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INTERNATIONAL AU PAIRS A flexible and affordable childcare alternative

Dear Future Host Parents, Are you a busy parent looking for flexible and affordable one-on-one childcare in the comfort of your own home? Do you need help with childcare related household duties? Are you interested in bringing the world to your children by introducing them to foreign traditions and food as well as a second language? Are you in need of childcare help within the next 3-16 weeks? Do you see yourself welcoming a young adult in your home, sharing Canadian customs and treating her like a family member? If the answer to all, or even some, of these questions is yes!, it might be time to consider hiring an Au Pair from overseas. The term “Au Pair” is French for “equal to”, meaning that the relationship between you, your children and an Au Pair should be a reciprocal and caring one. An Au Pair is typically a young woman who takes care of your children and does light housekeeping for up to 12 months. Since hosting an Au Pair is as much a cultural exchange program as it is a childcare program, we refer to each of our clients as a host family. As a host family you will welcome an Au Pair into your home to be an extended family member, include her in activities and meals and introduce her to the “Canadian way of life”. In exchange, your family benefits from a caring and dedicated caregiver who can offer so much more than simply childcare. Does an Au Pair sound like the right fit? Contact us today and get started! We are looking forward to placing an Au Pair with you soon. Warm regards, Manuela Gruber Hersch Former overseas nanny, mother of two children, and three-time successful nanny employer. General Manager of International Nannies & Homecare Ltd.

January 2016


Founding member of the Association of Caregivers and Nanny Agencies, Canada (ACNA)

Full-voting member of the International Au Pair Association (IAPA)

About International Nannies & Homecare Ltd. International Nannies & Homecare Ltd. was founded in 1996 by Manuela Gruber Hersch, a former overseas nanny from Austria, and is one of Canada’s leading In-home Caregiver and Au Pair agencies; committed to providing the highest level of applicant screening, with a focus on providing excellent service to both applicants and families. At International Nannies & Homecare Ltd, we have been placing In-home Caregivers for more than 19 years. We’re the first agency to introduce the Au Pair program to Canada almost 4 years ago, as an alternative to the sometimes frustrating and lengthy process of sponsoring an overseas live-in nanny into Canada. Manuela is a multiple nanny employer herself and brings a wealth of knowledge from both perspectives. Our team of experienced and highly-motivated Placement Coordinators, who are placed across Canada, have lived and/ or travelled abroad for an extended period of time themselves and are looking forward to sharing their expertise with you. We have been working with a variety of partners around the world for many years and visit each other

regularly to maintain trusting and reliable relationships and to ensure the best service for you. Many busy parents have relied on International Nannies & Homecare Ltd. to provide a childcare solution that is flexible, affordable and quality-driven. Having another adult in your home can help your family find balance between work-life and family-life. They are your set of helping hands. With an Au Pair, your childcare works around your schedule and not the other way around. By choosing how you want to schedule your childcare, you know you have coverage when you need it most – including sick days, snow days and evenings. Our goal is to make this process as smooth as possible for everyone and to provide you with an excellent Au Pair candidate who is able to enrich you and your family’s experience. Customer service prior to your Au Pair’s arrival, as well as post-placement follow up and support, is an essential part of our service.

We further offer: ✓ Free family registration

✓ Guidance and support throughout the entire hiring process (setting up employment contracts, ensuring ✓ Complimentary assessment of your childcare needs and employment standards are being followed) in depth information about the NEW Au Pair program ✓ Extensive employer handbook and payroll information ✓ A screening process that provides a high level of recruitment expertise, including a personal interview, verifying ✓ Orientation days in Vancouver or Toronto prior to the Au Pair’s arrival with your family of recent childcare and character references, and ensuring the Au Pair undergoes police clearances and a ✓ Continuous support after the Au Pair’s arrival for you and medical exam in order to be able to work with children your Au Pair, including regular Au Pair meetings where in Canada and to qualify for their Work Permit possible ✓ Free access to our extensive Au Pair database

✓ 24 hour Emergency Phone Number for your Au Pair

✓ Interviews with prospective Au Pairs at no charge

✓ Replacement guarantee (16 weeks)



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Au Pair

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Cultural Exchange New big sister

Initial Consultation • Personal interview with one of our local Placement Coordinators to determine your childcare needs. • Find out more about what it means to host an Au Pair and express ideas about your ideal childcare situation, expectations regarding the kind of relationship you are envisioning with your Au Pair and potential worries. • The majority of our Au Pairs are available to start between May and September.

Your application • Completing your application is an important part of the matching process.

• Get in touch with as many as five Au Pairs at once and set up Skype interviews!

• Based on the information provided, a prospective Au Pair will decide if she would like to interview with you. • No obligation and free of charge


Matching – the search for the ideal Au Pair begins • Receive complete and detailed applications of suitable Au Pair candidates. • Flip through the mini profiles of available Au Pair candidates on our website.




• This is your chance to find out as much as possible about an Au Pair. You might know right after the first phone call that this is the right person to join your family! You might need a few attempts to find the perfect match. Either way, if you apply early enough, we will find the ideal Au Pair for you.

Job Offer • Perfect match? Confirm placement duration and ideal arrival date.

5 6

Paperwork • Finalize the placement by signing the employment contract, agency agreement and paying the fee. • If your Au Pair is arriving with little notice, the entire fee may be collected when the match is made, prior to the paperwork being finalized, in order to secure your Au Pair and to allow us to reserve and confirm her travel arrangements.

Work Permit • Due to the limited number of work permits that are given out each year, your Au Pair has most likely already applied, with the assistance of our overseas partner company. • On rare occasions an Au Pair will apply after the confirmation of a placement. If so she will will complete this application as soon as possible and processing times are fairly expeditious.




Stay in Touch


• Receive extensive information on how to prepare yourself and your children for your Au Pair’s arrival and how to organize your payroll system.

• In our experience, host families who invest time and energy in developing a relationship with their Au Pair prior to her arrival are much more likely to have a successful long-term relationship. • An occasional email or a picture drawn and sent by your children can go a long way.

Pick-up – Welcoming your Au Pair to Canada • Most Au Pairs arrive on specific dates and in groups in order to allow them to participate in our Orientation Days in either Vancouver or Toronto. Orientation Days prepare them for their life as an Au Pair in Canada.


• You will be able to pick-up your Au Pair at the end of the Orientation Day after she arrives at your closest local airport.

The first few days • Spend the Au Pair’s first few days together as a family. • Be patient and understanding. A lot of things will be new and different to your Au Pair, the language, the culture, your family and being far away from anything she knows. • Your local Placement Coordinator will follow-up within the first few days of your Au Pair’s arrival. • Despite all efforts, it may be that the chemistry between you and your Au Pair just doesn’t feel right. In any case, please get in touch with us. Your local Placement Coordinator will be able to mediate and assist you in overcoming cultural differences and miscommunications. If a resolution is not found, our replacement guarantee comes into effect.


Saying Goodbye • Time flies! Before you know it, your current Au Pair will be leaving. • Contact us at least 4-5 months prior to the end of your Au Pair’s placement term to find a new Au Pair and benefit from our generous Repeat – Family Discount. • As an International Nannies & Homecare Ltd. host family, you will have the opportunity to constantly share feedback with us through regular conversations with your local Placement Coordinator and regular customer satisfaction surveys, so we can continually improve our program. 5

Arrival in Canada

Arrival to Host Family

Anticipated first day of work



Monday, 22.02.2016



Monday, 07.03.2016

We are committed to a policy of no hidden fees and believe in being transparent with families about the costs associated with hosting an Au Pair. Your costs will include our agency fees, the processing fee of obtaining a police clearance during the application process, your Au Pair’s wages and, if applicable, adding your Au Pair to your car insurance policy once she has arrived. There are no additional costs for her travel arrangements, health insurance or work permit application.



Monday, 21.03.2016

Registration and Matching at no cost!



Monday, 02.05.2016



Tuesday, 24.05.2016**



Monday, 13.06.2016



Monday, 04.07.2016

You will be able to register and complete your host family application, begin our personalized matching process, access our online database of available Au Pair mini profiles, interview prospective Au Pair candidates and make your final selection at no cost.

06.07.2016 08.07.2016

Monday, 11.07.2016



Monday, 25.07.2016



Tuesday, 02.08.2016



Monday, 08.08.2016



Monday, 15.08.2016



Monday, 22.08.2016



Monday, 29.08.2016



Tuesday, 06.09.2016



Monday, 19.09.2016



Monday, 03.10.2016



Monday, 19.10.2016

26.10.2016 28.10.2016

Monday, 31.10.2016



Monday, 14.11.2016



Monday, 21.11.2016



Monday, 12.12.2016



Monday, 02.01.2017

Depending on applicant availability and urgency we might add further dates if needed.

*Only applies to German Au Pairs recruited by AIFS. The dates are subject to change. **Monday, 23.05.2016 in NB, NS, NL

“We have nothing but wonderful things to say about our Angela. She is great with our kids, very thoughtful, generous, and responsible, and she is always helping out around the house. We are very happy to have her in our home (and also already sad about it ending in 8 months).


Host Family in Vancouver, BC

Program Fee: $1,795 Due upon signing the employment contract. If your Au Pair is arriving with little notice, the entire fee may be collected when the match is made and prior to the paperwork being finalized, in order to secure your Au Pair and to allow us to reserve and confirm her travel arrangements. Optional: Additional 4 weeks extended placement guarantee 200$. Nova Scotia placements: Additional 75$ to obtain an employer registration certificate from the Director of Labour Standards. © oksun70

Scheduled Orientation Days*

Average Au Pair Wages and Employer’s Cost Per Week Based on Working Hours and Location Average Gross Wage in CAD per week

Maximum Room & Au Pair Employer Hours Board Deduction Net Wages in CAD TOTAL COST per week in CAD per week per week PER WEEK in CAD

Alberta (Wages $11.20 CAD per hour) 280.00 101.22 159.34 196.67 25 336.00 101.22 203.68 256.93 30 392.00 101.22 246.21 317.17 35 448.00 101.22 285.34 377.41 40 British Columbia (Wages $10.45 CAD per hour) 261.25 75.00 170.71 202.75 25 313.50 75.00 212.09 258.94 30 365.75 75.00 253.46 315.15 35 418.00 75.00 291.82 371.36 40 Ontario (Wages $11.25 CAD per hour) 281.25 85.25 176.29 214.00 25 337.50 85.25 216.67 274.51 30 393.75 85.25 255.73 335.02 35 450.00 85.25 294.25 395.53 40 Quebec (Wages $10.55 CAD per hour) 263.75 N/A 248.37 279.74 25 316.50 N/A 291.42 336.40 30 369.25 N/A 334.46 393.07 35 422.00 N/A 377.51 449.72 40 Saskatchewan (Wages $10.50 CAD per hour) 262.50 57.69 189.00 221.39 25 315.00 57.69 230.59 277.86 30 367.50 57.69 267.39 331.59 35 420.00 57.69 303.40 390.83 40 Nova Scotia (Wages $10.60 CAD per hour) 265.00 68.20 172.82 213.56 25 318.00 68.20 210.45 270.58 30 371.00 68.20 248.09 327.59 35 424.00 68.20 285.71 384.62 40 Newfoundland and Labrador (Wages $10.50 CAD per hour) 262.50 75.00* 165.58 204.08 25 315.00 75.00* 203.41 260.55 30 367.50 75.00* 241.21 317.03 35 420.00 75.00* 279.01 373.52 40 *NL doesn’t specify a maximum for room and board but rather a “reasonable amount” to be deducted. If an Au Pair is placed elsewhere within Canada the wages will be similar. However, please be aware wages and payroll deduction amounts do differ in each province and territory.


“Antonia is a very nice girl, very understanding and very polite. Her work ethics are impressive. We are very comfortable with her.” Host Family in Ottawa, ON

Q&A Why should I get an Au Pair instead of an In-home Caregiver?

Depending on your needs, an Au Pair might be the best option for you. Like a In-home Caregiver, an Au Pair provides affordable and flexible childcare, but only child-related housekeeping. Au Pairs can arrive in your home within 3-16 weeks of receiving a job offer and are able to work full or part-time hours. Moreover, you are not required to demonstrate proof of sufficient income, your identity and address, apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) nor pay for an Au Pair’s airfare and health care as you would for a In-home Caregiver. Au Pairs are interested in a cultural exchange experience and are looking forward to sharing their language, traditions, food and much more with you and your children. Please refer to the final page for an overview of differences between an Au Pair and an In-home Caregiver.

Can the Au Pair perform any household duties? An Au Pair will be able to do any household duties related to the children such as the children’s laundry, cleaning up their rooms, picking up after the children, preparing meals and driving them to different activities. However, an Au Pair is not a housekeeper and therefore not expected to clean the entire house or do the family’s laundry. © Wavebreakmedia

How do you screen your Au Pairs?


All of our Au Pairs have passed an extensive screening process. Every applicant has been interviewed by one of our local interviewers and is required to complete an extensive application form as well as write an essay. Moreover every Au Pair provides references, which have been confirmed by our local staff, presents a current police record and undergoes a medical exam.

Before your Au Pair’s arrival we make sure that both you and your Au Pair are aware of the potential for cultural differences that may be encountered and provide more information on how to make it a successful placement for you both.

What is it like to host an Au Pair? Hosting an Au Pair is about more than employing a domestic worker. It means participating in a cultural exchange program and opening up your home and heart to a new extended family member from overseas. Therefore, we consider you to be a host family and the Au Pair to be a big sister to the children. As a host family, you will include her in family activities, daily meals and introduce her to typical Canadian traditions. In exchange, your children benefit from a caring and dedicated caregiver who can offer your family so much more than just childcare.

What childcare qualifications and training does an Au Pair have? Every International Nannies & Homecare Ltd. Au Pair must meet our stringent requirements and undergo a thorough background check including reference verification, pass a comprehensive medical check by a local panel physician approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and obtain a police clearance from every country they have lived in for more than six consecutive months. Every Au Pair will receive training on life and childcare in Canada, and learn how to make an Au Pair experience work for everybody, particularly communication, safety, and cultural differences. The Au Pair applicant will either participate in person or has the opportunity to take part in an online meeting.

“Fenja is extraordinary—she takes the time to make space for our son, for this unique child with big feelings, who experiences the world so intensely. She allows for those feelings to exist and be felt, without becoming exasperated or frustrated. In other words, she does the ordinary in an extraordinary way, this making of space for our son which in turn creates a space for us, his parents, to regroup, and recharge to help parent him with renewed energy and love. The impact this has on us, as parents, as people, there are not enough words in the world to describe.” –Host Family in Kitchener, ON

What countries do the Au Pairs come from? Every Au Pair comes to Canada on a Working Holiday Work Permit. This type of work permit is only available to certain nationalities and the numbers of work permits given out every year are limited. Germany, Australia and New Zealand have been proven to provide an adequate amount

of work permits as well as enough interested applicants. However, please check with your local Placement Coordinator because we are constantly adding new recruiting countries to our portfolio. 9

Can I select an Au Pair from a specific country or who speaks a certain language? Yes, however please be aware that it may take longer to match you with an Au Pair from a specific country and with certain language skills. Some specifications may not be able to be met since not every nationality is eligible to apply for a Working Holiday Work Permit.

Absolutely. To be eligible for the Working Holiday Work Permit, an Au Pair must be prepared to take out healthcare insurance for the duration of her stay – she may have to present evidence of this insurance when she enters Canada. You are not required to cover the cost of her health insurance.

Does every Au Pair speak English?

How much should I pay my Au Pair?

Yes, every Au Pair speaks a high degree of English. English skills range from intermediate to native speaker. During your personal phone interview with an Au Pair you will be able to assess her command of the English language and determine whether her English abilities match what you are looking for.

You will employ an Au Pair just as you would any other employee: remitting CPP, EI, Worker’s Compensation and her Income Tax to Canada Revenue Agency. The weekly pay rate for your Au Pair is determined by the province she works in and the hours being worked. The wage is based on the provincial minimum wage. Currently, the hourly minimum wage is between $10.45 CAD and $11.25 CAD. In addition, room and board can be deducted from an Au Pair’s wage in most provinces. Wages and room and board deductions vary depending on the province and are subject to change. Please refer to page 7 to get a better idea of what your average costs will be.

Does every Au Pair drive? Having an Au Pair to drive your children to and from school and other activities is one of the benefits of the Au Pair program. The vast majority of our Au Pairs are licensed to drive in their home countries and travel with an International Driver’s Permit which will allow them to drive in Canada. Depending on the province, her nationality and driving experiences, an Au Pair may need to undergo a driving test in Canada to be able to drive here. During your telephone interview, you may ask an Au Pair about the extent of her driving experience. Once you select an Au Pair, you will also need to provide the appropriate coverage under your auto insurance and be prepared to help her adjust to driving in Canada.

Should I provide my Au Pair with her own bedroom, bathroom and car? Host families are required to provide an Au Pair with a private lockable bedroom. It is not required that an Au Pair has her own bathroom or car. 10

Does each Au Pair have medical insurance?

Do I pay my Au Pair a Completion Bonus? Your Au Pair has committed to care for your children for a period of 6-12 months. Upon completion of the placement all host families are asked to pay a Completion Bonus of $350 for a 9 month placement and $600 for a 12 month placement respectively. The payment of this bonus is not subject to performance and has to be paid upon the completion of the full placement term. This is common practice in the international Au Pair industry and a good incentive for an Au Pair to stay until the end of the term. It is also a nice extra at the end of your Au Pair’s stay that she can use towards further travel around Canada.

Do I pay my Au Pair more if I have multiple children? No. the cost is per family, not per child. Compare an Au Pair to a day care, and you will find that Au Pair childcare is a financially competitive solution!

Do they get paid for Canadian statutory holidays? Do we have to allow vacation time/pay? Following Labour Standards; every employee (part-time and full-time) must be employed for a certain number of days before they are given a paid day off on a statutory holiday. The period of time depends on the province but is roughly between 15 and 30 days. Employees are entitled to two weeks (three weeks in Saskatchewan) of paid vacation time after each 12-month period.

Most of our Au Pairs do not complete the full vacation entitlement year and therefore do not qualify for vacation time under the Employment Standards Act. However, they earn vacation pay as they earn wages. So even if an Au Pair doesn’t complete a vacation entitlement year, they are still entitled to at least 4% of their wages earned as vacation pay. This can be paid to the Au Pair at each pay period. Most families will allow the Au Pair then to take pro-rated unpaid vacation before her contract is up.

Can two families “share” an Au Pair? Unfortunately no. An Au Pair is interested in becoming a valued member of a Canadian family by living with them and providing childcare for that one family. Due to the nature of her work permit, an Au Pair may babysit or take on other jobs, but understands that the host family and host children always come first.

“We are absolutely delighted with © racorn

Julia. She has immediately made herself part of our family, helping out any chance she gets with anything and everything. She is wonderful with our children. Even after this short time we are very happy with our decision to hire an Au Pair” Host Family in Edmonton, AB


If I am a single parent do I qualify to host an Au Pair? Yes. International Nannies & Homecare Ltd welcomes single parents to participate in our program.

How many hours does an Au Pair work? An Au Pair typically works 20 – 44 hours per week according to your needs. She does not need to work full-time and can even work on a split shift basis to accommodate your changing schedule if necessary.

Our childcare hours may be inconsistent, do we have to guarantee certain hours every week? Once you have selected your Au Pair, we will set up an employment contract with a specific number of hours that you and your new Au Pair agree on. The times of these working hours may vary depending on your schedule but we do ask you to ensure that the Au Pair is working a minimum number of hours every week. We recommend the hours of work be no less than 20-25 hours a week. Less hours will make it harder for her to bond with your children and integrate herself into the family. It also leaves the Au Pair with a lot of free time and not enough money to spend, which might create unnecessary problems.

Can my Au Pair care for my children when I am out of town? An Au Pair cannot provide childcare for more than the maximum work hours defined by the Employment Standards Act in your province. These limits still apply when you are out of town, including hours when the children are sleeping. You would need to make additional childcare arrangements to cover any time beyond the Au Pair’s maximum working hours. 12

Are we expected to compensate the Au Pair financially for time spent as a family or just when we leave her alone with the kids? We recommend that you sit down with your Au Pair once a week and discuss the following week and her work schedule. If you ‘make’ her participate in family activities because you need that extra set of hands, then this is considered work and you have to pay her. If you ask her to join you in a family activity but leave it up to her if she joins you or not, it is family time and you are not expected to pay her.

If we invite our Au Pair to do activities with us as a family where she is not working, but spending time with us, i.e. skiing or going to the movies, are we expected to pay for her expenses or does she pay her own way? If you choose to invite your Au Pair to join you for family activities, it is typically appropriate to pay for her every now and then. Hosting an Au Pair is more than just having an employer-employee relationship. An Au Pair is supposed to be part of your family and when she is going the extra mile by emptying the trash or the dish washer, setting the table, or playing with the kids during her time off because she wants to, it is only fair if you too could give something back. It is not expected to pay for a ski trip or have her join you on your vacation (if she is not working), but small things such as offering to buy her a snack on your trip to the beach or a movie ticket is a nice gesture of your appreciation. The key is communication and setting the right expectations (ideally already covered during the initial Skype interview!)

Can my Au Pair travel with my family? Yes, just make sure that your Au Pair is in compliance with the specific visa rules and regulations of the destination country prior to departure. She might have to apply for a tourist visa prior to her travels depending on her nationality and your destination.

It’s best to start applying several months before you require an Au Pair. The waiting time depends on your family’s specific needs and the availability of Au Pairs with corresponding qualifications. This can be anywhere between 3 to 16 weeks, however the majority of Au Pairs are available to start between the months of May and September. We highly recommended completing and submitting your host family application as soon as possible so we can start presenting you with suitable candidates.

Can I get an Au Pair any time of the year? Yes, International Nannies & Homecare Ltd. and its partners recruit Au Pairs all year round. However, the main season for an Au Pair to arrive is between the months of May and September, as it is traditionally the time when Au Pairs graduate from high school.

How long can our Au Pair stay? The Working Holiday Work Permit is valid for up to 12 months from the day the Au Pair enters Canada. Some Au Pairs prefer to stay with their host families for about 9-11 months and use the remaining time to travel around Canada. Shorter placements are possible as well.

Can my Au Pair extend her work permit? No. The Working Holiday Work Permit cannot be extended. Australian Au Pairs however are granted a 2 year work permit and may be able to stay longer with you than the typical 12 months.

How do I choose my Au Pair? International Nannies & Homecare Ltd understands how important selecting the right Au Pair is to each family. You will be able to choose from a variety of mini profiles on our website or have our local Placement Coordinator propose suitable applicants. You will then be able to review the

complete application of your favourite Au Pairs, interview them via Skype or over the phone, and discuss your expectations and requirements before making your decision.

What if I have issues with my Au Pair? Our goal is to make a placement work for everyone involved. Whenever necessary, we will mediate and help you to openly and effectively communicate with each other. If the placement does not work out and the termination of your Au Pair is inevitable, our replacement policy will apply.

Can I speak to my Au Pair matches? Yes. We require you to speak with your prospective Au Pair applicants before finalizing the placement. The personal interview is a crucial part of the screening process and the best way for you and your children to get to know an Au Pair candidate before making a final decision.

How do I get started? Contact us today at 1-800-820-8308 or During a free consultation we will discuss your expectations and verify if an Au Pair will be able to meet your expectations and childcare needs. We then ask you to complete our host family application including a “Dear Au Pair Letter”, photos of you, your children and your home. We also require one personal reference from you, as well as a police clearance for every adult (18 years or older) living in your home. ©Wavebreakmedia

How long does it take until I can welcome an Au Pair in my home?


Au Pair versus In-home Caregiver – What’s the Difference? Au Pair

In-home Caregiver

• Must have childcare experience, preferably outside the family such as babysitting, tutoring, completing an internship in a daycare/preschool

• Must have a minimum of one year of full-time work experience as nanny, an early childhood education and one year of work experience in the according field, or a six month caregiving training course

• Main responsibility: childcare

• Main responsibility: childcare and housekeeping

• Assists with child-related household duties including meal preparation, doing the children’s laundry, and helping to keep their rooms clean • Always live-in

• Option to live-in or live-out

• 9 – 12 months, sometimes 6 months

• One year minimum to maximum 2 years

• Between 18-29 years of age

• No age limit, majority are between 25-45 years

• High school or college graduates

• Usually High school or post-secondary education in nursing, midwifery or teaching

• No additional costs

• Family must pay for the caregiver’s roundtrip flight as well as healthcare coverage until eligible for provincial health coverage

• Applicant must complete a medical exam and police clearance(s) prior to entering Canada

• Applicant must complete a medical exam and police clearance(s) prior to entering Canada

• Comes to Canada for a “cultural exchange” – more like a big sister to your children

• An In-home Caregiver may also offer in-home elderly care or disabled adult care

• Usually has a driver’s license

• Rarely has a driver’s license

• Proficient in English as a second language or native speaker

• Proficient in English as a second language

• Au Pair is paid minimum wage

• Caregiver is paid median prevailing wage

• Room and board are deductible, the amount depends on province

• Room and board cannot be deducted

• Working hours range from between 25 – 44 hours per week

• Caregiver works full-time between 40 – 48 hours

• No additional paperwork needs to be submitted to Canadian Embassy or Service Canada

• Canadian Embassy processing the application requires potential employers’ Notice of Assessments to determine eligibility, letter from employer, Proof of Identity and Address

• No Labour Market Impact Assessment required

• Labour Market Impact Assessment is required

• No advertising required

• Advertising using at least four different methods of recruitment

• Processing times range between 3-16 weeks

• Processing times range between 7 – 9 months

Feel like an In-home Caregiver is more suitable for your childcare and housekeeping needs? Contact us at 1-800-820-8308 or to find out more about the hiring process and requirements to hire an In-home Caregiver! 14

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