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Welcome to this the third edition of ‘Internet Marketing Magazine’ – the original and leading free magazine designed specifically for Internet Marketers to be delivered on the iPad, iPhone, Android and web platforms. ‘Internet Marketing Magazine’ is growing exponentially fast month-by-month. We welcome both the thousands of new readers as well as subscribers who are coming back for more of the very latest in Internet Marketing News and Articles.

The State of the Internet The Internet is a living changing ‘beast’ and it’s hard to keep up with everything that’s going on. You’ve asked and we’ve listened, so we’ll now include more of the most recent changes that have happened online in the previous 2 months. Facebook: As a marketer or entrepreneur you really can’t ignore Facebook as it is the biggest thing happening online right now. Facebook have made a truckload of changes recently from new photo viewers, to a better mobile experience for most mobile phones and a growing number of carriers with their new mobile platform. For the marketer is worth paying attention to. It’s not available in all countries yet, but how it works is that as a business owner you will be able setup special deals for your customers. Facebook knows where your customers are located via their ‘check-in’ functionality, so it will show up deals and offers related to them and where they are located. An example of a deal may be ‘20% off at a clothing store’ or a ‘free cup of coffee’ with any breakfast purchase.

Google: Within Google Adwords the ‘Position Preference’ feature is being retired in May 2011. If you have this feature set in your Adwords campaigns it’s worth disabling it in advance to ensure a smooth transition for your bids. The position preference feature within Adwords adjusts your bid to achieve certain ranking positions that you would like to receive in search (eg. Position 3-6). Google’s chief Economist, Hal Varian, advises why he believes it’s not an important feature: “average position is a popular metric, but don’t rely on it alone as a measure of performance. The metrics that really matter are clicks, costs, and conversions”. The other big change announced by Google is the rollout starting for their ‘+1’ service on their domain. +1 is digital shorthand for “this is pretty cool”. It will show up in search results. To recommend something, all you have to do is click +1 on a webpage or ad you find useful. This really is Google’s attempt to compete with the Facebook ‘Like Button’. Time will tell how it goes, but no doubt the social proof of having a lot of +1’s beside your search result will effect the amount of times it gets clicked.

Touching Base If there is anything you would like covered in a future edition please feel free to write to us via the contact form at as the more relevant we can make this resource for you and your business the better. Something that is important is make sure register yourself for your free 24 month subscription valued at $311.88 at or on the facebook site This will ensure you receive the notifications as soon as the new editions come out and also all the other rich media and surprise bonuses like the ongoing training videos and reports etc from our panel of expert marketers. Wishing you the best of success online

Fig 1&2: Choosing a Facebook deal, Claiming a Facebook deal


Internet Marketing Strategist & Editor – Internet Marketing Magazine

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Copy Corner

By Bret Thomson

A Take-Home Secret That Only The Pro Copywriters Know and Use You know the scenario: You walk into a store looking for some kind of helpful assistance - any at all would be nice. Like cockroaches that scurry for cover when you turn on the kitchen light, you finally corner what seems to be a young teenager cleverly disguised as a salesperson. Not wanting to scare him away, you cautiously approach and attempt to make contact. No signs of life at this stage. “Hello, can you help me?” No response. “Excuse me, do you work here?” Eyes staring straight to the ground, he responds with some form of primal unrecognizable monotone grunt, “huh?” Meet the 21st century “budget salesman”. On the flip side... have you ever walked into a store just to have a look around, when you were cheerfully greeted by a salesperson that was able to form an instant connection with you? Within five minutes of meeting this stranger, they knew how many kids you have, how long you’ve lived in the area, what town you grew up in, and what you enjoyed doing in your spare time. Before you know it, your at the counter – credit card in hand – buying something that you had no intention of buying 20 minutes earlier – with a smile on your face. So what’s the difference? Simple. Good old fashion salesmanship, and believe it or not... but the same goes for your website. Yes, shock horror, but unless you have some carefully thought-out persuasive and compelling words (sales copy) to greet your prospects when they visit your site... then chances are they are leaving your “online store” and going somewhere else.

So how do you create an instant connection, bond and rapport with your prospects or clients? How do you overcome that invisible barrier of trust and bridge that gap of disconnect? What is the trick to turn a person from “suspect’ to “prospect” to enthusiastic “raving fan” who will happily do business with you? The answer may come as a surprise to you. “Researching”. Yep, that’s right... It’s an ugly word that generally stirs up some negative emotions – but it’s the copywriters’ secret weapon for creating instant connection with their audience and ultimately making more sales. By going the extra mile and researching who your ideal clients is, how they think, how they feel, the way they speak... what are their fears, frustrations, objections, wants, desires and needs... It’s in this researching phase that you not only understand who your ideal client is... but you almost “become your client” Relax... I’m not getting all Fig 1: spooky on you, but if you can transcend your awareness of your prospect to the point where you literally “walk in their shoes” for a day – mentally and emotionally – then you will know what to write and how write your message so they feel as if you’re their long lost friend.

Fig 1: If you want to know the secret for attracting swarms of enthusiastic clients, and creating instant rapport and connection every time you write, then you need to read this article from start to finish. No excuses.

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Here’s a list of questions to help you get “in the mind” of your client. • Who is your ideal client? • Can you picture a real person? (This helps) • What keeps them awake at night? • What are they afraid of? • What are they angry about? • What are their three daily frustrations? • What trends are occurring in their business or lives? • What do they secretly desire the most? • Why won’t they buy from you? Answering these questions will give you a deeper level insight to how your prospect ticks! But if you want to take this process to a whole new level, then here are some advanced researching techniques you can use. • Take your ideal prospect out to lunch and try and relate to how they think and feel about your product or service • Check out online forums and see what common questions and concerns are popping up

“You are not your client” So don’t assume you know what they are thinking or how they feel. As legendary copywriter John Carlton says, “You have to become a sales detective” and go the extra mile snooping around for clues. I’ll finish off with the most important sentence on this whole page... If you can articulate your prospects problems better than they can, then they will automatically assume you have the solution. Think big. Be different.

Bret Thomson P.S. If you want to take your copywriting skills to a whole new profitable level, then check out my website now...

• See if anyone is voicing their opinion on Youtube about your niche • Get your prospects to fill out a survey asking them the pressing questions • Mentally visualize being in their shoes for a day and take note of the feelings and emotions that you experience But above all, there’s one important rule that you must constantly remind yourself of. And that is...

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Marketing is the Most Important Skill Online to Master in 2011… Because that’s where the people are! 50% of people login to Facebook Every Day There are over 500 million people now on Facebook Expertly Master this Massive Highly Targeted Cost Effective Traffic Source


There is a Gold Rush currently happening on Facebook. Jump on ahead of the Curve

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Banned in Boston! Aussie Musician, Johnnie Mac applies Internet Marketing only to get derailed by Internet giant Amazon, but bounces back to top the charts beating Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’… Aussie Rock Musician, Johnnie Mac sent shock waves throughout the music world by hitting #1 on Amazon’s ‘Movers & Shakers’ Music Charts and entering the top 10 best-selling albums in the world before internet giant – Amazon pulled the plug. On Tuesday, May 18, 2010, Johnnie Mac was ranked 439,605 on’s charts. On Thursday, May 20th, Johnnie Mac launched his online album release and it went off with a bang! Johnnie Mac’s manager, Mykee McCarthy from Alchemy Music stated, “We planned this for months… lined everything up perfectly and it was damn exciting watching Johnnie’s album rocketing up the international charts. It reached #9 on the best seller list”.

Instead they told the hoard of eager buyers that the album was ‘Out of Stock’. Of course this wasn’t the truth. It was a cruel blow. A shattering wake up call. Amazon eventually re-opened the account 15 hours later, with no explanation as to why they pulled the plug. But all was not lost. ‘The World Seems Happy’ did reach #1 on Amazon’s Movers & Shakers Music Charts - topping the world’s best-selling album of all time – Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ which was placed at #3. PLUS it was the 9th best-selling CD in the world outselling other top acts like Jeff Buckley (Grace), Jack Johnson, The Rolling Stones, Kings of Leon, Leonard Cohen, Cyndi Lauper and many other household names. The question on many minds is how did this all happen – despite the lengthy Amazon interruption? How can a virtually unknown Aussie Independent musician beat out these major artists from all over the world?

That’s #9 in the WORLD … not bad for an Aussie busker from the bush! There was dancing, there was singing, hundreds of people on Twitter and Facebook were all joining in the cyber-banter – rejoicing as we watched ‘The World Seems Happy’ screaming to number 1. But then BEUREAUCRACY WENT MAD! Amazon shut down Johnnie Mac’s account for no apparent reason. Wouldn’t let him take any more orders. Wouldn’t reply to his emails or speak to him on the phone.

Internet Marketing Magazine


Two words ... The Internet


Mykee explains, “We’ve been studying internet marketing strategies for at least 10 years including time with some of the world’s leading internet marketing gurus. We researched and planned this thoroughly and our efforts have certainly paid off. You have to understand that promoting Johnnie Mac’s album was not a one-person project. We combined a great product together with a great story, cutting-edge internet marketing techniques such as email JV’s and social networks, which sent the album launch viral”.

Johnnie Mac’s creative internet marketing story continues in the next issue... Johnnie talks about busking, internet marketing and his recent interview with the New York Times.

“It’s amazing that we can use the internet and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to achieve these results with an obscure Aussie muso from the bush. This brings hope to many independent musicians who believe they have to be ‘discovered’ to become well known internationally”. Johnnie’s chart topping success has led to a national tour throughout Australia where he is doing a string of shows as well as running workshops to help unsigned independent musicians learn how they can achieve the same success using the Internet. Johnnie Mac’s limited edition album is continuing to sell all over the world and is rapidly gaining widespread attention.

TECHNICALLY FLAWLESS, CLEVER AND CREATIVE This is Australian rock as it should sound - full of energy, passion and interesting atmospheric sounds. Technically flawless. clever and creative. This is one of those moments where everything works!

Tomatrax, Triple J SuperUser, Australia

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3 Proven Steps to Ramp Up Any Business Online When thinking of Internet Marketing Online there really is 2 main camps: 1. Info marketers 2. ‘Traditional’ type businesses with an online presence While the learnings from this article will work for both, it is written with the traditional business owner in mind, as these businesses often stand to benefit most from the following leverage points.

The 3 proven steps to ramp up any businesses online presence are: 1. 2. 3.

Increase the targeted search traffic to the site Deliver that traffic to a relevant well written specific benefit ridden web page Make the primary call to action prominent and clear

You may be thinking at the moment ‘that is obvious’ and in some ways it is, but most businesses we work with don’t do this well initially. By making these changes we have increased companies revenues by hundreds of thousands of dollars a month and with some increased their lead generation by hundreds or thousands of percent. So it seems often it’s the fundamentals that make the most difference.

Ad or natural search engine listing(s) show up on page 1 of the search engine at the time that they are searching. For the purpose of simplicity and speed of implementation let’s focus on Pay Per Click as it’s easier and quicker for you to have a direct impact on your business. Google Adwords Search Network ads are the paid ads that turn up on the top section and the right hand side section of the Google search screen. Yahoo’s version of it is called Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft’s version is Microsoft AdCenter (these two have now merged in what is commonly referred to as the Search Alliance). Pay Per Click advertising like Google Adwords is something that every business owner should implement to get your message in front of the millions of people searching for solutions to their problems, and have your ads showing up on the first page of Google stating that you can provide a solution to the relevant problems.

1. Increase the targeted search traffic to the site

When designing your PPC Ads make sure you use very small tightly themed Ad Groups. The reason why is so that your Ad is highly relevant to the keywords that they are searching for. Let’s say you are running a timber company and you sell two main types of timber: ‘pine framing timber’ and ‘pine flooring timber’. If the searcher is searching for ‘pine flooring timber’ we want to make sure our ad is tightly focussed on ‘pine flooring timber’ and even mentions that in the ad. We don’t want our ad to be about ‘pine timber’ in general as it won’t get as good a click through rate because the searcher won’t find it to be as relevant.

Chances are that people are already searching in the search engines for the solution to the problem that your product or service solves. The trick is to make your Pay Per Click (PPC)

So Step 1 is to get your relevant, highly targeted Ads or Listings coming up on page 1 when people are actively searching for your product, service or problem statement.

Let’s now explore these 3 leverage points in more detail:

Internet Marketing Magazine


2. Deliver that traffic to a relevant well written specific benefit ridden web page

3. Make the primary call to action prominent and clear

So now if you have done Step 1 correctly you have highly targeted search traffic turning up to your site.

With every page on your website you should know in advance what your desired primary course of action for your site visitor is going to be. If you have a primary, you should also think about the secondary course of action that you desire.

In Step 2 here we really have 2 main things that we need to achieve: The first is delivering the traffic to the right page that is 100% relevant to the search. If the searcher from the search engines was searching for ‘pine flooring timber’ it’s important to take them from your ad directly to a page about ‘pine flooring timber’, not about pine framing timber, and certainly not any other type of flooring timber or a page as general as your home page. The page should be just about ‘pine flooring timber’ not about any other subject. The number of links and banners etc off to other products and services should be minimized. The second is Quickly and clearly communicate your marketing message. When the new site visitor gets to your site, they are instantly making a ‘will I stay or will I go’ decision. There is a term called the ’10 Second Rule’ which means that you only have 10 seconds when they get to your site to answer their ‘What’s In It For Me’ (WIIFM) question that goes on in their head. With the amount of things competing for people’s attention these days it’s probably closer to 5 seconds than 10. On your new highly targeted page some design and sales copy elements that you should include to quickly and clearly communicate your message are: • • • • • •

A Benefit ridden headline Clear product image(s) Benefit ridden bullets A quick video which explains the benefits of the product / service Reasons why to choose you Social proof elements of what other satisfied customers are saying

It is important to then have these desired primary call to actions buttons in a logical spot above the fold (meaning before they have to scroll down). The most common calls to action buttons we see and use are: • • • • •

Get a Quote Speak to Our Team – Call 1300… Leave us a message Book in an Appointment Register Your Interest

If you have long sales copy you will also want to repeat your call to action buttons at the bottom of the page. So in closing… take action now by looking over your site and traffic with a new set of eyes and identify if there is any of these fundamentals that you can apply in your business for a boost in your sites lead and sales conversion rate. Greg Cassar is the leading Internet Marketing Strategist behind the scenes of many of the biggest Internet marketers in Australia and abroad(InternetMarketingD You can follow Greg’s latest updates by subscribing to Internet Marketing Magazine at for free video training and the latest edition updates.

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We care about your ROI

Internet Marketing

Done For You

* Need a new website built… a website that sells? * Need more traffic… from multiple traffic sources? * Want cost effective leads? * Need Facebook Marketing? * Need Pro Google Adwords Campaign Design and Management? * Want a Marketing Funnel designed like the millionaire marketers? ‘Internet Marketing Done For You’ is the direct response marketing agency which is the secret weapon of many of the biggest marketers online

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Mobile Marketing Why the future of marketing is already here...

Many people hear the words ‘Mobile Marketing’ and immediately think Spam. Or they think it’s something just for ‘kids’ and customers wouldn’t be interested in receiving mobile communication. Maybe they also think it’s too expensive and they can’t afford it. All of these opinions are somewhat incorrect, as mobile marketing can be inexpensive, not just for kids and certainly not spam when you are executing it correctly. It can also be a fantastic opportunity for businesses to reach their customers in a new and exciting way. Mobile marketing in the past has been feared, but in reality it’s actually nothing special, it’s just a tool used within the practice of marketing to engage our audience. So then what is marketing? Marketing in simple terms is a way to communicate, exchange and deliver value. Mobile marketing is a great way to communicate with our customers, exchange and deliver value in a timely way. According to ABI Research, mobile marketing will grow by 600% over the next four years, and if your not jumping on this fast moving communication train, your going to miss out. Also according to a study conducted in 2009 by the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association, 39% of mobile users state they would accept ads on mobile in exchange for content or special offers, while 22% said they would accept ads without an incentive. Furthermore, 56% said they would take ads from companies they have made a deal with, while 37% would accept ads from companies with whom they already have an existing relationship. This research demonstrates that most of your customers are ready and willing to receive communication from you on their mobile phones. But some people might still be in that ‘fear’ stage and wondering where to start? Here are five ways to jump into mobile marketing and increase your revenue in the process:

1. Email and Website The first step when embracing mobile marketing is to make your emails and website Smartphone friendly. What this means is that you need to make sure the format of your emails is easily read on a phone. The best way to do this is avoid extensive HTML emails (they are the ones with lots of graphics) and avoid long messages where people need to do lots of scrolling. Keep it short and personal for your customers.

2. SMS SMS is a powerful medium. A recent study from Harris Interactive shows 40% of 18-34 year olds are “somewhat interested” in mobile marketing SMS messages, but once they receive mobile information, 28% will purchase an advertised product in store. Many companies have already been doing this for a while now and discovered that it can be a really effective way of keeping their customers up to date with information. It can cost as little as six cents per text, and the process of uploading your customers mobile numbers and then broadcasting a message to them is very easy and time efficient. Many business people are no longer chained to their desk, so emails and SMS on their phone is the way they communicate.

3. iPhone, iPad or Android App One of the most effective ways to tap into this Mobile Marketing world is to create an App for your business. An app (short for application) is a small piece of software that can be downloaded on a smartphone. Some companies may not necessarily need one, but if you can identify that your company would benefit, then it’s time to design your app. You can include things like latest news, blogs, audio and video content, special offers, company information… the list goes on. This way, your customers can keep up to date with all of your products, news and offers.

Internet Marketing Magazine


If you would like to see an example of an App used in business, you can download ours. Go to au/iPhone. Internet Marketing Magazine is another excellent example of an App in the iTunes store.

4. Push Notification A push notification is like an SMS, except that it is free and comes through your App and pops up on your customers phone or device. You can also specify to only send it to certain customers. A great example is a hairdresser - if they had a dead spot in the afternoon, they could send a push notification to all their customers in a 5k radius saying something like “We have a free appointment in 20 minutes. Call and book within the next five minutes to receive a 10% discount”. The customer will have already given their consent to receive communication from you through their mobile phone app.

5. Mobile Advertising With people using their phones to browse the web more and more everyday, a number of innovative companies have sprung up to help website owners generate revenue from their sites. Essentially, websites and app owners can use services like, mads. com or to act as a middleman to find advertisers looking to appeal to their target market. They then take a minor share of revenue generated and pay the rest of the income back to you. So if you’re a content creator and haven’t yet developed your own back end products or services, then mobile ads are a good way to generate cash. On the flip side, if you’re a keen marketer, there are great opportunities to draw new visitors to your site for prices that haven’t been seen since 1999. In the next few years, this marketplace will begin to become saturated so best to get in now and scoop up as many leads as you can while there is still time available.

In Conclusion... This is treading new water, but it gives you a huge advantage over your competitors. You need to think about how to take your existing marketing, email marketing, campaigns etc and put that into a mobile marketing format. So what’s your next step? You can start small. Make sure your emails are mobile friendly. Investigate the possibility of sending SMS messages to your clients. Could they benefit from you telling them about a special service or product via their mobile device? Keep in mind that this is cost and time efficient and you could be missing out on a whole lot of new clients if you don’t start now. Then, decide whether your company could benefit from creating an App. And finally, investigate advertising on mobiles. It’s an exciting time, so enjoy the future, because it’s already here. Dale Beaumont is a young entrepreneur and the creator of the ‘Secrets Exposed’ series. Having now released over 15 best-selling business books (available in bookstores across Australia or from Dale has been featured in all forms of the media and has become a sought-after speaker. To discover more about Dale’s books, read his blog or to download other free articles and resources, please visit

Internet Marketing Magazine


4 big marketing questions Have You Got Rip-Snortin’ Answers to These Four Questions? Ok, so there are four BIG and important questions you must have absolutely cracking, killer, rip-snorting answers to if you want your marketing to work.

Your marketing can’t revolve around YOU, it must revolve around the market and what it wants... so how long you’ve been in business blah, blah is just that... blah.

This applies to any marketing, online as well as offline. In fact if you nail these questions, you’ll get instant clarity that could result in big paydays, so stick with me here.

The REAL four BIG questions you must answer are:

Why are they important? Because in our fast-paced world of ever-increasing clutter if you don’t get these right, your marketing risks being weak, ineffective and virtually pointless because no-one will take any notice. Ouch! And it probably means a lot of money down the drain and a whole heap of time wasted. So what are the four questions? In your head, quickly think of what these four BIG questions might be... quick, without reading on, just 10 seconds of thinking... Right, here’s a quick pop quiz for you... did you think the questions would be something like: • • • •

How long have you been in business? ... Do you provide good service? ... Is your product well presented? ... Does your product do what you what you say it will? ...How many did you get right? 4 out of 4? 2?

STOP! WARNING Will Robinson... plain vanilla marketing coming up... weak message, poor response... DANGER... WARNING! WARNING! Ok, so I got a little carried away but you get the point?

1. Why should your targeted prospects read your stuff or listen to what you say? 2. Why should your targeted prospects believe what you have

to say?

3. Why should your targeted prospects do anything about what you’re offering? 4. Why should your targeted prospects act NOW? These “four biggies” were pioneered by Maxwell Sackheim, a Russian immigrant to the US who spent 75 years in direct marketing. Nothing has changed, the questions are just as relevant today. In fact Dan Kennedy suggests you put these up in your office in a prominent place so they guide you in your business... darn good advice. Ok, so here are some quick pointers for each question: Why should your targeted prospects read your stuff or listen to what you say? Because you have something to sell? Nope. Because you’ve been in business X years and offer great service? Nope. It all must be about them and what they get. So your headline must hit THEIR “hot” buttons... never never never use the word “We” (We’ve Been Creating Happy Clients for 10 Years kinda thing) but try to sneak in the word “You”... huge difference. You need clarity here, why should they listen to you and then tell them why!

Internet Marketing Magazine


Why should your targeted prospects believe what you have to say? We live in a sceptical world, with good reason. What to do? Of course you’ll have your testimonials but MARKET DATA (not product data) is the key here... what trends are occurring, what statistics can you find... hugely important to make your message legitimate and make your product appear to be a “real” solution to the “problem” identified in the data. Quick example if you’re in the finance game you’ll tell them how tough it is with 7 of the last 14 meetings of the Reserve Bank resulting in interest rate rises, you’ll tell them bankruptcies nearly doubled between 2007 and 2010... and of course the solution to this “proved pain” will be your product or service. Market data is very powerful “proof” to use.

Why should your targeted prospects do anything about what you’re offering? Your product or service must clearly solve their problem or meet their want. Interesting just won’t cut it. “Reasons Why” copy is extremely useful here. You know how it goes... “Here’s five reasons why you should crawl over broken glass to get your hands on X”. Of course you would also tie it into market data discussed in question 2 above.

Why should your targeted prospects act NOW? I remember when I first started out with Mal (Emery, the “Millionaire Maker” as his personal copywriter) I was under an extremely tight deadline to get a marketing piece out... he reviewed my copy and said, “Great, but it won’t work, want to know why?” Of course I did and it was an easy fix: there was no scarcity and urgency. The lesson has never left me. I knew it wasn’t there in that sales copy but due to time and the nature of the product I had left it out... NEVER NEVER again... must have scarcity and urgency,

otherwise they won’t buy. Why? It delves deeply into human psychology centred on the fear of loss PLUS we all want what we can’t have. So give them legitimate reasons to buy now (note, an eBook running out of stock is not a legitimate one!!!). What it is it that will get them off the couch to take action? There you go, four biggies to help give you clarity and cut through the clutter... You MUST, MUST, MUST have awesome answers to these questions - they’ll act like a beacon for all your marketing.

Copywriter and Marketing Strategist

Steve Plummer is one of Australia’s highest paid and in-demand copywriters and is the personal copywriter for Australia’s “Millionaire Maker” Mal Emery. Steve’s marketing and writing savvy have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra sales for many happy clients. Follow Steve’s blog at

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Try Popup Domination 2.0 for Yourself Today

Would Build their list Faster and Much Sooner! Running a WordPress Site? Get the Plugin used by More Successful Marketers than any other for Rapid Email List Opt-Ins‌

5 Must Have WordPress Plugins WordPress is the most common way that entrepreneurs and business owners build sites these days. WordPress is infinitely extensible. One of the core philosophies of WordPress is to keep the core code as light and fast as possible but to provide a rich framework for the huge community to expand what WordPress can do, limited only by their imagination.

Whenever you make a blog post down below the post while you are still in edit mode you will get the options to set the Title, Description for the search engines, and Keywords related to the post. Price: Free Get it at:

No 2. PopUp Domination

Plugins can extend WordPress to do almost anything you can imagine, in the directory at http:// plugins/ you can find, download, rate, and comment on all the best plugins. While there are literally thousands of plugins that you can apply to your site, lets now look at 5 Must Have Plugins to extend your WordPress site’s functionality and reach. Please note: We have not included security plugins here. We will cover WordPress security in a future edition of ‘Internet Marketing Magazine’.

No 1. All In One SEO Pack This brilliant WordPress plugin automatically optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization).

This amazing list building WordPress plugin works like a PopUp but gets passed the PopUp blockers. It has a classy look and feel to it and as a result it doesn’t feel as intrusive as what you may imagine a PopUp to be. Its primary purpose is to help you build your list faster. Why we highly recommend it is that we noticed our own list building doubled on our main sites when we implemented this plugin. Every serious marketer should test and implement PopUp Domination. Popup Domination works with all major auto-responders including but not limited to aWeber, iContact, Constant Contact and Infusionsoft. Price: $47 Get it at:

It allows you to set your title tags and description and keywords in one easy place within the plugin for the home page. There are also approx 20 other SEO settings that make your URLs friendly to the search engines and a whole bunch of other SEO related settings.

Internet Marketing Magazine


No 3. Google XML sitemaps

No 5. Facebook Share (New) Button

While not particularly exciting in it’s functionality, this is one of those boring bread and butter type plugins that is essential for your site.

This plugin adds a Share-Button, which allows site visitors to share your posts. It also shows the number of times the post or page has been shared through out the Facebook.

This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap, which will help search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and to better index your blog/site. With such a sitemap, it's much easier for the crawlers to see the complete structure of your site and retrieve it more efficiently.

Having a Facebook ‘Share’ button on your content is a great way of getting free referral traffic. When a site visitor presses ‘Share’ it automatically updates their wall and status updates in Facebook to show that they liked your site/post. It is slightly more powerful than Facebook Like because when the site visitors ‘share’ they get the ability to add a line or two of text to endorse why they shared the content.

The plugin supports all kinds of WordPress generated pages as well as custom URLs. Additionally it notifies all major search engines every time you create a post about the new content. Price: Free Get it at:

No 4. Like-Button-Plugin-ForWordpress This plugin adds a Like-Button wherever you want on your blog. The button can be placed before or after the content, as well as a sidebar-widget. And many more! Having a Facebook ‘Like’ button on your content is a great way of getting free referral traffic. When a site visitor presses ‘Like’ it automatically updates their wall and status updates in Facebook to show that they liked your site/post. Because their friends are likely to be interested in similar things when they see the update there is a good chance of them following the link back to your site. We highly recommend having Facebook ‘Like’ on your site as we have noticed significant traffic improvements as a result in the many places that we have tested it. Price: Free Get it at: like-button-plugin-for-wordpress/

Because their friends are likely to be interested in similar things when they see the update there is a good chance of them following the link back to your site. We highly recommend having Facebook ‘Share’ on your site as we have noticed significant traffic improvements as a result in the many places that we have tested it. Price: Free Get it at: I hope that is of use to you. We have tested hundreds of plugins and these certainly are some of the best. Greg Cassar is the leading Internet Marketing Strategist behind the scenes of many of the biggest Internet marketers in Australia and abroad (InternetMarketingDoneForYou. com). You can follow Greg’s latest updates by subscribing to Internet Marketing Magazine at for free video training and the latest edition updates.

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8 Timeless Principles of Successful Marketing To Boost Your Sales Online or Offline…

Here’s what I’ve discovered about how to write advertising that sells after studying the results of Billions of Dollars of scientific direct response split-tests…and them applying to my clients businesses. Ready for it? Let’s dive in… 1. Find out what people want and give it to them – Don’t just assume you know what your prospects want – do research. A great place to do this is on the online forums where your target market hangs out. That’s because people will be honest and candid about what they really think and want on these largely anonymous online forums. 2. Speak to your prospects biggest problems and burning desires – Once you have discovered your prospects’ burning desires and biggest challenges make your marketing centred on proving you can help them solve those problems or fulfil their desires. 3. Proof is what sells in marketing – Focus on proving what you say is true to an increasingly sceptical market place. Banish hype and the excessive use of exclamation marks etc. Remember what David Ogivly said to his male ad executives back in the 1960’s “the customer is not stupid, she’s your wife”. For this reason make a cogent proof laden argument for ‘why’ folks should choose you. 4. Trumpet your Uniqueness – Because we are in such a saturated market where folks receive over 3,000 marketing messages a day it’s important you offer a unique way of solving people’s problems or giving them what they want. Display this uniqueness in your headline. 5. Create easy first steps – Rather than trying to sell your product immediately offer a free report, CD or DVD etc. on a topic of

burning interest to your target market. Then once they’re on your database you have a potential customer for life. You’ll find that this will give you a much more profitable business than going ‘straight for the sale’. 6. Create Irresistible Offers – The Godfather of direct response advertising Claude Hopkins said we should make our offers ‘so irresistible that only a maniac could refuse them’. A great way to do this is by adding bonuses or discounts with strictly enforced deadlines. There is nothing like a deadline on an offer to spike response. 7. Practice Chameleon marketing – A great way to make your advertising more effective is to make it look like it’s NOT advertising because people have trained themselves to ignore advertising when they see it. For example, don’t make your display ad look like an ad – make it look like an editorial. You will find that if you take this “chameleon approach” to marketing you will get up to 200% percent higher response 8. Test and measure everything – Business expert Brad Sugars has found just by tracking the results of your sales campaigns you can increase your results by up to 16 percent. The biggest breakthroughs in business come when you test and measure new approaches. Then once you discover what works – milk it for all it’s worth.

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By Andrew and Daryl Grant

The 9 Keys to Success in Making Passive Income Hi again from Andrew and Daryl! This month we're writing to you from Bangkok. We're here with the kids and having a fantastic time. Bangkok's one of our favourite cities, and we spend as much time here as we can. One of the great things about having an internet business selling information products is that it allows us to travel lots, which is one of our major goals. In our previous jobs as consultants, we almost never took holidays – because if we did, the money stopped coming in. These days, we travel 3-4 months a year, and get this: when we come home we have more money in the bank than when we left! A big change from our "swapping hours for dollars" consulting days. You see, what we've done is create a SYSTEM to sell information products online. This system is automated – so it makes money whether we are paying it any attention or not. This month, we want to continue through our Nine Keys to Success in Making Passive Income. You'll recall last month we told you about the first key: Have a Clear, Specific Goal. We've compiled these Nine Keys from talking with successful people about what they do differently from everyone else. This month we'll show you key #2.

Key #2—Use a proven system (don't reinvent the wheel) We find that when people first get into internet marketing, they get all enthusiastic. They buy a bunch of training products and go through them all. Then they cobble together what they've learned and try to make money online. Unfortunately, this rarely works. At this stage we often have people come to us and ask "Can you please have a look at my internet business and tell me why it's not working?" And what we find is that they've created a kind of Frankenstein business – they've mixed a little bit of everyone's system, and created a monster!

Here's a much more successful strategy. Find a system that works. Then follow it through step by step, exactly as it's given to you, until it's finished. Only then should you start to try and improve it. And when you do try to improve it, test just one thing at a time. What we find is, it's the people who take our system and apply it exactly as described that do the best with it. That's because we've done so much testing and refining. In fact we've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars refining our systems (that's code for "making loads of mistakes ourselves and figuring out what works"). It's generally the people who are smarter than average that have the biggest problem with this Key to Success! They look at our system, and often say "That looks too simple. I bet I can make it more sophisticated / clever / complex, and it'll do even better." Wrong. Our system works BECAUSE it's simple. How well do you do at following a system step-by-step? Are you tempted to mess with it to "make improvements"? If that's you, just for once have a go at implementing a proven system step-bystep and see what a difference it makes. If you're interested in learning one of our step-by-step systems, check out our blog at www.OurInternetSecrets. com. There we give you a simple system to sell information products, in our Quick-Start Guide to Making Money Online. Loads of people have used the information in this free report to set up very successful info product businesses. Enjoy!

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