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Every little step counts.. even the baby ones Every morning I wake to a household full of children like many others. The madness and chaos are all my doing of course. I ( as well as my husband) chose to be parents and foster parents and even guardians to a mentally challenged adult. Thoughts run through my mind on a never ending basis, with me trying to imagine what the future will look like for my children as they grow up. A few years ago "environmentalism" was some what of an eccentric term, but nowadays it is part of our everyday lingo. We need to be concerned. We as parents and consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental impacts and we are demanding greener practices. For our family, we have integrated so many of these practices into our daily lives. I will admit it did take some time and effort, but it has been so gratifying. I feel so good knowing that every time we implement even a little change it will impact the environment and the environment in which my children live. From changing our shopping bags from plastic to cloth and our lunch containers to reusable (very cool & fashionable as my daughter would say) lunch sacs. As well as ridding our home of toxins and chemicals with healthier & safer products. All the little things create a snowball effect, making the world a better place for my family now and for my children in the future. Every little step counts.. even the baby ones!

Every little step counts, even the baby ones  

my view on how we ca make changes in our environment.

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