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what is AVerPen? Ever imagine it would be possible to combine Interactive Whiteboard, Wireless Slate and Student Response System features into one complete, yet aordable solution? Imagination is now reality with AVerPen, a true 21st Century Classroom solution that combines the intuitive features of existing Interactive White Board technologies into a mobile, collaborative learning solution to stimulate teacher, student and group engagement and immediate feedback. All from virtually any surface in the room! AVerPen was developed to further interactivity between teacher and student or student groups while providing innovative new tools combined in an easy-to-use and highly mobile product. Each student or group will learn, collaborate and problem-solve together, while the built-in Group Response System provides immediate assessment. Imagine the ability to equip two or more classrooms with a full 21st Century interactive solution for the average cost of purchasing and installing a single Interactive Whiteboard! Teacher pens are able to control all features a well as activate, limit, or expand student pen functions, and since the pens function on virtually any surface, mobility is greatly increased by eliminating the need to use a static board or carry a bulky state.


Teach anywhere! Learn everywhere!

All AVerPen and AVerVision Document Camera features are wrapped with one easy to use software tool, eliminating the need for training and support of multiple solutions from multiple vendors. Say goodbye to board calibration, bulky slates, static teaching and constant whole-class instruction! Teach Anywhere, Learn Everywhere with AVerPen!

value and benefits the value and power of using AVerPen

teacher pen

student pen

Affordable and Cost Effective By combining popular features of many interactive products such as interactive whiteboards, wireless slates and response systems, teachers have the ability to experience a full 21st Century Classroom Solution for a fraction of the cost of one typical interactive product alone. Mobile and Flexible With the ability to use AVerPen on virtually any surface in the room, teaching is not limited to a single board or location, nor does it require a separate board to carry such as a slate. Teachers and students are free to utilize AVerPen and all its features anywhere. In comparison to interactive whiteboards, there is no need for wiring, board stands, permanent projector mounts or other expensive and complicated installation requirements.

+ starter pack

or class pack

Time Efficient No need for time consuming board calibrations, alignments, positioning or other set-up requirements. Prep-time is significantly reduced, allowing more time for actual instruction. Projects and activities can go uninterrupted by easily switching through each function, while initial training is also significantly reduced as AVerPen and AVerVision Document Cameras integrate through one software package. There is only one software to learn. Multiple Configurations AVerPen can be purchased and used as a Starter Pack including 4 Student Pens with 1 Teacher Pen, or as Class Pack including 8 Student Pens with 1 Teacher Pen. Add-On Packs which include 4 student pens and 1 charger per set can be purchased separately as up to 60 student pens can be registered to a single Teacher Pen.

main features Powerful AVer+ Software AVerPen comes with the ALL NEW AVer+ software! This tool allows users to create projects using full annotation capability, image capture, video recording, multimedia importing, and more. Users can even share work with other AVer+ users in real-time through a school LAN! Project Tools Users can save images, video, screen captures, and annotations as a Project file. Saved Project files can be exported into various formats such as images, HTML, or PDF files. Multiple Concurrent Users AVerPen fosters greater engagement by empowering the teacher and multiple student groups to interact with lesson material at the same time. Up to 6 student pens and one teacher pen can interact at one time while up to 60 student pens can be registered to a single teacher pen. Virtual Transparency Mode Annotate over other programs such as web pages, images, PDF documents, and more. Split screen Arrange your screen in multiple configurations from one large screen, up to 6 independent screens. Each user can then work in separate areas simultaneously without overrunning other users’ work. Integration with AVerVIsion Document Cameras Display and control live images of documents, 3-D objects, microscope views, transparencies, slides, and more in AVer+.

Group Response System With the built-in answer selection keypad on each pen, formative assessment is a breeze and results are tabulated on the screen immediately.

AVerPen in action All-in-one 21st Century Experience a full 21st Century Classroom Solution with AVerPen! Simply connect your computer to your multimedia projector, install the AVer+ software, connect the AVerPen cradle to a USB port and the pens will communicate with the cradle and your computer via Radio Frequency (RF). This allows teachers and students to use the pens from anywhere in the room, without needing to have a direct line-of-sight to the cradle. You are now ready to teach, interact, collaborate and inspire your students through 360 degree mobility!

anatomy of AVerPen color length diameter weight buttons wireless technology range bandwidth memory pen tip technology software platform connectivity battery battery time power adapter operating temperature warranty certifications

teacher pen: blue and gray, group pen: orange and gray 5.9 inches (150mm) 0.98 inches (25mm) 1.16oz (33g) 6 response/presenter buttons, right click button, tail button 2.4GHz RF Wireless 50ft (15m) supports up to 7 AVerPen simultaneous operation registers up to 60 AVerPens proprietary optical sensor Windows (XP or Vista) or Mac OS X USB charging cradle rechargeable lithium-ion polymer (non removable) 5 days per full charge, input 100-240V / 50-60Hz / 0.4A , output 5V / 3A / 15W 0 – 45 C (32 – 113 ° F) 2 years for AVerPen and 6 months for the battery FCC, UL

tail button

status indicator

presenter/ GRS buttons

Features subject to change without notice.

right click button

tip button

receiver/ charging cradle

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Ever imagine it would be possible to combine Interactive Whiteboard, Wireless Slate and Student Response System features into one complete,...