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Engaging & entertaining a global mobile audience

Embrace the Mobile Lifestyle

There are currently 5 Billion mobile subscribers worldwide expected to reach 6 Billion by 2013 – Wirelesss Intelligence


onsider a world converging digital, broadband and wireless communications. A world that keeps everyone connected to everything that matters to them. With this emergence of ubiquitous connectivity, everyone is increasingly embracing the mobile lifestyle.

With this emergence of ubiquitous connectivity, everyone is increasingly embracing the mobile lifestyle In turn, the awareness and expectations of mobile services are expanding dramatically. Internet centric mindsets and growing dependence on familiar internet services in pocket sized formats require holistic mobile strategies to support business objectives that reach and engage consumers whenever and wherever they are.

To continue to make the most of digital media and engage with this mobile generation, new marketing strategies that create a conversation with the consumer, provide entertainment and value need to be adopted to fully embrace the technological innovations around us. Take a look at how your organization can thrive in the changing marketing landscape by leveraging the loyalty - creating power of mobile engagement. Discover InternetQ and learn how we can activate inspiring mobile experiences for you and your business.

Forty five percent of users check their mobile devices first thing in the morning – InsightExpress


Adding Value Through Knowledge


obile engagement is about connecting with the right audience at the right time. At the core of the strategy is the concept of optimizing communications by learning about your customer, their preferences and motivations with every interaction. At InternetQ, we do things that make a big impression on your target audience by delivering mobile experiences that enable your customers to interact, converse, ask and see for themselves - all based on their needs.

We’ve seen a lifestyle shift, which is continuing to accelerate, where using a mobile device to go online is becoming typical if not preferred – Validas Research

We develop memorable mobile experiences for the customers of hundreds of mobile


At InternetQ, we do things that make a big impression on your target audience by delivering mobile experiences that enable your customers to interact, converse, ask and see for themselves all based on their needs

operators, media houses, and brand corporations around the world. With more than a decade of mobile marketing expertise, we’ve mastered the art of building rapport through permission based and interactive mobile campaigns. We can help you significantly improve the customer experience, fostering long-term brand loyalty, boosting word-of-mouth marketing, increasing ARPU levels and driving revenue. Find out how we are empowering the future of mobile marketing and entertainment.

Empowering Your Business Mobile Marketing Solutions


ur flagship mobile marketing solutions help organizations walk alongside their customer wherever they go fostering brand loyalty, raising awareness, and enabling essential two-way customer conversations.

Working in the mobile marketing arena on a daily basis, we have the tools and insight you need to ensure total audience involvement and interaction via a blend of engagement pathways.

Mobile Marketing Engagement Pathways: Super Promotions Captivate mass audiences and create mobile experiences that elevate your brand profile, boost revenue, reduce churn, and underpin future loyalty programs.

Direct Response Campaigns Transform your marketing programs from a one way push model to an interactive dialogue. Monetize your network investment by using permission based marketing opportunities with third parties and integrating mobile into their cross media marketing mix.

Experiential Media Marketing Keep your audience’s attention by involving them in fun interactive activities and let them drive your program’s content creation.

Loyalty Programs Strengthen retention, differentiate your brand, deepen emotional engagement, decrease intent to churn, and reinforce profiling. Increase lifetime customer value by creating mobile communities that help you retain, manage, increase sales and grow your customer base. Acquire the technology, insight and capabilities only attainable through one of the world’s most recognized leaders in mobile innovation.

The world market for mobile marketing is expected to pentuple in value to $29 billion in 2014 – ABI Research


Empowering Your Mobile Experiences The Mobi-Dialogue Platform


t the heart of any successful marketing campaign lies superior research and planning, compelling design, timely execution and delivery, plus diligent management and ongoing analysis to boost return. Mobile marketing is no different. That’s why InternetQ harnesses the power of the comprehensive Mobi-Dialogue Platform, a superior end-to-end direct marketing platform to deliver just that.


Mobi-Dialogue is a mobile campaign management and delivery system offering comprehensive web-based management tools providing secure, role-based administrative access to manage and maintain mobile applications. Combining multi-modal mechanics, includ-

ing SMS, MMS, WAP advertising, and video with predictive analytics, Mobi-Dialogue is engineered for optimal flexibility, making it extremely easy to customize campaigns and reach audiences using one or several communication channels:

44% of consumers would rather receive product information and marketing messages through SMS than any other channel – Forrester Research

Polling Surveys




Direct Response Campaigns


Mobile Music

Mobile Communities & Entertainment

Mobile Games


- Dialogue


Super Promotions, Contests & Competitions



Experiential Mobile Messaging

Mobile Video/TV



Mobi-Dialogue is scalable enough to support any sized mobile marketing campaign – from a limited interactive promotion to an ongoing loyalty-building initiative or massive permission-based marketing blast. InternetQ’s Mobi-Dialogue mobile marketing platform equips you with all of the management, configuration, monitoring and analysis tools you need to maximize engagement with your mobile customers.



Inbound MMS

Our ground breaking technologies transform the ways companies market to consumers, providing optimized and engaging messaging and most importantly winning over new customer bases. InternetQ has an unrivalled track record engaging mobile users . Isn’t it time you get in on the action?

Empowering Your Campaigns Our Mobile Engagement Cycle

How do you demonstrate mobile engagement and ROI?

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aining insight into your customer’s behavior at every stage of the communication life cycle is essential to deepening your knowledge about what matters most to them. Our mobile marketing campaigns move beyond the fragmented view of one time transactions and view customer behavior over the lifetime of the relationship. A comprehensive cross-channel analysis of data, constant profiling, segmenting, and monitoring provides a database to proactively meet your customer’s needs and reward them for their loyalty through relevant and personalized mobile experiences.

By 2015, shoppers are expected to spend over $100 billion on goods & services from their mobile phones – ABI Research

Review Motivate Profile Reward Attract Analyze



Seeding through traditional and non-traditional communications including local or national television, print, radio and web advertisements as well as bulk text campaigns creates awareness and buzz

Continuous campaign optimization helps test campaign and messaging effectiveness in realtime to maximize response and performance.

Profile. Gathering, quantifying and evaluating subscriber demographics, behaviors and response patterns helps you conduct advanced behavioral analysis and segmentation based on their own unique personality profiles.

Motivate. Interactions are tailored using existing personality profile data, maximizing interest and participation by means of exciting games, polls and quizzes.

Reward. Advanced personalization segmentation triggers just the right touch points in selecting prizes to foster loyalty, reward customers and build long-term relationships.

Report. Constant campaign performance measurement helps make decisions based on accurate and complete information in turn boosting response, revenue and return.

Our mobile marketing specialists can work with you to clearly define your goals, recommend best practice strategies and build captivating campaigns that will ramp up revenue.


Empowering Your Life The Akazoo Experience


lways on the go, today’s consumer demands internet centric services and digital media that convenience their on the move lifestyles 24/7. Akazoo is our answer to the demands of the mobile generation, putting the consumer in control of how and when they access entertainment content. A credit based social entertainment hang out and digital media store, Akazoo allows users to play, chat and discover enabling a real-time social experience like no other. Accessible on mobile online or desktop, Akazoo is a space where users purchase, store and listen to their favorite music or entertainment content while chatting, socializing and exchanging virtual gifts with other users and friends.


Akazoo is based on a mix of human recommendations and cross social activity that

stimulate the sharing and discovery of new people and digital media content. Underpinned by cloud based media and account storage, Akazoo puts powers into the hands of millions mobile consumers transforming the way the way they interact.

Mobile entertainment revenues (gaming, music and video) are forecast to reach $47.2 billion in 2013 from $29 billion in 2009. It may happen sooner. – Portio Research

Features • Cross-channel digital download store with an enormous selection of music, entertainment videos, and mobile applications purchased through a credit based system.

• Sharing of user generated and premium content through mobile push and cross social account integration of third party social services like Facebook and Twitter.

• Social ‘Music Lounges’ where friends can listen to music, chat and share gifts simultaneously across web and mobile.

• Next generation recommendation engine driven by a smart mix of personal recommendations and social activity data.

• Influence marketing through community status upgrades and profile badging driven by user profiling.

• Easy and effective member billing through mobile payments.

• Cloud services that store all your digital entertainment media providing unified access to your music, conversations and Akazoo content.

• Available in online, desktop and smart phone and tablet (Android and iPhone OS) versions.


Mobile Entertainment Solutions

Social networks are fast becoming the information.


kazoo is InternetQ’s trademarked social mobile entertainment platform and the gateway to the entertainment of millions. The Akazoo community lies at the heart of our mobile entertainment solution offering allowing marketers the chance to leverage the power of the web and mobile social networking to create more direct relationships with customers. Offered white label and turn-key with a customized marketing program, the Akazoo platform enables mobile operators, media and brands to maximize subscriber monetization potential and create new revenue streams, while dramatically increasing brand value. Scalable and easy to adopt, Akazoo promotes content that is meaningful to subscribers and ensures uninterrupted access and mobility so they can enjoy Akazoo content and services wherever they go.


By combining a compelling social networking environment with loyalty and engagement marketing capabilities, Akazoo helps

build brand preference. Achieving an incentive driven enrollment and participation in loyalty programs and special promotions, it also yields a highly flexible and cost-effective rewards delivery and management system. Partner with InternetQ and gain invaluable access to Akazoo’s highly engaged membership base, with personalized and targeted mobile entertainment engagement opportunities.

Operator mobile communities identify valued customers and help operators understand what sustains those relationships, differentiates them from the competition, and engages subscribers in relationship development..

Branded communities provide an outlet where your customers can share information, perpetuate your history and brand culture, while simultaneously empowering you to nurture loyalty and release new sales opportunities..

e primary way mobile users exchange – Emarketer

Mobile Entertainment Engagement Pathways:

Leverage the Akazoo Entertainment Solution

Akazoo Operator Communities:

Our mobile entertainment and communities solutions rouse the emotional contagion activated in social networks and create mobile experiences that engage and build relationships with your customers

Operator mobile communities identify valued customers and help operators understand what sustains those relationships, differentiates them from the competition, and engages subscribers in relationship development. Through creative incentives that encourage repeat visits and exciting competitions, we reinforce top up behaviors, introduce new services and rewards, extend life cycles and drive data usage.

Akazoo Media & Brand Communities: Branded communities provide an outlet where your customers can share information, perpetuate your history and brand culture, while simultaneously empowering you to nurture loyalty and release new sales opportunities.

By connecting your target audience with a variety of activities surrounding your brand and their lifestyle, our branded community solutions reveal deep insight into how your customers feel about products and services and can help guide product development. Put your brand at the center of attention by building open, long-term, profitable relationships with consumers.



How Mobile Engagement Benefits Your Customer ?


onsumers want timely and relevant information. Constantly onthe-go, they can easily overlook traditional marketing media for that found conveniently in the palm of their hand. Mobile engagement helps businesses give their customers the information they desire when they need it the most.

About 16.2 billion mobile apps will be downloaded in 2013 compared to 3.5 billion in 2009. – Futuresource

Your customers are mobile. Are you? The Three C’s Control.

ing based on their audience’s unique preferences, language and habits.



Mobile communications are conveniently managed on-the-road, with messages used to help your customers better manage their life. Provide your audience with timely answers to questions, appointment or bill payment reminders, confirmations or promotional offers to streamline and simplify their important daily activities.

Consumers always want to know what’s in it for them, responding freely to promotions that take those needs into consideration. Mobile marketing empowers businesses with the ability to personalize and customize messag-

With superior industry insight and a complete suite of management and analysis tools, InternetQ helps you target and continually refine mobile dialogues to ensure optimal message relevance and audience engagement.

Mobile marketing provides a means for your recipient to easily opt-in or opt-out at their whim. When your customers can control the frequency and nature of marketing communications received, they become a much more engaged and responsive audience.



The InternetQ Advantage From cutting edge technology to unprecedented capacity, there’s a real advantage to collaborating with the pioneers in mobile marketing and mobile entertainment. Advanced Expertise. Acquire unrivaled intelligence with pre-paid know-how, logical profiling and analysis tools that deliver deep insight into country trends, markets, subscriber demographics, behavior patterns, engagement levels and purchasing habits.

Best-of-breed Platforms. Our intuitive proprietary technology offers a superior foundation for mobile marketing and entertainment. Businesses can design, execute, manage and monitor results, with scalable software capable of seamlessly expanding over time. This also provides consumers with real-time response, dependability and uptime.

Legacy Brand. With a ten-year proven track record, InternetQ is proud to be the trusted brand behind some of the world’s most recognized names

in mobile, television, radio and marketing. We’ve build a reputation for excellence by remaining fully focused on our customer’s needs, developing solutions that keep those customers one-step ahead and staying at the forefront of the exciting and rapidly growing mobile industry.

Virtually Unlimited Capacity. InternetQ offers the capacity to process more than 300 million SMS and 300,000 voice calls per month. Discover an industry leader able to comfortably facilitate vast amounts of data across multiple time zones and languages simultaneously.

Tap in to the world of mobile marketing and entertainment. Contact our Sales Department at to discuss a customized mobile marketing or mobile entertainment solution that’s right for you.


Where Ideas and Desires Fuse, There’s InternetQ


nternetQ is a trusted global technology leader in mobile marketing and digital entertainment solutions. We meld mobile and Internet technologies, offering a direct link to audiences 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


We’re proud to support some of today’s most recognized mobile operators, media houses, enterprises and agencies, with innovative mobile marketing and value added services that help manage interactive communications and push the frontiers in global mobile entertainment.

By empowering brands to engage with consumers and transforming the way consumers interact with digital content, we are the link to opportunity and to exciting entertainment experiences. Discover the established market leader, a company driven by the combined intelligence of more than 90 committed professionals offering decades of experience in the mobile marketing and entertainment industries.

While others are experimenting with mobile, we’re optimizing the mobile experience.


17 Troias Street 112 57 Athens, Greece T: +30 211 102 1000 F: +30 210 884 1176

Embrace the Mobile Lifestyle  

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