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What Are The Best Ways Of Making Money On eBay I think many of us like idea of being able to make a living, just by simply selling on eBay. Now, the question remains whether it’s actually possible to do this? Well, if I was writing this article 10 years ago, not only would I tell you that it was possible, but it was actually very easy to do so. Now, unfortunately, I cannot say the same thing. Times have changed. The economy is in a very different place than it used to be. People have a lot less disposable income than they used to. But that’s not the only thing that has changed. When eBay first came out, the internet was nowhere near as mainstream as it is right now. Sure, people used the internet back then, but now the internet is a part of us like an extra limb on the body. Many people simply cannot live without it. That may sound like a good thing, but for being able to make money on eBay, it’s not. When eBay first came out, there weren’t the countless amount of websites where a person could just browse, shop, and just generally play around. They didn’t have the same competition that they used to. eBay has become a bit marginalized as the internet got bigger. Another drawback is that the online auction was a completely new concept when it first came out. People were addicted to it. The novelty, unfortunately, has just worn off throughout the years. The days where you could just throw any piece of junk and have dozens of people fighting to pay top dollar for it in an auction are long gone. Auctions just simply don’t muster up the same kind of action that it once did. It’s almost as if people have gotten to a point where they don’t want to wait for an auction to end in order to save a few bucks. They would rather pay a little extra and get it shipped to them immediately. I think our collective attention span as a species has seriously degraded throughout the years, which plays a part in this. Another problem is that eBay has gotten to big for its own good. Their fees are a lot higher than they used to be. This means big sellers have a much bigger advantage than the little stores who work on much tighter profit margins. So, after I have written all of this, you may be thinking that I am trying to tell you not to sell on eBay. Well, not necessarily. I actually recommend eBay as a valid business model. There is one small caveat to this. You have to treat it like a business, otherwise you won’t see success. While this may sound like obvious advice I’m giving you, the truth is many people feel like they can just be casual with this business. I could understand why because it used to be the type of business that people just “fell” into. They would start selling a couple of things on eBay just to make a few bucks, and before you know it, they had a business.

That’s not going to cut it in the year 2013. You better treat it seriously or you are going to be left behind. First and foremost, I recommend being very general as to what you are going to sell. Don’t focus on one particular niche, like watches, for example. The competition is just too stiff. You don’t want to limit yourself to one specific niche, because you will never be able to beat the big companies doing this. The more diversity you have in your product line, the better the chances of keeping a thriving business. Think of how many people choose a certain product line that was once very hot, then all of a sudden, a lot of consumers just lose interest, and then what happens? You’ve got inventory that you can’t move unless you take a major loss in it. Remember things like beanie babies? Also, at the risk of stating the obvious, be prepared to work. Again, this may sound like common sense, but I think many people feel that since this in at-home business, you can take it easier, but trust me, that’s not the case. In your first year, I can guarantee you that you will have a lot of nights where you only get a few hours of sleep a day. If you want success, be prepared to work for it. For more information, please visit

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