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Personal Project: Bookstore & Cafe A city center bookstore located on Glasgow’s bustling Buchanan Street. The lure of an inviting interior and cafe should entice customers as they shop.

Old Glasgow Stock Exchange Building

Designed by John Burnet, and built between 1875 and 1877, the Stock Exchange building sits in a prime retail spot on Glasgow’s busy Buchanan Street.



Staff area

Stock room





A Ground floor plan

A First floor plan

Section AA

Section BB



s Ar t Hi


View from entrance of shop


The stairs to the first floor cafe space are encased by a simple glass balustrade as they wind around the lift.


Detail of signage The top panels of the displays have a series of rods attached to them.

A RT These protruding “arms” fit into pre-drilled holes on the back of the large acrylic letters used as signage around the shop.



The circular frame for the display units is bolted to both the floor and the ceiling.

Detail of display units

A wedged wooden block is positioned at the base of the structure to stop any possible movement. The flooring used in the ground floor space is applied over the wedge to disguise it and give the appearance that the structure stands unaided. Once the frame has been bolted in place, wooden panels are placed over the upper and lower sections of the structure to hide the fixings and close off unuseable space. The top panel is also used to display signage.

L.E.D lights

Black acrylic dividers

Books are supported by a series of black acrylic dividers. A series of L.E.D’s are installed in the underside of the shelving. Bolt Metal plate Shelving unit frame Flooring Support block Existing floor




View of selected furniture used in the cafe area

Key 1. Gehry Fog table (from Knoll) 2. Platner lounge chair (from Knoll) 3. Twist barstool (from Knoll) 4. Tom Dixon cone lights 5. Puur poured resin floor (used on both floors and stairs) 6. Carbonized Bamboo (used for displays and tables) 7. Images by Alex Pardee (used on walls) 8. Abode chair (from hb Group) 9. Winston sofa (from hb Group) 5.




View of seating area at stairs


View of seating area at front entrance 9.

View of cafe area

Detail of table Existing wall Support arm Top surface of table Pre-drilled hole for support arm Wall bracket

Hole for support arm Support arm

Wall bracket

View of servery

The overlapping section of the display units forms three small shelving sections which are used to promote new releases and special offers.


New Releases

Gemma Blaney - Personal Project  

Personal Project: Bookstore & Cafe A city center bookstore located on Glasgow’s bustling Buchanan Street. The lure of an inviting interi...

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