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Discovering God’s Kingdom in our world


CFOI 10th International Meeting August 12-18, 2012 New Site: La Molina, Lima, Peru Register soon to choose from several rooming options. Information for touring Machu Picchu will be sent when you register for the International Camp. We hope to see you there!

Come & meet CFOers from around the world, & share in the Bond of Love.

Registration brochures are available at: Registrar Paul Ribali at:

Machu Picchu, Peru

The United Prayer Tower For prayer needs write, call, email 24 hours a day, or contact through the web site: PH: 641/421-6858 E-mail: Web site:

The year round prayer ministry of CFO and CFOI Carolyn Miller, coordinator 1501 S. Louisiana Ave., Mason City, IA 50401


ëCome and experience the fellowship of CFOers from all over North America. ëIntegrating with the North American Youth and Young Adult retreat. ëEach Council Ring is challenged to have at least five (5) members attend the Meeting!

Join us in 2012 for this Kingdom experiment! 2012 CFO WORLDWIDE

Register today:

is the work of CFO International Inc. (CFOI), the United Prayer Tower Inc. (UPT), and the Association of Camps Farthest Out, Inc (ACFO). It replaces and ACFO’s . Though separate legal entities, each believes it important to acknowledge that the mission of CFO in the service of Jesus Christ unites us as one. This unity of purpose and spirit is the intended witness of . We pray that you are blessed by this effort which celebrates the universal activity enjoyed by CFOers throughout the world. It is also our prayer that each of you, by getting a glimpse of the larger outreach of CFO: will reach beyond the borders of your own camp and retreat to participate in other CFO events; will work to expand CFO's outreach in your local community; and will serve in the many levels of CFO leadership as you are led by the Holy Spirit. Blessings and Love, Becky Sutherland, Coordinator Sue Fairley, President

Carolyn Miller, Coordinator Jeanne Hughes, UPT Chair

CFO Worldwide is published jointly by CFO International, United Prayer Tower and Association of Camps Farthest Out, Inc. Š 2012, All Rights Reserved. Association of Camps Farthest Out, Inc. Mailing Addresses: Association of Camps Farthest Out, Inc. 317 S. Madison Avenue Watkins Glen, NY 14891 CFO International PO Box 1301 Whittier, CA 90609 United Prayer Tower 1501 S. Louisana Avenue Mason City, IA 50401

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Francis Frangipane, a pastor from Cedar Rapids, Iowa noted, “The major difference between the Kingdom of God and traditional religion is that the Kingdom possesses in substance what religion can only express in words.” Glenn Clark, in 1930, began the Camps Farthest Out (CFO) movement as a response to churches of his day only talking about God and not providing ways for its people to actually experience His Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is something that we can only find for ourselves. The CFO Camps, over these many years, have been a loving, safe, prayer-filled place for people to meet with God in whatever spiritual condition they find themselves. First a desire to discover who God is (seek His Face) and then a deeper desire to express His Will (seek


His Heart) in every part of our lives. In our prayer time we seek more than knowledge of God, we seek the Heart of God. The uniquely personal path or the way of our journey is not through self-improvement methods, good behavior in keeping the law, or emulating the lives of the saints that went before us. The way of this journey is through our relationship with Jesus. God is not trying to perfect us in our present human condition but only to perfect our unique and personal relationship with Jesus. The first step on that journey, for each of us, is through . We are sustained on that journey through God’s grace which is given only to the humble. The CFO program, when led by the Holy Spirit, provides a time proven of enabling those that seek the heart of God to encounter the Lord in meaningful and significant ways. While at a CFO event, we are able to experience this move of the Lord in our lives. But upon returning home, often the consolation and joy of that experience diminishes. Some are blessed with church programs that enable, encourage, and support them in maintaining a daily discipline that keeps the CFO experience alive in their hearts.Those so blessed by their local


church are encouraged to actively continue in these programs with assurance that CFO does not intend to compete in any way with the local church and its effective programs. The local church is the first place one should look for a ministry of daily discipline that seeks the heart of God. For those not so fortunate to find a trusted place of learning the disciplines required to be an “Athlete in the Spirit,” CFO is reaching out with a new prayer initiative. ACFO, in exploring ways to increase its outreach by helping people discover the Kingdom of God in their lives, has naturally turned to prayer. However, before we reach out to others, it is necessary for each of us to know the heart of God. As Richard Foster notes,“We must hear, know, and obey the will of God before we can pray it into the lives of others.” Just another way of saying, “Let it begin with me,” as our 9 o’clock prayer so clearly states. The first step on our journey of outreach is humility. Humility is a quality that cannot be possessed but can be practiced. Humility resides in our hearts but is not captive there.

Listening in prayer (seeking the Heart of God) is what we can do to discern the Will of God for our life circumstances. Acts of selfless service (practicing humility) is the way to respond to God’s command to, “love our neighbor as ourselves.” We discern His Will only when our hearts become more like the Heart of God.

Discovering the Kingdom of God is an individually unique, life-long Holy Spirit led journey, that begins in our heart, leads to the Son, and ends with the Father!


THE YEAR-ROUND PRAYER MINISTRY OF CFO AND CFOI 1st Timothy 2:1 “I urge prayers, intercessions, thanksgivings be made for all people.”

I receive worldwide prayer requests and praise reports 24-7. Twice a month these prayer requests are emailed to the CFO Worldwide Prayer Team. Included in this newsletter: a meditation, prayer requests, praise reports, a mini world prayer broadcast, and updates on CFO events worldwide. I invite you to join others around the world as we pray in unity for His kingdom to come and His will to be done. You may e-mail me at:


There are many analogies that relate sports and the Christian’s spiritual life. Glenn Clark, the founder of CFO, coined the familiar phrase “Athlete of the Spirit” to describe those Christians who attempt to live out their commitment to God on a daily basis. Being a coach himself, Clark often talked about how the personal commitment necessary to play sports is similar to that of a Christian trying to devote their life wholly to God. In the Book of Micah we are reminded of what is expected of us, “And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” In the Book of Matthew Jesus reminds us to, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” Each of these scriptures vividly portrays a person wholly committed to a life of living by the commandments of God. This is what we are called to be. How do we respond or become what God desires us to be?


Step #1 Every day for at least two (2) weeks, follow these simple steps of being real with God. ● Give thanks for all that God has done for you …be specific. ● Ask forgiveness for a recent act of selfishness. ● Ask the Lord, “Lord, show me today someone I can serve today, in your Name.” ● Listen for God’s direction. ● Act on what you've heard. These acts of service will have a cumulative effect upon your spirit in that the more you serve in a selfless manner, the closer to God you will grow. Hence the necessity of repeating this prayer exercise, preferably on a daily basis.

Step #2 If after a few weeks this exercise has proven to be an instrument of spiritual growth, in listening to God in prayer. After a period of time, the two of you may and in this way a small group is formed. Jointly practice the prayer time as described above, while being free to expand the time of thanks into a time of worship and praise through music or art. If appropriate, integrate other parts of the CFO program, such as creative writing or art, into this prayer time as you are led by the Holy Spirit. Each participant in the group is encouraged to continue the daily practice. For purposes of support, teaching, encouragement, and fellowship gather as a group, at least twice per month. When CFOers begin to express the Heart of God in their own lives, CFO as a ministry will begin to accomplish outreach to others who are presently unaware of what CFO can bring into their lives. 2012 CFO WORLDWIDE

What does it take? What does it cost? Can I just hang around the “team” and still be considered an athlete? Can I just go watch the game from afar and still be considered a player? These questions have been answered, over the years, in many different ways by people with a variety of motives and agendas. Many practices and expressions of Christianity have been employed over the centuries since Jesus walked the earth, all responses to the calling of God cited in the Books of Micah and Matthew. Whether it was John Wesley’s methods, the Rules of St. Dominic, or the listening prayer of the Quakers, these practices all were developed to help Christians respond in deeper ways to the call of God upon their lives.

They were learning how to “walk humbly with their God” and to “love the Lord with all their heart, soul, and mind” as they practiced the daily disciplines of these techniques.

“Athletes of the Spirit” are shaped, tuned, and developed as they daily practice: meditation upon God’s Word; thanksgiving; praise and worship; listening in prayer to discern God’s will; and selfless service to others.

In this way we are ready when called and can be blessed to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” 2012 CFO WORLDWIDE

The Prayer Box has a special place on the mantle near the phone. It’s a carved wooden box…a beautiful cross on top…a slot for praise reports and prayer requests. What I receive by phone or email goes directly in the Prayer Box. Those are my words of instruction I give regularly to The Worldwide Prayer Team. With thanksgiving they lift up the Prayer Box, for they know Jesus has already begun to answer (Isaiah 65: 24). They trust the Lord and

Evening…morning… noon I will pray. God shall hear my voice.


CFO International is made up of camps, prayer groups and council rings spanning the globe. These CFO camps are links of the Belt of Prayer that circles the world. The camps are listed here in CFO Worldwide, and you are invited to attend. Each camp is autonomous and is prayed for and planned by local leaders. Each one follows the CFO program, with prayer-filled days and love for each other which we broadcast to the whole world. Camps are organized into Regions. Regional Vice Presidents and other CFOI Board members meet each year to dream and cooperate together toward a world that lives in peace. You are welcome at CFO camps worldwide. You are especially invited to come to Peru in August 2012 for our 10th International Camp. Please see the inside front cover of this publication for more information.



Prayed daily around the world, the 9 o’clock prayer creates a Belt of Prayer and a Bond of Love.

If you would like to receive a newsletter from CFO International by mail or email, send your address to:

● CFOI is committed to a world of peace through a conscious, creative practice of the presence of God in our daily lives. ● CFOI has a worldwide, non-denominational network of camps, retreats, and leadership training opportunities. ● CFOI is open to lay people and clergy of all denominations. The emphasis is on our experience of God, not doctrine. ● CFOI is an opportunity for you to come into balance spiritually, mentally and physically. ● CFOI is an experience in learning to live in the Kingdom of God here and now. ● CFOI trains people in the path to inner peace, moving toward peace in our world.

“The deepest passion of our lives is to learn how to love God with all the strength of our dedicated bodies, all the intelligence of our dedicated minds, all the loyalty of our dedicated hearts, and all the devotion of our dedicated souls. We shall try to practice and, by the contagion of our example, inspire others to practice loving our neighbors as ourselves, regardless of their nationality, race, or creed.” Glenn Clark, Founder of CFO


lean not on their own understanding (Proverbs 3: 5). They believe God heals and his ways of healing are higher than our human ways (Isaiah 55: 9). Recently Ian Adamson fell from a roof…he was taken by helicopter to the hospital. Request was in the Prayer Box one week before the prayer team ever saw the request. The first time the prayer team knew of Ian’s prayer need, God had already healed his spine and lungs while in the hospital. He is now recuperating at home. Join us in the joy of prayer, and power of God’s healing presence, doing as He has asked: that we pray without ceasing. – Carolyn Miller

Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not lose heart. “Will not God bring justice for His chosen ones, who cry out to Him day and night?”


2012 DIR VENTANILLA CFO Ventanilla, Peru Jorge Gill:

UPT Prayer Vigils are a “Call to Prayer” for special CFO events. Together we commit to pray for God’s plans in CFO events. I email our prayer team the “Call to Prayer” with scripture references included for each day. They forward the “Call to Prayer” to other CFOers, providing an opportunity for many others to participate. It is a personal choice how many days to participate and the time of day to pray. Participants sign up by emailing the UPT office: After our most recent Prayer Vigil, I received these notes: From Julia Coilpillai, Chennai, India CFOer:

From Zone 3 CFOer, Robert Armstrong:

NIGERIA NATIONAL CFO Nigeria, Africa Ofonime Nkoko:

CHENNAI CFO Chennai, India Mano de Alwis:

ALABAMA CFO DAY Kingwood Church, Alabaster, AL Tim & Cherry Brewer: 205-663-2455

TINGO MARIA CFO Tingo Maria, Peru Jorge Gill:

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA RETREAT Trinity Lutheran Church, Hemet, CA Donna Johnson: 951/658-0560

– Carolyn Miller



PA HILLTOP TASTE OF CFO RETREAT Lighthouse Alliance Church, Little Egg Harbor, NJ Barbara Post: 609/698-0422

LIVING SPRINGS CFO Malaybalay City, Philippines Norma Montemayor: Intl text: 09164243423

LIVING WATER CFO Calambe Mis, Occ, Philippines Helen Acibar

KAJIADO PRAYER GROUP RETREAT Kajiado, Kenya Charles Kunya:

KANGUNDO PRAYER GROUP RETREAT Kangundo, Kenya Charles Kunya:

FOUNTAIN OF LIFE CFO Valencia City, Philippines Fe Laroga: Intl text: 09066452751

RECTORY ARIZONA RETREAT Living Water Center, Cornville, AZ Kathy Axton: 970-729-0248 or 480/981-1544 (c)

NORTH FLORIDA CFO Lake Yale Baptist Conf. Ctr., Leesburg, FL Josephine Smith: 727-442-1563

MUMBAI CFO Mumbai, India Mano de Alwis:

CORAL COAST CHRISTIAN CFO Dueba, Fiji Suresh Chandra: 679-711023

AARON DE ORO CFO Cagayan de Oro, Philippines Periminda Romera: 09198573197

ZONE 5 RETREAT Planada Community Church, Planada, CA Edith Daniels: 209-382-0810

FRUITFUL CFO – URUAN Uruan, AKS, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

ZONE 2 RETREAT St. Benedict Center, Schuyler, NE Kristy Thurow: 308-262-0898

IGUITOS CFO Iguitos, Peru Jorge Gill:

PA HILLTOP RETREAT St. Mary of Providence Center, Elverson, PA Gil Bielefeld: 610-286-4813

ZONE 8 RETREAT Baptist Assembly Center, Norman Park, GA Jody Brown: 678-431-1773

CANADA BC VAN ISLE RETREAT George Pringle Camp, Shawnigan, Lake BC Marg Pelan: 250-246-5445

ZONE 3 RETREAT St. Joseph Conference Center, Tipton IN Angel Williams: 608-295-9510



SOUTH WEST WEEKEND Abbey House, Glastonbury, UK Jenny Jeffery:

BRISBANE CFO Brisbane, Australia

HIS LOVE CFO – IKA Urua Inyang, Ika, AKS, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

KWESITWIKROM CFO Central School, Kwesitwikrom, Ghana Ofonime Nkoko:

RUMPHI CFO Rumphi, Malawi Charles Kunya:

ESIT EKET CFO WBC Esit Eket, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

AGONA KWANYAKO CFO Kwanyako High School, Ghana, Africa Ofonime Nkoko:

COLOMBO CENTRAL CFO Colombo, Sri Lanka, Aisa Mano de Alwis:

LUGARI/SOY RETREAT Kenya, Africa Charles Kunya:

UTHRA PRADESH CFO Uthra Pradesh, India Mano de Alwis:

DRC ZAIRE CFO Zaire, Africa Charles Kunya:

TONGA CFO, Tonga Monica Raghwan:

MELBOURNE CFO Melbourne, Australia

PERTH CFO Perth, Australia


MUMIAS RETREAT Mumias, Kenya Charles Kunya:

OLIVET CFO Iligan City, Philippines Lorda Carupo: Intl text: 09198604595

LILY OF THE VALLEY CFO Dipolog City, Philippines Elena Hesoler: Intl text: 353-1273


ZONE 4 RETREAT Christ the King Spiritual Life Center Greenwich, NY Margie Sweet: 207-610-1655

BLISS CFO Sibugay, Ipil, East Asia Elena Hesoler: Intl text: 353-1273

VIRGINIA RETREAT VUMAC, Blackstone, VA Ginny Adkins: 804/795-2696

CT/GATEWAY CFO DAY Rose Hill, North Stonington, CT Alice Lucas: 860/663-1397

ZONE 1 RETREAT Silverlake Camp, Medical Lake, WA Jan Mattison: 509/226-1193

COLOMBO NORTH CFO Colombo, Sri Lanka Mano de Alwis:

NIGERIA NATIONAL CR RETREAT Urua Inyang Ika, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

UYO CENTRAL CFO Uyo, AKS, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

PRECIOUS CFO Nsit Ubium, Uho, AKS, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

ILLANA BAY CFO Pagadian City, Philippines Levita Perocho: Intl text: 214-3497

LADY’S CFO Winterberg-Elkeringhausen, Germany Christine Laskowski:

PAGADIAN JUNIOR CFO Pagadian City, Philippines Elena Hesoler: Intl text: 353-1273

ALBERTA NORTHERN LIGHTS RETREAT Sunset Point Camp, Alberta Beach, AB Canada Helen Dzurko: 780/435-6518

DURLAN CFO Davao City, Philippines Gloria Edejer: Intl text: 0822213435

BUTSOTSO CFO Butsotso, Kenya Charles Kunya:

VOI RETREAT Voi, Kenya Charles Kunya:



SHALOM CFO Sindangan, Zamboanga, Philippines Emma Sardual

PENTECOST CFO Friedrichroda, Germany Christine Laskowski:

MZUZU CFO Mzuzu, Malawi Charles Kunya:

AGUSAN CFO Teen Mission Boot Camp, Malpoc, Buenavista, Philippines Ernest Batitang: Intl text: 09195374221

SHANGRILA CFO Surigao City, Philippines Esther Amante: Intl text: 09192296767

PHILIPPINES NCR TRAINING Davao City, Philippines Goel Bagundol: Intl text: 09059180787

ETINAN CFO Etinan, AKS, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

PALLISA CFO Pallisa, Uganda Charles Kunya:

PHILIPPINES NATIONAL CFO Cagayan de Oro, Philippines Goel Bagundol: Intl text: 09059180787

ACFO ANNUAL MEETING YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, CO Sharon Witt: 308-282-2301

NORTH AMERICAN YOUTH RETREAT YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, CO Coralie Schulman:

KANDY CFO Kandy, Sri Lanka Mano de Alwis:


SAVANNE RETREAT Savanne, Kenya Charles Kunya:

ALABAMA CFO Sumatanga Conf. Ctr., Gallant, AL Vickey Dunn & Linda Glenn: 205/969-9257

TANZANIA CFO Tanzania, Africa Charles Kunya:

LILONGWE CFO Lilongwe, Malawi Charles Kunya:

MEN’S CFO Wernigerode, Harz, Germany Christine Laskowski:

IOWA CFO Hidden Acres Christian Center, Dayton, IA Karen Hunt: 319-642-3649

SOUTH DAKOTA BLACK HILLS CFO Camp Judson, Keystone, SD Sarah Crose: 402-202-3068


FIJI DAY APART Dueba, Fiji Suresh Chandra: 679-711023

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CFO Cedar Lake Conf. Ctr., Big Bear Lake, CA Brenda DeLuna: 951-640-0726

CA SILVER SIERRA CFO Camp Alta, Alta, CA Rochelle Dunn: 209-769-7893

NY ADIRONDACK CFO Christ the King Spiritual Life Center Greenwich, NY Deborah Galiley: 315-732-3962 MONTANA CFO Methodist Campground, Rollins, MT Sally Johnson: 406-677-2049

FLORIDA FAMILY CFO Lake Yale Baptist Conf. Ctr., Leesburg, FL Michelle Burton: 561-632-9173

RUMUIGBO, PORT HARCOURT CFO CLBC Rumuibgo, Rivers State, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

KANSAS CFO Living Water Ranch, Olsburg, KS Kara Rounkles: 660-745-3214

NEBRASKA CFO Midland University, Fremont, NE Jerre Mayes: 402-463-3567

PENNSYLVANIA KEYSTONE CFO Messiah College, Grantham, PA Ron Hanna: 570-239-4546

TENNESSEE CFO Dubose Conf. Ctr., Monteagle, TN George Weldon: 205-822-9926

VIRGINIA SHRINE MONT CFO Shrine Mont, Orkney Springs, VA Cheryl Finnegan: 540-338-6416

KIYUNGA CFO Kiyunga, Uganda Charles Kunya:

AUSTRALIA NCA Adelaide, Australia:



KASMIR CFO Kasmir, India Mano de Alwis:

GEORGIA MOUNTAINS CFO Georgia Baptist Assembly, Toccoa, GA David Dobra: 678-546-7909

CA ARROWHEAD CFO Arrowhead Ranch Conference Center Lake Arrowhead, CA Janet Beutner: 562-697-0351

CA MT SHASTA CFO Mt. Shasta UM Campgrnd, Mt. Shasta, CA Teresa Mohamed: 831-426-1545

NY FINGER LAKES CFO Watson Homestead Conference Center Painted Post, NY Sarah Allen: 716-257-9045

MALAWI NATIONAL CFO Kasungu, Malawi Charles Kunya:

IKOT ABASI CFO Ikot Obio Ema, Ikot Abasi, AKS, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

COLORADO WILDERNESS CFO Mountain Top Retreat, Montrose, CO Jane Kampsnider: 303-506-1760

CANADA ONTARIO TRILLIUM CFO EMC Bible Conf. Centre, Stayner, ONT Dianne Aitchison: 519-941-9984


CONNECTICUT GATEWAY CFO Canonicus Conf. Ctr., Exeter, RI Antonine Saget: 718-526-3638

OHIO CFO Bluffton University, Bluffton, OH Andi Guess: 513-724-3032

WASHINGTON CFO Black Lake Bible Camp, Olympia, WA Jane Morgan: 360-734-3659

UYO MAIN CFO Uyo, AKS, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

CANADA ONTARIO GRACE CFO Silver Lake Wesleyan Camp, Maberly, ONT Kay Wray: 613-584-2197


PA HILLTOP CFO Black Rock Retreat Ctr., Quarryville, PA Gil Bielefeld: 610-286-4813

INDIANA CFO Taylor University, Upland, IN Patricia Shinness: 317-984-4622

NY TACONIC CFO Camp Taconic, Milan, NY Mercedes Hollenbeck: 607-687-2401

LUGARI/SOY CFO Kenya, Africa Charles Kunya:

TORORO CFO Tororo, Uganda Charles Kunya:

NIGERIA NATIONAL CR RETREAT Esit Eket, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

SINGING HILLS CFO Singing Hills, Plainfield, NH Leanne Randall: 781-843-4355

MN KORONIS CFO Koronis Ministries, Paynesville, MN Katy Swanson: 630-585-5496

NORTHERN MICHIGAN CFO No. Michigan College, Traverse City, MI Darin Vaxelaire: 586-247-9367

NH WINNI CFO Geneva Point Center, Moultonboro, NH Arden Sherman: 207-339-9070

NATIONAL SUMMER CFO Hothorpe Hall, Leicestershire, UK Helen Merrigan:

ABAK RAIN FORST CFO Xian Clinic Afaha Esang, Abak, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

CANADA BC VAN ISLE CFO Cowichan River Bible Camp, Duncan BC Marg Pelan: 250-246-5445

CFO 10TH INTERNATIONAL CFO Club De Policia, La Molina, Lima, Peru Paul Ribali: 503-981-0183

IGANGA CFO Iganga, Uganda Charles Kunya:

CANADA BC MAINLAND CFO Faith Mission Retreat, Falkland, BC Jacqueline Smith: 604-524-5922



SAVANNE CFO Savanne, Kenya Charles Kunya:

BREMAN ASIKUMA CFO Church of Christ, Asikuma, Ghana Ofonime Nkoko:

UNITY CFO UKANAFUN RGCG Ikot Akpan Nkuk, AKS, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

IKPE IKOT AKWA CFO Govt. Sch. Ikpe Ikot Akwa, Etim Ekpo, AKS, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

NORTH CAROLINA KANUGA CFO Kanuga Episcopal Center, Hendersonville, NC Michael & Carol Zumph: 336-623-9986

KAKIRA CFO Kakira, Uganda Charles Kunya:

LUWERO CFO Luwero, Uganda Charles Kunya: BY THE GRACE CFO Govt. Sch. Inen Ikot Etim, Oruk Anam, AKS, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

ORUK ANAM CHILDREN/YOUTH CFO Govt. Sch. Inen Ikot Etim, Oruk Anam, AKS, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

HILLTOP CFO Ikot Ntung, Akpabuyo, Cross Rivers State, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

SOUTHERN GERMANY FALL CFO Ramshalde, Germany Christine Laskowski:

SOUTH DAKOTA BLACK HILLS RETREAT Camp Judson, Keystone, SD Dorothy Tinnell: 605/786-3099

GREEK TOWN CHILDREN/YOUTH CFO Akpabuyo, Cross Rivers State, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

ANNUAL COUNCIL RING RETREAT Rotenburg/Fulda, Germany Christine Laskowski:

ZOMBA CFO Zomba, Malawi Charles Kunya:

HUANCAYO CFO Huancayo, Peru Jorge Gill:



INDIANA RETREAT Sisters of St Joseph Conf. Ctr., Tipton, IN Joann Rogers: 630/446-1778

NY FINGERLAKES CFO Watson Homestead Conference Center, Painted Post, NY Sarah Allen: 716-257-9045

HUANUCO CFO Huanuco, Peru Jorge Gill:

NORTHEAST WEEKEND RETREAT Cober Hill, Scarborough, United Kingdom Paula Bell:

LA HERMOSA CFO Zamboanga City, Philippines Elena Hesoler: Intl text: 353-1273

WASHINGTON RETREAT Black Lake Bible Camp, Olympia, WA Jane Morgan: 360-734-3659

MAINE ACADIA CFO Claremont Hotel, Southwest Harbor, ME Terri Lanpher: 207-244-5205

SOUTHERN CA HEALING CFO Holy Spirit Retreat Center, Encino, CA Yolanda Woodruff: 951-927-2345

SAND & CORALS CFO Banilad, Dumaguete City, Philippines Enriqueta Alcaide: Intl text: 09209051952

MAASIN CFO Naval, Leyte, Philippines Gloria Teng: 09209051952

FALL CFO FOR WOMEN Winterberg-Elkeringhausen, Germany Christine Laskowski:

KANDY CFO Kandy, Sri Lanka Mano de Alwis:

WHITE SANDBAR CFO Manjuyod Negros Or, Philippines Henry Germodo: Intl text: 09198352609

ESSIEN UDIM CFO Adiasim, Essien Udim, AKS, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

KAYUNGA CFO Kayunga, Uganda Charles Kunya:

UNIV OF PHILIPPINES, LOS BANOS CFO UP Los Banos, Philippines Badeen: Intl text: 09209051822



CANADA ONTARIO GRACE FALL RETREAT Golden Lake United Church Camp, Golden Lake, ONT Kay Wray: 613-584-2197

CFO ACR FALL MEETING Watson Homestead Conference Center Painted Post, NY Cathy Horein: 607-535-4415 FLAMING FIRE CFO San Francisco Agusan del Sur, Philippines Francisco Fernandez: Intl text: 09275504451

SANDS & PEBBLES-BAYAWAN CFO Bayawan, Neg. Oriental, Philippines Clarita Maypa: Intl text: 02189104

CAMP LAUBACH Lanao Del Norte, Philippines Rod Maravillas: Intl text: 09282692368

WV CAPON SPRINGS CFO Capon Springs Farms, Capon Springs, WV Larry Zellen: 586-752-5166

TAIWAN CFO Mustard Seed Campsite, Taipei, Taiwan Richard Tsal: Intl text: 0939532673

KARONGA CFO Karonga, Malawi Charles Kunya:

NAIROBI CFO Nairobi, Kenya Charles Kunya:

PANAO CFO Panao, Peru Jorge Gill:

LIMA CFO Lima, Peru Jorge Gill:

ZONE 7 RETREAT VUMAC, Blackstone, VA Janice Coughlin: 804-795-1526

MELBOURNE CFO Melbourne, Australia

ADJUMANI CFO Adjumani, Uganda Charles Kunya:

ROYAL OUTREACH CFO Redemption Ground, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

ELDORET CFO Eldoret, Kenya Charles Kunya:



CALABAR CFO Calabar, Cross Rivers State, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

VOI CFO Voi, Kenya Charles Kunya:

KAKAMEGA CFO Kakamega, Kenya Charles Kunya:

MATETE CFO Matete, Uganda Charles Kunya:

NIGERIA NATIONAL CFO MEETING Ukanafun, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

MUMIAS CFO Mumias, Kenya Charles Kunya:

MBEYE CFO Mbeye, Malawi Charles Kunya:

LAGOS MAINLAND CFO Unity Estate, Agbado, Lagos State, Nigeria Ofonime Nkoko:

AGAPE CABU CFO David Livingstone, Cebu City, Philippines Lavern Valdez: Intl text: 09228072189

AGAPE-OROQUITA/ALORAN CFO Oroquita City, Philippines Ponchita Quimno: Intl text: 09265532193

YEAR’S END CFO FOR ALL GENERATIONS Auf dem Ahorn, Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde, Germany Christine Laskowski:

SOUTH KOREA CFO Seoul City, South Korea -- Dr Kim Paul Lu: SINGAPORE CFO Singapore City, Singapore Esther Amante: Intl text: 09192296767 INDONESIA CFO Solo, Indonesia Holly Baktiar: Intl text: 0062811284007 THAILAND CFO Bangkok, Thailand Henry Germodo: Intl text: 09198352609 JAPAN CFO Tokyo, Japan Paul Lu: YEAR END CFO FOR ADULTS Hattingen, Germany Christine Laskowski: GUJARAT CFO Gujarat, India Mano de Alwis: LUCKNOW CFO Lucknow, India Mano de Alwis: BANGALORE CFO Bangalore, India Mano de Alwis: PAPUA NEW GUINEA CFO Papua New Guinea Gemma Foo: ALBANY CFO Albany, Australia



UNITED STATES 8 Alabama CFO Day 12 Alabama 9 Arizona 14 CA Mount Shasta 13 CA Silver Sierra 14 CA Arrowhead 8 Southern CA Winter 17 Southern CA Healing 13 SOCAL 14 CO Wilderness 14 CT Gateway, RI 11 CT Gateway CFO Day 13 Florida Family 9 Florida North 14 Georgia Mountains 17 GA Golden Isles 15 Indiana 17 Indiana Fall 12 Iowa 13 Kansas 17 Maine Acadia 15 10th International in Lima, Peru 15 Northern Michigan 15 Minnesota Koronis 13 Montana 13 Nebraska 15 NH Singing Hills 15 NH Winni 15 NY Taconic 14 NY Finger Lakes 17 NY Finger Lakes Fall 13 NY Adirondack 16 NC Kanuga 14 Ohio 15 PA Hilltop 8 PA Hilltop CFO Day 9 PA Hilltop Spring 13 PA Keystone 12 SD Black Hills 16 SD Black Hills Fall 13 Tennessee 11 Virginia Retreat 13 VA Shrine Mont 14 Washington 17 Washington Fall 18 WV Capon Springs 11 Zone 1 Retreat 9 Zone 2 Retreat 9 Zone 3 Retreat 11 Zone 4 Retreat


9 Zone 5 Retreat 18 Zone 7 Retreat 9 Zone 8 Retreat 12 CFO Annual Meeting 12 North America Youth Retreat CANADA 11 Alberta Northern Lights 15 BC Mainland 15 BC Van Isle 9 BC Van Isle Spring 14 Ontario Grace 18 Ontario Grace Fall 14 Ontario Trillium EAST AFRICA 11 Butsotso, Kenya 18 Eldoret, Kenya 8 Kajiado, Kenya 19 Kakamega, Kenya 9 Kangundo, Kenya 10 Lugari/Soy, Kenya 15 Lugari/Soy, Kenya 10 Mumias, Kenya 19 Mumias, Kenya 18 Nairobi, Kenya 12 Savanne, Kenya 16 Savanne, Kenya 11 Voi, Kenya 19 Voi, Kenya 18 Karonga, Malawi 14 Kasungu, Malawi 12 Lilongwe, Malawi 19 Mbeye, Malawi 12 Mzuzu, Malawi 10 Rumphi, Malawi 16 Zomba, Malawi 12 Tanzania 18 Adjumani, Uganda 15 Iganga, Uganda 16 Kakira, Uganda 17 Kayunga, Uganda 13 Kiyunga, Uganda 16 Luwero, Uganda 19 Matete, Uganda 12 Pallisa, Uganda 15 Tororo, Uganda 10 DRC, Zaire WEST AFRICA 10 Kwanyako, Ghana 16 Asikuma, Ghana 10 Kwesitwikrom, Ghana 15 Abak, Nigeria 2012 CFO WORLDWIDE

16 Oruk Anam, Nigeria 19 Calabar, Nigeria 10 Esit Eket, Nigeria 17 Essien Udim, Nigeria 12 Etinan, Nigeria 9 Uruan, Nigeria 16 Cross Rivers State, Nigeria 16 Hilltop Cross Rivers, Nigeria 11 Urua Inyang Ika, Nigeria 14 Ikot Abasi, Nigeria 17 Ikpe Ikot Akwa, Nigeria 19 Lagos Mainland, Nigeria 15 Esit Eket, Nigeria 8 Nigeria National Training 11 Nsit Ubium, Nigeria 18 Port Harcourt, Nigeria 13 Rumuigbo Pt Harcourt, Nigeria 19 Ukanafun, Nigeria 16 Ukanafun, Nigeria 10 Ika, AKS, Nigeria 14 Uyo AKS, Nigeria 11 Uyo, Nigeria LATIN AMERICA 16 Huancayo, Peru 17 Huanuco, Peru 9 Iquitos, Peru 18 Lima, Peru 18 Panao, Peru 8 Tingo Maria, Peru 8 Ventanilla, Peru EAST ASIA 19 Solo, Indonesia 11 Sibugay, Ipil 19 Tokyo, Japan 17 Dumaguete City, Philippines 18 Bayawan, Philippines 9 Cagayan deOro, Philippines 12 Cagayan deOro, Philippines 8 Calambe Mis, Philippines 11 Davao City, Philippines 19 Cebu City, Philippines 10 Dipolog City, Philippines 10 Iligan City, Philippines 18 Lanao Del Norte, Philippines 8 Malaybalay City, Philippines 17 Manjuyod Negros Or, Philippines 17 Naval, Leyte, Philippines 19 Oroquita City, Philippines 11 Pagadian City, Philippines 18 Agusan del Sur, Philippines 12 Sindangan, Zamboanga, Philippines

12 Surigao City, Philippines 12 Malpoc Buenavista, Philippines 17 UP Los Banos, Philippines 8 Valencia City, Philippines 17 Zamboanga City, Philippines 19 Singapore City, Singapore 19 Seoul City, South Korea 18 Taipei, Taiwan 19 Bangkok, Thailand SOUTH ASIA 8 Chennai, India 9 Mumbai, India 10 Uthra Pradesh, India 14 Kasmir, India 19 Gujarat, India 19 Lucknow, India 19 Bangalore, India 10 Colombo, Sri Lanka 11 Colombo, Sri Lanka 12 Kandy, Sri Lanka 17 Kandy, Sri Lanka SOUTH PACIFIC 13 Adelaide, Australia 10 Melbourne, Australia 10 Perth, Australia 10 Brisbane, Australia 18 Melbourne, Australia 19 Albany, Australia 13 Dueba, Fiji 9 Dueba, Fiji 20 Papua, New Guinea 10 Tonga EUROPE 11 Winterberg-Elkeringhausen, Germany 12 Friedrichroda, Germany 12 Wernigerode, Harz, Germany 16 Rotenburg/Fulda, Germany 16 Ramshalde, Germany 17 Winterberg-Elkeringhausen, Germany 20 Auf dem Ahorn, Germany 20 Hattingen, Germany 15 Ukraine 10 Glastonbury, United Kingdom 15 Leicestershire, United Kingdom Scarborough, United Kingdom



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Annual publication of CFO North America, CFO International and United Prayer Tower. Includes directory of events worldwide.