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Advice from the Search Engine Optimization Agency: The Importance of Content-Writing “This article discusses blog writing as an effective component of any effective online marketing campaign.” The Search Engine Optimization Agency: An Overview When it comes to making your business website stand out above its competitors, no one knows better than the Search Engine Optimization agency: content is key! But not just any old content you manage to pilfer from the fathomless coffers of Wikipedia… good quality, original and compelling content laden with key words and phrases. If those infinite marketing anagrams such as SEO, SMO and PPC are enough to send you screaming in the opposite direction, then fear not. That’s what the Search Engine Optimization agency is for: to promote your business in the virtual ether that is the Internet. However, if you are a forward-thinker and would like to understand: (1) What goes into the generation of content that makes your website interesting and visible online, (2) Encourages a greater number of people to read your blog, and (3) Increases your rankings on global search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, then you might just find this article interesting! The Search Engine Optimization Agency: Writing Le Blog The blog (a colloquialism of the phrase ‘web log’) is an informative article that can be about anything really, but is ultimately related to the services and products your business has to offer. So, if you own a coffee shop (or a whole coffee shop franchise) you could write social media blogs about anything from the latest brands and blends on the market to how local weather patterns and globally shifting climates affect coffee growth in the regions from which you source your coffee. The potential for social media content is endless, and it should be because marketing through blogs is an ongoing occupation. Blog writing is one of the essential services that the Search Engine Optimization agency provides, since few business owners

have the time (and sometimes even imagination) to talk ad nauseum about their own enterprise. However, there is an additional feature of social media blog writing that makes marketing through a Search Engine Optimization agency so effective, and that is keywording. The Search Engine Optimization Agency: Key Words and Phrases

Within each and every blog posted there should regularly appear key words and phrases that the people out there most frequently search for when looking around for products and services relevant to your business. Search Engines recognize these key words so, if I type ‘best coffee in New York’ in my Google search tab, your business should come up if you have a blog with the key word ‘best coffee in New York’. The trick is to know which key words and phrases are most frequently searched for by Internet users and to incorporate these into your text at about a 2% density; in other words, for every 50 words, your key phrase pops up once. This is referred to as SEO text and the teams at the Search Engine Optimization agency are masters of keyword-rich content generation! Search Engine Optimization Agency: A Final Note Ultimately, as it was said, few business owners have the time to write social media blogs for their website, especially when you should be posting one as regularly as twice per week for results to become evident in your Google rankings. As such, it is usually in the best interest of an effective marketing campaign to employ the services of a Search Engine Optimization agency.

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Advice from the Search Engine Optimization Agency: The Importance of Content-Writing