done the right way, a combination of metal and wood will indeed look extremely appealing. We have designed interiors for

many hotels in Pune, and our best interior designer in Pune for hotels has indeed made use of metal and wood at multiple places, and it looks amazing. 2) Paintings should be Hung at Eye Level

You might have heard this for multiple times, but it’s totally not true! In fact, when paintings are hung exactly at eye level, things start to look ridiculous and the entire dÊcor of the room is spoilt. As per our Top 10 interior designers in Pune, when the art pieces are slightly above the eye level, there is a padding below it that gives the room a harmonic look. Just like paintings, this is also applicable for posters. 3) Small Spaces should have Small Furniture

In various years of our experience, we have dealt with several compact houses and condos, which we have made look spectacular with the help of our best interior designers in Mumbai for residence. We have seen people abide by the belief that smaller the space, smaller the furniture. However, we proved this to be false. In fact, there is no interconnection at all. While at some places smaller furniture does look better, this is in no way connected to the spaciousness of that place. We have placed huge sofas and television sets in small condos, and they do look awe-inspiring. 4) The Back of a Sofa should Never Face the Door

Many people believe that showing the back of a sofa to the door is a sign of disrespect. According to us, this in absolute myth. The fact is that if done properly, in certain scenarios showing the back of a sofa to the door can enhance the beauty of your house. In fact, when you face the back of the sofa to the door, you will find better ways to organize your living room and will be free from the unnecessary constrain. 5) Ceilings should Always be White

This is perhaps the biggest rule to be broken. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for a ceiling to be the same white color. In fact, giving the ceiling a different color or texture helps in enhancing the overall outlook of the house. Our interior designers in Pune have crafted plentiful houses with different patterns and colors on the ceiling, and they in fact look much better after the new shades. One can choose to keep all the walls of the same color and highlight the ceiling with another hue. This is as attractive – in some cases even more – than keeping an accent wall.

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Interior Design made by Top Interior designers in Pune.  

Five Interior Design Ideas that are Made by Intezine.

Interior Design made by Top Interior designers in Pune.  

Five Interior Design Ideas that are Made by Intezine.