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broncolor Adapter for kobold DW 200 / DW 400

broncolor Adapter for kobold DW 200 / DW 400

The new HDSLR cameras give creative photographers and videographers new perspectives and business models. They allow photographers to embrace videography and provide access to new techniques with handy and affordable equipment. Pans and dolly shots are less costly to realise and novel images can be created with less effort.The new camera generation is also suitable

for stills and motion shooting at the professional level. To address new expectations with respect to light, we have developed the broncolor adapter for the kobold DW 200 / DW 400. A large selection of broncolor reflectors can also be mounted directly on the kobold DW 200 / DW 400 daylight lamps as well as Chimera© Video Pro softboxes. Thus, photographers can also use their favourite light shapers with a continu-

ous light source. The built-in UV safety glass suppresses UV-A and UV-B radiation, a fact appreciated by models and actors alike. kobold DW 200 / DW 400 are daylight fixtures (HMI) with 200 W / 400 W discharge lamps and a colour temperature of 5500 K. Hence they can be mixed with flash light. The light output is approximately three times higher in comparison to halogen. A DW 400 lamp provides about the same

amount of light as a 1.2 kW halogen lamp, but must not be converted to daylight. In order to get the same amount of daylight with a halogen lamp, a 2.5 kW lamp with a conversion filter would have to be utilized. With this comparison, the light output is actually about six times higher. All kobold daylight sources are of modular design, and the ballasts are flicker-free and hot strikable.

Functions • Easy mounting on kobold DW 200 / DW 400 possible • broncolor bayonet system for a quick and easy exchange of reflectors • Most metal light shapers made by broncolor can be used with kobold DW 200 / DW 400 lamps • The interface accepts a 6 5/8“ (170 mm) Speedring for Chimera© softboxes • Built-in UV safety glass prevents UV-A and UV-B radiation

Dimensions (W × H × D) Weight Scope of delivery

Printed in Italy 09/10

kobold product range Additional information on the full kobold product line can be found at:


The following broncolor reflectors are compatible with DW 200 / DW 400: • Standard reflector P70 and P65 (incl. accessories, excl. honeycomb grids) • PAR reflector • Narrow angle reflector P45 • Wide angle reflector P120 • P-Travel reflector • Spot attachment • Conical snoot • Umbrella reflector for Pulso G, Unilite and Minicom • Satellite Staro (incl. accessories) • Complete range of Para FB reflectors (incl. diffusers)

broncolor Adapter for kobold DW 200 / DW 400 | 33.502.00 183 × 180 × 116 mm (7.2 × 7.0 × 4.5 inch) 580 g (1.3 lb) broncolor adapter incl. built-in UV safety glass

Safety warning Exposure to an unprotected HMI lamp can cause irreversible retinal damage and severe skin burns. With respect to UV protection, this new product represents an innovative solution. We reserve the right to make changes due to technical developments. broncolor, VISATEC, kobold and bron are registered trademarks.

Bron Elektronik AG CH-4123 Allschwil / Switzerland

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broncolor Adapter for kobold DW 200 / DW 400

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