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Internationalizing involves more than just exporting goods; here it also involves the IDE – the overseas investment program that Apulian businesses have set up to help them enter new markets by using existing manufacturing plants.

AROUND The quality of the Made in Puglia brand is recognized throughout the world and in fact the entire “home system” sector is extremely active on foreign markets. The United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Germany are the major commercial partners in this sector, but in recent years they have been joined by Russia and China who are showing a growing interest in Apulia’s productive industries. Aware of the dangers and determined to provide maximum protection to the Made in Puglia brand, the regional government is on the front line in the war against counterfeit goods.

Several have already successfully exploited the IDE formula both in Europe and elsewhere.



Profile for internazionalizzazione

Home interiors sector brochure  

Home interiors sector brochure