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Administration Council Advocates of the Cause:

Australia: David Gould Cambodia: Alastair Hilton Canada: Robert Bérubé Chris LeMesurier Gregory Cadotte Michel Houde David Ryniker Jacques Guénette Jeff Foran Don Garvey Chris Labenski Alex Petersons John Swales Robert Vance Dan Zanchetta India: Viki More

Vikram Srivastava

Malaysia Jim Austin (Canada) Mexico and Latin America Leon Mirmanas (Canada) Michael C. Crane (Canada) South Africa Marc de Jager United Kingdom: UK Steve Bevan USA Dale English Ken Followell R.Carl Hart Ken Larson Michael Milroy Jim McGann

International Days

John Mark Clubb Gabe Wright James A. Landrith Jr Michael C. Oboza

Michael J. Wood Christopher de Serres

Canada: Elizabeth Cook Doreen Haggart Rick Mayoh France: Aurore Schneider-Braun Italy (Italia) Massimiliano Frassi USA Melanie Wade-Doty

Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Violence September 18 & 19, 2010

Climb Back Up was donated by the group Courageous Men and was drawn by Sean Redmond, a survivor. For additional information please contact: Facebook :!/group.php ?gid=229464599362 Web page: www.InternationalDaysMaleSurvivorsofS Robert Bérubé: Canadian and International Contact

Climb back up by Sean Redmond


Solidarity not Solitude!

International Days: Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Violence

International Days: Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Violence

September 18 and 19, 2010

Our Focus: The only focus of the International Day Groups is to establish and manage our first annual International Days for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Violence.

Activities: Members of the Council will coordinate certain activities for their region or group. Numerous group and personal activities will be organized around the world to underline, recognize and acknowledge the plight, the healing and numerous issues regarding Male Survivors.

We hope that survivors worldwide will submit projects and participate. The activities will foster awareness, encourage communication and support for Male Survivors. Some activities will be for well-being. Other activities will have social, political, public relations and media components.

Who am I? I am your son, your brother, your father, your grandchild, your husband, your partner, your lover, your neighbour, your friend, your nephew, your uncle, your coworker. I am you! I am a survivor! I have kept ‘the secret’ for too long and I have suffered. On these first annual days dedicated to Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Violence I will stand and be acknowledged! I will empower myself. I will let the world know that I am not alone! I will tell the world that in Solidarity with fellow survivors I will abandon my solitude! I will heal and I will thrive! (RB)

Council: The Council established in January 2010 has representatives who are male survivors from Australia, Cambodia, Canada, France, India, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico and Latin America, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The group has a worldwide membership in over twenty five (25) countries. Inuit and Natives of North America are also represented on the Council. A few women and non-survivors are members of the Council as Advocates of the cause. Survivors and supporters who want to join the groups may do so by signing up on our Facebook site or on our Web Page! You may want to contact a member of the Administration Council in your area! REMEMBER: September 18 and 19, 2010 are our days!


International Days: September 2010

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