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Energy efficient and environmentally friendly air handling units

IV Produkt develops, manufactures and sells energy efficient and environmentally friendly air handling units. We’ve been doing so since 1969. Alf SjÜberg, owner and Senior Advisor and Mattias SjÜberg, owner and CEO.

IV Produkt invests considerable resources in research and we are known for our high rate of product development. Developing energy efficient products is close to our hearts and today we are leading the market in that domain. Our high rate of product development is also reflected in our corporate growth. In Sweden, IV Produkt is a well-reputed trademark and during the last five years we have strikingly increased our market share. Currently we have approximately 25-30 percent of the Swedish market, and have sharp plans to expand on selected export markets. We have always had a long-term strategy for growth both in Sweden and in export markets. We think that it is to our advantage to have product development, marketing and sales under one roof. The ability of our product development and marketing departments to work together is an important factor that enables our high rate of development.

We make great demands on ingenuity when we develop our products and streamline our manufacturing procedures. We do all this so that our clients will be able to save on the resources needed for installation, operation and maintenance. We are constantly involved in making our products as energy efficient as possible. The Life Cycle Cost (LCC), the collective cost for purchase, operation and service, as well as environmental concerns are always included as a natural part in our development of new products and product selection softwares. Our goal is to be able to offer our customers the lowest possible Life Cycle Cost (LCC).

Certification Our Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001:2000, guarantees our clients and users top quality and reliable performance throughout the useful life of the product. We develop and fabricate our products according to the guidelines of our environmental management system, certified to ISO 14001:2004. The products are rated in our Environmental Product Declaration on the basis of the materials they contain and their suitability for recycling. The Envistar and Flexomix air handling units are certified by Eurovent and can always conform to Energy class A according to the criteria for 2009 classification. Our product series are tested by Eurovent in accordance with EN 18886 and EN 13053. All data presented in our documentation are verified by an independent laboratory.

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Energy-saving passive houses

Pictures taken by Givakt on behalf of Hyresbostäder i Växjö AB

– an innovative housing form

The passive houses Portvakten Söder in Växjö are leasehold flats offering the tenants innovative, modern and environmentally friendly living. This project has received vast recognition from the European Union for bringing front edge technology into full scale production. PORTVAKTEN – Växjö, Sweden

Flexomix in a Passive house version A centrally located air handling unit with double plate heat exchangers is installed in each house at Portvakten Söder. The efficiency of the heat recovery is as high as 85 percent and the SFPv of the fans is as low as 1.27 kW/m3/s.

Passive houses are well-insulated and extremely energy conserving, and for the most part, they are heated by internal heat generated by occupants and heat emitted from household appliances and machines in the flat. Passive houses make extremely high demands on air handling. IV Produkt was therefore contacted early in the project to secure an energy efficient solution for the passive houses.

Scandinavia’s largest expands

COPENHAGEN AIRPORT – Copenhagen, Denmark

airport with IV Produkt

Copenhagen Airport is situated southeast of the Copenhagen city centre and is the largest airport in Scandinavia with an annual average of over 20 million passengers.

In 2005 Copenhagen Airport was awarded the title The World’s Best Airport. During recent decades, the airport planners have invested in an ample enlargement of the entire airport area and terminals. A lot of people on the move means heavy demands on the air handling units. The units must be extremely reliable and adapt air volumes and temperatures in relation to the number of occupants. Through the last decade IV Produkt has been the main supplier of air handling units to the airport.

Flexomix IV Produkt is the main supplier of air handling units to Copenhagen Airport, especially thanks to the fact that IV Produkt was early on the scene with direct-driven fans and low sound levels. The latest project was the extension of shopping areas and safety zones with Flexomix air handling units of various sizes.

Fresh air and right temperature – puts people in a better shopping mood

Right temperature and good air quality are tremendously important factors for creating an attractive atmosphere where customers will enjoy shopping. MEDIAMARKT – Sweden

Flexomix with EcoCooler/StarCooler The great numbers of electrical apparatuses that are switched on all day long in the Mediamarkt stores require a sizable amount of air change and substantial cooling, which in turn means that an air handling unit with cooling energy recovery is needed. The solution was the Flexomix with an integrated EcoCooler cooling unit with cooling energy recovery.

A store filled with a vast selection of products is not everything – the right temperature and good air quality are tremendously important factors for creating an attractive atmosphere where customers will enjoy shopping. With hundreds of TV sets and other electronic products constantly switched on and emitting heat, the cooling load is enormous – 70W/ m2. IV Produkt offered a cost efficient solution of air handling units with integrated cooling.

St Petersburg Change is in the air

Aeroplaza is a modern office centre in St. Petersburg and is situated by the Pulkovo-2 Airport and the well-known Pulkovo-3 shopping centre. AEROPLAZA – St. Petersburg, Russia This high profile project in St. Petersburg is one of the new high-end commercial office centres being established near the international airports. Aeroplaza has large glazed surfaces that make high demands on maintaining the right air handling and temperature inside the building. The building has 33.330 square meters of floor space and an underground parking area with space for 175 automobiles.

Flexomix Air handling units with rotary heat exchangers guarantee good air quality and efficient heat recovery at Aeroplaza. Three of the air handling units are installed in the garage, and the warm extract air from the office floors of the building heat the garage to +10 C before the air is recycled. To save space, another three air handling units are mounted on the roof while the remaining units are installed in the  1.532 square meter plant room.

Colour, form, glass and a healthy indoor

The Kosta Boda Art Hotel is an explosion of colour, form, enjoyment and tastes.



climate in harmony


Flexomix and FlexoPool A facility like Kosta Boda Art Hotel has many different localities and rooms, each of which makes different demands on air quality. IV Produkt’s broad product range made it possible to meet all the varying demands. Both FlexoPool with coil energy recovery and Flexomix with rotary heat exchanger are used at the Kosta Boda Art Hotel.

The Kosta Boda Art Hotel is a new exciting hotel concept where various industrial glass designers have left their unique mark on every hotel room. Kosta Boda is one of the world’s most wellknown trademarks when it comes to glassware. The hotel also has a large spa. IV Produkt’s broad selection of air handling units has fit in perfectly for the various needs of the hotel rooms, restaurant, conference rooms, gym and pool area, etc.

Effective ventilation and

in Scandinavia’s grooviest adve

Experium is a new and unique adventure centre in Lindvallen, Sälen. EXPERIUM – Lindvallen, Sälen, Sweden


Envistar Top




enture swimming facility

FOTO Peter Ahlbin

FlexoPool, Flexomix and Envistar Top With large volumes of water in motion and many activities such as the wave machine and bubble pools in use, Experium has a great need for ventilation and dehumidification in the facility. These premises are served by FlexoPool air handling units designed to operate in swimming pool facilities and other corrosive and aggressive environments. Other rooms are served by eight Flexomix air handling units, and nearby Experium Ski Star has also built a ski lodge where seven Envistar Top units are installed.

At Experium, which is open all year round, visitors can swim in one of Scandinavia’s grooviest adventure swimming facilities with Sweden’s first machine for indoor surfing. They can also go bowling, go to the cinema, enjoy spa treatment and eat food from every corner of the world. Experium has cost approximately 36 million Euro to build and is one of the biggest investments ever in the Scandinavian alpine region, with IV Produkt as air handling supplier.


Green Building high efficiency heat recovery

The Hagaporten 3 office building is located at a unique spot in Solna and is a magnificent welcoming entrance to Stockholm. PHOTO Martin Ekwall


Flexomix To match the requirements of the Green Building concept, great efforts were made to achieve a solution with high heat recovery and low energy costs. Three Flexomix 3150 air handling units, IV Produkt’s biggest units with a heat recovery of 80 percent, are installed in the garage. The units are also equipped with free cooling since the need of cooling in the building is substantial. For maximum heat recovery, the warm air from the offices is used to heat the garage before it is used for preheating the supply air.

HAGAPORTEN 3 – Solna, Sweden

The building is owned by Skanska Fastigheter AB and was built as corporate headquarter for the Technical and Energy consultant company ÅF. The entire project was designed around low energy use to meet the Green Building EU Project standard. This means that this 28,000 square meter building consumes 25 percent less energy compared to the already high standard of the Swedish Board of Housing and Planning Regulations for New Construction (BBR).

References from all over the world – from mines and underground railways to airports and shopping centres 1


FOTO Gekås i Ullared AB




Finland The Office complex of the Technopolis chain in Tampere was designed and built with low Life Cycle Cost (LCC) as a prioritized objective, the building is equipped with 15 Flexomix units.


Denmark The Skejby Hospital in Århus is Northern Europe’s largest hospital and has Flexomix air handling units to meet the very high demands on energy efficiency.

3: Sweden Kungsmad School in Växjö has selected 11 space efficient Envistar Top units that require only 2 m2 of installation space each. 4:

Sweden The Gekås Ullared AB department store, with more than 4 million visitors yearly and high air quality demand, is serviced by 60 Flexomix units.


















England The Leicester Curve Theatre has two auditoriums, one with 750 fixed seats and one with 350. The indoor climate is secured through Flexomix air handling units.

6: Iceland The Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre in Reykjavik is a building where Iceland’s Symphony Orchestra and Opera appear. 18 Flexomix units secure the indoor climate. 7:

Sweden Atlas Copco’s test mine is located in Sickla outside of Stockholm, where they show their drilling tools to clients.Flexomix air handling units secure right air quality.

8: Latvia Spice Furniture Centre is Latvia’s largest furniture store with a floor area of 27,000 m2, and is equipped with 4 Flexomix units. 9: Denmark The Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen with high climate and temperature demands is equipped with 15 Flexomix air handling units.


10: Belgium The reptile building of the Antwerp Zoo required individual climate zones for the reptiles. The delicate balance of both heating and cooling came from Envistar Top with cooling and Flexomix units. 11: Latvia Go Planet is the Baltic States’ largest game centre and has a floor area of 15,000 m2 indoors with 11 Flexomix units. 12: The Czeck Republic Prague’s underground railway network has been equipped with 120 air handling units from IV Produkt. 13: Poland The Artus hotel in Karpacz is a carefully renovated spa hotel from the 19:th century with multiple rooms, restaurants and a pool/spa area that is supplied through an IV Produkt air handling unit. 14: Ukraine The Justice Department in Kiev is equipped with 8 Flexomix air handling units. 15: Ukraine Europe’s largest Printing House, BLITZ Holding in Kiev, has very high demands for air handling and climate control and is equipped with 13 Flexomix air handling units. 16: England London Southbank University is one of the largest universities in central London and is equipped with 8 Flexomix units. 17: Norway The processing facility at the Ormen Lange natural gas field requires an extremely high degree of quality and operating reliability. IV Produkt supplies the site with 7 Flexomix and 3 Envistar Top units.


IV Produkt – on the offensive

IV Produkt exhibits its broad line of products at Road shows and trade fairs such as Nordbygg in Sweden, ISH trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany and at other fairs in our export markets. IV Produkt is on the offensive and meets its clients where they are. We do this partly in the form of Road shows and seminars as well as different trade fairs. Our clients think it’s a great benefit to participate in IV Produkt meetings near them, and that it’s a quick way to obtain first-hand information about our broad product range and new innovative products.


Complete control range for OEM applications IV Produkt’s new control system, based on Siemens Climatix. The control functions have been developed in cooperation between Siemens and IV Produkt. Climatix is a modular control system for standard and customized heating-, ventilation- and refrigeration applications. Climatix many communication capabilities make it suitable for integration in most system environments. More information about Climatix

Answers for infrastructure.


Compressors and frequency converters for HVAC Optimise performance Minimise investment High efficiency integral motor VLT® DriveMotor FCM 300 is a compact integral motor solution with motor in EFF1 class.


New Danfoss scroll compressor Specially designed for cooling applications, MLZ is silent and energy efficient.

Energy savings

Speed control of fans and pumps can in many cases lead to significant energy savings.

Danfoss AB

Industrigatan 5 582 77 Linköping Tel. 013 - 25 85 00 E-mail:

We made choosing filters as easy as ABC. Wouldn’t it be great if all air filters were graded from A to G? That’s why we developed the Energy & Air Quality Rating. It should be easy to compare different filters. If a filter achieves a good grade it’s because it cuts energy costs and makes the air clean. It’s as simple as that.


HI- f l o X lT 7 - 6 4 0


Why compromise? Design in aluminium and bring out the potential of your vision. Being light, strong and flexible is the perfect material to bring your ideas to life. We take the weight off your shoulders by making light work of producing even the most demanding customised design and profiles. Welcome to ProfilGruppen!

The more,

Save energy with EC-fans.

The better.


IV Produkt AB, Box 3103, 350 43 Växjö, Sweden Phone: +46 470 75 88 00 • Fax: +46 470 75 88 76 •

The Widest Range on the Market




• Airflow range: 0.1-9.0 m3/s (360-32.400 m3/h) • Integrated control equipment • Integrated cooling units • Available in 18 sizes

• Airflow range: 0.2-34.0 m3/s (720-122.400 m3/h) • Modular unit system with 30 functional sections • Integrated cooling unit • Available in 20 sizes


EcoCooler cooling unit

• Dehumidification units for water parks and swimming pools • Airflow range: 0.5-30.0 m3/s (1.800-108.000 m3/h) • Control equipment • 8 sizes as standard

• Available for use with the Envistar Flex and Flexomix units • Airflow range: 0.3-8.5 m3/s (1.080-30.600 m3/h) • Cooling capacity: 5 to 210 kW • Available in 10 sizes and several capacity variants

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Energy efficient and environmentally friendly air handling units

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