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Photoluminescent Signage and Light Line Systems

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About us

Typical installation in daylight...

The light has gone out, you’ll still find your way!

Safe Sign orginally started as a brand for safety signs in Norway in the 80’s. Over the years the brand name evolved to become a leading supplier of signage.

Our unique aspect is that we start where others already have stopped. Our normal products (with standard afterglow effect) are already several times better than equal products of wellknown competitors.

We assure that our products comply with the latest standards and look forward to be of assist to you in upcoming projects.

In the beginning of this century the founders of Safe Sign created a partnership with several safety specialists across Europe in order to develop a new generation photoluminescent Safety Markings & Low Location Light systems. In 2004 Safe Sign introduced our first photoluminescent products. In 2010 Safe Sign started its own production factory in the Netherlands. Here we make state of the art signs, paints, coatings and LLL systems.

Our revolutionary plastic Safe Signs in the XL, XXL & XXX ranges comes with a 10 year lifetime guarantee against discolouring. We achieve this excellent UV & weather resistance because our plastic signs are made with modified polymers and are reversed printed. They are also environment friendly and recyclable.

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Plastic sign protected by foil

Remove the foil after application

The sign is ready for use with a nice finish!

Quality & Materials Our photoluminescent sign range consists in general of two materials: Reversed printed signs of modified plastic normally XL afterglow. l Aluminium signs (frontside printed) normally XXL afterglow l


mcd/m2 after 10 minutes

DIN 67510


mcd/m2 after 60 minutes 2,8

Decay time to 0,3 mcd/m2 >

520 min




>1250 min




>2800 min




>6000 min

The reversed printed signs also has a very high resistance against sunlight and UV-radiation and will not fade even when placed in direct sunlight.

Both materials are fully recyclable. All signs can be supplied in 3 afterglow qualities: Safe Sign XL, XXL or XXX. These qualities have been independently tested according to the ISO 15370 and DIN 67510 regulations.

Our production can also supply photoluminescent products printed on glass, acrylic or different metals. Our afterglowing products have been certified by various authorities in order to meet requested specifications in order to be installed on ships, airports, utilities etc.

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Not UV-proof competitor sign after a short time of outdoor use


Looks Nicer...

But if this happens.....

You need to see!

Escape Signs When an accident occurs, the most important is to evacuate quick and safe! Safe Sign Escape signs are regulary being used in oilrigs, airports, processplants, factories, hospitals and in other public spaces. Plastic XL Our reverse printed plastic signs in the XL afterglow quality has an indoor guarantee of minimum 10 years. They have as standard a high tack thick modified PE foamliner for instant fixing on walls. The signs are also supplied with a protection cover for clean installation. With this cover, signs can even be supplied

before painting and the topliner can be removed afterwards, leaving a perfect clean visible sign. Our plastic signs are Fire Class B1.

Large Assortment We refer to our or our partners websites for the complete range of all available signs.

Aluminium XXL The 0,5 mm thick aluminium signs has the better XXL quality as standard. They are used in areas where regulations insist to use non-combustible markings and/or ultimate afterglowing signs. The heavy duty afterglow pigments used on our aluminium products will illuminate the signs for over 38 hours!

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Marine Signs Safe Sign Marine Signs have been proven best grade over the last 20 years in terms of long lasting outdoor exposure. Long Experience and High Quality Due to supplies of over 1.000.000 signs towards cruiseliners, ferries and oilrigs, Safe Sign gathered figures for Lifetime quality. With this experience we can assure that our reverse printed plastic XL signs are the best in terms of UV radiation, saltwater resistance and visibility. The IMO sign range is also available in aluminium XXL on demand.

Availability Even with all the different standards in the international Marine World, we can inform you that Safe Sign has more than 90% of the signs available digitally and can supply you within days and not weeks! Fast Shipping Our signs can be shipped throughout the World in 48 hours, thanks to our strategic logistic point.

Ask for our IMO-catalogue for all Marine Signs, or download it from the Internet.

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Low Location Light Systems Onboard ferries, cruiseships, oilrigs and all other ships carrying more than 36 passengers, all public areas must be equipped with a Low Location Light guiding system. Safe Sign is manufacturing and marketing our own brand: Light Line photoluminescent guiding systems. Safe Sign is a fully approved DNV specialist for measuring existing LLL systems, and we used all collected data to create our own products.

Light Line exceeds by far the required minimum as descriped in the IMO regulation A 752/18 and ISO 15370. Our Light Line systems are available in our three qualities XL / XXL / XXX (see page 3) and in three different models: 1. Light Line Wheelmark tape Our most economic solution. Width from 30 to 150 mm in 10 meter rolls, afterglow XL. See opposite page!

3 Light Line Alu Wheelmark profiles Light Line insert strips are mounted into anodised aluminium strips of 3 meter lengths. Profiles can be supplied as flat systems or angled models. Safe Sign has a specialist team available to help with design, supply and installation for your cruise vessel or newbuilt ferry.

2. Light Line Wheelmark strips Unique optimal silveredged modified plastic adhesive strips supplied in 1 meter lengths.

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Light Line tapes in normal light

Light Line tapes in the dark

Polyurethane truck resistant floor stripe

Light Line Tapes Safe Sign Light Line tapes Made of modified self adhesive vinyl polymers, they are used to indicate escape ways, fire protection and warn for dangerous obstacles.

The floor stripes are easily cleaned and has an antislip surface. They are often used as stairmarkers on concrete floors or as contourmarking at rounded corners. The stripe can be glued or taped towards the cleaned surface.

The tapes are in rolls of 10 meter and are generally on stock in Quality Safe Sign XL in width 40 and 80 mm. Other widths possible. Tape rolls are available in various designs. 1. yellow without print 2. yellow with green arrows 3. yellow/green striped (escape) 4. yellow/black striped (warning) 5. yellow/red striped (fire protection)

Width: 40 mm (35 mm afterglow) Lenght: Rolls of 10 meter AntiSlip Floor stripes This is a polyurethane heavy duty plastic flexible stripe for use on floors. It is resistant to intense walking and even truck traffic. The inbedded Safe Sign XXL afterglow is protected against outside influences.

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Application picture floor markings on floor

Floor Markers Ø 200 and Ø 90 mm

Slot Strips

Typical installation of floor markers

Slot Strips Recently, we developed slotstrips as an alternative to tapes. Slotstrips can be mounted on gratings, stairs or direct to concrete surfaces in wet humid areas.

Slot strips are sometimes also mounted on industrial stairs, where they have the function as afterglowing anti-slip stairmarkings. See opposite page for more stair markers!

Floor Markers Floormarkers and slotstrips are a perfect method to create safe way guiding in your warehouse, corridors or escape tunnels. Floor Markers are made from non combustable aluminium printed with Safe Sign XXL afterglow paint, and coated with a heavy duty antislip surface. Standard sizes: Ø 90 and Ø 200 mm. Other sizes are optional. The floormarkers has a very strong adhesive for extreme adhesion to most surfaces and floors. The protection foil is easy to peel off. For best performance, the surface should be cleaned prior to installation.

The slot strips are made of 1 mm aluminium coated with a Safe Sign XXL afterglow layer. The top is covered with a heavy duty glasspearl antislip coating. Size 1 meter x 50 mm.

Ordering information See our website or our partners websites.

For extreme heavy duty we supply slot strips in 2 mm thick aluminium.

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Combination of Stairnose and Floor Markers

Stairnose and Floor Markers in the dark

Installation of Stairnose Markers and Light Line tapes

Stair Markers Stairs are difficult to recognize in the dark and are an obstacle if not cleary identified. Safe Sign therefore developed several different Stair Markers. Stairnose Markers The regular stairnose marker is a self adhesive bended aluminum strip with XXL afterglow quality and antislip heavy duty surface. Durable hightack foamtape makes it easy to install at stairedges to identify the sides of stairs. The afterglowing bended strip can be seen as well from above as from the front. Size is 200 x 40mm with a 90 degree angle of another 40mm.

Inside the profile a plastic Light Line strip is inserted. The profile can be installed with foamtape, siliconglue or screwed to the stairs. The inserts can be supplied in plastic or, if required, also aluminium. The quality can be choosen from our range of Safe Sign XL / XXL or XXX. Stairnose Marker

Stairnose Alu profile

Stairnose Alu profiles A more sophisticated option is to install Stairnose aluminium profiles with an antislip function. These profiles are 1,2 meter long and can be easily cut to the required length.

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Anti-slip Floorstripe See page 7. This product can also be used for stairnose marking. Ordering information See our website or our partners websites.


Epoxy coating

Paint & Coatings Safe Sign specialists used to work with various floor coating systems. Since we experienced that none of the existing systems satisfied our clients’ needs, we developed our own range of floor coatings. The Safe Sign Escape Floor coating exists now as two different paint combinations: 1. Acrylic Floor and Wall Paint for marking of areas were there is no heavy wear. Supplied in 1 liter cans.

2. EpoxyPhotolume Coating A three component heavy duty floor coating, extremely resistant against walking and forklift trucks. It also stands high humidity. This coating was tested frequently in Norwegian wet tunnels, under aggressive outside influences. Our Escape Epoxy Photoluminescent coating was chosen as the standard in Norway. Our distribution first started after this positive result!

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Acrylic paint


Polycarbonate afterglowing plate for subways

Afterglowing plastic sheets

50 mm wide retroreflective and afterglowing stripe for special applications as life jackets etc.

Specials Safe Sign supplies blank photoluminescent foils & sheets in various qualities:

Safe Sign also manufactures special identification products upon clients’ requests.

Adhesive foils (vinyl or PET) Quality XL / XXL / XXX Rolls of 1 x 10 meters

A sample is shown above, where polycarbonate plates have been printed for extreme heavy duty use in Subway Tunnel systems. The products are printed and protected with anti grafitti-coating.

PVC sheets in thickness 0,5, 1 or 2 mm, Quality XL / XXL / XXX. Size 990 x 650 mm Aluminium sheets in thickness 0,5 or 1 mm Quality XL / XXL / XXX Size 990 x 650 mm

We are challenged by your demands and are always open to create a solution for you…..

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Aluminium profile with 45° sides for wall mounting with Safe Sign.


Photoluminescent Signage and Light Line Systems

Photoluminescent Signage and Light Line Systems  

Safe Sign Etterlysende skilt og Light Line Systems

Photoluminescent Signage and Light Line Systems  

Safe Sign Etterlysende skilt og Light Line Systems