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We are committed to the establishment of a National Park in East-Westphalia-Lippe. We, the Association for the Promotion of the National Park, see as our priorities to • inform and educate local citizens • provide professional competence and scientific expertise • facilitate opportunities for local activities, participants and networks A national park in the region offers many benefits. The protection category “National Park” produces only winners!

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The Senne Because the Senne has long been used as a military training area, its vast ecosystem has remained undisturbed by human development. The Senne is the most valuable land of this stature in North Rhine-Westphalia due to its: • poor nutrient availability and particularly high species diversity • high abundance of regionally endangered animal and plant species • largest uninhabited and unfragmented landscape of NRW • extensive space where nature may take its course • large areas of regionally rare Westphalian heathland • highly interlaced and diverse mosaic of habitats

The future of the Senne as a National Park is the best way to protect this precious treasure.

Senne. Home. National Park. Experience nature We must get access to nature: In old heathland and new wilderness. In a National Park.

Preserve home, maintain creation It is our obligation, to conserve our natural and cultural heritage, the Senne, for us, our children and our grandchildren. In a National Park.

The Senne belongs to us Locked out for over a hundred years, we want to enter and enjoy our home as a National Park.

Protection for man and nature! Only a national park allows to preserve the old Westphalian natural, cultural and heath-landscapes, the protection of a unique species diversity within NRW (about a thousand “Red List” species), and to protect us from the legacy of over one hundred years of military history.

To obtain further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer lectures and excursions to groups. Contact Förderverein Nationalpark Senne-Eggegebirge e.V.

Postfach 2126 32828 Augustdorf Donations account Sparkasse Bielefeld IBAN: DE73 4805 0161 0000 1145 95 BIC: SPBIDE3BXXX Join in! Support our association through your membership and and active participation.

Association for the Promotion of the National Park Senne  

Old heathland and new wilderness - in a National Park Senne. Only a national park allows to preserve the old Westphalian natural, cultural a...

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