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Hiring a Nanny: Happy Children. Happy Families. You and your family can enjoy the following benefits: A lot less stress in your life. You choose the person who will influence your child’s world. Personalized childcare geared towards your child’s specific needs and your instructions in the comfort of your own home. Flexible childcare to fit your individual schedule. Get help with housework and meal preparation. Option to hire a nanny on a live-in and live-out basis. Bring the world to your children – expose them to foreign cultures, different foods and games as well as a second language from an early age. Enjoy more quality time with your family. Affordability – average weekly costs start at $445 per week depending on the province. Highly qualified and educated nannies who are typically trained teachers, nurses or midwives with many years of previous work experience as live-in nannies.

Why choose us? International Nannies & Homecare Ltd. was founded by Manuela Gruber Hersch, a former overseas nanny from Austria, in 1996. Manuela is also a multiple nanny employer herself and brings a wealth of knowledge from both angles. Post-placement follow up and support is an essential part of our service. ✓ Free Family registration. ✓ Complimentary assessment of your childcare needs. ✓ Free access to our extensive nanny database. ✓ Interview prospective nannies at no charge. ✓ Efficient and systematic matching process based on your specifications. ✓ Stress-free hiring process. ✓ Guidance & support throughout the entire course. ✓ Continuous support after the nanny’s arrival. ✓ Complimentary hands-on employer and nanny manual. ✓ Nanny Orientation after Arrival. ✓ Local Coordinators across Canada. ✓ Exclusively working with an ICCRC approved Immigration Consultant. ✓ Payroll Service provided if needed. ✓ A wealth of experience – in business since 1996.

Successful Placements have a System

Care Solution 101 Connect with one of our Nanny Consultants Review profiles

Connecting Nannies & Families Set up interviews Ask the right questions Offer employment

Immigration Process Lean back Let us complete the government documents and assist your nanny with her work permit application

We are a Team Welcome your new nanny in your home Receive unlimited on-going support Please call us at 1.800.820.8308 or visit us at A Nanny placement can be time consuming & stressful. Leave it up to the professionals!

Happy children. Happy families.

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Free phone consultation is available to explain and discuss the hiring process.

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Once you have decided on a nanny applicant you would like to hire, our Nanny Consultants will guide you through the entire process. Our in-house, Certified ICCRC Immigration Consultant will also oversee the paperwork required for you to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment, as per government regulations.

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Don’t need full-time care? Need someone sooner? Interested in a cultural exchange too? Consider an Au Pair! Depending on your needs, an Au Pair might be the best option for you. Similarly to in-home caregivers, Au Pairs provide affordable and flexible childcare, but only child-related housekeeping. Au Pairs can arrive in your home within 3 – 16 weeks, are able to work full or part-time hours and always live-in with you. Moreover you are not required to demonstrate your proof of sufficient income, your identity and address, apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment nor pay for the Au Pair’s airfare and health care. Au Pairs are interested in cultural exchange and are looking forward to sharing their language, traditions, food and much more with you and your children.

Here are some of the differences between an Au Pair and an In-home Caregiver. Au Pair

In-home Caregiver

• Must have childcare experience, preferably outside the family such as babysitting, tutoring, completing an internship in a daycare/preschool

• Usually have a minimum of one year of full-time work experience as nannies, an early childhood education and one year of work experience in the according field, or a six month caregiving training course

• Main responsibility: childcare

• Main responsibility: childcare and housekeeping

• Assists with child-related household duties including meal preparation, doing the children’s laundry, and helping to keep their rooms clean • Always live-in

• Option to live-in or live-out

• 9 – 12 months, sometimes 6 months

• One year minimum to maximum 2 years

• Between 18-29 years of age

• No age limit, majority are between 25-45 years

• High school or college graduates

• Usually High school or post-secondary education in nursing, midwifery or teaching

• No additional costs

• Family must pay for the caregiver’s roundtrip flight as well as healthcare coverage until eligible for provincial health coverage

• Applicant must complete a medical exam and police clearance(s) prior to entering Canada

• Applicant must complete a medical exam and police clearance(s) prior to entering Canada

• Comes to Canada for a “cultural exchange” – more like a big sister to your children

• An In-home Caregiver may also offer in-home elderly care or disabled adult care

• Usually has a driver’s license

• Rarely has a driver’s license

• Proficient in English as a second language or native speaker

• Proficient in English as a second language

• Au Pair is paid minimum wage

• Caregivers are paid the median prevailing wage

• Room and board are deductible, the amount dependents on province

• Room and board cannot be deducted

• Working hours range from between 20 – 44 hours per week

• Caregiver works full-time between 40 – 48 hours

• No additional paperwork needs to be submitted to Canadian Embassy

• Canadian Embassy processing the application requires potential employers’ Notice of Assessments to determine eligibility, letter from employer, Proof of Identity and Address

• No Labour Market Impact Assessment required

• Labour Market Impact Assessment is required

• No advertising required

• Advertising using at least four different methods of recruitment

• Processing times range between 3-16 weeks

• Processing times range between 7 – 9 months

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