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The Board of Trustees invites all parents to an


to discuss and VOTE on the New Statutes as proposed by the Monégasque Government, over which H.E. Mr. Serge Telle, Prime Minister, presides.

These Statutes have been developed in the interests of the School and to ensure its long-term security and future development. Copies of these Statutes will be sent to parents by April 30th. This E.G.M. will immediately be followed by the

ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY on Monday June 11th at 18h45

Please note that: Elections to the Board of Trustees will also take place this year at the AGM and Members of the Association are invited to present themselves as candidates. Please note the conditions stated below.

 Any parent standing for election: • Must have had a child enrolled in the school for at least two consecutive years prior to the date of elections. • Must have been actively involved in some part of school life. • Must have the competence and experience to assume authority for the major responsibilities of the Board: finance, legal advice, government relations, buildings and grounds, and educational policy.  A nominee must be proposed and seconded by two members of the ISM Association (all parents and Board Members are automatically Members of the Association).  To apply: please contact Mrs. Angela Godfrey who will send you the application package including: the Statutes (Articles of Association) an Election Nomination Form and a copy of the Board Operation Policies, which describe the functions and operating procedures of the Board.

 Nominations must be received by Monday May 21st at the latest.  A list of all persons standing for election, or re-election, together with their résumés, will be distributed to all parents, along with an Agenda and Proxy Form, well in advance of the meeting. BOTH MEETINGS WILL TAKE PLACE IN THE SCHOOL CAFETERIA

Gerard Cohen, President Board of Trustees

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Board of Trustees 2017-2018

BOARD President Gerard Cohen

Vice President Kory Tarpenning Treasurer Claude Palmero Secretary Laila Schlereth

Member: Raffaella Perris Magnetto Tamborrino

Committees: Education Kory Tarpenning Raffaella Perris Magnetto Tamborrino Facilities/Security Gerard Cohen Laila Schlereth Finance/Legal Claude Palmero

Communication/Alumni Laila Schlereth

Bursaries Raffaella Perris Magnetto Tamborrino

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at BOTH the Extraordinary and the Annual General Assemblies.

Board communiqueApril 2018  
Board communiqueApril 2018