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Dressing up the house for the win It’s a no-brainer: Picture the same fancy house with a) shabby furnishings and then with b) gorgeous furnishings. Which version do you think is more likely to catch your interest, make you salivate with envy and hurry up to make a great offer if the house is for sale? Yes, “b” is the right answer. If it was yours, sorry, you don’t win anything because it was just too easy. There is no magic (or is there?) about staging a home: if it looks spectacular (and the price is palatable), it sells the house. It pays to be pretty, even if only for a day…. Or at least until you achieve the goal. The idea is of course to enhance the saleability of a property by dressing it up with select furnishings that accentuate the home’s positive attributes (while downplaying its weaknesses) and create an emotional connection with a homebuyer, whether visiting the house physically or window-shopping on the Net.

and the large & eclectic inventory of furnishings which are needed to compete with the big guys and get results. As for the price, it varies greatly. The listing agent and the seller better do their homework.

Sure you can bring furniture and accessories and, in doing so, add a touch of charm, interest and even class to a home or a couple of rooms for a couple thousand dollars if the house is empty or furnished/decorated poorly. Depends on the stager, the price range of the house and the expectations. If you have a multi-million dollar property, best to avoid Fly-By-Night “experts” and large furniture stores so-called design consultants. Staging is a growing profession which counts very few legitimate professionals.

In the luxury market, where it is always a marketing option to consider very seriously, staging not only can be the expected recipe for a fast sale, but also the best way to generate top price. It takes only one admirer to buy the house and there is often serious competition for the trophy. That’s the value of dressing up nice for the part. Of course, there is “staging” and there is “staging”… Don’t be confused. In the mix, there is the exceptional, the good, the bad and even the ugly. Not all stagers are the same, and not all homes are the same. At the high-end, everything is customized to best fit the architecture, the style and the personality of a subject property. One dress does not fit all. It takes taste to be sure but it also takes means. The size of the staging company does not necessarily matter if the company has both the financial power

I know many (MANY) stagers. Some are better than others. Some are good. A few are amazing. Very expensive too but, as the L’Oreal commercial says, they are “worth it”. The best ones get the job done fast and as advertised. No gimmicks, no BS, no non-sense. Results.

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