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What is a DiSC Personality Test?

A DiSC Personality Test is one of the well-known ways of assessing an individual’s personality. DiSC stands for Dominance, influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. The DiSC Test is an indication of human behavior and was developed by John Geier. The specialty of the DiSC Online Test is that more than being a personality evaluation, it is a sociological reading of your style of communication. This test can be used for examining a person’s communication skills and behavior.

Your DiSC Profile can be used to build teams effectively in the business environment. DiSC helps in increasing your self-knowledge, the way you react to conflict situations, or assess the factors that motivate you, the aspects that cause stress and your approach towards decision making. With an Online DiSC Test, you can adapt the way naturally behave so that you can adapt and communicate better with others. The test also fosters creative and productive group interactions and develops better sales skills by understanding and responding to the different customer buying styles. You can thus manage things more efficiently by understandings the priorities of team members and employees.

The DiSC Personality report is an efficient and easy-to-understand tool for the creation of productive teams, better managers, leaders and supervisors. Some of the other advantages of DiSC Assessment include:

- Better customer support

- Train a sales force

- Improve communication

- Deal with interpersonal conflicts and frustrations

- Improve the awareness and recognition of personal diversity

- Enhance individual and organizational productivity

- Improve recruitment, hiring, promotion, and placement

- Improve counseling, managing, and coaching through DiSC Training

The DiSC Personality Profile is used extensively in businesses for enhancing the precision of hiring decisions. Hiring managers can now obtain helpful insights into the behavioral attributes of job candidates. With the objective data, they can ask specific behavioral questions during the interview.

Key Features of the DiSC Profile Report include:

- A Personalized analysis of the respondent’s unique DiSC style

- Insight into the respondent’s highest DiSC dimension

- Detailed personalized definitions of the terms commonly associated with the respondent

- In-depth information about the respondent’s style

The employees of the organization can also benefit as their DiSC Profiles identify their interpersonal skills and influence team interaction and cohesion. The DiSC Assessment is hugely beneficial for all those people who work alone or in teams. This is done by helping the individuals adapt to and understand the communication preferences of fellow teammates by helping them create rapport thus eliminating

misunderstandings. When you gain understanding you also gain a clear appreciation for the motivational aspects of other people’s behavioral styles. The stages of the self-interpretation, which range from specific to general, will assist the individual to understand the DiSC model’s approach to behavior.

Intesi! Resources excels in helping you develop your Human Capital with new critical core competencies individuals and companies need to prevail in our ever changing global business environment through the use of DiSC Profiles and Training Kits.

What is a DiSC Personality Test?  
What is a DiSC Personality Test?  

A DiSC Personality Test is one of the well-known ways of assessing an individual’s personality