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Edition 82 / October 2017

Events 11th Balkan Salsa Congress, Bulgaria. p. 8 6th International Kizomba Festival Hamburg. p. 9 Halloween Party Night at Hammersmith Salsa Club (London, UK.) p. 12 World Bachata Festival 2017, Kuala Lumpur. p. 16 2nd Annual Maui Salsa Bachata Congress. p. 28

On the Cover

4th Tucson Afro-Latin Festival p. 34

JOHN ERBAN. The International sensation of the Tango scene!

p. 18

Wisconsin’s biggest Latin Dance Festival.l p. 38

Canada Salsa and Bachata Congress. p. 52

Places / Restaurants

Perú Latin Fest. p. 74

Ilhe Habana. La pequeña Habana dentro de Colombia. p. 80

Dance Classes Orange County (OC) Salsa with Esteban Conde. p. 40 Toronto Dance Salsa. Canada’s Largest Salsa Dance School. p. 56 Steps Dance Studio Inc. p. 58

Manya. Una sucursal de la gastronomía peruana en Colombia. p. 82

Singers and Groups

Bogotá baila al ritmo de Son Salomé. p. 84

40 años de El Trabuco Venezolano. Un merecido homenaje a Alberto Naranjo y a sus músicos. p. 64

Goce pagano. Un icono histórico de la Salsa en Bogotá. p. 86

Alfrid Valdez “El Rey del Steel Band” p. 70



International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

Rila National Park

International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017


Bulgaria / Events

11th Balkan Salsa Congress 27-29.10.2017

Borovets, Bulgaria Valentina Diaslara

October means PARTY in Europe and the Balkans are not the exception. International Salsa Magazine has the honor to invite you to the 11th Balkan Salsa Congress 2017! For the 11th consecutive year the region of Borovets will welcome many salseros from around the world during the last days of October: 27-29.10.2017. 2011 was the year when the when this contest begun, with three divisions: Salsa (Couples), Bachata and Teams. In Salsa Division, Vasil and Yoanna from Salsa Club Malambo - Bulgaria shared the ď€ rst place in Professionals with the Romanian couple Valentin & Anna - Salsa Factory. The contestants from Romania made an absolute triumph in the Bachata Division, as well. During the year these couples attended numerous competitions and congresses in all across Europe, including the World Latin Dance Cup. Champions in the Team's Division became one of the Bulgarian salseros' favorites - Miro' Dance - Shumen, Bulgaria. This year the event will have more than 3000 people will gather again for this year's issue of the biggest salsa congress on the Balkans.Again - 6 dancing halls will be available for LA New York, romantique & animation, Cuban, bachata, kizomba zuk, and tango.


International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

With the performance of international dancers from Turkey, Romania, Cyprus, Greece and more. Also the show of the amazing Loca Latina live Band from Greece.

Competition Divisions Salsa on 1 / on 2 Couples Salsa Solo Ladies Salsa Solo Men Bachata Couples Rueda De Casino Teams

For information and tickets

Germany / Events

6th International

Kizomba Festival

Hamburg, Germany 13 -16 October, 2017 Ana Rosa Massieu

International Salsa Magazine recommends the 6th edition of the International Kizomba Festival in Hamburg by the Kizomba pioneers in Germany. A mix of modernity & tradition, origins & inuences, the International Kizomba Festival of Hamburg brings together kizomba, semba, zouk, kuduro, afro, afrobeats & more. Take part in classes, watch shows, party and social dance. It is a great opportunity to have a taste of the African feelings and Culture in an special and intimate event, where you can immerse yourself into Afro-Luso music & dance for 3 days and 3 nights. Location: First Foundation, Uberseering 13. 22297 HH More info:

International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017




International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017


International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017


United Kingdom / Events / London

Halloween Party Night at Hammersmith Salsa Club, to have an afterlife Party! SATURDAY NIGHT SALSA 28th October Valentina Diaslara

Incognito Dance Studio has the honor to invite you to their next iconic Halloween Party. This year it is at the Hammersmith Salsa Club. Guest DJ Salseando, more teachers, Shows by Miriam Oppel Team, Colleen Daniel - Tricks & Treats more TBC This event is known for the high quality, fun & friendly classes and social dancing for dancers of all levels. Plenty of great dancers to the best and latest Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha and Latin grooves.


International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

Absolute beginners warmly welcomed, loads of new beginners every week. No prior bookings needed, just turn up and dance, no partner required. All levels by Jeff Tarpinian, Paula Canton Gonzalez, Mia Amorbaila, Ninela Ivanova, Tim Rowe, Jana Slosarova, Amie Connelly, Emily Vitian and Katia Dipper

With 160 - 200 dancers every week, social dance is the rule! Every week DJ-eff regularly play the latest Salsa and Latin music. Fun and friendly staff.

The party couldn't be better thanks to the amazing sound system, fully licensed bar, perfect dance oor, Dj playing Salsa/Bachata/Cha Cha all night! Wear comfortable shoes and light clothes, to keep you dancing cool all night. Experienced dancers are given fun, technically challenging classes, and plenty of hours to social dance to the latest Latin music by the fabulous DJ's. They teach many Latin dance styles of salsa from LA Style, NY Style, Cuban and Puerto Rican, as well as Bachata, Kizomba, Cha Cha, Reggaeton, Latin Hip Hop, Merengue etc.

Regular Salsa classes by IDC SATURDAY 28 October 2017 OPEN: 7pm- MIDNIGHT DJ'S Incognito - more TBC Shows TBC Prizes for best dressed Address: Hammersmith Salsa Club, 11 Rutland Grove, Hammersmith, W6 9DH Further information in International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017




International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017


International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017


Malaysia / Events / Lumpur

WORLD BACHATA FESTIVAL 2017 November 10th - 12th Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Press release: Liitha Krishnan

Bigger! Better! More Exciting and Thrilling!

Nestor & Rebecca (Australia)

The World Bachata Festival 2017 is set to raise the bar from all the previous years and going the extra mile, all because of the great feedback and enthusiasm shown by all the previous participants who tagged last year's festival as the best one so far. The World Bachata Festival is one of the many Bachata festivals that's happening around the world and has been featured in the International Salsa Magazine.


International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

Latin dance, originating from Latin American countries, is a very popular form of ballroom and folk dance with a tinge of sensuality that is unique to each dance form ranging from Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, to Salsa, Mambo, Merengue and Bachata, to name a few. Many dance schools exist locally teaching and they're expanding their popularity thru their respective events. One such event encompassing many of these dance forms with local and foreign participation is the World Bachata Festival.

Performances for the 3 nights will also include Havana Estudio (Malaysia), MStyle Ladies (Japan) and Sambasitas (International). DJs spinning your most favourite music will be Güpson Pierre (Canada) and DJ Selva (Malaysia).

The World Bachata Festival will feature world class instructors from countries like Australia, India, Cuba, Philippines and the US participating and conducting workshops at the festival of 4 days and 3 nights. The 5th World Bachata Festival is scheduled for 10th, 11th and 12th of November 2017 at the Bentley Music Auditorium, Wisma Bentley Music in Mutiara Damansara with performances, workshops and parties. Some of the top deejays will also be providing a avor and feast of the best in Latin music for a night of non-stop dancing.

The fabulous line up of instructors are: Romina & Kendrick J (Australia), Tharindu and Sabina (Australia), Oneysis & María (New York), Lourd Vijay (India), Yogi & Marta (India & Poland), Carlos Redondo & Chloe Loh (Australia & Spain), Dhwani Bahar (Indonesia), Kasun Dias (Sri Lanka), Richard David Tholoor (India), Josie Cote (Canada), Takahashi Mariko (Japan), Tony Lara (Australia), Katrina Quintal (Australia), Amar (Malaysia), Nestor & Rebecca (Australia), Kalnish Schubert (Malaysia), Ana Palma (Philipines), KL Son Project (Malaysia) and Güpson Pierre (Canada).

Carlos Redondo & Chloe Loh (Australia & Spain)

Come join the World Bachata Festival in a totally interactive, friendly and enriching experience with a multinational crowd while still infused with the rich local culture and avors you will surely cherish. The world Bachata Festival 2017 is set to offer the best of workshops, boot-camps and performances. Check out all the details and book your tickets at and make a date with us come November 10th to 12th 2017.

International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017



John Erban

The International sensation of the Tango scene! Valentina Diaslara

At International Salsa Magazine, we believe that what makes someone special is their passion and love for what they do and bring to others. This is the case with John Erban, the Venezuelan tango dancer and instructor that we had the pleasure to meet this month.


International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017



International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

John is based in Geneva, Switzerland. He is preparing his next European tour in order to give Tango classes, shows, festivals and more. With an interesting beginning, this Venezuelan left an engineering career to follow a passion that was growing inside of him: Dance. The Colombian inuence in his family was very important to him to take that step into dance. His beginning was centered in a more Latin/Caribbean style, starting with salsa and Venezuelan folklore. After many years of mastering these styles, giving shows and performances, John met the style that changed his life, Tango. Thanks to the Tango Caracas Company, this dancer started a career in the Tango scene and in 2006, after only three months of practicing with his partner in that moment, John went to the worldwide Tango Championship in Argentina and the couple could passed to the seminal, something remarkable for a Venezuelan contestants couple. Later, in 2007, they made it to the nals and in 2008 the couple took part again of the contest and won the 3rd place.

After that, many doors opened for John in the Tango scene around the world, making a dance tour in TokyoJapan, and different countries of Asia. This was a learning process for John in so many ways, because he had the opportunity to meet so many different cultures, languages, perspectives and, overall, dances.

He returned to Argentina in 2009, this time with the amazing dancer Clarissa Sanchez as his new dancing partner, but it was just until 2011, the year of victory, where they were tied in the rst place with a Colombian couple After this, John's career just got off the ground, working and dancing a lot in Argentina, having tours in United States and Europe. Currently, John is working by himself in Switzerland, organizing a big Milonga once a month in Geneva, and being invited to jury, perform, Dj and teach in Festivals and other cultural events around the world. In November begins his next European tour, with conrmed countries as France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and the U.K.

International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017



Some of his awards Representative of Venezuela in the 8th. World Tango Summit in Bariloche, Argentina 2009. Finalist of the 7th World Tango Championship held in Buenos Aires in 2009 in the category of Salon Tango. 3rd place of the 1st World Tango Championship held in MedellĂ­n, Colombia in 2011 in the Tango Salon category. 7th place of the 1st World Tango Championship held in MedellĂ­n, Colombia in 2011 in the category of Stage Tango. 2nd place of the IX World Tango Championship held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2011 in the Tango Salon category. 5th place of the IX World Tango Championship held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2011 in the Stage Tango category. BEST FOREIGN COUPLE OF 2011, in the IX World Tango Championship held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2011.


International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017




International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

But having a lifestyle where you have to travel worldwide makes difcult being near to your family and the ones you love and that is a lesson that John has learned after many years of working hard. "When you travel like this, you have to internalize a state of separation, and it has been very hard for me, but I'm still working on that". Nevertheless, John is making all to have his son with him, and being close with his family as much as he can. Future goals for John are continue traveling, working and dancing. He is also working for next year in developing his own clothing line, videoclip production and online tango lessons through his new website. Travel gives him a great opportunity to learn and see all types of languages and cultures. He also wants to create a dance academy and dance company, in order to make festivals, workshops and more.

When we asked him what is the thing that he loves the most about Tango, he says that is the energy that you want to give and show to others, the energy that you want your partner feel, the sensations, the moves… He knows that Tango is a very strict style with specic rules and it requires a lot of discipline, but he is innovating the style, giving it his signature and personality, and that is what he wants to develop, a new way of Tango style that could captivate anyone.

John talks about Venezuela, its current situation, Europe, the people he's helping and more, but the most remarkable and beautiful thing is how passionate he is talking about Tango and dance in general. When you talk with him, the desire of learn to dance starts growing, he's just inspiring.

John Erban is such and unique person, with so much talent and vibrant personality. To know more about him and his work, check his page bantango/ Instagram y Twitter: @johnerbantango Email:

Finally he gives us tips for beginners in Tango and in dance in general. “Stay humble, always. Ego is an obstacle that every dancer has to defeat. Also you need to have discipline, learning Tango and every dance is like to learn a new language, you have to practice a lot and put all you effort to achieve your goal”. The best advice from a professional.

International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017




International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

Hawaii Beach

International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017


United States Of America / Events / Hawaii

Social Dancing Musicality Footworks| Timing Body Movement and more...

2nd Annual

Tickets: 4-Day Congress Pass: $150

Maui Salsa


Bachata Congress Adriana Saez

Aloha! The best Congress of Latin rhythm is here. 2nd annual Maui Salsa and Bachata Congress will be unforgettable from October 5th until October 8th from 21:30 to 02:00 each day. 4 Nights of Dancing with 3 Deejays playing the best Latin Music and the best Live Concert & Dance Show with the bachata's group Voz a Voz.


International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

* THURSDAY THROUGH SUNDAY of Salsa and Bachata dance instruction from world class artists with classes for different levels including beginner, intermediate, and advanced dancers. * Social dance parties until 2 am from Thursday to Sunday. * Live concerts and dance performances. * Sunset beach dance parties and cliff diving ceremonies at the beautiful Maui Sheraton Resort set in paradise.


Putting their talents together, Javier and Katya have already made a success winning competitions such as USA Dance National Salsa Championship, Borderline Salsa Competition and the Afro-Latin Bachata Festival in Las Vegas.

JUNIOR & EMILY (8-Time Worldwide Salsa Champions)

Ekaterina's professional career started when she was accepted into one of the most famous schools, Opera Center of Galina Vishnevskaya, in Moscow, Russia therefore attended Moscow State University of Humanitarian Studies, obtaining her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science: International Relations.Soon after, she became a member of Russia's famous choreographer, Alla Duhova's: Todes Contemporary Russian Ballet in Moscow for 3 years. There she trained in International Latin and Standard Ballroom dance.

Junior and Emily are a brother and sister team originally from San Francisco and now living in Los Angeles, California. Junior and Emily have performed, taught, and competed all over the world. They are one of the hottest Pro-couples on the International circuit bringing them to be one of the best in the world. Their electrifying routines blow the roof off of Congresses, Festivals, and corporate shows around the world. Through their dancing they have traveled and toured through the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and Africa.

Javier began his young career as a dancer in middle school, dancing folkloric, and the traditional Mexican dance. He was still a teenager when he ventured to the USA, determined to pursue his career. Not with standing his devotion to his craft, Rebollar managed to obtain a liberal arts degree from the California State University at Northridge, at the same time that he performed with team Tropical Rhythm. Turning himself to education at the professional level, he studied at the Grizzly Dance Company for more than four years, where he developed a proď€ ciency in salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Merengue, Jazz, Contemporary Hip-Hop, Reggeaton and Tango. International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017


United States Of America / Events / Hawaii NAYARA NUÑEZ (Professional

VOZ A VOZ (Bachata Musicians

Dancer and Choreographer)

- 2-time Latin Grammy nominees) Dominican group Voz a Voz is born of a world that most of their peers only try to emulate. Formed in Santo Domingo by three youths of poor economic class and single parent households, a fact which they are not shy about sharing, the young men that make up the vocal trio are Gilberto Cesar D'Oleo ("Gio"), Ammy Yatniel Acosta ("Ammy") and David Leonardo Rosario Pimentel ("David").

Nayara Nuñez was born and raised in Havana, Cuba. She started dancing at the age of 7 with rhythmic gymnastics then joined the national school of arts in Cuba when she was 12 years old. After receiving her Bachelor's degree in Modern Dance and Cuban Folkloric Dance, Nayara began working as a professional dancer in the National Cuban Modern Dance Company for 5 years doing work in theatre and in lm. After that she joined "Havana Rakatan" Dance Company and this company was known for specializing in styles such as Salsa, Tango, Afro-Cuban, Flamenco, and Contemporary Dance. Nayara had performed and shared stage with Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta Jones, and the Backstreet Boys.


International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

The trio was discovered performing in the Hotel Bavaro in Santo Domingo by a record producer from the Urban Box Ofce label. Inspired by the rhythms and melodies of their native island, the young men created a new "R&B" that means Rhythm and Bachata. They craft soulful, urban inuenced three-part vocal arrangements in a style that is as much Dominican born as U.S. inspired. They have made a commitment to donate a signicant portion of their earnings to benet the poor and promote equal distribution of relief to people from underprivileged backgrounds like themselves. In addition, Urban Box Ofce has committed to donate a portion of sales from their debut CD, En Presencia del Futuro, to UNICEF.

Live Djs DJ Voss (México/LA) DJ Moi (México/Maui) DJ Rafael (Perú/Maui)

Enjoy pure Aloha, Sunset Beaches and Dance Parties at the beautiful Sheraton Maui Resort set in the Hawaii's Paradise. Location: 2605 Kaanapali Pkwy, Lahaina, HI 6761 or call (808) 661-0031 to reserve.


The experience the magic of the Hawaiian Islands at 2nd Annual Maui Salsa Bachata Congress, please visit to get more information or follow them in facebook alsabachatacongress International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017




International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

Grand Teton National Park, Arizona

International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017


United States Of America / Events / Arizona

4th Tucson Afro-Latin Festival Adriana Saez

Are you ready for the largest and better festival of Arizona? More than 20 professional dancers from all over the world, the best DJs, several themes parties and culture of the Latin dance community since this October 5th until October 9th. 4th Annual Afro- Latin Festival in Tucson will be all night. Don't miss out all the fun and innovation! The Tucson Afro-Latin Festival concentrates mainly on Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba, but prides itself on putting together an amazing line-up of performers of all dance backgrounds, elegant social dancing, theme parties, pool parties and more. Enjoy the experience of three straight days of fun.


International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

3 days of pure fun Salsa/Bachata Room Kizomba/Zouk Room 4 Specialty Dance Bootcamps 5 theme parties 2 Pool Parties 26 + hrs of social dancing 40 + hrs of workshops 60 + conď€ rmed performers High tech sound and lights professional Videographers/photographer to capture your best moments

Free parking with additional sections available No resort fee Free internet at the venue Bar with refreshment and Water stations in all rooms

TICKETS Full Pass (pre-sale) $179 + Tax (ends October 4th) Full Pass (Regular Rate) $189 + Tax (end October 9th)

Salsa| Bachata| Kizomba Mambo| Cha Cha| Semba Pachanga| Fusion and more‌ Venue: 5655 W Valencia Rd, Tucson 85757 . Hotel: SHERATON TUCSON HOTEL & SUITE. 5151 E Grant Rd, Tucson, AZ 85712. To reserve your room, call (520) 323-6262. Mention you are participating in the 4th Tucson Afro Latin Festival and receive the special group rate of $106 per night!

Full Pass includes: All 3 day and 3-night event All Specialty Workshops All Dance Bootcamps All Choreography Dance Challenges All Social Dancing All Theme Parties Access to all Pool Parties

Get your Early Bird presale pass now and save!

International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017


United States Of America / Events / Arizona

4th Tucson Afro-Latin Festival SCHEDULE THURSDAY 10/05 Pre-party at VIVA El Caribe Restaurant & Lounge Address: 1929 E Grant Rd, Tucson, AZ 85719 8 pm 9 pm 10 am 12 am 2 am

Kizomba lesson with guest instructor (TBA) Bachata lesson with guest instructor (TBA) Orange & White Theme Party Performances end

FRIDAY 10/06 4:30 pm 5 pm 8:30 pm 9:30 pm 10:30 pm to 5 am 11:30 pm 1 am


Registra ons/Tech rehearsal Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba immersions Registra ons/Red Carpet Shows/Performances Crea ve Costumes Party VIP and Ar sts celebra on in the Sta room Best Costume Award, Prime me video recording

International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

SATURDAY 10/07 9 am 10 am 3 pm 5 pm 6 pm 8:30 pm 9:30 pm 11 pm to 5 am 11:30 1 am

Registra ons Workshops start Pool Theme Party Games, Giveaways, Cake cu ng Tech Rehearsal Registra ons/Red Carpet Shows/Performances All White Theme Party/Social VIP and Ar sts celebra on in the Staff room Best Ou it Award, Prime me video recording

SUNDAY 10/08 9 am 10 am 3 pm 5 pm 6 pm 8:30 pm 9:30 pm 11 pm to 5 am 11:30 1 am

Registra ons Workshops start Pool Theme Party Games, Giveaways Tech Rehearsal Registra ons/Red Carpet Shows/Performances Glow Party/Social VIP and Ar sts celebra on in the Staff room Best Costume Award, Prime me video recording

BOOK NOW at and get more information in Facebook page: Use the Ofcial Hastags: #ADA2017 #ArizonaDanceAddiction #DancersForLife #TSBDF2017 #TucsonSalsaBachataDanceFestiva l#TheHottestEventOfTheYear And become the next famous inuencer 2017 in the networks! International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017


United States Of America / Events

Wisconsin's biggest Latin Dance Festival & the Midwest's best deal all fall on the same weekend Vicky Ferrara Don't miss the 4th Annual Wisconsin Salsa and Bachata Open and Dance Festival! Over the course of 2 days and the pre-party we'll feature: 20 workshops, 30 shows. World Champs? They're bringing 6! Early bird passes includes admission to the pre party.

Performers: Dj Kasanova (MKE), Dj NASA (MKE), DJ Fredy Fresh (Chi)

Performances by:

The Wisconsin Salsa and Bachata Open:

NOTE: The purpose of the Wisconsin Salsa and Bachata Open is to send 6 representative couples to compete the weekend of the Chicago International Salsa Congress at the Midwest Bachata and Salsa Open. All prizes are contingent on attendance AND participation in the Midwest Salsa and Bachata Open. Non-participation for any reason voids all prizes, which are awarded at the Congress.

1st Prize - 2 full passes plus 3 nights hotel at the Chicago International Salsa Congress 2nd Prize - 2 full passes plus 2 nights hotel at CISC 3rd Prize - 2 full passes plus 1 night hotel stay at CISC

Time: Saturday 12:00pm - 2:00am Sunday 10:00am- 2:00am

Uriel Garcia and Vera Rowe, Carine Morais and Rafael Barros, Natasha Silva, Ernesto NuĂąez, Solseras MKE, Salsabrositas, Salsabrosa, MADance, Fusion MKE, Mezclando MKE, Panadanza, Bachata Syndrome, Alma Milwaukee, Zaď€ re Milwaukee.


International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

United States Of America / Events

International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017


United States Of America / Dance Classes / California

Orange County (OC) Salsa with Esteban Conde Vicky Ferrara

Salsa dance classes in Orange County by Esteban Conde, no partner or experience needed. Weekly and weekend Salsa and Bachata classes at the Costa Mesa dance studio. Salsa classes and dance instruction will give you the tools to learn how to dance salsa in no time.

The goal is to help you go from classes to dancing fast! And you will not only learn how to dance, but make great friends, increase your conď€ dence and add joy to your life. Come give these salsa and bachata classes a try!


International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

Salsa, Bachata, Salsa Parties and Events Saturday Salsa Class Every Sat 4:40pm-5:30pm Come and learn how to dance SALSA and have fun! This class teaches the basics and new moves each week. Don't miss it Beginner level, no partner needed at 2980 Mcclintock way ste a and b, Costa Mesa, 92626. $15

Monday & Thursday Salsa Class Every Monday and Thursday evening are the nights for Salsa classes. No partner or experience needed. Fun and Friendly atmosphere! Class starts at 8pm. No reservation needed. Each class is $15, with discounted prices for packages and monthly membership options. Come check us out!

“I've always loved latin music and wished I could dance. Deciding to give it a try, i tried a free class with Esteban and crew at OC SALSA. What a pleasant surprise to feel so comfortable and welcome with a group I didn't know, doing something I had never done. It was fun, great exercise, and I couldn't wait for the next session. I was hooked because the instructors and atmosphere make it so easy to learn, you get plenty of personal attention, and can learn at your own pace. Nice people, high quality instruction, and very reasonable cost. If you want to try, improve, or perfect latin dance, this is the place for you!" Student Testimonial

OC Salsa at 2980 McClintock way # A & B, Costa Mesa, 92626 2980 McClintock Way, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, EE. UU. Call On : 949-813-0412

Monday and Thursday Bachata Class OC Salsa Studio, 2980 McClintock way, Costa Mesa. Bachata Class 7-8 every Monday and Thursday, rain or shine. Beginner level class, no partner, registration or experience needed. $15, this class covers basics and steps and specializes for those with 0 experience and new to dancing altogether. International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017


United States Of America / Events

Events Of Interest California: Things to Do Salsa Nights at Sausalito Seahorse Sunday, October 1st: JULIO BRAVO. Diana teaches. DJ JIMMY Sunday, October 8th: OLM. Yenis teaches. DJ JOSE RUIZ Sunday, October 15th: MAZACOTE. Cortneay teaches. DJ JOSE RUIZ Sunday, October 22th: CANDELA. Steve teaches. DJ CARLITOS Sunday, October 29th: SOMOS EL SON. Victor de Oro teaches. DJ JOSE RUIZ Location: 305 Harbor Drive Sausalito 94965, CA

CHA CHA with Brigitte Ryerson at The Granada, LA Location: 17 S First St, Alhambra CA 91801 Every Tuesday Night 7pm to 8pm. All levels welcome! CHA CHA was developed from the danzon by a syncopation of the fourth beat. Energetic, stylish, and cheeky, the cha-cha is a perfect partner dance for everyone. Energetic, stylish, and cheeky, the cha-cha is a perfect partner dance for everyone.


International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

¡FIESTA CUBANA! Honoring art and education advocates REED & CHRIS HALLADAY and artist and educator DAVE LEFNER Saturday, October 7, 2017 7:00-10:00pm PMCA Kosmic Krylon Garage PURCHASE TODAY! Tickets start at $150 per person. Pasadena Museum of California Art. 490 East Union Street Pasadena, CA 91101.

Zacarias Ferreira at Conga Room Thursday, Oct 5 Time: 9:00pm - 2:00am PDT Tickets: Ticket 90.90-$140 Bachata Sensation Zacarías Ferreira was born in the 1970s in the Dominican Republic. "Me Liberé" was his debut album which released in 1998 and won the Cassandra awards, the most prestigious Dominican music award. "El Triste" was his second album two years later which also won the award for a second time. Location: 800 west Olympic BLVD, Los Angeles, CA 90015.

International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017


United States Of America / Events Revive Music Festival 2017 Sunday Oct 8th Grupo Niche Grupo Niche is a salsa group founded in 1978 in Cali, Colombia. Currently based in Cali, Colombia, they enjoy great popularity throughout Latin America. It was founded by Jairo Varela and Alexis Lozano. Varela remained with the group throughout his life, serving as producer, director, songwriter, vocalist and guiro player. Alexis Lozano, trombone player and arranger later left to form Orquesta Guayacรกn. The group also included Nicolas Cristancho, on the piano; Francisco Garcia, on the bass; Luis Pacheco, on the congas; and vocalists Jorge Bazรกn and Hector Viveros. Venue: Pico Rivera Sports Arena, Location: 11003 Rooks Rd, Whittier, CA 90601, United States

Roberto Blades Gran Noche Salsera October 13, 2017 Roberto Blades was born in the 1960s 4 July in Panama. His most popular songs are "Ya No Regreso Contigo", "Lagrimas", "Poquita Fe", "Casco", "Detalles", "El Artista Famoso", "Victima de Afecto", "Flor Dormida" and "Si Estuvieras Conmigo" among many more. Roberto Blades won the Grammy Award for Best Salsa Album in 2002. Venue: Steven's Steak & Seafood House Location: 5332 Stevens Pl, Commerce, CA 90040, EE. UU.


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Willie Colon at Conga Room October 19, 2017 Tickets: $45.05 - $612.00 William Anthony Colón Román (born April 28, 1950) is a Nuyorican (a New York-born Puerto Rican) salsa musician and social activist. He began his career as a trombonist, and also writes, sings, produces and acts. He is also involved in the politics of New York City and international politics. In 2016 Willie Colon began his 50th Anniversary Tour that will run through 2017 to Puerto Rico, Colombia (Several Cities), New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Tampa, Mexico (Several Cities) and has broken box ofce records in many venues. In 2017 Colón announced his upcoming book titled BARRIO DE GUAPOS (The Secret Life of Willie Colón) and the launching of his record label WILLIE COLÓN PRESENTS. Location: 800 West Olympic BLVD, Los Angeles, CA 90015.

Thursdays On The Mountain - Havana Night Every third Thursday of the month come up for an evening of dancing under the stars, food trucks, tasty bites from our plaza food booths, classic cocktails, wine tasting, interactive games, surprise special guests and more! Enjoy the sounds of Havana and more with a salsa lesson and live performance by Los Boleros. Venue: The Mountain Winery Location: 14831 Pierce Road Saratoga, CA 95070 International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017


United States Of America / Events Salsa & Bachata Tuesdays at The Granada LA Club Latin & Nightclub Salsa refers to a fusion of informal dance styles having roots in the Caribbean (especially in Cuba and Puerto Rico), Latin and North America. The dance originated through the mixture of Mambo, Danzón, Guaguancó, Cuban Son, and other typical Cuban dance forms. There is a strong African inuence in the music as well as the dance. Salsa is one of the world's most famous dances. Everyone can get wrapped up in the sensation that Salsa moves create on the dance oor. Location: 17 S First St Alhambra CA 91801

Vibrason at Le Colonial Friday, October 20, 2017 Location: 20 Cosmo Place, San Francisco, CA 94109 VibraSON, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, brings the hip sounds of the Latin vibraphone music and artists such as Joe Cuba, Jimmy Sabater, Cal Tjader and many more to contemporary audiences. Populated with top Bay Area based musicians, VibraSÓN plays tight Latin and Salsa music with swing! VibraSÓN is a perfect choice for a swinging party, full-on Salsa club or anything in between. Its compact 7-man instrumentation made it a t all occasions, please visit them at


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Events Of Interest New York: Things to Do Arturo O'Farrill with Tony Rosa &Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra 5 Sundays, October 2017 9:00pm & 11:00pm Venue: Birland Jazz Club NY Location: 315w 44th St, NY 10036 , New York, NY The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra is the resident large format ensemble of the nonproď€ t Afro Latin Jazz Alliance (ALJA) founded by Arturo O'Farrill in 2007 and dedicated to preserving the music and heritage of big band Latin jazz, supporting its performance for new audiences, and educating young people in the understanding and performance of this important cultural treasure. For more information about the orchestra and other ALJA initiatives, please visit them at

Santino Fontana at Birdland Monday, October 9th, 2017 Show: 7:00pm Venue: Birland Jazz Club NY Location: 315w 44th St, NY 10036, New York, NY Santino Fontana is one of Broadway's favorite leading men of all times. With his rich voice, dynamic versatility, and easy charisma has got innumerable awards and nominations such as: Obie, Lortel, Drama Desk, and Clarence Derwent Award for his varied work onstage, and has garnered rave reviews for his performance in Stephen Karam's Pulitzer ď€ nalist, Sons of the Prophet. A Tony nomination for his performance as Prince Topher in Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella and an Audience Choice Award. International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017


United States Of America / Events The Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra @ SOB's, New York Venue: SOB'S (Sounds of Brazil) Location: 204 Varick Street, New York, NY. The Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra is a stunning 11-piece Latin band which plays dynamic, dura arrangements of indie rock tunes we love, taking the art of salsa to new places while remaining within the classic, deeply funky tradition. Songs by Arcade Fire, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on The Radio, Santigold, Animal Collective, and many more are transformed into astonishing salsa anthems for a new generation.

Manolito Simonet y Su Trabuco Show at SOB's on Fri Oct 13, 2017 Venue: SOB'S (Sounds of Brazil) Location: 204 Varick Street, New York, NY Manolito Simonet created his own band with the name of Manolito Simonet and his Trabuco in 1993, one of the best and most popular orchestras of Cuban popular music, in which he manages to mix the most traditional Cuban music with contemporary sounds. It harmoniously melts Cuban genres like guaracha, bolero, cha cha cha, danzón, timba; with other genres more Puerto Rican style, resulting in the peculiar sonority of Trabuco. The Trabuco consists of instrumentations such as: violin, cello, ute, two trumpets and two trombones; in addition, synthesizer, piano, congas, bass and drums.


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Arizona Music Pro "Your music headquarters" “Play the very best you can” Instruments, Accesories, Rentails, Lessons, Repairs Location: 122 e route 66, agstaff, AZ, 86001, USA. Phone: 928-556-9054 Facebook: // International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017




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Canada / Events


SALSA & BACHATA CONGRESS 2017 The Canadian Salsa Event of the Year The longest running event in Canada & one of the largest & most anticipated events in North America Adriana Saez

The Canada Salsa & Bachata Congress is the largest Salsa event in Canada. All of the events, . workshops, performances, parties, trade show and accommodations take place under one roof at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, since Thu. Oct 5 at 4:00pm - Mon. Oct 9 at 11:00am EDT Location: 100 Front St. West. Toronto, ON M5J 1E3


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Something for every level during every time slot 40 International Artists 60 Dance Companies from around the Globe 40 of the Best Instructors in the World Workshops for All Levels Beginner Bootcamps + Master Intensives 22 Hours of Social Dancing in 3 Ballrooms 10 Djs 20 Vendors 11th Annual Canadian Championships with Professional, Amateur & Pro-Am Heats & Showcases

Salsa Certiď€ cation Course with Tito Ortos

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Canada / Events

Tickets FULL PASS WITH RESERVED SEATING 325.00 CAD $ (This Pass Includes: -Premium reserved seating for all evening performances (rows 3, 4 or 5 on Fri, Sat, & Sun). Premium reserved seating for Thursday evening Canadian Salsa & Bachata Championships (row 1 or 2). Premium reserved seating for Friday Pro-Am Competition. Unlimited Workshops on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Admission to Thursday Opening Night Gala & Canadian Salsa Championships. Admission to nightly parties in all 3 ballrooms on Fri, Sat & Sun. Spectator Pass to Friday Pro-Am and Am-Am Competition. Sunday Emerging Artists Showcase (3:00pm 5:00pm). Sunday night Farewell party & dancing in 3 ballrooms).

COMPETITOR PASS (155.00 CAD $) (This Pass includes: Unlimited Workshops on Fri, Sat. & Sun. Admission to Thursday Opening Night Gala & Canadian Salsa Championships. Admission to nightly shows on Fri, Sat and Sun. Admission to nightly parties in all 3 ballrooms on Fri, Sat & Sun. Spectator Pass to Friday Pro-Am and Am-Am Competition. Sunday Emerging Artists Showcase (3:00pm 5:00pm). Sunday night Farewell party & dancing in 3 ballrooms.)


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AMATEUR PERFORMER PASS (170.00 CAD $) (This Pass includes: Performer Reserved Seating, Fri , Sat & Sun. evening (rows 1-10, side aisle). Unlimited Workshops on Fri, Sat. & Sun. Admission to Thursday Opening Night Gala & Canadian Salsa Championships. Admission to nightly parties in all 3 ballrooms on Fri, Sat & Sun. Spectator Pass to Friday Pro-Am and Am-Am Competition. Sunday Emerging Artists Showcase (3:00pm 5:00pm). Sunday night Farewell party & dancing in 3 ballrooms.)

One Night VIP Seat Upgrade (20.00 CAD $) (Upgrade your individual night ticket or a 3 night or 4 night pass or full pass with a 1 night seat upgrade. VIP upgraded seating in rows 4, 5, 6.)


11th Annual Canadian Salsa & Bachata Championships

46 new divisions/categories added! All fees must be paid in advance in the competition registration portal. Entry fees are non-refundable. Spots in the Showcase divisions are limited and will be given out on a rst come, rst served basis. Your spot will only be reserved once payment has been received. There is no limit to the number of couples in the heated divisions. Note that ALL competitors MUST be paid attendees at the Canada Salsa & Bachata Congress and must purchase a Platinum Full Pass, Full Pass or a Performer Full Pass (if they are also performing). No exceptions.

Please, visit for more details of this great event!

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Canada / Dance Classes

Toronto Dance Salsa Canada's Largest Salsa Dance School Vicky Ferrara

A place where you are welcome with open arms, people don't judge you but look to understand you, value you for the special person that you are. Toronto Dance Salsa, Canada's largest salsa dance school. "Beautifully taught with careful attention to the appropriate tempo for the class. Atmosphere was excellent with structure and solid teaching while keeping it fun. The timing just before sunday social is great too - one reason I did the class was to provide the nudge to turn up to social� Student Testimonial


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All of the instructors have a lot of experience, enthusiastic and passion for Salsa. Besite Toronto Dance Salsa staff, they count with a big family of 60 volunteers who are committed to assisting the students. Their volunteers are current or former senior Toronto Dance Salsa students who have caught the salsa bug and hold a great passion for sharing their love of salsa with others. All the classes have at least 6 volunteers who take their own time to walk around the room providing advice and guidance during the lesson and are also available to join the rotation if they have an absent student which assists them in maintaining an even number of male and female dancers in each lesson.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, visit where you can nd all the requirements. Their students are constantly contacting Toronto Dance Salsa instructors through so the can share with them how Toronto Dance Salsa changed their life. "Toronto Dance Salsa has changed my life because it helped me tackle my fear of dancing and rebuild my condence. I had an extremely rough year and my condence was already at "rock bottom".Student story If you live in Toronto and want to learn how to dance Salsa, don't hesitate to visit Toronto Dance Salsa where you can nd all the information about you are looking for about lessons, volunteering, events, instructors and much more. Address: 5095 Yonge Street, 2nd Floor, Toronto, ON Intersection: Yonge between Finch and Sheppard Subway: Right on top of North York Civic Centre Subway Parking: 2hrs free validated customer parking

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Canada / Dance Classes

Steps Dance Studio Inc. Vicky Ferrara

Steps offers a complete curriculum of Salsa, Bachata, Hustle and Latin Dance for all skill levels. Working from a comprehensive dance syllabus designed by Jennifer Aucoin and rened by 20 years of Salsa teaching experience, their professionally trained instructors are patient, dedicated and passionate about their craft. Want you to leave your class and the danceoor feeling great. The program is designed to allow students to begin anytime! Start any week, even absolute beginners. And come as often as your schedule allows. Steps Dance Studio has classes every night and on weekends, and most levels are offered twice a week or more. Located just a few minutes walk from Bloor & Wellesley subway stations. 819 Yonge St. 3rd oor. Toronto, ON M4W 2G9 SE corner of Yonge St. & Davenport, north of Bloor St.


Meet Jennifer Aucoin, Founder, Executive Director and Instructor. A full-time salsa instructor, choreographer and event organizer. She is co-artistic director for Steps Dance Company & co-founder of the Women's Salsa Retreat. As a trained adjudicator, Jennifer has judged competitions in Puerto Rico, Ecuador, New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, Miami, Detroit, Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. She has also represented Canada on the judging panel for the World Salsa Championships televised on ESPN.

International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

She is on the judging panel for the prestigious Global Salsa Championships at the World Salsa Summit. Jennifer was also the rst instructor in Canada to be certied to teach Latin Hustle by the IHDA. Jennifer is the founder and organizer of the annual Canada Salsa & Bachata Congress, an international salsa festival that takes place in Toronto every October. This 4-day extravaganza, now in its thirteenth year, is the largest salsa event in Canada and features nightly performances by over 60 dance companies from all over the world and daily salsa workshops given by worldrenowned instructors. The Canadian Salsa Championships, part of the Canada Salsa & Bachata Congress weekend, is the largest and most widely recognized Salsa & Bachata competition in Canada.

Classes offered in Steps Dance Studio

Salsa Salsa Level 1

Salsa Level 3

No previous dance (or salsa) experience required. Start this class at any time. Each class starts with an explanation and review of the basic Salsa step and the timing and rhythm of Salsa music, followed by a new beginner level turn.

Cross body lead patterns, traveling turns, back breaks, checks and different hand hold variations will be linked into fun turn pattern combinations. Start developing a ow of motion between the moves that will make you feel good and look good on the danceoor.

Salsa Level 2 Geared to those who are comfortable with the basic Salsa step, basic right and left turns and Cross Body Lead. Build on Level 1 material and learn new turns and combinations, add footwork (i.e. Salsa shines) and reinforce your timing and partnering skills. Learn proper posture, frame, weight transfer and connection.

Salsa Level 4 This course will focus on high intermediate level turns and turn pattern combinations, how to maintain balance and connection with your partner while incorporating directional changes & intricate moves, improving

musicality, how to remember shines and turn patterns and use them in different combinations, tips on how to be a better leader and follower, adding styling to your dancing - in short, how to be a more complete dancer!

Salsa Level 5 This course focuses on taking your dancing to the next level. Advanced level turn patterns, technique and skill development. Execute double spins, multiple turns and variations, intricate choreography, advanced level syncopations and sexy styling. Adapt and combine your moves to suit the level of your partner.

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Canada / Dance Classes

Bachata Bachata Level 1

Bachata Level 3

Bachata is a seductive and irtatious dance that originated in the Dominican Republic and is played in all Salsa nightclubs. Learn the basic Bachata footwork and how to lead and follow some fun and simple Bachata turns and turn pattern combinations.

Learn more intricate and complex Bachata turn pattern combinations. Learn how to execute syncopated Dominican style footwork. Learn body isolation exercises and drills to help you to incorporate the sensuous Bachata body movement needed to make this dance look effortless.

Bachata Level 2 Learn new turns and turn pattern combinations while focusing on the correct connection, tension and movement of Bachata dancing. Learn body isolation exercises and drills to help make this dance look smooth and sexy.


Bachata Level 4 Learn more intricate and sexy Bachata turn patterns. Add syncopated Dominican style footwork into your partner dancing. Learn how to incorporate the sensuous Bachata body movement needed to

International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

make this dance look effortless. Rene your leading & following technique in order to build a connection with each dance partner. And much more… For more information about schedules, classes, lessons, workshops and contacts, visit https://www.stepsdance

Cape Verde / Events / Africa

Event Of Interest Cape Verde: Things to Do 5th International Kizomba Meeting in Sal Island, Cape Verde, AFRICA 21 - 28 October, 2017 Location: Oasis Atlantico Belorizonte Hotel, Sal Island, Cape Verde. Enjoy an AMAZING dancing holiday by the beach and learn to dance Kizomba this coming October! After 2013, 2015 and 2016 successful events, here it is the new edition of the Kizomba Meeting, which will make the difference by innovation and quality. The organizers brought together some of the best Kizomba teachers for one week of workshops at 4* Hotel Belorizonte, in Sal Island, facing the beautiful Santa Maria beach, by the calm and crystal sea, on an All Inclusive Basis (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks), thematic dinners, and daily shows by the fantastic hotel's team. Info and to PURCHASE tickets

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International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

Complejo Cultural Teresa CarreĂąo

International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017


Venezuela / Singers & groups

40 años de El Trabuco Venezolano Un Merecido Homenaje a Alberto Naranjo y a sus músicos Teatro Teresa Carreño. Caracas, Venezuela Agosto 21 al 25, 2017 Ana Rosa Massieu / Colaboración y Fotografías de Lysbeth Weffe


International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

Del 21 al 25 de agosto, en el Teatro Teresa Carreño (TTC), en Caracas, tuvo lugar el Homenaje al maestro Alberto Naranjo por sus 57 años de vida artística, y a la agrupación de su creación El Trabuco Venezolano por sus 40 años de fundada. Con largo tiempo de preparación y mucho cariño de por medio, como decía en el programa de mano y se percibía en el ambiente, el evento contó con la producción general de Franklin Rojas, la Fundación Grupo Madera y la Fundación Teatro Teresa Carreño. Más que una orquesta, El Trabuco Venezolano ha sido un auténtico movimiento de la salsa venezolana nacido de la iniciativa de Alberto Naranjo, veterano baterista y arreglista que ha paseado el ocio por las más diversas tendencias y escuelas de la música popular del Caribe, contando siempre con el apoyo directo del productor musical, Orlando Montiel(1).

Fue en una conferencia recital que dictaron César Miguel Rondón y Domingo “El Flaco” Álvarez en el Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas, en agosto del año 1977, cuando debutó ante el público El TrabucoVenezolano(2). De inmediato se convirtió en el proyecto musical más acabado e interesante que conociera la ciudad de Caracas hasta ese entonces. Alberto Naranjo lo organizó bajo el concepto de una big band con la idea de desarrollar una propuesta particular que se diferenciara de sus similares en el resto del Caribe, con una sonoridad puente entre la salsa, el jazz, el funk y lo venezolano. Con siete discos editados, dos de ellos en vivo con el grupo Irakere de Cuba, y habiendo pasado más de un centenar de intérpretes por sus las, El Trabuco, más que un grupo en términos convencionales, ha sido un espacio de descarga y encuentro para los músicos locales, al tiempo que la mejor de las escuelas para muchos de ellos. Cuenta además entre sus logros, haber motivado el ambiente salsero caraqueño del momento, imponiendo un alto estándar que inuyó en la formación de mejores orquestas de salsa, aparte de crear,en denitiva, una marca sonora caraqueña propia(3). International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017


Venezuela / Singers & groups

Las actividades de este nutrido homenaje arrancaron el lunes 21 con los conversatorios en el Platillo Protocolar del TTC: "Historia en la salsa de Venezuela" con Franklin Rojas y "Hera & Pablo, el baile de salsa a lo venezolano"; el martes 22, el conversatorio de Cheo Guevara sobre "Alberto Naranjo, y su huella histórica" y el foro "La producción de contenidos salseros en la radio alternativa" moderado por Zulay Millán. Así continuaron durante toda la semana. Se realizaron varios talleres, entre ellos, "La anación en la percusión" dictado por Nicolás Monterola y "Percusión latina" a cargo del profesor Frank Márquez. También en el lobby de la planta baja del TTC se presentaron los siguientes conciertos: Caracas Legends Ensamble, con su homenaje a Eddie Palmieri, la Orquesta Salsarría, Grupo Madera, Mundito y su Orquesta La Celestial, The Big Band de San Agustín y la Orquesta Carlín.

Yeci Ramos, Juan José Conde, Edgar “Dolor” Quijada, José Luis Peña, Troy Purroy


International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

Grupo Madera

El plato fuerte de esta semana de merecido reconocimiento fueron los conciertos del Trabuco Venezolano en la sala Ríos Reyna del 24 y 25 de agosto, presentados por Zulay Millán y José Gregorio Acero. Aunque con una sala no completamente llena y recordando otras épocas de esplendor de un TTC que recibía a las estrellas del espectáculo de todas partes del mundo, disfrutamos de dos noches de conciertos memorables, sabrosos, animados y didácticos, con un escenario repleto de grandes músicos y un Alberto Naranjo pletórico, recorriéndolo y jugueteando más que dirigiendo a los integrantes de la gran banda. Con lo mejor de los músicos y cantantes más conocidos de Venezuela en el género, con algunos de los miembros originarios de esta agrupación y nuevos valores pudimos deleitarnos en un exquisito derroche de salsa, jazz y funk, de tres horas de duración cada día.

“El maestro iba narrando las historias de los diferentes temas que interpretaban...” Los músicos integrantes de El Trabuco Venezolano 2017, presentes en los conciertos del 24 y 25 de agosto, fueron: Alberto Lazo (piano), José "Mortadelo" Soto (bajo), William Vásquez (tres), William Mora (tumbadoras), Frank Márquez (timbal), Franklin Rojas (bongó), Hugo Olivero (saxo), Eduardo "Mondy" Dávila (saxo), Manuel Barrios (saxo), Irvin Blanco (saxo), Edwin Ruiz (saxo), Adrián Suárez (trombón), Eliel Rivero (trombón), Pedro Carrero (trombón), Franklin Moreno (trombón), Oscar Mendoza (trombón), Vicente Freijeiro (trompeta), Rafael Rey (trompeta), Gustavo Aranguren (trompeta), José "Cheo" Rodríguez (trompeta), Noel Mijares (trompeta), Edgar "Dolor" Quijada (voz), Troy Purroy (voz), José Luis Peña (voz), Yeci Ramos (voz), Arturo Guaramato (voz). El maestro iba narrando las historias de los diferentes temas que interpretaban, haciendo referencia a que sus músicos eran escogidos por meritocracia, compartiendo con la audiencia y mandando a callar a alguno en más de una ocasión, en tono jocoso, eso sí. Nos recordaba que no se dedican sólo a la salsa y en algunas piezas donde no cantaban, hizo hincapié en que eran instrumentales y que nos podían servir para que voláramos nuestra imaginación y soñáramos. La gran experiencia de esta reunión de músicos que ha sido El Trabuco Venezolano se vio reejada en un repertorio de 13 temas, entre originales, emblemáticos y estrenos, que nos regalaron.

Alberto Naranjo y Noel Mijares

Comenzaron con los temas “Yo Soy La Rumba” (Marcelino Guerra) con la voz solista de Troy Purroy y un solo de timbal de Frank Márquez, “Bravo Rumbero” (José “Cheo” Navarro) cantado por Edgar “Dolor” Quijada, “La Negra Tomasa” (Guillermo Rodríguez Fiffe) en la voz de Arturo Guaramato, “Tres Días”, tema original de Chucho Valdés y cedido a El Trabuco, cantado por José Luís Peña, con la participación de los bailarines Hera y Pablo. A esta altura ya toda la audiencia había entrado en calor, y hasta hubo una pareja del público que bailó en el pasillo desde que el concierto empezó hasta el nal, los dos días.

International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017


Venezuela / Singers & groups Continuó la noche con la emblemática "Almendra" (Alberto Barroso). Este tema arreglado por Naranjo para Arturo Sandoval hace 46 años, contó con la magistral participación de Noel Mijares -Venezuela Big Band Jazz, Desorden Público- en la trompeta, interactuando con gran complicidad con el maestro. Siguió con un estreno, "Alna's Mambo" composición instrumental, subliminal tal como la describió Naranjo. El concierto continuó con "Gongo Blues" (Eduardo Cabrera), tema en el cual se destacan los extraordinarios solos de Eliel Rivero en el trombón, el de Gustavo Aranguren en la trompeta, Manuel Barrios en el saxofón y Alberto Naranjo nos complació tocando el timbal. Siguió con el instrumental "El Ojo del Huracán", un latin jazz combo, que fue escrito a principios de los 70 y todavía suena raro, dijo el maestro Naranjo. Luego con el tema "Oye como va" (Tito Puente) se prendió la rumba, encendieron las luces de la sala y casi nadie se pudo mantener sin pararse y bailar. En el tema "El Hijo del Sonero" (Ricardo Quintero) cantó Yeci Ramos, en "El Cumaco de San Juan" (Francisco Deln Pacheco), Arturo Guaramato y en "Compañeros" (Ricardo Quintero), Juan José Conde, estos tres temas fueron acompañados por los tambores del Grupo Madera. "Imágenes Latinas" (Bernardo Palombo - Andy González), fue el tema escogido como nal, una pieza que se ha convertido en objeto de culto entre los melómanos, el público salsero y los amantes del jazz latino, según las palabras del conocedor José Orellán.


International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

Contó con la extraordinaria participación de Adrián Suárez en el solo de trombón y de guarura, y la interpretación del sonero Edgar "Dolor" Quijada. En el concierto del viernes 25, El Trabuco Venezolano y su creador fueron declarados PATRIMONIO CULTURAL DE LA NACIÓN por el Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural (IPC) y el Ministerio del Poder Popular de la Cultura de Venezuela.

Con la esperanza de que esta experiencia se pueda repetir en otros teatros del país y del mundo, felicitamos a los organizadores, a Alberto Naranjo y a los músicos de El Trabuco Venezolano por haber recibido tan merecido reconocimiento como Patrimonio Cultural de la Nación. Notas: (1) y (2) El libro de la salsa. Crónica de la música del Caribe urbano. César Miguel Rondón. Ediciones B Venezuela SA., 2007. (3) Tomado de la Exposición Caracas. Ciudad del Son, montaje y textos de Alejandro Calzadilla, en el Centro Cultural La Estancia, perteneciente a la empresa Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA La Estancia), septiembre 2017.

Venezuela / Events

Evento de Interés Caracas: Things to Do 6ta Fiesta Salsera 2017 Halloween Editions Alejandro Tovar y Betty Zapata nos invitan a este interesante evento con un toque espeluznante y agradable de Halloween más los ritmos salseros que se tocaran. Así que imagínate estar disfrazado(a) de lo que desees con tu pareja o compañeros pero eso sí, la vestimenta debe ser negro y/o naranja. Si estas en Caracas, Venezuela y quieres disfrutar de una noches emocionante asiste a esta Fiesta de Halloween el 27 de Octubre, que se realizara en el Restaurant Cerro Ávila ubicado en la Av. Urdaneta, esquina plaza España al lado del puente de la Fuerzas Armadas, Caracas, Venezuela. Para mayor información: Teléfonos: 0412-2479783 / 0412-7292390 Facebook: bjzapata

International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017


Venezuela / Singers & groups

Alfrid Valdez "El Rey del Steel Band” Karina Bernales

Alfrid Valdez es un cantante venezolano quien nació en Guiria, Estado Sucre-Venezuela, y desde que era muy pequeño presento un gran interés y gusto por la música afro antillana, tropical y caribeña, especialmente de los géneros en Steel Band, calipso y soca, llegando incluso a ejecutar todos los instrumentos del "Steel Band", siempre de la mano de su padre, el popular "Guapango".


International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

Ya establecido en la ciudad de Guayana, en 1990 comienza su carrera musical como ejecutor del primer piano de Steel Band en agrupaciones musicales que cultivaban y difunden los ritmos antes mencionados; y a medida que pasaba el tiempo adquirió más experiencia, sobresaliendo en la Soca y el Calipso que eran los ritmos principales del "Alfrid y su banda Acero” Durante su jornada presento su nueva producción discográca en el género de salsa, titulada “Salvemos El Amor” la cual nació de su 2do trabajo salsero; su primera producción se realizó en el 2004 presentándose como “Alfrid El Salsero De Oriente”, con sus temas “Sin tu Amor”, “Hasta llegar al Mar” y “Quédate a mi lado”, los cuales fueron reconocidos por la Organización Internacional “Cacique de Oro” como “Cantante de Salsa Revelación del Año” . Y con su trabajo discográco recorrió su país (Venezuela) junto a varios artistas en la celebración de los 25 años de carrera artística del Salsero Manuel Guerra, creador de la famosa agrupación “Salserin”.

En esta nueva producción hay 10 canciones de los cuales Alfrid plasma su letra y arreglos en 3 temas: “Salvemos el Amor”, “Traicionera” y “Amor en la menor”, además de hacer unos tributos a los grandes cantantes de la década de los 80 como lo son el Gran Héctor Lavoe e Ismael Rivera, Alfrid actualmente se encuentra en Lima – Perú donde hará su lanzamiento de este material salsero con el apoyo de la casa disquera Col-Discos y medios de comunicaciones de dicho País.

Uno de los temas salseros a sacar próximamente a su público es “Dudas” que se lanzara en Lima, Perú para toda Latinoamérica, si deseas escuchar puedes escuchar a través de Para más información: Correo: Facebook: alfrid.valdez Instagram: alfridvaldez Twitter: AlfridValdez Teléfonos: +58 414-8695554 +58 414-8925467 International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017




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Machu Picchu

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Perú / Events


Latin Fest Karina Bernales Perú es un país de América del Sur, bordeado por el océano pacico que tiene una cultura diversa resultado del intenso mestizaje originado en la colonia y posterior inuencia de migraciones de diferentes países como Europa, China y Japón, tienen varias lenguas donde el más común es el español y la nativa más común es el Quechua, y este interesante país es conocido y visitado por los turistas por sus monumentos arqueológicos como el Santuario Machu Pichu, otro aspecto llamativo es el turismo gastronómico como el Cebiche y el Tacu Tacu; sus músicas y tradiciones inundan el país. ¿Sabías que en Perú se escucha Salsa y ritmos derivados de este tanto en Lima como en el interior del país?


Bueno te informamos que para este mes de Octubre está en su 4va edición el Perú Latin Fest que se realizara del 26 al 29 de Octubre en el Centro de convenciones Maracana, ubicada en Jirón Huascar 1652, Jesús María 15072, Perú. Es un Congreso Mundial de Salsa y Bachata donde su lema principal es "PONLE SABOR Y PASION A TU VIDA". También tiene su competencia Internacional donde los primeros lugares clasican al World Salsa Summit en USA presidida por el Sr. Billy Fajardo. Y en este año se suma a esta Competencia Internacional la Clasicación al World Salsa Championship EUROSON Latino en México presidida por el Sr. Gabo Romero.

International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

En pocas palabras los que ganen el 1er, 2do y 3er lugar tendrán medallas, trofeos y la cartas de invitación y clasicación para el World Salsa Summit y Euroson latino 2018. El objetivo es difundir y compartir a todos los participantes y amantes de la salsa la esencia, pasión y experiencia mediante la realización de los talleres o workshops de los artistas que estarán presentes este año con la nalidad de aprender y mejorar la técnica, estilo y enriquecer los conocimientos de una manera práctica e interactiva; y si lo quieres ver desde otro punto de vista también ayuda el desarrollo cultural de los participantes desde el punto artístico, uniendo varias generaciones que reejan un sentir popular con la Salsa y Bachata, donde cada año nos traen lo mejor de ambos generos a nivel mundial.

Estarán presentes en esta edición: 1. Uriel García (Santo Domingo/USA): 9 veces Campeones del Mundo , Hustle, Bachata y Salsa. ) 2. Vera Rowe (USA): 9 veces Campeones del Mundo, Hustle, Bachata y Salsa.

3. Nelson Flores (Puerto Rico /New York): Productor del World Salsa Summit.

4. Ricardo Vega (Chile): 9 veces Campeones del Mundo Salsa Cabaret.

5. Karen Forcano (Argentina/Chile): 9 veces Campeones del Mundo Salsa Cabaret.

6. Rafael Barros (Brasil): 8 veces Campeones del Mundo en Salsa.

7. Carine Morais (Brasil): 8 veces Campeones del Mundo en Salsa.

8. Ernesto López (México): Campeón Mundial de solista Salsa y Cha-Cha-Cha

International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017


Perú / Events

PROGRAMA Perú Latin Fest

Miércoles (25-10-2017) se entregaran los brazaletes a los que compraron Full Pass en DK Escuela de Baile (Av. Domingo Orue 469 - 303B - Surquillo) Horas

Jueves 26-10-2017

Viernes 27-10-2017


Ingreso de Bailarines

Ingreso de Bailarines


Inicio de Competencia Internacional Perú La n Fest, Categorías: niños, junior, proam y amateur Presentación de los Ar stas, Fiesta con Djs.

Inicio de Competencia Internacional Perú La n Fest, Categoría: Profesionales, Fiesta con Djs.

S/. 35.00

S/. 40.00

Ingreso (Puerta)


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Sábado 28-10-2017

Domingo 29-08-2017



On2 Shines

Parejas On2

Salsa On1 (giros)



On1 Pasos & Giros

On2 Figuras

Pasos On2

Salsa Show Shows Nacionales e Internacionales, Fiesta de Gala y Orquesta S/. 80.00

Salsa On1 Shows Nacionales e Internacionales, Fiesta del Terror y Djs S/. 70.00

11:00 am -11:50 pm 12:00 -12:50 pm 1:00 - 1:50 pm 2:00 - 2:50 pm 3:00 - 3:50 pm 4:00 - 4:50 pm 8:00pm – 3:00am

Ingreso (Puerta)

Al culminar la Fiesta a realizar el último día del evento, continuara desde las 3:00 a 6:00 am en el BACHATA CLUB (Av. Canadá 790 - La Victoria). Así que no lo pienses mucho y piensa en cual Pass comprar: FULL PASS: 100.00 $ Incluye todas las estas, talleres, ingreso a ver las competencias y Shows FULL PASS VIP: 150.00 $ Incluye todas las estas, talleres, ingreso a ver las competencias y Shows Polo del plf Dvd del plf Asiento reservado Paseo en limosina y llegada a la noche de cierre Para mayor información: WebSite: Facebook: Twitter: International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017




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Isla de San AndrĂŠs

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Colombia / Restaurants

Ilhe Habana La pequeña Habana dentro de Colombia Por: José Pérez

El Sector la Macarena en Bogotá-Colombia nos ofrece una gran variedad de espacios gastronómicos, sector referencia de comida internacional, por ello no podíamos dejar de acércanos al mejor espacio de comida Cubana de la ciudad el gran Ilhe Habana, un espacio de gran tradición que te lleva a disfrutar de una plaza temática de la vieja Habana.


International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

De domingo a domingo de 12:00 a 4:00pm nos abre sus puertas a una particular base de comidas típicas cubanas de alto calibre, podemos conseguir una gran línea gourmet, es fácil conseguirse con platos como la ropa vieja, frijoles negros, arroz moros y cristianos, yuca con mojo, picadillo a la habanero, camarón habanero, robalo a la marinera, anillos de calamar, entre otros que hacen gozar a tu paladar, llegada la noche de miércoles a sábado desde 6:30 pm hasta las 10:00pm nos ofrece un espacio ambientado con grupos y cantantes de la música de la isla, dejando rodar el disfrute hasta las 12:00am los días viernes y sábados para poder disfrutar de boleros, sones, danzones y hasta guarachas de este icono musical de Latinoamérica.

Ilhe reere la palabra casa o tierra según el lenguaje yoruba, algo bien denido con la cultura Afrocubana, por ello Ilhe Habana busca un concepto de la Habana vieja, con un espacio acogedor con paredes de colores llamativos, muebles en madera y fachada de casa tomada de las mejores raíces de Cuba. En nuestra visita pudimos conversar con el propietario y causante de esta ebre gastronómica, nos permitió deleitarnos de la especialidad de la casa, el tan seguido Puerco Asado, aunque denotamos que la vaca frita era muy solicitada al igual que el escalope de cerdo.

Ubicada cerca del centro de la ciudad, en la carrera 3A, # 26B 72, este centro caribeño nos brinda un espacio lleno de ricos platos, visite y entérese de todo un mundo de sabores, de seguro en su visita a Bogotá no podrá olvidar pasar por este gran restaurant.

International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017


Colombia / Restaurants

Man ya Una sucursal de la gastronomía peruana en Colombia Por: José Pérez

Caminando por los mejores sitios de gastronomía de la ciudad de Bogotá en Colombia nos conseguimos con un espacio acogedor, de colores amarillos y vino tinto que nos dejan visualizar paredes con pinturas de la cultura peruana, una cocina con mostrador abierto, donde el comensal puede observar la preparación de los alimentos, todo un ambiente caluroso y familiar en esta ciudad con tanto frio, un restaurant de los más destacados y recomendados por la excelencia de sus productos, que mejor lugar que MANYA BISTRO PERUANO, un espacio dedicado a la tan mencionada y famosa línea gastronómica del Perú.


Enmarcado en comida tradicional este maravilloso templo se focaliza en comidas del mar y mariscos, ceviches, pescado a lo macho, majarisco, salmones, pulpos entre otras delicadeces están a la mano del público general, entre los platos más importantes tenemos de entrada una Trilogía de causas, un puré de papas criollo, relleno de atún, camarón y pulpo, algo pequeño para compartir y que da inicio a una degustación de gran nivel.

International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

En nuestra visita nos recibió Paola Benavides, jefe de cocina junto a su excelso equipo de trabajo, de aquí pudimos deleitarnos de la especialidad de la casa, el gran Lomo saltado, un plato de trozos de lomos de res salteados al wook agregados con tomate, cebolla y cilantro, bañado en salsa de soya y vinagre tinto, montado sobre arroz blanco y papita criolla frita, toda una explosión de sabor, de igual forma, pudimos observar como deslaban a las mesas diversidad de ceviches tradicionales al igual que los especiales para vegetarianos o aquellos que nos encanta la comida cocida, desde los más pequeños hasta los más difíciles comensales son atendidos con un gran nivel de compromiso y respeto. De la mano del Cheff Gerardo Ávila Lozano, fundador y principal responsable de tan maravillosa atención, podrán observar como especialistas de la cocina le apoden atender para tomar su orden, un plus que te permite conocer los más pequeños detalles de los platos antes de pensar en degustarlos. Solo nos queda recomendarles a Manya, abre de martes a viernes de 12:00m a 3:30pm y de 6:30 a 10:00pm, Sábados de 12:00 a 10:00pm y los domingo de 12:00 a 4:00pm, no deje de visitar un espacio de tanto nivel culinario como este, Manya los espera para hacerlos parte de su familia.

MANYA BISTRO PERUANO se encuentra Cra. 4a #26B-54, Bogotá, Colombia

Para mayor información: Facebook: atapasperuanasLaMacarena/ Correo: Teléfonos: +57 2834433 / +57 3212034366

International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017


Colombia / Restaurants

Bogotá Baila al ritmo de

Son Salomé Por: José Pérez

Son Salome nombre regido con el principal género de la música popular cubana el SON y el recuerdo de la gran Poeta/Escritora Lou Andreas-Salomé, se dene como un Bar con pista de baile, denida también como una gran discoteca, abierta para los amantes del baile, los conocedores de la buena música latina al igual que para aquellos que desean asistir para disfrutar del ambiente propicio para una noche de disfrute garantizado, con una atención de primera clase ofrece a los visitantes un gran nivel de seguridad, personal alta mente capacitado, que busca brindarle un espacio de disfrute.


International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

Durante mi visita pude deleitarme de las mejores opciones en servicios, cocteles, tragos y bebidas de primer orden, la referencia que nos da el famoso Chepe, propietario y personalidad del mundo salsero de la ciudad, fue deleitarme de la especialidad, el Mojito cubano, un coctel de la casa que lo llevara a visitar la Isla de Cuba sin levantarse de su asiento. Este gran bar nos brinda un itinerario variado durante los nes de semana, empezando por los jueves de música cubana donde podrías coincidir con grandes agrupaciones, los viernes con los mejores DJ del país cerrando los sábados y domingos de grandes orquestas salseras, cubanas y hasta del hermoso folklore del país, cantantes o músicos de primera gala harán de su permanencia un momento nocturno de clase. Con 34 años de fundación Son Salome oferta un local bien distribuido, con gran espacio para bailar o disfrutar de una buena agrupación, un aseo de primer orden y sobre todo un espacio abierto para pasar una hermosa velada.

Solo nos queda recomendarles visitar Son Salome ubicado en el centro, a pocos metros del principal medio de transporte de la ciudad, el Transmilenio en su estación Aguas, exactamente en la calle 19 # 4-20, en un sector llamado a ser el futuro de Bogotá por la cantidad de construcciones que actualmente están en desarrollo, abre continuamente de jueves a domingo desde las 6:00 pm, puede conocer mucho sobre este hermoso local por las redes sociales Facebook, Instragam y Google a través de SON SALOME, la referencia latina número 1 de la ciudad. Para mayor información contáctelos a través de: Facebook: / Telefonos: +57 2432506 / +57 3005707722

International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017


Colombia / Lugares

Goce Pagano Un Icono Histórico de la Salsa en Bogotá Por: José Pérez

Si de historia se reere no podemos dejar pasar por alto el principal icono de la Salsa en Bogotá, como no hacerlo si hablamos de 39 años de tradición, todo comenzó en la década de 1978 cuando surge de la mano de … un espacio orientado a la Salsa en una ciudad donde no era tan normal este ritmo, como quizás sí lo era en Cali o Barranquilla, para ese entonces los discos de acetato, el


International Salsa Magazine- OCTOBER 2017

vinil, llego a ser el elemento número 1 que hacia bailar a esta capital, caso que increíblemente se mantiene hasta la fecha. Aquí en el llamado Goce, podemos deleitarnos con una importante colección de discos de la época más importante de la salsa, la década de los 70, que para impresión de muchos son los que todavía ponen el ritmo en este local.

Por su gran tradición es común conseguir encuentros de coleccionistas, foros o conversatorios con grandes personalidades, por ello, no solo te llama a bailar y disfrutar de la buena música, también es un rincón para aquellos que hacen moda la historia de la salsa. En mi visita pude disfrutar del Joe Arroyo, un coctel que nos muestra los sabores y colores de este bello país unido al tan conocido ritmo del icono de la Salsa en Colombia. El Goce abre sus puertas viernes y sábados desde las 7:00pm con un formato bien contemporáneo y actual a su vez, paredes naranja, velas, chimenea, mobiliario en madera y cuero te llama a un espacio íntimo y de gran calidez, lleno de ritmos latinos y que permite en el centro de techo ingreso de la luz de la luna.

Por todas las razones mencionadas no podemos dejar de disfrutar de un espacio tan lleno de historia, ritmos y sabores como este, podemos acercarnos en la diagonal 20-A # 0 - 82, en la localidad de Santa Fé, bien cerca de la estación Aguas del transmilenio, únete a las raíces de la salsa y no dejes de solicitar tus más conocidos temas, el Goce Pagano seguro te complacerá en esa hermosa velada latina. WebSite: Facebook: International Salsa Magazine - OCTOBER 2017


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