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Edition 83 November 2017

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The Diary of a Dancer

Dancers / Fashion Industry

How to be a successful social dancer. p. 6

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United States Of America / The Diary of a Dancer / New York

How To Be A Successful

Social Dancer

Brielle Friedman

Social dancing is one of my favorite things about the Latin dance world. There's something magical about going to any social, but especially one in New York City. As I step out of the elevator and into the social, New York's busy streets fade away and transported to an entirely different time and place. Music vibrates through the room. The air hangs heavy with sweat. Here I am free to feel, to create, to imagine. Here I am safe.


International Salsa Magazine

But it didn't always feel this way. There was a time when the idea of going to any social left me anxious and uncomfortable. I felt nervous asking leaders to dance. I dreaded the part in the dance when he would let me go and leave me on my own for shines––what would I do?! Surely I'd run out of steps and embarrass myself. The biggest thing that has changed since then and now is my ability to follow. As I've become a better follower, I'm able to devote more energy to creating actual movement while I'm social dancing, and spend less time thinking about which foot I step with or which hand I take.

For me, a lot of the magic of social dancing comes from the movement itself. That dancer's high comes from the physical exertion itself, the endorphins your body creates as it bends and twists, contracts and lengthens. Practicing the very fundamentals of leadand-follow will help you get to this state in your own social dancing. Take classes and private lessons too, but don't forget to spend time practicing on your own. Without dedicated practice, you'll waste all of the time and money you spend on classes. It doesn't matter if you practice in a studio space or in your living room, just devote time to practicing.

It's also helpful to set a goal for yourself each time you go out social dancing and focus on that one particular thing all night. For example, if you just learned a new pattern in class, try to use it at least once during each dance. If you're working on transferring your weight, pay special attention to your six/seven or your two/three during every dance. Actively creating a community is another large part of being a successful social dancer. While the salsa scene is an incredibly diverse community, it still has a strong Latin inuence, and there are certain Latin cultural

norms present throughout any salsa community regardless of city, state, or country. Perhaps the one that took me the longest to ď€ gure out is the idea that it's your responsibility to go around and say hello and goodbye to everyone in the room, whether you know them well or not. Growing up I was taught that it is rude to ask questions or insert yourself into a conversation with people you don't know that well. It took me a while to learn and understand that at a salsa social, it's considered rude not to. Be the person who walks into the room and says hello to everyone with a kiss on the cheek. Say hello to them even if you don't know their name, or don't quite recognize their face. Even if doing so feels a bit uncomfortable. Make sure to make the rounds and say goodbye before you leave the event too. Successful social dancers also ask others to dance. Followers, this applies to you as much as it does to leaders! Ask the person you really want to dance with to dance, even if you're scared to do it. Ask the person you're not excited about dancing with too. It will make their night. Ask the regulars in the community you see all the time, the newcomers, and out of town visitors. Finally, a huge part of creating any community is showing up. You don't have to go out social dancing every weekend, but do make an effort to go out regularly. Show up and show your support for recurring socials, as well as those special events and anniversary parties. The social dancing community only ourishes as much as the people in it and for this global community to grow, we all have to devote energy and time to it.

International Salsa Magazine


United States Of America / Playwriting / Events / New York

En el Nombre de Salomé A Latin playwriting at Repertorio Español

Adriana Saez

En el nombre de Salomé is a playwriting written by Marco Antonio Rodríguez and directed by José Zayas based on the ction novel In the name of Salomé by Julia Álvarez, a history that presents the life of the patriotic poet and Dominican political activist, Salomé Ureña and her youngest daughter, Camila Salomé Henríquez Ureña. Two ladies that extolled the rights of women in XIX and XX centuries. Salomé Ureña Díaz was a feminist poet during the most important years of Independence of the Dominican Republic, which became independent from Haiti and then returned to be the Colony of Spain for a time for their protection, hence the famous poem by Ureña "A la Patria" " Salomé also founded the rst university for women in the Caribbean country with the help of her husband, Francisco Henríquez y Carvajal, who years later was president of that nation.


International Salsa Magazine

By the other hand, Camila Henriquez Ureña was the youngest of her intellectual children, she was a respected educator of Spanish in the United States, lecturer in Latin America, co-founder of one of the main cultural feminist associations in Cuba, obtained a PhD in that AfroCaribbean country, participated in the restructuring of University of the Havana and ended up teaching in her homeland..

This fascinating novel published in 2000, captivated the attention of the director José Zayas, who decided together with the executive director of the Repertorio Español (Theater Company in Spanish famous in New York) to put it on stage. Both decided that Marco Antonio Rodríguez, a New Yorker with Dominican roots, was the ideal playwright for this adaptation since all his masterpieces have been of total pleasure to the audience. "I was not familiar with Salome; she was a great poet. I knew about her poetry, but I was not very informed about her, and in reality that turned out to be something very positive. It allowed me to undertake the work not as if I were writing about an icon, but in order to nd her humanity", said Rodriguez for an American media.

This writer, producer, actor and director of Latin origin modernized the dramatic play venturing elements of humor as the creation of the character "Sylvestre", who is a naive man, which is not accepted neither in Haiti nor in the Dominican Republic, so in the scenes of conversation with "Camila" speaks in a colloquial regionalist language, which produces in the audience, acceptance, identication and laughter. Rodriguez explains that his main objective in carrying out this work was to represent the Latino in other facets and not as usual (linked to drug trafcking or other problems), he wanted to change the stereotype of Latin in dramaturgies and lms. "I'm sure they are successful ... but we have other stories to share, another psychology to explore, and other issues with which our communities identify.” Zaya and Marcos made a perfect duet for the creative realization of En Nombre de Salomé. Together, they analyzed every detail of the scenes and characters, recreated a part of the Dominican culture and highlighted the Caribbean artistic talent that according to Zaya is still scarce in the theater.

International Salsa Magazine


United States Of America / Playwriting / Events / New York For the author Julia Álvarez, poet, novelist, and American essayist of Dominican descent, it was a pleasant impression to see the dramaturgy in the Repertorio Español. "It is so rewarding when an artist sees that her play has inspired another artist and that through that artist the word spreads and we reach more and more people ... It is a way to spread the stories that are important to our history and culture ... Especially at times like this, when so many in the Latino community feel harassed, unwanted and undervalued". This playwriting, the last October, was awarded with four HOLA (Hispanic Organization of Latino Actors) Awards, including: Outstanding Achievement in Dramaturgy and Outstanding Production of the Year.

En el Nombre de Salomé Next performances: Friday, December 1st at 8pm Cost: $17 - $72 Tuesday, December 12th at 11am Cost: $30 Venue: Repertorio Español Location: 138 East 27th Street, New York, NY 10016 To get more information about EN EL NOMBRE DE SALOMÉ, please visit their website


International Salsa Magazine

A la Patria Desgarra, Patria mía, el manto que vilmente, sobre tus hombros puso la bárbara cueldad; levanta ya del polvo la ensangrentada frente, y entona el himno santo de unión y libertad.

Tú sabes cuántas veces con tu dolor aciago lloré tu desventura, lloré tu destrucción, así cual de sus muros la ruina y el estrago lloraron otro tiempo las hijas de Sión.

Levántate a ceñirte la púrpura de gloria ¡oh tú, la predilecta del mundo de Colón! Tu rango soberano dispútale a la historia, demándale a la fama tu lauro y tu blasón.

Y sabes que, cual ellas, colgué de tus palmares el arpa con que quise tus hechos discantar, porque al mirar sin tregua correr tu sangre a mares no pude ni un acorde sonido preludiar.

Y pídele a tus hijos, llamados a unión santa, te labren de virtudes grandioso pedestal, do armes para siempre la poderosa planta, mostrando a las naciones tu título inmortal.

Mas hoy que ya parece renaces a otra vida, con santo regocijo descuelgo mi laúd, para decir al mundo, si te juzgó vencida, que, fénix, resucitas con nueva juventud;

Y deja, Patria amada, que en el sonoro viento se mezclen a los tuyos mis himnos de placer; permite que celebre tu dicha y tu contento, cual lamenté contigo tu acerbo padecer.

que ostentas ya por cetro del libre el estandarte y por dosel tu cielo de nácar y zar, y vas con el progreso, que vuela a iluminarte, en pos del que te halaga brillante porvenir;

Yo ví a tus propios hijos uncirte al férreo yugo, haciéndote instrumento de su venganza cruel; por cetro te pusieron el hacha del verdugo, y fúnebres cipreces formaron tu dosel.

que ya tus nuevos hijos se abrazan como hermanos, y juran devolverte tu angustia dignidad, y entre ellos no se encuentran ni siervos ni tiranos, y paz y bien nos brindan unión y libertad.

Y luego los miraste proscritos, errabundos, por playas extranjeras llorosos divagar; y tristes y abatidos los ojos moribundos te ví volver al cielo cansados de llorar.

¡Oh Patria idolatrada! Ceñida de alta gloria prepárate a ser reina del mundo de Colón: tu rango soberano te guarda ya la historia, la fama te presenta tu lauro y tu blasón. Salomé Ureña (1874)

International Salsa Magazine


United States Of America / Events / New York

Hot List of Latin events in NYC Adriana Saez

The BIG APPLE offers you a broad repertoire of Latin music. We give you and facilitate a short list with the best Latin events to attend during all this month. Come and enjoy with us without excuses and celebrate these wonderful holidays.


International Salsa Magazine


Ballet Hispanico at Apollo Theater December 1st & 2nd

Ballet Hispanico was founded by Venezuelan-born National Medal of Arts winner Tina Ramirez in 1970, currently, managed by Cuban-American dancer Eduardo Vilaro. The Dance School will delight you with Hispanic/ Luso choreographies that offer entertainment to the people of Latin origin. For more information and buy the tickets, visit:

Venue: Apollo Theater 253 W 125th St, New York, NY 10027 Time: 8:00 PM Tickets: $10 - $65 Capacity: 1913

2. Colombian Guitarist Nilko Andreas presents Amazonas 2017 at Carnegie Hall Tuesday, December 12th Nilko Andreas gift us his talent once again with his annual series of Latin American music. He will seduce us in this prestigious stage with a world-Classical guitar and his Rumba Flamenco Pop. Nilko's performances have captivated audiences from NY until China, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil aren't exceptions. The music of Amazonas is inspired by the Amazon rainforest in Colombia. To know more about Nilko, please visit Carnegie Hall. 157 w 57th streets, New York, NY Time: 7:00 PM

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United States Of America / Events / New York

3. Andrea Bocelli in Concert December 13th & 14th Andrea Bocelli Italian tenor, who was blinded by a football accident when he was 12, will sing in scene the hits of the latest production 20th Anniversary edition of Romanza which crosses the classical rhythm with the pop music contemporary. The best classical music artist will make you feel his strongest spirituality throughout the night. Not to be missed! To get more information and tickets, please visit: Venue: Madison Square Garden. 4 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NY 10001, United States Time: 7:30 PM Tickets: $81 - $579+

4. Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks play at Iguana Tuesday, December 12th Vince Giordano (Grammy award-winner for series Boardwalk Empire) is specialist in Hot Jazz Age music of the 20s, 30s and 40s. Vince Giordano & his Nighthawks Orchestra have provided the music for many lm projects including a number of Woody Allen lms, Francis Ford Coppola's The Cotton Club, and Martin Scorsese's The Aviator. You'll love them! You must pay in cash at the door. Food/ Drink minimum: $20. There is a dance oor and an elevator to the 2nd oor. Visit them in or Venue: Iguana 240 W 54th Street, NY, NY. Time: 8:00 PM & 11:00 PM Tickets: $20


International Salsa Magazine

5. All Night Milonga (Argentine Tango) at Stepping Out Studios Saturday, December 30th This event is the most successful Milongas in NYC. They have two rooms and the most important artists & DJs stop for visit them. The best time to arrive there is after midnight because the best dancers keep coming at that time. Venue: Stepping Out Studios 37 West 26th Street, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10010 Time: 10:00 PM – 4:00 AM Capacity: 200 – 300 dancers

If you want to read more about the NYC All Night Milonga, visit them on Facebook:

WorldTone Dance Shoes Worldtone Dance, the Best Dance Shoes from Around the World Worldtone is Los Angeles and New York's best source for dance shoes and dancewear for Latin Music and Theatrical. Ofcial dance shoe provider to Dancing With the Stars and provide expert customer service to the entire dance community, ranging from beginners to professional dancers and instructors. e.html New York: 580 8th Ave, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10018 Los Angeles: 2138 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

International Salsa Magazine


Night Clubs, Dance Clubs New York: Things To Do

NightFall. Sensual Saturdays at Club Cache Each Saturday FREE Sensual Bachata class by Sensual Movement from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM Music by DJ Young & DJ Eric. Drinks Specials! Club Cache NYC. 35 East 13th ST, 2nd FL, New York, NY 10003

BachaTuesdays at Kañas Tapas Bar Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month, don't miss you The Bachata PartyBACHATA, SALSA and more LATIN RHYTHMS… Everybody get Free in, with ID only to drink. DJ Matatan!!! FREE Traditional Style Bachata Class at 7PM Location: Kaña Tapas Bar. 324 Spring Street, New York, NY esdays.html


International Salsa Magazine

Thursdays Don Coqui Every Thursday Don Coqui offers you Live Salsa Band with Latin Music by NYs Top DJs Playing: Salsa/ Merengue/ Bachata/ Reggaeton and much More‌ Dress Code for Lounge and main Dining Room: No hats, t-shirts, boots, or sneakers, sportswear or baggy attire. Location: 28-18 31st Street. Astoria, NY

Guantanamera. The Spirit and avor of Cuba Latin Music in Live. Schedule: Thu - Sun: 8:30pm- 12pm | Fri & sat: 8:30 - 1am Salsa, Rumba, and Cha-Cha, Guantanamera pumps up the volume with live music and dancing. Location: 939 8th Ave, New York

International Salsa Magazine


United States Of America / Events / New York

He is Back

Adriana Saez

Willie Colรณn and his Orchestra at Lehman Center New York - Dec 9, 2017


International Salsa Magazine

This Saturday, December 9th, the son of the Bronx will gift us his talent once again in “La Casa de la Salsa” after sold out performance last season. He will seduce us in this prestigious stage with his classics and greatest hits: “Idilio”, “Gitana”, “Oh Que Sera”, El Gran Varon,” “Sin Poderte Hablar”, “Canto a Borinquen”, “La Murga”, “Traigo La Salsa”, “Arbolito” and much more… This special Christmas concert Asalto Navideño will captivate audiences from all ages aren’t exceptions. The wonderful trombonist, singer, composer, producer, actor, director and community leader, Willie Colón who has over 50 years of career has recorded 40 albums and sold more than 30 million records worldwide, including fteen gold and ve platinum records and eleven GRAMMY nominations. 

Time: 8:00PM Location: 250 Bedford Park Boulevard West, Bronx, NY 10468 Tickets in advance: $100 for VIP ORCH Seats $65 for Orchestra Seats $55 for MEZZ/BAL Seats $50 for Rear Side Balcony Seats

International Salsa Magazine


United States Of America / Events / New York

Enjoy the best of your Holidays with WILLIE COLÓN and his Orchestra in Live Don’t to be missed! Asalto Navideño, Vol. I is the rst Christmas themed album recorded by Willie Colón and Héctor Lavoe in December 1970. The album features the participation of Yomo Toro, who collaborates with the Puerto Rican Cuatro (the instrument present in all the songs of the production). It also has the participation of Johnny Pacheco (member of the Fania All - Stars). Asalto Navideño, Vol. I have been the bestselling album in the history of Latin music, for the successful fusion of typical Latin sounds, such as the pump, traditional Puerto Rican air that managed to capture the public and especially the community Latina, based in the United States. Such was the success of this album that Fania Records published three years later, “Asalto Navideño, Vol. II”. Asalto Navideño, Vol. I has a total of 8 songs, among which are the greatest hits: "Aires de Navidad", "Esta Navidad", “La Murga" (tribute to the traditional Panamanian music) and “Canto a Borinquen”, which consists of a dedication to "Borinquen", a name which Latinos know to Puerto Rico, which is also the birthplace of many of the participants of the album.


International Salsa Magazine

Nowadays, the album and its deluxe edition (which includes the Vol. 2), are an invaluable object for all experts and collectors, and is listed as one of the best albums in the history of Latin music. Willie Colón during his 50th Anniversary tour 2017-2018 on the American continent, will continue to delight audiences with a musical repertoire of more than 50 years in which he earned with effort and talent a privileged place among the most recognized and admired gures of the genre of the SALSA. “This 50th Anniversary Tour has surpassed my expectations. My sincere thanks to all the fans that come out to show their support and affection. My gratitude to the promoters who decided to take a chance on me. Lastly, to my crew, that has given their energies and talent to make each presentation a success”. Willie Colón Get your Tickets online and more information in or visit the Willie Colón’s website

Salsa Fever On 2 Dance Academiy presents 6th Annual Holiday Gala at La Nueva Elegancia Saturday, Dec 16th Location: 572 57th St, West New York, NJ 07093, EE. UU Salsa Fever On2 Dance Academy is the only licensed Adult and Children Salsa/Mambo dance academy in the state of New Jersey! With 12 years of trajectory, they have a reputation throughout the dance community for providing their students with an Award-Winning, structured curriculum that is conducive to all different levels of dancers while maintaining a fun and stress-free environment.

International Salsa Magazine


Live Bands, Concerts New York: Things To Do Arturo O'Farrill with Tony Rosa & Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra Only 3 Sundays, December 2017 Date: 3, 10 & 17 The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra is the resident large format ensemble of the nonprot Afro Latin Jazz Alliance (ALJA) founded by Arturo O'Farrill in 2007 and dedicated to preserving the music and heritage of big band Latin jazz, supporting its performance for new audiences, and educating young people in the understanding and performance of this important cultural treasure. Location: Birland Jazz Club. 315w 44th St, NY 10036, New York.

Eliane Elias Live at Birdland Only 5 days, December 2017 8:30pm & 11:00pm From Tuesday, December 5th to Saturday, December 9th $40 General Seating Location: Birland Jazz Club. 315w 44th St, NY 10036, New York. Eliane Elias from Brazil moved to United States in 1981. She with her sensuous voice, virtuosic instrumental jazz, classical, and compositional skills, winner of GRAMMY for “Made in Brazil” (Best Latin Jazz Album) returned with, “Dance of Time,” a production that debuted at #1 on the itunes Jazz Album charts.


International Salsa Magazine

Miss Yaya Returns to SOB's Cost: $10.00 General Admission (age 21+) Location: 204 Varick Street In 2007 this Tropical singer became the centerpiece of the revived DLG (Dark Latin Grove) Salsa band, under the guidance of masterful producer Sergio George, who has produced for stars such as Marc Anthony, India, Frankie Negron and Victor Manuelle among others. The new DLG, with Miss YaYa as lead singer accompanied by the lone holdover from the previous iteration of DLG, James Da Barba, was nominated for a 2009 Grammy in the "Best Tropical Album". Please, visit her in

Los Hacheros at Gonzalez y Gonzalez Thursday, December 7th Shows: 9:30 PM & 11:30 PM/ Price: $10 192 Mercer Street, New York| NY 10012 Brooklyn’s Los Hacheros, modern-day torchbearers of the Golden Age of Latin music, recorded their sophomore album Bambulaye (February 26 / Chulo / Daptone Records) live to vintage analog tape, giving the music a raw, but warm and open sound similar to the Latin legends that have inspired them. Los Hacheros revives folkloric styles like son montuno, guaracha and salsa, and often combine them with Bomba, a ď€ ery rhythm from the mountains of Puerto Rico. Please, visit them in

International Salsa Magazine


Willie Villegas y Entre Amigos in Live Friday, December 22nd Shows: 11:30 PM & 1:30 AM Price: $10 192 Mercer Street, New York| NY 10012 Entre Amigos (Among Friends) are a two trombone-led salsa group based in Brooklyn, presided over by the formidable gure of Willie Villegas. A multifaceted individual, besides coleading Entre Amigos, playing timbales with them and producing their albums, Willie hosts the cable TV show Salsa En La Calle. No newcomer to the US salsa scene, Willie has played with such luminaries as Joe Quijano, Joe Cuba, Eddie Palmieri, Frankie Ruiz, Lalo Rodríguez, Tito Puente, José Fajardo and Paquito Guzmán to mention a few. Please, like them on


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United States Of America / California

International Salsa Magazine


United States Of America / Dance Classes / California

Dancing in Riverside Vicky Ferrara

Dancing in Riverside, an incredible dance academy that provides PRIVATE DANCE LESSONS as the quickest and most effective way of learning how to dance This type of learning is based in dance science and it maximizes the mind/body connection with an emphasis on the student's personal experiences. GROUP DANCE CLASSES consisting of a group of students that can range in numbers, from 6 students to 20 or more, and one dance instructor. In a typical group class at Dancing in Riverside, they will teach 2 to 4 patterns in whichever style that the class is learning. In addition to learning those individual patterns, also will teach you how to be able to instantly use the patterns in any social setting. We teach a variety of classes such as Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Salsa and much more.

The benefits of dancing In Dancing in Riverside, you will learn all the beneď€ ts of dancing, such as:

1. Physical Benefits Lose Weight: A recent study that was published in Volume 8 issue #3 of the Journal of Applied Research, suggests that the combination of a proper diet and a regular dance program could be the key to shedding those extra unwanted pounds. The study was conducted by the Department of Physical Therapy at Loma Linda University in the city of Loma Linda California. The researchers combined a sensible diet with a 1 hour a day dance program, and this is what they found: 7.5 pounds lost, 3.2 inches lost from the hips and 28.6% increase in the core muscle strength.

Healthier Bones Circular System / Stronger Muscles Brain Function


International Salsa Magazine

Location: 1760 Chicago Ave J11/13, Riverside, CA 92507, EE. UU.

Types of Dancing Beside you will learn different dances and type of application such as:

2. Mental Benefits According to the New England Journal of Medicine, studies have found that dancing increases cognitive activity, and subsequently decreases the risk of developing dementia. And based on a reading of these results by Stanford University, dancing frequently reduces the risk of dementia by 76% considerably more than any other activity studied, including reading. The reason for this is that dancing requires you to make split-second, rapid-re decisions, basically with every step you take. These kind of exercises have been shown to increase and maintain brain function in people of all ages. According to Stanford, In freestyle social dancing, both men and women are spontaneously open to the innite possibilities of the moment, responding to one's partner and to the music.

3. Social Benefits Improved social skills Connecting with community and meeting new people Providing a forum of self-expression

You can learn all of this and much more in Dancing in Riverside

SOCIAL DANCING: Social dancing is designed to develop poise and condence on the dance oor. Its primary objective is to strengthen the individual's leading or following ability to the point that no matter who your partner is, you will feel physically and mentally condent. The patterns used are generally suitable for smaller oors and so is the arm styling. Advanced styling is not the primary objective of social dancing. SHOWCASE DANCING: Showcase dancing is a means of developing one's ability by spending concentrated time on one or more dances. Preparing a showcase routine is very benecial for developing condence, style, pattern knowledge and smoothness. This type of dancing is very stylized and much of the time is spent on footwork, technique and the character of the dance as well as the personality of the dancer. Once the routine is complete, one feels they have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and condence in a relatively short period of time. COMPETITIVE DANCING: Competitive dancing combines the skills of both the social dancer and the showcase performer. Like the social dancer, competitors must maneuver, maintain poise and adjust to the various conditions surrounding them while having all of the are, style, technique and precision of an exhibition dancer.

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Concerts, Holiday Parties California: Things To Do Fuego: A Night in Puerto Rico Saturday, Dec 2, 2017 Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) 628 Alamitos Ave, Long Beach 90802, CA Tickets: $35/ Members: $28 (Each ticket includes one complimentary cocktail infused with Rum of Puerto Rico). Time: 7-10 pm You will enjoy: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago and opening performance by Conjunto Oye - Salsa Band, a Los Angeles based Salsa Orchestra specializing in classic Nuyorican salsa. A special performance by Cunyรก, an Afro-Puerto Rican Bomba group (a traditional Puerto Rican musical style). Dancing the night away as Dj Martineau spins the tunes and cash bar & food from Mofongos. More information or to purchase tickets in

SalsaCrazy Mondays 9 Year Anniversary LIVE Salsa Orq. Borinquen, 2 Floors Salsa and Bachata Monday, Dec 4th, 2017 Tickets: $21.99 - $27.24 / Age: 21+ Door at 6:30 for Dance Workshop 8p Beginning Dance Lessons / 9:00 Dancing! LIVE SALSA BAND ORQ. BORINQUEN will start at 9:30 PM 406 Clement Streets, San Francisco, CA. Buy The Tickets in or visit them in


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SalsaCrazy Mondays Holiday Party, Live Orq. NRUMBA, 2 Floors Salsa & Bachata Monday, Dec 11th, 2017 Location: 406 Clement Street, San Francisco, California 94118

Tickets: $21.99 - $27.24 / Age: 21+ SalsaCrazy Mondays Holiday Party arrives for you! Dance Lessons begin at 8:00pm. No partner and No Experience Required! The live salsa orchestra NRUMBA will start around 9:30pm. Get your Online Tickets in

Olga Tañon at Conga Room Thursday, December 14, 2017 800 West Olympic BLVD, Los Angeles California, CA 90015 This Puerto Rican singer, Grammy Award winning twice, three times winner of the Latin Grammy and also 30 times winner of Premios Lo Nuestro,Olga Tañón presents all her big hits in Conga Room, LA. Visit her in www.olgatanono to know more about her.

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Dance Fridays Holiday Party, Orq. Borinquen, Bachata Lessons at 8pm Friday, Dec 15, 2017 Tickets: $11.49 - $25.00 Time: 7:30pm - 2:30am Venue: Space 550 Location: 550 Barneveld. San Francisco, California 94124 The best of Dance Fridays in SAN FRANCISCO, an Evening with the fantastic dance lessons for all in multiple rooms at 8:00pm. Live salsa with the Orchestra Borinque at 10:00pm. Get 2 For 1 Deal (2 People) in

Orq. Koketos All Stars at Dance Fridays LIVE Salsa and Bachata - Lessons at 8pm

Friday, Dec 22, 2017 Tickets: $15.00 - $25.00 Salsa and Bachata - Lessons at 8:00pm Multiple Rooms of Dancing (Salsa and Bachata always). Venue: Space 550 Location: 550 Barneveld. San Francisco, California 94124 Go to Please remember, the tickets are NOT refundable, but they do allow you to transfer tickets to another person.


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Orchestra Candela Ft. Edgardo Cambon at Sausalito Seahorse Sunday, December 24th CHRISTMAS EVE Salsa Class with Steve: 4:00pm - 5:00pm $10 admission for live salsa! Live Band: 5:00pm - 9:00pm Sausalito Seahorse Location: 305 Harbor Drive Sausalito, CA 94965 "Edgardo & Candela" is a Salsa Band based in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years, making us one of the most established Salsa Orchestras in California. The instrumentation is piano, bass, trombone, sax, ute, guitar, conga drums, bongo drums, timbales and vocalists. Please, visit them in

Orq.Nrumba at Dance Fridays LIVE Salsa and Bachata Friday, Dec 29, 2017 Pre New Year Bash Venue: Space 550 Location: 550 Barneveld. San Francisco, California 94124 8:00pm - DANCE LESSONS - No partner and No Experience Required. 9:30pm - Dancing starts. 10:00pm- Live Latin Music - Band Nrumba. Tickets: $15 - $25 Visit and get your tickets to the Mega event in amazing 3 rooms.

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United States Of America / Holidays Parties / California

Epic New Year's Eve 2018 Union Square, San Francisco Sunday, December 31st Time: 9:00pm- 2:00am / Age: 21+ (Semi-Formal Dress Code) Danceoor 3: Salsa, Reggaeton, Merengue Featuring: 20,000 Sq. Feet of Party Space Multiple DJS ON 4 Danceoors Epic Balloon Drops Premium Party favors LED Glow Sticks Amazing Sound & Lighting Location: The Park Central Hotel (Inside Union Square's Newest Luxury Hotel). 50 3rd Street San Francisco, CA 94102

NYE Massive 2018 Parc 55, A Hilton Hotel San Francisco New Year's Eve Featuring: World Class DJS on 5 Dance Floors (Las Vegas, Hollywood, Miami, New York & San Francisco) Danceoor 1: Las Vegas: Top 40 Hits, Hip-Hop, & Club Hits Danceoor 2: Hollywood Swank: Top 40, - Hip-Hop EDM & Club Hits Danceoor 3: San Francisco Super VIPs Only: Top 40 & Club Hits Danceoor 4: NYC Studio 54 Style: 80's/90's/2k hits Danceoor 5: Miami Style: Salsa - Tropical Beats -Premium Party Favors, Noismakers & LED Glow Sticks -Ultra-Exclusive VIP Option and Massive Screens With Live Video Countdown. -Elegant Chic Ballrooms & -Massive Balloon Drops -4 HOURS OF PREMIUM OPEN BAR (9:30PM-1:30AM) 21+ | Evening Attire Required | 9pm-2am Location: Parc 55 Hilton San Francisco, 55 Cyril Magnin Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States


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San Francisco's Ultimate New Year's Eve 2018 Featuring: Over 20,000 Square Feet of Party Space Multiple DJs on Multiple Danceoors Outdoor Smoking Lounge 2 Massive Balloon Drops & Complimentary Party Favors Lounge: Salsa / Merengue / Latin Danceoor 1: Top 40. Hip-Hop. Club Hits Danceoor 2: 90's/2k/Top Hits Venue: King St. Event Space. San Francisco, CA. (King St Event Space located along San Francisco's World Famous Embarcadero across from AT&T Park). Location: 128 King Street , San Francisco, CA Tickets: $29.00 - $699.95 Time: 9pm-2am / Age: 21+

New Year's Eve International Ball Sunday, Dec 31, 2017 at 9 pm 100 Years of Tradition in San Francisco 4.5 Hours Hosted Premium OPEN BAR 4 Separate Dance Floors Latin Room with DJ Santero playing the best Latin music: Salsa| Merengue| Tropical| Latin Pop| Rock in Spanish. Multiple Balloon Drops at Midnight Fabulous Dancers and Drummers Red Carpet Treatment A Special Photo Booth & Much More! Location: Palace Hotel. 2 New Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA Tickets: $95 - $575

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Night Clubs, Dance Clubs California: Things To Do Introductory Special Start Dancing Today! The Granada LA. 17 S 1st St, Alhambra, CA, 9180 PRIVATE LESSONS allows an individual or a couple to learn at a pace that is more suitable to their needs. Individual attention ensures the most rapid and thorough learning process. They offer private instruction in all styles of partner dancing and at all levels. Individuals who are interested in taking their dancing a competitive level will beneď€ t greatly from private instruction. START DANCING TODAY in The Granada.

Saturday Salsa Night on December 30. 9:00 pm - 1:00 am Live Music with the Best Salsa Bands in Los Angeles! Cover Charge: $15 at the door (no cover with Dinner Reservation) / Age: 21 El Floridita Cuban Restaurant 1253 N. Vine St., Hollywood, CA 90038 Tel: (323) 871-8612 www.el Salsa dance lessons: Mondays at 8:00 PM, and Friday & Saturday 8:30 PM. The live entertainment starts at 9:30 PM with the best salsa bands in Los Angeles!


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BURJU PEREZ From Dance to the Fashion Industry Adriana Saez


urkey is considered one of the countries with the most successful traders in the world and with a big musical inuence of the Islamic and Western culture, well, from this country come the wonderful professional salsa dancer Burju Pérez, an entrepreneur who fused the tempo with the comfort and fashion of footwear. Born in Turkey but arrived from 2 years old to Boston, Massachusetts. From very young, Burju began in the world of rhythmic gymnastics and dance. “My parents say I danced before I walked, or at least I started them both at the same time. I always had a wiggle and a bop”, said Burju for an American media. Over the years, she learned other rhythms such as: Hip hop, Jazz and classical. Once at the university, she really dabbled in Latin dance, there a dance group was formed and she met her current husband Víctor, whose roots from Puerto Rico and who by that time was already an expert in Salsa dancing.


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Once associated both personally and professionally, Burju and VĂ­ctor embarked on their way to conquer the most important congresses and festivals in the country as qualiď€ ed Salsa dancers, starting with the nation's largest annual convention, LA SALSA FEST, which for that time was only made in two cities of the world: one in San Juan (Puerto Rico - original headquarters) and the other in Los Angeles, (US).

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United States Of America / Dancers / Fashion Industry Russia, China, Japan, Turkey, Lithuania, Germany and all Western Europe were also witnesses to the rage of the audience that generated this duo on the dance oor, who stepped on the best stages, generating great respect in the salsa community for being a couple of high competitive range.

Burju during the decade of the 90s began to add her identity to the attire, painting his shoes and creating her own style. By 2003, this regular salsa girl from the stages of Boston and New York had the opportunity to belong to Juan Matos' Fogarate Dance Project, which was held every weekend in New York. For the same period, Matos came up with another project, this time in Italy and Turkey and for which he had no partner dance so Burju was the ideal candidate to make this tour with him for a month, working full time.


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BURJU SHOES Once in Milan, this choreographer and professional dancer began to create her own project, an idea that would satisfy the needs of the dancers, simply a hybrid between dance and fashion, was the creation of Burju Shoes. In Milan, where I was based for the project, there is this very high fashion and lots of people not wearing dance shoes when they dance. I was like, "Oh, I'm not trying to be left out."So when I was social dancing I was rocking these hot fashion shoes I bought there, but every night I was nearly crying because I was in so much pain. That's when I was like, OH MAN! I want to combine fashion with comfort for dance shoes. She explained in an interview.

Burju Shoes (created in December 2010) are the perfect combination between the avant-garden design, contrast of colors, versatility and comfort, made to highlight the distinctive beauty in each dress and coziness when dancing.

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United States Of America / Dancers / Fashion Industry

Burju decided to create this company in his home, Boston, a very welcoming place where the scenes and the Latino community has grown exponentially.

When I ď€ rst started my business, I asked a lot of ladies that were well known (in the dance and salsa world) to help me with a collective push with the brand. These girls not only endorsed it, but became part of the brand and helped with the designs. I even named shoes after them!, said she. I had my own following, but it was so wonderful to have all these girls supporting me and spreading the word. When I felt weak, I had people to lean on who were not just friends but collaborators in the scene‌ I'm so grateful for the love and support here. She added. The Burju Shoes business was the change in the footwear industry's perception for the ladies. The belief for years that the beauty of the shoe was synonymous with pain and tiredness of the feet was in the past.


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Burju Shoes offer you elegant shoes that you can use to do your dailies and go to work, they are also perfect for a dinner, cocktail and especially for a night of total fun and a lot of Latin dance. Burju also cared about brides, and created a wide selection for them for that special day. Burju thanks to his experience as a professional dancer with 14 years of career, travel and in addition to her creative intuition, she has created great innovative designs in each shoe, which are exible for the comfort of the user and functional for each occasion. The construction of each pair of shoes is derived from custom made patterns, high-end manufacturing and high quality materials: satins, leathers, sparkle, faux animal prints and other synthetic or man-made materials. For the outer soles, the options of suede (more traditional for dance shoes) to the street sole which is great for indoor and outdoor use. I think people

appreciate that we put a higher standard on presentation… At the end of the day, selling is not my main mission. But I will educate you and help you nd what's right for you, and help you feel good about yourself. I think this draws people in, said she.

Even though I don't dance as much as I used to (since I got pregnant four years ago), and went the fashion and entrepreneur route, I'm still connected to this dance scene through my work and like giving back to the community… I want to show people that arts and business can function together. Burju Perez

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United States Of America / Dance Classes / Olathe / Kansas

AMORE DANCE Vicky Ferrara

Provide quality teaching at affordable prices, allowing anyone that has a love for movement, dance and tness to partake, ensure that clients have fun while promoting good health. Personal gains, such as improved self-esteem and self-motivation, combined with measurable benets are only some of the proven benets of a fun dance and tness program. And serve as a source of quality dance instruction, tness instruction and performances are the mission in AMORE DANCE. Tony & Jessica Witt, owners of Amoré Dance, are both ZUMBA® International Presenters and ZUMBA Education Specialists. They are 2 of the original 13 that helped introduce ZUMBA to the world as ZUMBA went global. Tony & Jessica Witt are a certied ACE/AFAA instructors / presenters & Zumba Education Specialist, based in Kansas City . They are also professional dancers trained in International Latin and Standard Ballroom, Salsa & Swing. In 2004, Jessica & Tony's passions for Latin Ballroom dancing and for Zumba leadComm them to open their very own dance studio, Amore Dance.


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Tony and Jessica have been featured in the commercial zumba videos, created choreography for zumba training videos, helped write & develop zumba programs: Zumba Basic 1, Zumba Basic 2, Aqua Zumba and Zumba Kids, and education materials, launched the zumba program in Taiwan, China, Japan and Canada. They have been featured in Zumba Conventions 2008-2013 and currently teach and perform at worldwide dance and tness conventions including, Idea Fitness, Chicago Salsa Congress, New York Salsa Congress, SCW Fitness, Can Fit Pro, DCAC, AFAA Japan Conventions, AFAA Taiwan Conventions, and much more. With all this experience, Tony & Jessica have established Amore Dance, the dance academy able to provide and teach the best of ZUMBA and all its exciting movements. You can contact them or nd all the information you're looking for at

United States Of America / Dance Classes / Las Vegas

Habana Style Dance Company

“Where dancing is a pleasure”

Vicky Ferrara

Founded by a professional dancer and choreographer, Yody Iznaga in 2001, to offer people who are passionate about latincaribbean and cuban music a place where they could learn such exotic dance styles and express themselves in dance body movements as its main objective. Habana Style Dance Company is one of the very few dance schools in LAS VEGAS which offer its public a complete portfolio with about 15 different latin-caribbean dance styles with an objective to enable the students to feel identied with what they are looking for in specic. Yody Iznaga professional dancer and choreographer born in Cuba and educated through the authentic Cuban technique of modern dance created by the professor Eduardo Rivero Walker at a professional company Teatro de la Danza del Caribe (Theater of Caribbean Dance). Yody Iznaga knows to perfection about 15 different dance styles. He dances on TV channels and big and famous stages known in the world of salsa. Yody has choreographed and danced for artists like Marc Anthony, Victor Manuelle, La India, Maelo Ruiz, and others.

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United States Of America / Dance Classes / Las Vegas

Dance Classes at Habana Style Dance Company Private lessons Private lessons represent the most accurate, effective and the fastest way to learn or master any dance style of your choice; since you can choose exactly what you would like to learn and the areas you need to improve. The dance studio is reserved only and exclusively for you and the instructor for the time of your scheduled session. This is also why you can fully enjoy and exploit the most out of the instructor's time and attention which are completely yours during the private lesson. Workshops Workshops are special dance classes taught by certied professionals with the main objective to develop and improve special dance abilities and to acquire original movements of a specic dance style. Members of Habana Style Dance Company learn through an authentic technique created by the dancer & choreographer Yody Iznaga. This authentic method focuses also on clean movements while it is easy to understand and acquire due to the high and professional level of teaching methodology typical for Habana Style. Group Classes Group classes are designed for people who want to learn in an entertaining way how to dance and at the same time to meet people and to connect to people who have the same dance objective.


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The classes are structured so that also people without a partner can participate in and enjoy the group classes. Students keep on rotating which allows them to improve their commands necessary for social dance. The group classes are designed to create a friendly environment and increase trust among participant; students are greatly encouraged to practice and demonstrate the knowledge acquired in the group classes on the dance oor at our social dance nights.

Benets of Dancing with Habana Style Dance Company Habana Style Dance Company offers various benets to its members while dancing Latin-Caribbean dances at the dance studio. Preparing and encouraging students to enjoy social dances anywhere in the world. On their way toward this goal, students have loads of fun, relieve stress, exercise, meet people with the same dance objective, and have constant participation in social events. Members of Habana Style Dance School learn through an authentic technique created by the dancer & choreographer Yody Iznaga. This authentic method focuses also on clean movements while it is easy to understand and acquire due to the high and professional level of teaching methodology typical for Habana Style Dance Company. Last but not least, Habana Style Dance School offers its members to join teams where they reach a very high level of dance including exotic movements within the social and professional dance through a long path of practices. What could be more beautiful and uniquely identifying than the exotic mixture of Salsa with Afro-Cuban rhythms and Cuban rumba within popular and social dances?

Canada / Dance Classes / Montreal / Quebec




Vicky Ferrara

Taking dance lessons is a most pleasant experience at The Dance Center. The teaching team is currently made of several dedicated dance instructors. To them, being a teacher means more than just making you a good dancer. It means making your learning experience fun, stimulating and motivating. Not just anybody can be a Dance Center teacher. The instructors are chosen not just for their dancing prowess, but also for their personality and teaching skills. They train continuously to acquire the most efcient teaching methods and the latest dance moves. Although each of them has specic strengths and specialties, all of the Dance Center teachers are qualied to teach more than a dozen different dance styles, from Salsa to Swing, and from Cha-cha to Argentine Tango. Teamwork is very important for the Dance Center instructors. They all work with the same teaching system, so when you take a lesson with any of them you will benet from their collective experience and from the diversity of their personalities.

The instructors come from many different parts of the world and their experience is as diverse as their talent. All of them have extensive dance backgrounds and some of them have experience coaching sports, teaching music and even aerobics. Lessons are provided in a variety of languages including English, French and Spanish. Don't miss everything San Tropez has to offer every week. And for more information about upcoming events, visit Ladies Styling Choreography Tuesdays - 8pm Hip Hop Choreography Thursday - 7pm Mens Styling Choreo Tuesday - 7pm Salsa - Bachata Choreo every Wednesday -7pm Kizomba Choreography Fridays - 8pm

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Europe / Events / Rigia / Latvia

Latvia is ready and proud to present you the next edition of

HOT ICE KIZ Weekend 2017! 1- 4 December 2017 Valentina Diaslara

The mission of the event -To promote the mix of cultures from dance in numerous styles. And while kizomba is swiftly developing and expanding its territories, more styles appear, new ows/forms are being created and people start to dispute and argue about that really a lot. The goal is to show and underline how dance and Latin music were enriched during the lasts decades, saving the base and not losing connection with roots.


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Lucien Noten (Netherlands) + Yuliya (Russia) Fred-Nelson (France, Paris) Kalypso (Switzerland) + Diana (Latvia) Pedro M. Martins (Portugal) Benoit Blameble (France, Paris) + Svetlana (UK, London) Xavier (France) + Inese ( Latvia) Special workshops for ladies from Yana Tyan (Russia, Kaliningrad)

5 Parties 2 days of workshops (urbankiz/French style, kizomba, semba, tarraxinha, afro). 2 rooms for dancing (Friday and Saturday) Taxi dancers Social rooms with the best environment

TAXI DANCERS Ludovic Nirina R. Sebastien Arsene Niko Viet-Marron (CMD team) JosuÊ Nonone Emrâh Franck Kizz Lorenzo (ModeZero) Avi (ModeZero) Reza (ModeZero) Mo Torakiz Philippe Moderkiz The special guest: Shah Amin (Germany)

Djs Dj Lenhy (France, Paris) Dj Lass (France, Paris) Dj Hugo Smile (France, Paris) Dj SmArt (Russia, Saint-Petersburg) ArtiKeys (France, Marseille) Dj T.K.M (Germany, Cologne)


Further information in

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Europe / Events / Brussels

International Salsa Magazine is very proud to present you

The 2nd edition of MIDI STATION KIZOMBA FESTIVAL 7-8-9-10th of December in BRUSSELS Valentina Diaslara

The organizers of this amazing event have found for you a MAGICAL PLACE in Brussels… Imagine the most beautiful hardwood oors that are just waiting for our dancing shoes to go wild on them, 1100 m² meters of space, high windows that are suited for a castle, 25 meter high ceilings with amazing acoustics.

You will have the pleasure to enjoy the Dj Saï Saï as the godfather of this festival that promises to be amazing!


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It's at walking distance from the center of Brussels, but in a nice spacious environment next to the water. The venue is situated in Tour & Taxi's, also known for the infamous Couleur Café Festival. It's one of the most beautiful venues in Brussels with 3 nice big rooms.

And then THE LINE UP! Come and dance with your favourite DJ's: Saï Saï / Chad / Stefanio Lima / Dani & Lisa / Dr Feelgood / Dos Anjos / Nice Life / Levi's / Maximelody / Nao / Ryze / Lemzo / Saide (LK)

Learn & dance with our ARTISTS: Mr tecas (FR) / Enah & carolina (FR/ESP) / Ange noir (FR) / Chamalo (NL/FR) / Annika & Dwe (NL) / Heneco & Adelina (FR) / Hugo & Sonja (LUX) / Maxdousey / Bagheera / Mattias & Kaou (BE) / Dim Dim & Ophelie (FR) / Ladira (NL) / Maylie braronss (BE) / Inna (DE) / Lauriane (FR) / Wawa l' Asso (FR)

...and many more to come!

What to expect?

The best of the event: Salsa, Kizomba and Bachata Social Rooms! THURSDAY 7-12- 2017 PRE - PARTY 22:00 FRIDAY SOCIAL 16:00 - 19:00 PARTY 22:00 - 06:00 - 2 ROOMS : Big Kizomba Room / Cool Semba room

SATURDAY & SUNDAY WORKSHOPS 12:00 till 19:00 - 2 rooms SOCIAL ROOM 14:00 -19:00 PARTY 22:00 - 06:00 - 3 ROOMS : Big Kizomba Room /Nice Salsa-Bachata Room/ Cool Semba Room

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México / Eventos / Acapulco


13 EDICIÓN Karina Bernales

En México se realizara a partir del 30 de Noviembre hasta el 3 de Diciembre en el Grand Hotel Acapulco ubicado en la Av. Costera Miguel Alemán 1, Icacos, 39860 Acapulco, Gro; la Décimo Tercera (13?) Edición "Acapulco Salsa Congress" donde podrás disfrutar de Shows, Talleres, Challenges, Conciertos, Competencias, Fiesta en la Piscina para luego seguir la esta en los salones del hotel, en un salón se bailara únicamente Bachata y Kizomba; mientras que en la Sala Principal se bailara Salsa, Mambo y Cha Cha Cha…, posteriormente se realizara una Party Mix donde se bailara una gran variedad de ritmos (Pop, Reggaeton, Kbradita, Cumbia, Merengue, y otros más). Habrá 2 Challenges Coreográcos: El primero es de Mambo Footwork con el Maestrisimo Jayson Molina quien nos mostrara el estilo y la sazón Puerto Riqueña. El 2do es de Bachata con la participación de los campeones mundiales Harold & Regan.


International Salsa Magazine

Los artistas conrmados que compartirán en el congreso son: Harold & Regan - Canadá / Jayson Molina Puerto Rico / Zare Dace Company - New York / Alma Latina Dance Company - Tijuana BC / Ernesto & Maritza - Chiapas, México / Esteban & Desiree - Salamanca, GTO / Gaby & Martín - Tijuana, BC / Gerardo & Madian Cudad de México / La Vieja Guardia de la Salsa en México. Para mayor información: ngressmx/ Teléfonos: 521 55 6251 3984

Argentina / Eventos / San Clemente del Tuyú

4to San Clemente Salsa Congress

Karina Bernales

Uno de los Congresos más esperados en Argentina por n llega a este mes de Diciembre, San Clemente Salsa Congress en su 4ta edición organizado por Gerardo Osvaldo Russo el cual se realizara a partir del 8 al 10 de Diciembre en el Club Social de Pesca, Náutica y Fomento de San Clemente del Tuyú ubicado en Calle 1 nº 2332, 7105 San Clemente del Tuyú, Argentina; donde se tocara buena música con el DJ ocial Gaston "TIBURON" Taborda y los DJ invitados Maximiliano "EL MAGO SALSERO" Avalos. (BSAS), Ariel Ruiz (MAR DEL PLATA), Mauricio Espinosa (BSAS). Y dependiendo del Pass que compres disfrutaras de diferentes actividades ya sea de todo el evento como por día o noche. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Correo: / Teléfonos: +54 9 11 6838-6589

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Argentina / Eventos / San Clemente del Tuyú

Artistas Karel Flores y Marco Ferrigno (USA / Italia) Diego Castro y Soledad Martino (Cordoba) / Carlos Aragón del Carpio (Buenos Aires - Argentina) Sebastian Mustafa y Malvina Fernandez (Buenos Aires Argentina) / Stephanie Lucero (Buenos Aires - Argentina) Jony Melgarejo (Bahía Blanca)

Passes Full Pass Viernes: $ 650 Full Pass Sábado: $ 650 Full Pass Domingo: $ 650 Noche Viernes: $ 250 Noche Sábado: $ 250 Noche Domingo: $ 250 Full Pass Noches: $ 750 Full Pass: $ 1590 que incluye los 15 Workshops + 3 noches +shows bailes sociales + Certicado

No te lo pierdas! Solo Hay Que Vivirlo 52

International Salsa Magazine

23:00 00:15 2--5

Apertura del Salรณn/ Baile social/ Importantes Sorteos y promos en la barra Shows Baile Social

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Ecuador / Clubs / Quito


Un año poniendo El Ritmo José Perez

Hablamos del espacio nocturno de moda en Quito, un espacio dedicado al baile, al disfrute y la movida nocturna de la ciudad. Desde su imagen tropical que denota claramente la dedicación a la música latina hasta su contexto te llama a pasar un rato ameno, en familia, amigos y en compañía de una buena selección musical. En poco tiempo el Mambo, como es conocido, ha logrado un nexo importante entre todas las escuelas de baile de la ciudad, siendo en ocasiones el centro de reuniones de estos profesionales del baile. Para servicio de todos tenemos miércoles de bachata y salsa, jueves y viernes de salsa clásica y sábados tropicales donde podemos escuchar una variedad musical que logra absorber a un público bien heterogéneo.


International Salsa Magazine

Michell Castillo gerente nos expresa, "…el concepto de Mambo Café va regido a un público latino, salsero, que desea disfrutar de un buen bar." Concepto que día a día sigue quedando arraigado en el público visitante. "…el nombre surgió por la necesidad de algo multicolor para un bar salsero, las condiciones del local permitieron que el diseñador pudiera jugar con colores y estructuras que hablarán por si solas". Es llamativo ver una columna con decoraciones de discos en acetato, murales y cuadros al mejor estilo caribeño. Tuvimos la experiencia de recoger impresiones de muchos de los bailarines de la ciudad, todos expresan el buen ambiente que se vive en este hermoso local, estas instituciones han tenido las puertas abiertas para realizar sus aniversarios, estas especiales, cierres de año y demás ocasiones festivas gracias a las grandes oportunidades que nos brinda el bar.

La recomendación es a probar la gama de cocteles, deléitese con el Margarita de sabores, una copa enorme que seguro degustarán con gran fascinación, sin hablar de los mojitos de Maracuya y el tequila buldog que te sorprende con una cerveza corona entre la decoración, todo un espectáculo. El Mambo sigue esperando por la visita de todos, de miércoles a sábado poniendo de moda la bailadera en Quito. Se encuentra en la Avenida. Cristóbal Colón, Quito 170517, Ecuador donde puedes contactarlos a través de: Facebook: MamboCafeQuito Correo: Teléfonos: +593 2-223-1249

Clubs / Ecuador / Colombia / Chile

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Los mejores de América Unidos en un Solo Proyecto José Perez

Desde los años 50 nació en Cuba un género muy jocoso llamado el baile del casino, estilo fundamentado en bailar la música cubana del momento entre parejas. Esto yace en la historia desde la moda del Mambo y Cha Cha Cha en los más aristocráticos clubs y en los salones fraternales de negros pobres de la bella isla, se bailaba sábados, domingos o estas especiales en días especícos, para el momento sonaban los ritmos de la


International Salsa Magazine

Aragon, Chapotin, Orquesta Casino, el Benni, entre otro, sin dejar a un lado ritmos como el rock and roll, sonidos de la época que luchaban por un espacio en los fanáticos. De la mezcla y la relación danzaría de los asistentes a los clubes nace ese cambio de parejas en formación circular llamado la Rueda de Casino, nombre que en otras ediciones de la revista estaremos desarrollando.

En América, sobre todo, al sur de este continente, la Salsa Casino, como la llaman en muchos lugares, ha logrado asentar bases rmes, mucho más de los que se conoce en Europa o Norteamérica, en algunos países llegando a ser la referencia número 1 de la modalidad de baile de Salsa. El mejor ejemplo lo tenemos en Venezuela tierra casinera por excelencia donde podemos sumar un gran centenar de escuelas de baile a nivel nacional, sin dejar atrás lo fuerte que se desarrolla en Colombia y en Perú, esto entre algunos países que de igual forma usan esta disciplina como una fuerte inuencia en jóvenes y adultos .

Es increíble ver las grandes diferencias de estilos y formas entre el casino de Europa y el de Sur América, pero siempre el mismo concepto, unir varias parejas para disfrutar de una buena timba o un buen son.

De lo antes expuesto surge el PROYECTO CUBASHOW, nace con el objetivo primordial de generar un canal de formación y desarrollo de las nuevas generaciones que incursionan en el bello mundo del baile, principalmente los vinculados a la Salsa Cubana y sus raíces en la música popular o tradicional cubana, el folklore y sus tendencias afro, todo en relación a la fuerte oleada de esta disciplina que se desarrolla en las principales capitales de muchos países de América.

BAILA QUE BAILA AMÉRICA un concepto de unión entre países del sur para extender la divulgación de la Salsa Casino en el continente reúne a parte de los mejores instructores de cada país con la mera intención de realizar giras nacionales e internacionales de formación en todas las tendencias de los baile de la cultura cubana, de esta manera obtenemos de los mejores exponentes clases, seminarios, conversatorios, foros, talleres y show que se podrán visualizar a través de las redes sociales de @BailaQueBailaAmerica las distintas escuelas, academias o instructores registrados al proyecto. Los equipos de profesionales del baile son estructurados basados en sus proyecciones locales, el trabajo que realizan dentro de cada uno de sus países. Para el mes de Junio se espera un evento de grandes proporciones donde podremos tener a los mejores instructores de toda América del Sur juntos en un evento de alto calibre, solo nos toca estar atentos a las redes sociales y a futuros reportajes de esta gran revista para sumarnos a esta onda casinera.

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