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February 8

InternetNow! International Company Profile of InternetNow International Sdn Bhd and its core software product MailNow! 5

2011 Build your business on it.

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Content Profile of InternetNow! International InternetNow! International Organization Synopsis of MailNow! 5 Innovations & Outstanding features of MailNow! 5 Advantages & Uniqueness of MailNow! 5 Technology Employed Potentials Quality & Recoqnitions Local Content Comparisions: MN4 vs MN5 Comparisions: MN5 vs Exchange Customers Internet Email Diagram Support Contact Us

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Profile of InternetNow! International. InternetNow is a dynamic software house in Malaysia. Founded by a team of veteran programmers in 1998, the company has grown into one of the leading internet software innovators in the country. As the Internet matures over time so did the company. The R&D has an ever increasing passion for development and the products has become popular within Malaysia as well as Thailand and Singapore. By 2009, InternetNow employs over 40 professionals with 25% focusing on R&D and have over 3000 customers through out. InternetNow is strategically situated in Puchong with easy access to KL, PJ, Shah Alam and several other areas like Cyberjaya.

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InternetNow! International Organization.

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Synopsis of MailNow! 5 MailNow! (MN) is a Windows based messaging server.

MailNow! Version 5 (MN5 for short), is an accumulation of internet messaging research and development since 1998. As an elegant Malaysian product, it delivers revolutionary and high standard of emailing sensation while maintaining simplicity in design. It is built upon two fundamental qualities that everyone so appreciates today: 1. Accountability (where every email is accounted for, whether it has reached its intended recipient. If not, then why not.) 2. Reliability (where the email server can be counted upon for business where email is concerned). It is a proven product that has seen its way to several South East Asian countries, thus generating revenue to Malaysia. Encased within the products, we can find innovative and functional designs that are practical and required in industry usage.

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Innovations & Outstanding Features of MailNow! 5 Hybrid Storage Technology high stability, minimizing email corruption while maximizing search operations. DIS (Distributed Intrinsic Scheduler) ITL (Individual Transactional Logging) - tags every email released. Enables email status monitoring. SIS (Single Instance Store) innovative email method by way of keeping email size low so that users can store more! Multi-Domain additional domains within MN5 are treated individually and therefore policies can be implemented independently. Hyper-Policies- A cutting edge policy-specifying feature which is designed to enable email server administrators the flexibility of defining complicated email usage policies in a fast yet simple manner. Webmail crispy webmail superior enhances emailing experiences. Robot Artificial Intelligence within MN5 acting as a medical officer performing software health checks. It is ready to receive any instructions via MSN Messenger like to restart or sending of log files for remote support.

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Advantages / Uniqueness of MailNow! 5 MailNow!5 (MN5) is the only Malaysian developed mail server from ground up for Windows with strong technical support. It is competitively priced and provides unmatched package value when compared with equivalent commercial mail server. Furthermore, it also boasts having original local ideas which will be beneficial to both small and large organizations and even to any email hosting companies. The predecessor MN4 is the mail server that has over 1000 corporate clients in Malaysia. Having understood the emailing habits, email culture and demand, the MN5 is designed to address certain issues faced by our clients today.

With ITL (Individual Transactional Logging), every email transactions will be logged to enable rapid tracing of its status- be it delayed, missing or en commands received via messaging to perform remote support. One of the concerns of email is slow searching speed when it is performed under huge amount of emails stored. Another concern of IT admins is email corruptions due to database instability. Thanks to Hybrid Storage Technology, users can perform rapid searching in seconds. On top of that, their mailbox hardly gets corrupted. Domain hogging (outgoing emails in SMTP) is one of major issue with hosting companies. The said domain takes up majority of the bandwidth at the expense of other domains. The clever DIS (Distributed Intrinsic Scheduler) acts as a traffic controller for the SMTP (outgoing emails). It performs round check and executes fair policy thereby reducing delayed outgoing emails. This is a sure winner with hosting companies. One of the most enjoyed features by many is the SyncNow! technology where user can send and receive emails via hand phones easily, particularly the Blackberry.

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Technology Employed The main core of MailNow!5 (MN5) is written with C# (.NET), C++, and Python. Industrial strength proven framework for event networking is also employed in the development. Ajax and ASP.NET are employed to develop interactive web applications such as the trendy MN5 webmail. The development tools used are Microsoft Visual Studio and Wing-IDE for Python. Subversion is used to provide versioning and source control. Also used is the bugs tracking & project management tool called TRAC. Both Subversion and TRAC are open source. BlackBerry SDK and simulators are used to develop DirectSync! App for BlackBerry to synchronize with MN5 directly. MailDir and MBox storage strategy are fused in a single innovative design develop the Hybrid Storage Engine Technology

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Potential The product MailNow!5 (MN5)is suitable for use in companies of any size. Since most companies use email as part of their daily business tools and coupled with the fact that internet protocols and standards are universal, the potential for worldwide export is high. Firstly, MN5 is designed to be a stable as well as reliable email server. Secondly, it is reasonably priced as compared to several servers found in Malaysia. Thirdly, it is a feature-rich email server. Further expansion of the software on the road map sees several innovation with a glance, it is easy to tell the status of the email sent be it delayed, lost or reached its intended recipient. Also in the plan are instant messaging services and collaboration.

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Quality & Recognitions The methodology employed by the InternetNow responsiveness by customers ever changing requirements. The R&D leads responsible for MN5 development are: Ilyas Sapiyan- Having 7 years of developing email related products including various versions of MailNow! Marcus Low- With 15 years of experience backing him in local software development industry including the development of Norman Personal Firewall as contracted by Norman ASA. Amongst other products developed such as VPNNOW! and ProxyNow!, the FirewallNow! has won him the

Previous versions of Mailnow! and its related modules thus far have generated approximately RM5million in sales. Version 5 sees approximately RM300k already since launching in late 2009. MailNow!5 (MN5) was featured in both News Strait Times and The Star in 2009.

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Local Content

Mailnow! 5 is 100% Buatan Malaysia (100% made in Malaysia) That by itself means several things: 1. Very cost effective email server [not dependant on fluctuations of currency (for Malaysian market)]. 2. Very reliable local support [not dependent on external support (for Malaysian market)].

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Comparison: MN4 vs MN5 Features MN4 Console Web Console Remote Admin Acess Webmail supports rich text Webmail support drag ‘n’ drop Webmail supports sub-folders Webmail auto-complete address drop-down menu Webmail Unlimited Attachments Webmail supports shortcut keys Webmail SSL Supported Encrypted Passwords High Speed searching & Maximum Stability HD Space saving technology Email Tracking Email Tracing Supports Multidomain Multi domain with individual policies Multi domain SMTP Traffic Controller Remote support via MSN Messenger Supports Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird Supports smartphone (BlackBerry, IPhone)

Yes No Yes (if Console installed) Yes (if turned ON) No No No No No No No No No Yes No Yes No No No Yes No

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MN5 No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (https) Yes Yes (Hybrid Storage) Yes (Single Instance Store) Yes Yes (Individual Transactional Logging) Yes Yes (Hyper Policies) Yes (Distributed Intrinsic Scheduler) Yes (Robot) Yes Yes

Comparison: Exchange vs MN5 Features Initial cost for 500 mailboxes Over-the-air I phone email sync Over-the-air blackberry email sync Over-the-air Window Mobile email sync Microsoft Outlook Email sync Webmail Antivirus Antispam Premium Antivirus Premium Antispam Message Archiving File Storage Email Tracking Email Tracing (Web UI) Gmail Synch Webmail Unlimited Email Support Local Support, onsite visitation

Microsoft Exchange 2010 Enterprise RM 125,000.00 included included included included included none none included (with Enterprise CAL) included (with Enterprise CAL) included included none none none none none / unknown

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Mailnow v5 RM 12,400.00 included included included included included Included (Clam) included Included included included included included included included included Yes (with TEC, nationwide)

Customers Yap Swee Leong Sdn. Bhd Oriental Summit Industries MPH Bookstores sdn bhd Perunding Hashim & NEH Sdn. Bhd Mectech Engineering Sdn Bhd Own Solution Kayangan cahaya sdn bhd Tropicana city management sdn bhd Chinese Taipei School Bulk Distributor sdn bhd Pantai Medivest sdn bhd Mediconsult Planning & Consulting Sdn bhd Creative M.I.S Solutions Sdn bhd Cosmo Restaurant Sdn Bhd Cofreth (M) Sdn bhd Komark Sdn Bhd Transmark Corporation Sdn Bhd Radicare Sdn Bhd Mackenzie Golden Pet Sdn Bhd SAJ Holdings Sdn Bhd K Link USS Safety Supply Sdn bhd Tropicana Golf & Country Resort Berhad Naza TTDI Sdn Bhd Intercontinental Specialty Fats Sdn Bhd Exedy (M) Sdn Bhd Ene Computer Centre

Folks DFK & Co Malaya Spring Industries Pokka Ace (M) Sdn Bhd Metrohm (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Tenaga Switch Gear Sdn Bhd Damah Trading Sdn Bhd Jurutera Jasa Sdn Bhd Secure Parking Sdn Bhd Tidal Sdn Bhd Sena Die casting Industries sdn bhd Lee Swee Kiat Group Berhad Eita Resources Sdn Bhd Nidec Copal (M) Sdn Bhd Computer gates Sdn Bhd Proreka (M) Sdn bhd Kenwood Electronic (M) Sdn Bhd Fujifilm (M) Sdn Bhd SamChem Sdn bhd Powercomp Automation Sdn Bhd T.Yamaichi (M) Corporation Sdn Bhd Eastgate Insurance Brokers Sdn bhd Hotel Nikko Kuala Lumpur NGH Far East (M) Sdn Bhd Serba Hasrat Sdn Bhd G –Pile Sistem Sdn bhd Lucky Frozen Sdn Bhd Daytime Sdn Bhd Virtual Peak Resources Sdn Bhd Gemadept (M) Sdn Bhd Central Spectrum Sdn Bhd

Cti Resources Sdn Bhd Bina Rezeki Sdn Bhd Konsortium Logistik Sdn Bhd Pentago Loh & Loh Constructions Sdn Bhd Federal Power Sdn bhd Pan Pacific Sdn Bhd Malaysian Institute of Accountants EPE Wilson Transformer Sdn bhd EMS Asia Group Sdn Bhd Pamos Laser Tech Sdn Bhd Southern Nissa Sdn bhd GFS Filtration (M) Sdn Bhd Projek Lintasan Kota Holdings Sdn Bhd Kayangan Cahaya Sdn Bhd MMSB consult Sdn bhd Diamet Klang Sdn Bhd Risingstar Sdn Bhd Alan Dick Sdn Bhd NWKA Architects Sdn Bhd Chuan Huat Sdn bhd Rotho Methlatum Sdn Bhd Interocean Freight Sdn Bhd Sea swifts Freight system sdn bhd Hirotako Acoustics Sdn Bhd UAC Berhad Arch matrix Sdn Bhd Bee same trading sdn bhd Rossi Design Marketing Sdn Bhd BPC Edible Oils Sdn Bhd

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YHSA Sdn Bhd Truwater Cooling Tower Sdn bhd Top Gloves Sdn Bhd Deltric Sdn Bhd Pet Far Eastern Sdn Bhd Oriental Pacific Future Sdn Bhd NPS Engineering Sdn bhd Cdlsb Sdn bhd Konsortium Transnational Berhad Jin Hui Industries Sdn Bhd Petaling Jaya Motors Supply Sdn Bhd Fruitplus Corporation Sdn Bhd Easy Plastic Sdn Bhd Shroubber (M) Sdn Bhd Elite Precision Component Sdn Bhd Cheng Hua China Office Enviro Plastics Sdn Bhd Generation Two Thousand Appeal Sdn Bhd Tong Who Enterprise Sdn Bhd Tenaga Cable Industries Sdn bhd German Toolings Sdn Bhd K. Seng Seng Sdn Bhd CTC Reality Sdn Bhd Industrial Tools & Equipment Sdn Bhd GCU Engineers Sdn Bhd CS Opto Semiconductors Sdn Bhd Pathlab May Chemical

Internet email diagram

1. Emails sent and received via MailNow! 5in the HQ. 2. In the event the Fixed IP |MX1 is down, all emails will be routed to InternetNow! Backup Server. No loss of emails. 3. Users can check and respond to emails out-of-office with the smart webmail by MailNow! 5. 4. Users can also view and respond with smartphones.

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Onsite : 1. To minimize the internet email downtime, the migration will begin after working hours and will likely last up to the next morning. 2. An engineer will be on standby the next day after migration process is completed. The said engineer will assist in ensuring all system setup are in proper order. 3. During the warranty period of 30 days (after migration), any urgent and / or required visitation by an engineer on a working day will be free of charge. 4. Assistance from Engineers via telephone is available during working hours / working days.

Inhouse: 1. elpdesk is available after migration during working hours / working days. 2. Online Remote Support will be also be made available should the need arises during working hours / working days.

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2f-19, Pusat Perdagangan IOI. Persiaran Puchong Jaya Selatan, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.


+603 8075 2050


+603 8075 2686

This proposal is private & confidential in nature and is designed by Marketing Department, InternetNow! International. Page 17

InternetNow! International Sdn Bhd  

Creator of MailNow! email server.

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