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s e n i l d a e H L The IS From the Head of School : Mr. Martin Gough “Striving for

31st October2013

I hope that students all had a refreshing half-term break. Given the


temperature where I was camping on the Lower Zambezi, I am not

Important Dates

sure refreshing is the right word to describe my holiday! However, I

CIE University tour

5th Nov

had a very enjoyable few days exploring an area of Zambia that was

Yr 10 Nsobe Trip

3rd-6th Nov

new to me. You will remember, I hope, that about a month ago we sent out an online survey to families. Following a number of reminders we got a very good response with questionnaires completed by 40% of those surveyed. The results

Yr 11/IB2 PTC

13th Nov

are being analysed and will go towards informing the development of the strategic plan for ISL 2013-18.We have had two major events in school in recent weeks: Carnival took place on Saturday 6th October. This annual event requires a massive

End of Semester exams

25th – 29th Nov

and was enjoyed by the many students, parents and teachers who attended. My sincere thanks go to the PTA, school staff and all the volunteers who helped make Carnival such a

Contents Head of School

amount of hard work and organization by the ISL PTA. This year’s event ran very smoothly

success .(Please see the photos and Mr. Bowen’s article for more detail).


The second major annual event was the 2013 UN Zambia Day which was held at school on Friday 18th October. The traditional national costume and colours Parade of Nations was

Primary Principal/Early years




music from the ISL band. Along with members of the Diplomatic Corps and parents, His

Upper Primary


Worship, the Mayor of Lusaka, Mr. Daniel Chisenga graced us with his presence and gave

of ISL & 100 Years of Lusaka’. The performances included dances, songs, poetry as well as

Secondary Princi- 5/6 pal/MUN IGCSE / IB/ IT

followed by a wonderful set of student performances in the MPC on the theme of ‘50 Years


a well-received speech reflecting on the theme of the celebration. My thanks go to the UN Zambia Teacher Committee who put together an excellent event that allowed us to celebrate our diversity and unity as a community. It is difficult to believe that we are already one quarter of the way through the school year. The time is flying by, especially for IB2 students in Year 13 as they meet all their deadlines

Creative Arts


for internal assessment and coursework for the IB Diploma Programme courses. Between now and February they will have to finish major assignments that contribute towards their

UN day


PTA Carnival


search project that is an essential part of the IBDP core. If you are the parent of an IBDP


student you will already be aware of the need to support your child through the stresses of

IGCSE Trip/ Board Chair

final marks in most of their subjects, as well as finish their Extended Essay, a major re-

the next few months.

ry Prima

Message from the Primary Principal: Mr. Bowen

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We are now well into our second Unit in most of the Primary Classes and I am thrilled with the levels of independent inquiry going on within the Primary School walls. Central to the PYP’s philosophy is the idea of students thinking for themselves. In a sense we actually encourage children not to be satisfied with simply finding the answers, instead they should be finding out more questions. As teachers we often remark on the breathtaking talent of your children, our students. However in recent assemblies the tables have been turned and the teachers have been perfoming in their own talent show. Do ISL Primary teachers have talent? You bet! Mrs Nair’s dancing was unbelievable and who can forget Mr Nyirenda’s riddles, Mrs Banda, Mrs Lungu and Mrs Chilambu dancing, Mr Nkolola’s singing and of course the Kambeu Matthias Rap Team to name but a few! Primary School students and teachers were instrumental in making this year’s Carnival such a success. I understand a record amount of Carnival money was raised so I would personally like to thank the students who helped raise that money on behalf of our hard working PTA. If you have any ideas about how you would like to see the money spent, then please feel free to pass on your ideas to me or one of the other PTA members. Just before the holidays we held our UN Zambia day and of course the Parade of Nations. One thing I always notice at this time of year is how undecided students (and staff!) are about which nation they ‘belong’ to. How wonderful! It speaks volumes of our community that individuals actually wish to be considered multi-national and have difficulty in literally pinning their colours to a particular mast. Finally, we continue to have a steady chain of interested prospective parents visiting the Primary School in search of a place for their children. In speaking with one of them this week I was told.“ The most important thing about the school we choose is that it must make my child happy”. I could not agree with that parent more. It is absolutely imperative, particularly at Primary level, that students enjoy coming to school. None of us learn when we are unhappy so this was a timely reminder about our priorities as a Primary School.

From the Early Years Coordinator: Mrs Rachel Bentley t has been encouraging to see our Early Years students return from the mid -term break rested, refreshed and ready for all the exciting learning their teachers have planned for them. Thank you to all parents for the effort you made to dress your children in their national costume or colours for our UN/Zambia Day as it added to the fun and excitement of the day. It was lovely to see the diversity of the ISL community. As the heat has arrived please make sure you send plenty of drink for your child each day and that your child has a hat to wear at break times. We are noticing that some children are not being collected promptly at the end of the school day or after activities. At this time of year, the children are hot and tired by the end of the day and need to go home. Please check with your class teacher for the correct finishing time.

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Message from the PYP Coordinator: Mrs Sunita Nair Whoa!!! We had a super duper day with many of our parents turning up for the Math workshop!! There were some exciting, exhilarating, fabulous and wonderful investigative moments shared. We were so happy to see you all come in and take an interest in what we do at school in spite of your busy schedules. The workshops that we hold, aim to be a platform to share ideas, practices and concerns. I sincerely believe the more we work together, the more we can help our children achieve. Do not despair if you have been unable to make it for this workshop! We have two more planned this academic yearFebruary 18th and May 21st. Please note those dates in your diaries. The request from parents has been to continue combining it with Coffee morning and begin the workshops at 7:30 am so that we can end by 8:30 am and allow you to get back in time for work. So we hope to follow the suggested time frame. That being said, we will remind you about the next one through emails, newsletters and noticeboards.

Junior Laws : Mrs. Johanna de Swardt and Mrs. Anne-Maries Phiri

We are very excited about the new and very first Junior LAWS Club, which is part of the afternoon activities at ISL. Every week the children from Junior LAWS visit the shelter from LAWS where they walk, clean, feed and help socialize the dogs and cats at the shelter. The children also have been a huge help at the 20 th Anniversary Dog Show from LAWS by helping out at the kids corner and selling items in order to raise money for the shelter. Recently, with the help of some devoted students, a number of cats and kittens were rescued at school and handed over to LAWS. We would like to thank them for their dedication. For more information about LAWS, the cats that were rescued or information about adopting a cat or dog look at: or The two kittens Biscuit and Picasso were rescued from a drain at ISL on the 15 of October.

20th Anniversary Dog Show

UPPER PRIMARY: Mrs. Grace Kambeu

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We hope you had a wonderful break and enjoyed the Independence celebrations. Upper Primary continues to promote hands on activities and it is remarkable to see so much inquiry happening both in and outside the classroom. Year 6 students invited one of our parents, Mrs. Sharmaine Mwenda, to give a talk on plants. The students were so intrigued and couldn’t wait to start their own garden as part of their inquiry on plant cycle. They had a good experience planting and watering. They measured the beds and were able to find the area and perimeter of the whole garden. Now they are busy observing the plants and recording findings. What a fun way to learn! As part of our Unit Who We Are, the Year 5 students focused on Children’s Rights and Action Planning. The students visited Twatasha School to identify a problem around Children’s Rights that concerned them and that they felt passionate about. After that, the students created an action plan to stand up for this problem and to organize a fundraiser. Finally, they turned their plan into reality (see pictures of the bake sale). On the 1 st of October the students from Year 5 went back to Twatasha School to handover the money, clothes, shoes, stationery, tooth brushes, play ground materials and toys that they wanted to donate to Twatasha School. Besides that, the students organized a morning full of activities for the pupils of the Twatasha School. It was a great success! The letter below from the head of the school shows how much Twatasha School appreciated our support. Dear Sirs, Madams & Students, Ref: Letter of Appreciation We, the management, teachers and students of Twatasha School would like to express our sincerest, heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the money, the clothes and the other items that you donated to our school. We want you to know that, your donation will go a long way in improving our pupils’ livelihoods and enhancing the smooth running of our school. We hope you will continue with the gesture which expresses your love and care to our school. May God richly bless you for your generosity. Yours Sincerely, Mrs. Mabel M. Kachidz Head of the School

Teacher’s day was hilarious as the teachers took over the stage to entertain the students. The students enjoyed the show and screamed for more. And finally house points: Juniors (Year 2), in 3rd place Zambezi with 62 points, 2nd place Kafue with 71 points and 1st place Luangwa with 79 points. Intermediate (Year 3 & 4) in 3rd place Zambezi with 81 points, 2nd place Kafue with 91 points and 1st place Luangwa with 137 points. Seniors (Year 5&6) in 3rd place Kafue with 180 points, 2nd place Luangwa with 211 points and 1st place Zambezi with 213 points. Overall – 3rd place Kafue – 342 points, 2nd place Zambezi – 356 points and 1st place Luangwa – 427 points. Look out for more in our next newsletter!!!

Secondary From the Secondary Principal: Mr. Mwanza

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A warm welcome back to school after a week of school break. We have, I am sure, picked up sufficient energy to complete the first semester with the commitment and drive it deserves. If you were not at the Zambia/UN day celebrations on Friday 18th of October, you missed a treat. It was a most enjoyable event. Thank you to the students for their involvement in setting up dances, songs, poems and a power point presentation of the history of 100 years of Lusaka and 50 years of ISL. Thank you to teachers for organizing the whole show and to parents for dressing up the students in very colourful national costumes. The last few weeks of the semester are filled with a number of events. Year 10 students are off to Nsobe camp on Sunday 3rd and will be back on Wednesday 6th November. On Tuesday 5th November is the Council of International Schools (CIS) Tour. Again this year, we have 18 universities visiting our school from the US and Canada. The College Representatives will do presentations at about 09 00 to our IB students, visiting students and parents followed by the College Fair from 10:00 hours until 11:30. We recommend that IB parents attend this function. On Wednesday 13th of November, we will have the Parent – Teacher Conference for students in examination classes, Y11 and IB2 from 14 30 to 18 00. It is important that you find time on this day to see the teachers of your child to discuss the progress made or concerns you may have. The ISL school musical production is on Friday 22nd November in the Fine Arts Centre. There are details of the play elsewhere in this bulletin.

From Junior Secondary School : Mrs.Dodd

First of all a big Thank you to Mr Silondwa and Mr Mwale for organizing this amazing opportunity for our students. Thank you also to all the senior students who supervised, support and chaired the committees. Preparing and participating in our Model United Nations day was a great opportunity for our junior students to think deeply about the huge issues facing our world today, as well as to perfect their public speaking and debating skills. Have you ever dreamt of running your own country? During the MUN day the Junior Students made this dream a reality. If you want to suspend human rights, embargo China, or invade Switzerland, you can (well, fictionally). You choose what your country does, and the power you hold is amazing. Model United Nations is an educational simulation activity necessitating a lot of preparation. During a Model United Nations conference, students take on roles as foreign diplomats and participate in a simulated session of an intergovernmental organization. Participants research a country (that activity took place every Wednesday and Monday afternoons), take on a role as a diplomat, investigate international issues, debate, deliberate, consult, and then develop solutions to world problems and pass resolutions. During the simulation they employed a variety of communications and critical thinking skills to defend and advance the policies of their country. Well done to all my little delegates! You looked so smart and so grownup!


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From the IGCSE coordinator: Mr R Van de Velde

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After a successful Year 11 trip to Treetops, we are looking forward to the year 10 trip to Nsobe Game Camp, from Sunday 3rd till Wednesday 6th of November. The students will be asked to prepare for the trip by doing research on the history, the wildlife and some local customs of the area. After this, the year 10 students can start to prepare for their end of semester exams from Monday 25th till Friday 29th of November. The year 11 students are facing a worse fate: 2 weeks of IGCSE Trial exams from 13 – 24 January 2014. More information about these exams will be given out closer to the dates. In the meantime the Cambridge Certificates for all May 2013 candidates have arrived and can be collected from the IGCSE Coordinator between 2- 3 pm on weekdays. Please bring some ID with you.’

IB Corner! From Mr. Hearsum The IB2 Extended Essays are in the process of being handed in ready for sending off to examiners around the world. The IB1 students will begin their Extended Essay journey in the next few weeks. ‘The extended essay is an in-depth study of a focused topic chosen from the list of approved Diploma Programme subjects—normally one of the student’s six chosen subjects for the IB diploma. It is intended to promote high-level research and writing skills, intellectual discovery and creativity. It provides students with an opportunity to engage in personal research in a topic of their own choice, under the guidance of a supervisor (a teacher in the school). This leads to a major piece of formally presented, structured writing, in which ideas and findings are communicated in a reasoned and coherent manner, appropriate to the subject chosen.’Extract taken for the IB Extended Essay Guide 2013 The Extended Essay is one of many areas that distinguish the IB Diploma from A-levels. University administrators regularly cite the Extended Essay as being one of the reasons why the IB Diploma is the best pre-university qualification on offer. It familiarises students with the independent research and writing skills expected at university. Parents of prospective IB students should contact me at if they would like to arrange an appointment to discuss the programme.

MUSICAL NITE Mark your calenders! The ISL production of the musical "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" will be performed in the Fine Arts building on the 22nd of November at 18:00. Seating is limited so first come first served.

IT NEWS : Mr. Ezekiel Miti Our school has decided to use Google Apps both for communication (using Gmail) and as a Learning Management Portal (using Google Drive and Google Sites). All students from Year 3 to IB2 have been allocated school email address and user id which will be in the form of: Graduation Year, Student First Name initial, Last Name + Student Domain Name. For example, a Year 4 student called Miti Bowen will have their username as Primary parents should have received letters through their children. We ask that they return the signed slips to their children's class teachers as soon as possible. Should any parents have questions about their children's privacy or safety, Mr Miti or Mr Bowen will gladly answer all your questions and allay any fears about this new learning and teaching service that the school has embarked on.

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NEWS FROM HEAD OF CREATIVE ARTS : Mr. Fraser Dodd Although this is our first newsletter posting for this academic year, the Creative Arts Dept. has far from been taking a leisurely start to the year. In September, our Visual Arts students worked studiously under the careful and skilled guidance of both Mr Hopkins and Mr Banda to produce some wonderful entries for the David Shepherd Art competition. ISL demonstrated the strength and depth of the quality of their work by commanding the 12-14year old category with 1st place being won by Ayra Hussain, 2nd place going to Thato Van der Jagt and 3rd place to Jessica Riekert. Congratulations to these students who all produced thematic work with powerful messages regarding the importance of animal conservation. October began with the ISL Band performing to English royalty and Zambian dignitaries at the International Youth award, otherwise called Duke of Edinburgh gold award ceremony. Attended by Prince Edward, Duke of Essex and the Zambian Vice-president, Mr Guy Scott, along with other government MP’s and officials, the ISL Band performed at the home of the VP in the morning of the 3 rd of October as well as later in the evening at the Intercontinental Hotel for the gala dinner. Aside from performing the respective national anthems of both the UK and Zambia, the ISL Band performed a wellreceived and appreciated selection of music to the distinguished audience. Bravo to the following musicians for their skills and dedication; Priyanka Naik, Ruella Che, Somang Kim, Tong Yu, Jin Yong Hwang, Gowri Prasad, Melody Che, Nathan Doras and Malin Mabika. While the ISL UN/Zambia Day celebration is likely mentioned elsewhere in this publication I would like to recognise, thank and congratulate all of the performers who rehearsed tirelessly in the weeks leading up to the event in order that it could be the spectacular success that it was. Showcasing a genuine depth of creative talent from the Early Years division through to our Y13 students, and with too many students to individually mention, the event was a true display of our cultural diversity while celebrating the unique way the Arts can bring us all together. With 50 years of this nation’s independence only 1 year away, I feel certain that the ISL UN/Zambia Day of 2014 will surely be (another!) ISL event not to be missed. Completing this first half term of artistic endeavours was the successful exhibition at the Alliance Française of several of our energetic visual artists. Held from the 18th-25th October, the exhibition provided an opportunity for the work of our own ISL students to be shown against the work of other students in an effort to promote the importance of Visual Art as a subject. Again, a hearty thank you goes to Messer’s Hopkins and Banda for guiding and inspiring our students in their efforts to produce a level of student artwork that is clearly second to none in Lusaka.

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ISL @ 50



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The PTA decided in advance of this year’s Carnival to adopt a watery theme in anticipation of a hot and sunny October day. Sure enough the weather did not disappoint, and neither did the cooling attraction of the ISL Water Park. The PTA volunteers were still at work at 23.30 the previous evening trying to make sure water, air and electricity supplies were adequate for the event to take place. Aside from the water attractions there were the usual fantastic arrays of world food and of course games and sideshows put on by the ISL students themselves. Other attractions included the rally car display by Tanweer Dalal and friends, not to mention the Grand raffle and music throughout the day. A great day was had by all and the event was a success. The secondary purpose of the day – to raise funds for a school PTA project - was also a success and a whopping figure in excess of K60 000 was raised. Well done everybody and in particular to the ISL PTA. Mr. Bowen

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IGCSE Biology Field Trip to Kafue National Park! 25 year 11 students woke early on Sunday morning after the Carnival and boarded the bus for Treetops in Kafue National Park. In this wild environment, 105 km from the nearest tarmac road, they settled in for a few days of Biology in the Bush. There were several field studies to complete such as a biomass in the ecosystem, antelope behavior, the effects of termites on soil and making dichotomous keys and drawings from a wonderful range of animal skulls. These all backed up their understanding of ecology and conservation first learnt in the classroom at school. We also had time for great game drives, both early morning and evening, where lucky students saw first hand some of the diversity of wildlife to be found in Kafue and especially in Busanga plains. There were some memorable meals including tasty braais in some beautiful spots by a river or on the plains. All together we all though it was a great field trip, both educational and enjoyable.

Hello from the Board! A school is not a school without teachers. Every time I meet an ISL alum the first thing they ask about is their former teachers. ‘Is Mr. Nyirenda still there? How about Mrs. Thomas?’ They smile with memories. Our children spend more time with their teachers second only to (perhaps) their parents. We’ve chosen to send our children to ISL because we have faith that the school’s teaching staff can develop our children into “open-minded, balanced, environmentally conscious and principled citizens of the world who will strive for excellence and cherish life-long learning” (from the ISL Mission Statement). A few facts about teachers at ISL: Number of teaching staff: 63 % of teachers who are citizens of a country other than Zambia: 57% Length of teacher contract (renewable): 2 years Percent of school budget (school fees) for teacher salaries and benefits: 65% To ensure that the school is able to attract and retain strong teachers, the Board created a new “Human Resources” sub-committee for the 2013-14 school year. (Note: This committee has a distinct role apart from the administrative HR department). The committee works with school management and the finance committee to review salary scales, annual pay increases and benefit packages, making sure that ISL remains competitive. The committee is tasked with reviewing the Conditions of Service policy to ensure that it is up-to-date, realistic and fair. The committee recommends policy changes to the Board, who makes final decisions while factoring in the level of school fee increases that can support reasonable annual raises in teacher’s salaries while also ensuring that the school maintains a healthy budget surplus. The decisions are difficult, but one factor remains clear: A school is not a school without teachers.

Elizabeth Jere, Chair of Board of Governors


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