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Have you been trying to apply the ideas behind MLM Attraction Marketing to build your business with little success? Are you using systems like Magnetic Sponsoring or Renegade Marketing and finding that you are building a list of interested people and maybe making a few sales ... but they are just not converting into people being sponsored into your primary MLM or home business opportunity? Wondering what is going on? Well in this article I want to explore the three keys you must have to really become ATTRACTIVE to your target market. First though let me say this ... I think many people have got it completely wrong when it comes to MLM Attraction Marketing. Becoming attractive in the market place does not just involve setting up a Facebook page, endless updates on Twitter, and You Tube videos promoting your Magnetic Sponsoring links. While doing all of these things are great they are only a piece of the puzzle. So what are the three keys you need to build your business through Attraction Marketing? Well you need to have in place: 1. The Right Mindset - Mindset is still the single most important thing you need to work on to enjoy success in anything in life. In MLM it is essential. If you want to ATTRACT large numbers of people to your MLM business then you must first be ATTRACTIVE to large numbers of people. You can generate all the leads in the world through a system like Magnetic Sponsoring ... but you won't sponsor any of them if you are not the sort of person they want to be in business with. One of the most important lessons I learnt in buidling a successful MLM team was that people are sponsored first because they are ATTRACTED to you. It is the first thing they evaluate (often unconsciously) ... they make an assessment as to whether they would like to be in business with you and if they believe you can lead them to success. So here is a clue .... 98% of the people in the world are genetically programmed to follow. The vast majority are all walking around looking for a leader to gravitate to and follow. Now often in MLM Attraction Marketing you will hear non-sense like ... 'position yourself as a leader'. Well that won't fool anyone for long. Instead what you must do is go to work on yourself and actually become a LEADER. This is all about your mindset. So the first key to Attraction Marketing is to make yourself as attractive as possible to your prospective new team members by being a leader!

2. The Right System -The next key is having the right system. That is the right system to lead people to you and your opportunity. If you are in MLM today and you are still telling people to make a list of their family and friends, and then organise an in home meeting then you are a dying breed. Why? Because that old school system is not very ATTRACTIVE to the majority of people looking to get into MLM right now. Today people want a SYSTEM that leverages technology. They want a SYSTEM that can be automated to a large degree (though my belief is you can never fully automate the system .... otherwise why would we need you?). A well thought out MLM Attraction Marketing system does a number of things. First it attracts a never ending stream of qualified leads to you. Second it allows you to build a relationship with those leads. Third it allows you to monetise those leads ... not just in once off sales but in recurring monthly income. Fourth the system can be duplicated to those who are now joining your team giving them the same opportunity. The Internet has leveled the playing field giving everyone today access to an abundant supply of prospects for our business. When you have the right MLM Attraction Marketing system in place then you can literally right your own ticket in this business. Let me repeat though ... the right MLM Attraction Marketing system involves more than just a collection of web 2.0 tools like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. The reason is these are all tactical tools you can use but they must be aligned to an overall marketing strategy. So assuming we have made ourselves attractive as leaders, and we have a powerful MLM Attraction Marketing system in place then that just leaves ... 3. The Right Vehicle - MLMers will argue until the end of the earth that their opportunity is better than the rest. Its a pointless argument and one I am not going to engage in. However let me say that some opportunities are more attractive than others and if your business is not growing it may simply be because you are in the wrong opportunity. With global recession upon us there has never been a better time to be involved in MLM. If you are involved in an MLM though that has a high up front investment of say $1,000 plus and large autoship requirements just to qualify each month then you could be in trouble. My belief is that millions of people will come flooding into MLM in the next few years and they will be attracted to opportunities that are $500 or less to start with low monthly autoship requirements. So if you have been trying to apply what you have learnt about MLM Attraction Marketing and just not getting the results you would like then I would recommend that you check yourself against each of these three key areas. We are currently in the process of getting ready to launch the new Freedom Duplicator. This is a unique system that will help you in three ways: 1. Educate you on how to apply MLM Attraction Marketing. We will be providing on-going content designed to help you fast track your success with building a large mlm organisation.

2. Attract an unlimited stream of leads and build a relationship with them. We will give you the right tools to manage all of your leads, keep in touch with them, and have them be attracted to you as a leader in the business. 3. Create an ongoing recurring stream of income. While systems like Magnetic Sponsoring have enabled you to make a few sales and earn one off commissions, the Freedom Duplicator will enable you to actually develop a recurring income stream so that you get paid on your leads month after month after month. The Freedom Duplicator system is the same one I used in my previous MLM to attract more than 12,000 leads to me and my team, and build a large group into 23 countries.

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==== ==== "Unlock the Secret of Law of Attraction By Following Three 'Obvious' Steps." ==== ====

3 Keys to MLM Attraction Marketing  

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