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How Thesis Theme Can Help You With Your Online Business WordPress blogs are among the most popular. Customized themes have brought about immense possibilities for WordPress blogs. These themes are essential if you need to really make them professional and marketing worthy. Not all themes and plugins are comprehensive. Some, though, rise above the rest and provide comprehensive solutions and the flexibility that take the blogs to another level. Thesis 2.0 is one such example and the result of some innovative thinking from designer Chris Pearson.

What Makes Thesis 2.0 Exceptional Thesis 2.0 is a great WordPress Theme that has been developed to make a customized blog run professionally. It is a search engine optimized CSS, HTML and PHP framework. It’s got a user-friendly options panel that is quite innovative. The theme provides users with greater control over their blogs and websites. The options panel enables functions which would usually require coding. The theme also offers many design possibilities, making it quite useful for bloggers of all kinds. In a Thesis 2.0 blog, CSS templates can be edited visually while boxes can also be created. The skin editor makes it possible to implement schemas, author posts, hooks and filters. Complex programming can also be implemented easily with Thesis 2.0, making it ideal for developers. The Thesis skin editor is a very intuitive addition.

Key Features of Thesis 2.0 The key advantages of Thesis 2.0 include flexibility of the code, accuracy of the typography, efficient optimization, dynamic layout, immense multimedia possibilities and reliable customer support. Landing pages are something that can be easily created with Thesis 2.0. You are also offered immense customization options for your tags pages, category pages, home pages, etc thanks to the template editor. With this useful feature users would not have to meddle with their custom CSS files and functions. Furthermore, Thesis 2.0 is stuffed with SEO features making it unnecessary to install any other SEO plugin. Thesis 2.0 features multiple templates. You can customize each post with a particular template which helps add variety to your blog. With Thesis 2.0 your blog page can also load quicker. Quick loading websites are of special favour to Google and are more likely to achieve higher rankings. Thesis 2.0.1’s innovations also include those that favour web design, making it quite exciting for web developers.

In Conclusion To sum up, Thesis 2.0 is a flexible and comprehensive theme. Whether you are an amateur blogger or a coder or developer, Thesis 2.0 would be equally user-friendly.

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WordPress blogs are among the most popular. Customized themes have brought about immense possibilities for WordPress blogs. These themes are...

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