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Mini tripods


mini tripod _ minipod micropod microStativ Microstariv Q

| mini tripod | mini tripod | micropod | micropod

| TRIPOD LEG EXTENSION SET | Ball 19 | ball 19

| Q=Mount MINI, QPL Slim 25

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microstativ Q


Minipod We came up with the Minipod to provide unparalleled flexibility in ground-level photography. The legs are individually adjustable for perfect positioning on uneven or sloping surfaces. Set angle positions of 30°, 60° and 90° for working heights from 40 to 190 mm simplify handling. The leg ends are fitted with large rubberized feet for a steady stance, even on smooth surfaces. The feet also avoid sensitive finishes being scratched. The solid tripod base takes virtually all commercially available tripod heads and camera tilt heads. NOVOFLEX offers a big choice of tilt and ball heads for a very wide range of applications. The Minipod is ideal for macro and table-top photography. It can be used to support cameras, flash units, photography and video lights, light barriers and other accessories up to 10 kg weight. Order code: Dimensions: Maximum height: Weight:

| MINIPOD | 250 x 105 x 40 mm (9.8" x 4.1" x 1.6") | 190 mm (7.5“) | 390 g (0.85 lbs)

Micropod Weighing in at just 50 g, the Micropod is an ideal companion if you‘re out and about. It also scores highly in table-top photography. It‘s right for digital cameras and camcorders, and has also no problems with supporting a heavy SLR camera. It is also perfect for positioning flash lights, video lights, microphones, etc. Together with the NOVOFLEX BALL 19 and 19P, it‘s an item that should be found in any camera bag. The plug-in legs are assembled in a trice for immediate action. Folded together, the tripod turns into a small handle that can be used to stabilize the camera as you carry it. Order code: Maximum heigth: Weight:

| MICROPOD | 70 mm (2.76“) | 50 g (0.11 lbs)

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The Micropod is also available in 2 special models:


Order code: | MICROstativ consisting of Micropod and Ball 19 Order code: | MICROstativ Q consisting of Micropod, Ball 19, Q=MOUNT MINI and QPL Slim 25

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