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iPhone 7 By now you are undoubtedly familiar with most of what Apple's recent update, iOS 10, has to offer and what new features Apple has added to the iPhone 7. Or so you think. iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps will astound you with an array of things you probably didn’t know that your iPhone could do. We explore the home apps, discovering how to get the most out of your device and customise it to suit your everyday needs. Not only that, you can take your phone to the next level with the variety of third-party apps on offer, from editing your photos to increasing your iPhone's security. For those looking to get even more out of their device, we'll show you the best downloads to be discovered in the App Store, exploring a number of categories to make sure there is something for everyone. So go forth and find out just what else you could be achieving with your iPhone.

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77 power tips for iPhone 7 Take control of Apple’s latest little marvel


The complete guide to iOS 10 Master the features of Apple’s latest OS

Tricks 76 Top 10 Touch ID shortcuts 78 Customise your widgets panel 80 View live traffic updates in Maps 82 Upload files to iCloud Drive 84 Set up Family Sharing on your device 86 Use iOS 10’s Home app to create an automated routine 88 Customise your Calendar app 90 Create and manage a blog with Tumblr 92 Save music for offline listening 94 Get a personalised playlist with For You 96 Streamline your podcast listening experience on your iPhone 98 Set up and master DO Camera 100 Apply exciting edits to your photos

6 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Tips 30 Home 32 Control Centre 34 Notification Center 36 Settings 38 Phone 40 Messages 42 Contacts 44 Mail 46 Safari 48 Clock 49 Reminders 50 Calendar 52 Wallet

54 Notes 56 Maps 58 Siri 60 Music 61 Facetime 62 App Store 63 iTunes 64 Camera 66 Photos 68 Videos 69 News 70 iBooks 72 Health

102 Compose music with Figure 104 Get fitter and lose weight 106 Build a personalised news feed 108 Get the latest sports news wherever you are 110 Store and share your files on the go 112 Create a custom icon 114 Protect your device and its data 116 Prevent unauthorised access 118 Add a voiceover and sound effects to your movies 120 Upload your movies straight to YouTube 122 Work with multiple tracks in GarageBand 124 Apply funky filters with Prisma 126 Customise text in Pages

new favourite tracks 94 Discover

edits to your photos 100 Apply


Essential iPhone

apps A comprehensive guide to the best apps to help you transform the way you use your iPhone

direct access to podcasts 96 Get 128 Style tables and charts in the Numbers app 130 Control Keynotes from an iOS device 132 Record your musical ideas with Music Memos 134 Discover ways to free up storage on your iPhone 136 Protect your iPhone from advertisers 137 Customise threaded conversations in Mail 138 Move from Android to iOS 140 Set up Reminders with the help of Siri 142 Activate Night Shift mode

your musical ideas 132 Record

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 7





pple has made concerted to make it your preferred way to manage efforts to make iOS 10 feel your phone when your hands are busy. Like like a new experience, while so many new features, it will require work continuing to concentrate on by third-party developers to use the new the stability and familiarity integration, but we firmly expect Siri to grow that has made it such as essential in stature very quickly. You can tool for so many people. book dinner reservations within Move Messages has received the Maps now and also receive folders most obvious updates, proactive suggestions for When you move emails and in a world where rival where to go and the most in the Mail app, you will now be prompted with a messaging platforms offer efficient routes. The list of folder suggestion. This is stickers and a variety of changes continues with based on previous emails personal features, this the clever Home app used that you have moved, and in makes a lot of sense. We to control smart devices practice it saves a huge will detail all that is new in as well as greatly simplified amount of time. iOS 10, but it is fair to say Apple Music and News app that Messages now builds upon experiences, and 3D Touch has the hugely popular iMessage platform also been utilised more deeply by to keep kids and adults happy in equal default. There is a sense throughout the new measure. Siri, which has improved greatly system that Apple has been building towards in recent times, can now be leveraged by an exceptionally polished experience over third-party apps, thus offering the potential the past few years, and the result is brilliant.

The Complete Guide to iOS 10

iOS 10


Use rich lock screen notifications Interact with them without opening an app The lock screen notifications have been improved, letting you deal with them without jumping to the related app. The process is simple and takes seconds to learn.

View your new widgets Widgets have undergone a makeover In iOS 10, widgets have become much more accessible and can now even be viewed from the lock screen in an instant. The process for adding new widgets, viewing them and changing the order in which they are displayed is easier than ever.

Quickly add widgets Some apps, such as Notes, let you 3D Touch their icons to see options including Add Widget. This will stop you having to go to the main widget screen to add a new entry.

1: A more informative view When a notification appears, you will see the message and also a ‘Press for more’ option showing you what you need to do. Now 3D Touch or longpress to proceed.

2: Jump a level You’ll be taken to a screen that varies depending on where the notification came from. For example, you can reply to a message in a window and jump back to the home screen.

3: Huge variety The lock screen notifications are informative and many do not even need any further interaction. News apps are a good example to discover how useful the lock screen is now.

10 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

1: A simple swipe

2: Today screen

3: More or less

When in the lock screen, swipe to the right to instantly display all of your active widgets. Now you don’t need to physically press the home button to access your apps.

Swipe right on your first page of apps to access widgets. Any settings that you change will be shown in both of the screens as they are effectively identical to each other.

Some widgets offer a Show More or Show Less option in the top right-hand corner of the screen, which gives you the chance to view more entries if needed.

Navigate your new Control Centre More colourful, flexible and intuitive than ever before

1: Added colour

2: Music controls

3: Easy access

When you open Control Centre, you will notice there is a lot more colour than before. The familiar icons remain, but Night Shift has become more prominent.

Swipe left in order to see the new Music panel, which makes it much easier to control the currently playing music or video with one hand.

If you have a smart accessory enabled, you’ll see a third screen to control your home technology. The AirPlay function has also been tweaked for ease of use.

The Complete Guide to iOS 10

How to use Siri with third-party apps Apple has opened Siri up to thirdparty developers with some very useful results

Speak to apps All you have to do is say the name of a Siri-compatible app and your request will be acted upon just as if you were tapping on the screen.

Excellent compatibility Siri now works with a range of messaging and travel apps and should find a place in many of your tasks. Music streaming still only works with Apple Music, however.

Advanced visual indications

Real-time feedback

You can expect a richer visual experience within Siri, which should add some peace of mind when you’re using Siri for important requests and instructions that you have.

Some apps will offer progress reports within the main Siri screen, enabling you to make your request and carry on with doing something else on your iOS device.

It goes deeper

It feels familiar

Remember that Siri is no longer just a source of received information. In some apps, you will be making actual requests that cost money, so use the system wisely.

For everything you want to do with Siri, it feels like the same tried and tested system. The only difference is that it is now more usable and flexible than ever.

Remove stock apps You can now delete stock iOS apps, sort of In iOS 10, you can hide stock apps such as Notes and Mail from the main home screen. This doesn’t fully delete the apps because some components are required by the operating system, but it will make everything more tidy when you are navigating your apps.

1: A familiar action

2: Time to delete

3: Retrieve the app

Long-press on any app icon as normal and you will see an ‘x’ appear next to apps that can be deleted. From now on, however, many more apps, including stock apps, have this option available.

Tap the icon and you will see a warning panel appear asking you to confirm that you really want to delete the app. Tap Remove and it will no longer appear on the home screen.

To retrieve the app, go to the App Store and search for the title. It will appear with a download arrow, which when tapped will immediately return the app to the home screen.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 11

The Complete Guide to iOS 10

Use effects & animations in Messages

Strange messages If you send an effect to someone who is not using iOS 10, they will see a small message such as (sent with Shooting Star) in place of the actual effect. It makes for a good compromise.

Add some personality to your outgoing messages in iOS 10 Messages is now about much more than mere words thanks to a variety of animations and effects you can add to your outgoing communications. Apple has cleverly incorporated personal features that take over the entire screen when the message is received, but then disappear to leave you to deal with the important stuff. The system retains a sense of simplicity throughout, while integrating these exciting new features, and it takes no time at all to learn exactly how to use them. It’s great fun, intuitive and highly effective.

1: Activate the effects

2: Use text effects

Tap in the text box and start typing to activate the blue up arrow icon. Now tap and hold it and a new screen will appear with a variety of animation options to choose from.

Tap one of the grey circles in the white line to see how the effect you choose will be seen on the receiver’s phone. Choose your text effect wisely to avoid any misconceptions.

4: Time to send

5: The right context

6: It’s all temporary

When you are happy with your choice, tap the blue up arrow and the animation will be sent to the receiver. As soon as they open the message the same effect will be visible.

When you send an animation with the right text context, the end result is an impressive visual feast that can make any message look and feel special to the person you have sent it to.

Your screen animations and text effects are temporary and will be replaced with normal text in the future. This is important to ensure that the conversation still makes sense later.

12 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

3: Add screen animations Now tap the Screen option at the top and then follow the same process to try out each effect. As you tap each circle, the animation will fill the screen with the effect.

The Complete Guide to iOS 10

iOS 10


Download Messages apps

Emojify your messages

Add greater flexibility to your conversations

A new extra feature included in iOS 10 Messages is the ability to emojify your messages. This means that emojis will be chosen for you based on the words you type, which can be a huge time-saver when you are in a hurry.

Apps are being developed that add more variety to what you can send in Messages and despite the list being currently small, it is likely to grow exponentially in the future.

Let your iPhone automatically choose emojis for you 1: Type as normal

2: Don’t go crazy

As you type words into the text box, you will see emojis appear that relate to the word that you have just typed. If you tap the emoji offering, the word will immediately be replaced.

It’s easy to use the emojification feature too much, to the point that your messages may need translation from the receiver’s side. Try to be very selective in the emojis that you choose.

1: View the apps Tap the App Store icon in Messages and you’ll immediately see the available options that are installed. Now tap the Store icon to access more messaging apps.

Handwrite a message

Send your handwriting for an added personal touch 1: Open the panel

2: Write and send

When in a text conversation, tap the heart icon to see a new black drawing panel appear. You can now tap the small chevron at the bottom of the screen to expand this panel and begin writing.

Now you can simply draw on the screen with your finger and add as much complexity as you like. The end results can be stunning, so take your time and then send your handwriting.

2: Have a browse

You can now send temporary messages in your own handwriting, which makes for a much more personal experience. It takes a little bit of practice to get to grips with, but it’s a fun alternative to the standard text fonts.

Look at the available apps, make your selection and download the ones you want. Try to be selective so as not to overload the interface with too many messaging apps.

Annotate messages with Markup

3: Use the apps You can now use each app whenever you want by tapping the App Store icon when creating a new message. The choices you now have are numerous.

Add some clarity to images you share in Messages You can now markup images in Messages without ever needing to leave the app. It essentially means that the app becomes more flexible and potentially useful for your workrelated tasks as well as for your personal ones.

1: Select an image

2: Use the tools

Tap the left arrow and then the camera icon while composing a message. Choose an image and you will see a preview panel appear. Tap the image and then select Markup just below it.

Select the tools at the bottom of the screen to annotate each image. For example, arrows can be recreated perfectly as the app will recognise what you have drawn.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 13

The Complete Guide to iOS 10

iOS 10


Create a video of your Memories Let your phone generate video memories for you Creating videos on a mobile has historically been time-consuming and complex at best, but in iOS 10 you can have your memories set in motion with no effort at all.

1: Create new folder Select some photos and then use the sharing icon at the top to add to an album. Select New Album and then give it a name of your choosing. Now open the album.

2: Add to Memories At the top of the Albums screen, tap the date line and then scroll down below the photos. Now tap Add to Memories and then hit the Memories icon at the bottom of the screen.

3: A created video When you tap the memory that relates to your album, you will see a video at the top. Tap play, pause it and then use the editing tools to change the music and general theme.

14 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Search intelligently with Photos Let iOS 10 do the hard work when photo searching In iOS 10, the Photos app has been improved in a variety of ways, but one of the most useful new Be patient features is the ability to find photos When you first upgrade based on almost any search to iOS 10, you will need to phrase you use. The only limit to give the system some time to the system is your imagination, analyse all of your photo library and if you can throw off the limits so they can be searched you have been used to in the accurately and instantly in past, you should be able to find the future using almost any photo you want no matter how any phrase or term old it is. We shall now give some you wish. examples of it in use:

1: Just one tap

2: Find anything

3: View the results

4: Use your imagination

Tap the magnifying glass at the top of the Albums screen to initiate a search of your photo library. Everything about this process is obvious and intuitive in use.

Tap the folder of results to see all of the photos that relate to your search phrase. It really is uncanny how accurate the system is and you will likely be very impressed.

Type in the phrase you want to search with and a selection of results will be displayed immediately. You really can use any phrase you like to gain accurate instant results.

The final step is to let fly with whatever comes to mind and to expect great things. From animals to tennis shoes, specific dates to people, iOS 10 Photos can find it all instantly.

The Complete Guide to iOS 10

Master your new editing tools

Better Auto Enhance The improved Auto Enhance feature enables you to tap once for immediate improvement to any photo. It all happens in the background, but works much better now.

Photos has added improved Auto Enhance and a new Brilliance tool

Under your changes

Real-time previews

At any point you can revert back to the original and remove any changes you have made. This will give you the confidence to be more daring with your edits.

As you make changes, they will be visible throughout the process so that you can be sure the improvements really are better than the original photo you are editing.

Perfect brilliance

Classic tools remain

The new Brilliance adjustment slider is not obvious when you first start using the editing tools, but in our tests it can offer more accurate improvements than most other tools.

All of the editing features from previous versions remain, with a couple of new features added to complete the feature set. It still feels familiar and easy to use.

Markup images in Photos

Annotate any image in clear detail within Photos You can quickly annotate any photo directly within the Photos app by tapping one icon. Here you will see all of the available tools that support annotations, which means that you can make lots of changes all in the one app. It’s highly efficient and works extremely well.

1: Select an image

2: Time to play

3: Make it professional

While viewing a photo, tap the top-left icon and you will be shown all of the available editing apps. Tap the Markup option and the screen will change to show you the annotation tools.

You can now play with all of the tools and we would suggest to experiment with each to see what works best with the image you are annotating. You can zoom in for finer detail.

The text and font tools are useful for adding a sense of professionalism to the end result, offering the potential for annotations that can be used in presentation slides.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 15

The Complete Guide to iOS 10

Explore all-new Apple Music

3D music With 3D Touch now strongly integrated in Apple Music, you can delete tracks or add them to playlists in an instant. It’s subtle in practice, but extremely useful for managing songs.

The app has become much more streamlined than before Big text Apple has greatly increased the size of the text in the Apple Music app to make every function a lot more obvious than previously. The interface is very clean and works perfectly.

The visuals remain Despite the larger-thanaverage text, album art is used where appropriate to add a splash of much-needed colour. The balance has been struck very well here.

Your tracks Your downloaded tracks are now separated more obviously so that you can easily avoid costly data charges when playing music on the move. It serves locally stored tracks very well.

Stream any track Many of the original features remain, such as the streaming Radio functionality, which can be used even if you do not have an active Apple Music subscription on your iPhone.

Just for you The For You tab is designed to remove much of the complexity from the previous version and is designed to bring you closer to musicians you want to follow.

Access your downloaded music It’s now easier than ever to search Apple Music Downloaded songs almost got lost when Apple Music was introduced because the focus on streaming was visually overwhelming. In the latest version, things have changed and you now have the ability to deal with all of your locally stored tracks and albums in a more logical fashion.

16 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

1: Your tracks

2: Instant playback

3: Download tracks

Tap the Library option at the bottom of the main screen and then tap Downloaded Music at the bottom of the list. You may see Downloading at the top of the list as well.

Any track that has been downloaded will play immediately thanks to its locally stored stature. All album art will also be stored locally on your iOS device for greater efficiency.

Purchased tracks and those in your library can also be downloaded to your iOS device. The main thing to be aware of here is the amount of storage space the tracks can take up.

The Complete Guide to iOS 10

Search your route for petrol, food and drinks

iOS 10

Get breaking news notifications Never miss an important moment with Apple News

You will never get stuck for what you need again

Not only has it been visually improved to be easier to read, Apple News has also been enhanced to offer customised news from the sources you enjoy.

Maps has undergone a raft of changes in this latest iOS update that makes it a seamless tool for getting anywhere that you need to go in double-quick time, but it is the elegance of the en-route features that stands out and that will likely prove the most useful to you when driving. You can now search for coffee, petrol and anything else you might need during a journey. This new feature can turn any emergency into a problem solved almost instantly once you figure out how to work it – which will take no time at all. Maps just took another step towards competing with other solutions on level terms. We’ll show you just how the new features work here with a step-by-step guide.

1: A planned route

1: Choose your favourites

2: Onetouch icons

With the navigation screen displayed, you can tap the numbers at the bottom of the screen to bring up a variety of useful options. The entire system is built for ease of use.

Tap one of the icons displayed, for example Petrol Stations, to have Maps start searching for related locations that are as close to your route as possible. It takes seconds to find what you need.

3: Use the results

4: Tap to return

The search results are displayed in a list, and so all you need to do is simply tap Go next to one of them in order to start your navigation. It should always require you to take the smallest detour.


At any point during your journey you can tap the blue bar at the top of the screen to return to your original route. As you can see, it all works seamlessly and should help you save some time and remain safe.

Tap the Favourites icon at the bottom to make sure that the sources you like most are listed. Now tap the bell icon in the top left-hand corner to proceed.

2: Select the notifications Tap the sites that you want to receive breaking news from. Any site that is enabled will send notifications as appropriate.

3: Timely news alerts The alerts appear on your lock screen as soon as an event occurs. They always offer an accurate description of what’s happened, but you can tap each to read the full story.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 17

The Complete Guide to iOS 10

iOS 10


Unsubscribe to newsletters in Mail Deal with annoying emails in a single tap The new Unsubscribe feature will save a huge amount of time if you regularly receive emails that get in the way of what you need to do.

Shop with Apple Pay in Safari Enjoy the efficiency of Apple Pay when browsing Apple Pay has proved to be incredibly quick, highly secure and potentially a much better payment solution in physical stores than any other. It’s a sign of just how much thought Apple put into the system, and the way it works with the fingerprint sensor shows that the

long-term plan has worked to perfection. The only omission, however, has been the ability to make payments on the web using Apple Pay, so to date we have had to put up with inputting a lot of personal information into multiple websites and sending card details to unknown servers. This has all changed in iOS 10.

1: A new option When you receive an email from a mail list, you will see a message at the top with a blue Unsubscribe link. Tap the link to deal with future messages.

2: One more step A small pane appears giving you the choice to Unsubscribe or Cancel. Tap Unsubscribe one more time to no longer receive mail from the source.

3: The email confirmation Go to All Mail and you should see a message included that shows your unsubscribe request. It will give all the details you need to be sure it was sent to the right place.

4: A better method Not every email can be unsubscribed from, so you’ll need to use the traditional method now and again. It feels slow in comparison.

18 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

1: The old system

2: Find the logo

3: Check details

Historically you have had to check out in a fashion that takes time and will always require an account to make a purchase. This long process changes greatly when using Apple Pay.

Sites that support Apple Pay will include the magic Apple Pay logo, which should be tappable. When you tap it, you will then be prompted to choose a card and then to use your fingerprint.

All of the information you need to remain secure should be presented, because Apple has required a specific interface to allow for Apple Pay to be used. You are always protected.

The Complete Guide to iOS 10

Introducing your new Home app

Home setup For most accessories you will still need to use their dedicated apps in order to connect them to your home, but the Home app is great for bringing them all together in one place for efficient control.

Automate every room in your home from one place Select a scene Scenes can also be added to the home page to let you change the entire mood with just one tap. The Home app conveniently adjusts to each type of linked accessory.

Quick edits

Your accessories

You can make necessary changes to the Home app’s list of favoured items at any time to ensure that it mirrors the changing state of the smart technology in your home.

All of your favourite accessories can be added to the home page of the Home app to speed up control. Tap and hold each to use the advanced options.

Room by room

Automate your home

The app is capable of understanding each room in your house based on the choices you have made. You have multiple choices to help you control your smart home.

Set a favourite smart item to your home page Gain quick access to your most-used smart items

The Home app is designed to make controlling all of the smart tech in your home more efficient, and within that is the ability to add favourite items to the main screen for quicker access. You can then select more advanced functions by simply holding your finger and accessing added controls.

A huge range of automation options are available, including turning on your lights at certain times of the day and then using your location to perform specific actions.

1: Find an item To add a home screen shortcut, tap the ‘+’ icon in the top righthand corner of the screen and let the app do the work of finding the accessory for you. You may need to insert a specific code for the item.

2: Identify it Take some time to identify the item accurately with a descriptive name and also by adding the room it’s in. This will make adjustments much easier and quicker in the future. Greater efficiency is key here.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 19

Tips 30 Home

Explore the features of the Home buttons

32 Control Centre

See how your iPhone can be quicker to use

34 Notification Center

Customise how your notifications appear

36 Settings

Make everything operate how you want

38 Phone

Discover different ways to contact people

40 Messages

Send iMessages and more

42 Contacts

Store all contact information you need

44 Mail

Send emails from your phone

46 Safari

Browse the internet wherever you are

48 Clock

Set alarms, world clocks and time zones

49 Reminders

Never forget anything again

50 Calendar

Add appointments and update your schedule

52 Wallet

Turn your phone into a mobile wallet

20 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Maximise the full potential of your iPhone with these essential guides cards and pay for goods 52 Add

54 Notes

Jot down notes or even dictate them

56 Maps

Find your way around with your device

58 Siri

Make Siri that bit more personal

60 Music

Store all your music in one place

61 Facetime

Speak face-to-face with your contacts

62 App Store

Buy apps and leave reviews

63 iTunes

Download music, movies and TV shows

64 Camera

Get more out of the camera app

66 Photos

Edit photos on your phone

68 Videos

Record the world around you

69 News

Get essential daily headlines

70 iBooks

Make reading more portable

72 Health

Keep fit and track exercise


77 power tips for iPhone 7 Take control of Apple’s latest little marvel


TOP TIPS Capture 4K video in Camera Check definitions of words in iBooks Restore deleted text messages

“The status bar at the top of the main iPhone Home screen is unobtrusive, but it is capable of offering a great amount of information. You’ll find that’s true of so many features of the iPhone” track of your health 72 Keep

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 21

Tips Tricks Apps


Water resistant? Both new iPhones are rated IP67, which means it should survive for 30 minutes when submerged up to a metre in water. Apple calls this ‘water resistant’ – but we consider that waterproof.



Take control of Apple’s latest little marvel

he iPhone 7 is finally here, and with it comes some serious power. On the outside, the difference from the iPhone 6s might not seem all that big, but it’s what’s inside that counts. There’s an incredible new processor, a new Home button and a clever design that makes the whole thing water resistant. Then there are the new cameras, which offer better photographs than anything we’ve seen before from an iPhone. The iPhone 7 Plus even has an extra telephoto camera lens for more zoom. It’s a photographer’s dream, but it’s also great for selfies thanks to the 7-MP front sensor. There are stereo speakers for improved audio, and – according to some very smart people – the best smartphone display ever made.

22 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Of course, when you add iOS 10 into the mix, you’re left with what is undoubtedly the best iPhone ever made. Some may look at it from afar and say that it looks the same as the iPhone 6 and 6s, but we know better. We know what this thing can really do. That’s why we’ve been spending some quality time with the latest iPhone – we’ve been digging up the best hidden tips, secret hacks and powerful tweaks for your iPhone. Thanks to the unique new features of the iPhone 7, like a customisable Home button and improved cameras, some of these features will be exclusive to the new device. But don’t despair! Many of these tips and tricks will also help power up older devices, so you can really make the most of your iPhone running iOS 10.

Tips Tricks Apps

Master the iPhone 7’s cameras The best and most portable cameras you own by far Edit Live Photos


With the iPhone 7, you can edit Live Photos after you’ve taken them without iOS first making them static images. Just tap Edit to crop, add a filter, adjust lighting and more.

Exposure control


Tap on your phone’s screen to get the best focus point for your shot, and this slider will appear. You can drag it up or down to manually adjust the exposure of your photo.

Make it smooth


In the iPhone’s Settings app, under Photos & Camera, you’ll find an option to up the frame rate of your videos. You can shoot at 4K in 60 frames per second on iPhone 7.

Five camera apps to turn you into a pro ProCam 4 £3.99/$4.99


This powerful camera app enables you to control shutter speed and ISO, shoot and save in RAW format, and use a dedicated low-light mode which really takes advantage of the iPhone 7’s new sensor.

Pixelmator £3.99/$4.99


Import photos, paint on them with brushes, cut them up and separate them onto different layers, then edit each layer into something great. This is a fully-formed photo editor right on your iPhone, featuring a large selection of tools.

Lightroom Free Optical zoom


The iPhone 7 Plus has a second camera lens on the back, offering optical zoom for the first time ever. Tap the new icon on-screen to switch to the telephoto lens.

Quick access


The lock screen has changed in iOS 10, but you can still quickly access the camera. Now, you can simply swipe from right to left on the lock screen to go straight to your camera.



Swipe all the way to the left on the camera options and you will be able to activate Time-lapse mode. This takes shots every second or so, then merges them together automatically.

Take control


Tap and hold on the screen when you’re taking a photo and the camera will lock the focus and exposure to that point, so you can get even more creative with your shooting.

Digital zoom


You can pinch on the screen to use the iPhone’s digital zoom – this works really well when combined with the second iPhone 7 Plus camera, to give up to 10x zoom!



You can change the speed of the slow-mo video you capture in your iPhone’s settings. Higher frame rates will make videos even slower.


This photo editor is even better if you are an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber. Members get brilliant extra features like selective local adjustments that let you tweak specific areas of your shot.

Camera+ £2.29/$2.99


Camera+ offers controls that the iPhone’s own camera should include. This includes a stabiliser shooting mode to get steady shots with the iPhone 7’s optical image stabilisation, and the Clarity filter.




A new, revamped version of Instagram is on the way, which will take advantage of the iPhone 7’s improved colour range on both its front and rear-facing cameras. You can also take Live Photos and share them on your feed.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 23

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Power up your incredible Home button Get more from the new, 3D Touchenabled Home button Apple has done something quite surprising with iOS 10 – it has changed the way you unlock your iPhone. Now, you need to press the Home button and scan your fingerprint to unlock your device; and of course, that same fingerprint enables you to pay using Apple Pay as well. Here’s how to set up your fingers with Touch ID, and get started with the safest and fastest way to pay you’ve ever tried.

Add fingerprints


Open Settings and choose Touch ID & Passcode. If you haven’t activated Touch ID already, switch it on and add your first fingerprint by following the instructions on-screen.


Force restart Without a physical Home Button, how you force an iPhone 7 restart is different. You need to hold down the Lock and Volume Down buttons together to reboot or enter Recovery mode on your phone.

Teach it more

Activate Apple Pay

Pay for stuff

You can scan up to five prints, but if you want improved accuracy for a single print, use it on all five slots. That way, no matter how you scan it, your phone will know who you are.



1: See your options

2: Try them out

3: Test it out

There are three levels of Taptic feedback that you can get when you press the new Home button. To choose the right one for you, open Settings, choose General and then tap Home Button.

The standard setting is number 2, which gives a slight vibration when you press the button. If you want more or less feedback you can try options 1 or 3 with a quick tap on the screen.

When you select each option, you can press on the Home button to test it. This won’t close the Settings app, it will just let you try out the setting. When you’re happy, tap Done to save.

Make sure the Apple Pay slider is switched on at the top of the Touch ID menu. Then go back into the main Settings and choose Wallet & Apple Pay to add a card.


Once you’ve set up your card, you can doublepress the new Home button to activate it. Then just tap your phone to the terminal and scan your thumb.

Choose your click level Customise feedback from the Home button


Apple’s Taptic engine helps to power the iPhone 7’s 3D Touch Home button, providing a vibration as feedback when you press the button hard enough to activate it. And, like many things on iPhone 7, you can customise the strength of this vibration in the Settings app until you’re happy with how your iPhone feels in your hands. Here’s how you do it…

24 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

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22 Re-pair your Apple Watch

How to switch your Watch over to a new iPhone

iPhone 7 Settings tweaks Delete unwanted music


In Settings, you can activate Optimised Storage for music. This will limit the size of your Music library by deleting the songs that you don’t listen to when your storage is low.

Hide unused apps

27 1: Unpair device

2: Switch iPhones

3: Start pairing

On your old iPhone, select the My Watch tab and tap Apple Watch> Unpair Apple Watch. This will back up your Watch, so keep both devices close until it’s unpaired.

Back up your old iPhone to iCloud, and start up your new iPhone 7. Restore your iPhone from the iCloud backup and all data will be carried over, including Watch data.

Once done, open the Watch app from your new device and tap Start Pairing. Pair the Watch like normal, then choose Restore from Backup and pick your recent backup.

Create a personalised lock screen Make the new iPhone lock screen your own

You can now hide Apple’s pre-installed apps from the home screen. Tap and hold on an app icon, then tap the ‘x’ in the corner. Don’t worry, the app is just hidden, not deleted.

Announce calls


In Phone options in Settings, you can activate a setting which will have Siri announce who is calling. You can set options like only announcing when using headphones, too.

Handwrite messages


Messages has been given an upgrade, and you can now handwrite messages. Just open a conversation and turn your phone sideways to open, then scribble to write a message.

Set your bedtime


You can now set a bedtime in the Clock app. Set an alarm time and how long you want to sleep, and the app will remind you when you need to go to bed, plus a wake-up in the morning.

Motion prompts

Customise your widgets


Swipe to the right to open your Widget view, then scroll down and tap Edit. Here, you can add and remove widgets and organise them to access what you need instantly.

Control your Home


Add the new Home widget and you can control connected smart devices from your lock screen as well. You’ll need to set them up in the Home app first, though.

Control Centre


You can also access Control Centre on the lock screen. You can now 3D Touch on the Flashlight to get brightness options, and the camera for different shooting modes.


You can activate Raise to Wake on iPhone 6s, iPhone SE and iPhone 7. Then, all you have to do is lift up your iPhone for the lock screen to appear.

Increase brightness


The iPhone has a brighter screen, but you’ll only see that extra 25 per cent if you go to Settings>Display & Brightness and switch on Auto-Brightness.

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Enhance your Apple Music experience Master the all-new Apple Music app With iOS 10, Apple introduced a completely redesigned version of the Music app. The new app is more streamlined, and is dedicated to bringing new music to the forefront of the user experience. If you’re an Apple Music


Pick a playlist

Automatic downloads Users can now choose to automatically download content you’ve added to your Library, even if you added it on another device. This means it will be available offline, no matter which device you’re using.


In the For You section of Apple Music, you’ll see two playlists at the top of the screen – My Favourites Mix and My New Music Mix. Pick one of these, or scroll down for more options.

Refine For You


Pick a playlist that you like the look of and hit play. As you’re listening, 3D Touch on a song, then use the Like or Dislike buttons to help Apple Music learn your preferences.

user you’ll get even more benefits, plus a simpler interface – especially if you’re using an iPhone 7 with 3D Touch. New playlists will offer you songs based on your favourites and the songs you’ve recently listened to, so you’ll always have something to tune in to.

Scroll for more


Tap the Now Playing bar at the bottom and you can control your music. However, you can also scroll down for more options, such as Up Next, and Shuffle and Repeat controls.

See the lyrics


You will also see a Lyrics option for compatible songs. They will appear in-line with the rest of the interface, so you can check them quickly or have a proper sing-along.

Become a Messages expert Messages gets a major upgrade

Messages has been given a huge overhaul, and it’s now a powerhouse in social communication. Dozens of new features enable you to chat to friends in new ways, whether it’s sending new emojis, reacting to messages or posting stickers. But here are a couple of power features you might’ve missed.

26 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Send an image


In a message thread, tap the arrow at the top left of the keyboard to see more options. Tap the camera and you will be able to take a photo, browse your shots, or open the camera for more options.

Mark it up


Tap the image in the message box to see it fullscreen, then tap Markup in the bottom left. You can now draw or write on the image, type text, or magnify certain parts using just your finger.

Add more apps


You can power up Messages with dedicated Message apps. Tap the App Store icon in the menu and you can download sticker packs and even games that you can play with friends in your thread.

Tips Tricks Apps

Pro tips for heavy Mail users Mail gets some neat tricks in iOS 10

Third-party Siri timesavers

Get a ride


Mail finally got some love from Apple in the latest update, adding a range of features that heavy users of the app will be sure to appreciate. iPhones are often used as business phones, making email a key part of the device, but even if you’re just a causal user there is bound to be a feature here that you’ll use at some point. Whether it’s utilising MailDrop to send huge attachments or writing multiple emails at once and keeping them all open, these clever tricks will help you power up Mail.

You can order an Uber or a Lyft driver via Siri – say something like “Get me an Uber to Trafalgar Square” and a map will appear showing you the estimated price, and a map. Very convenient.

Send a message


You can use thirdparty messaging apps like WhatsApp and LinkedIn to quickly send messages through Siri. You just have to specify the app in your speech to do this.

Start a Runtastic run


If you just want to get out there and start running, you can instantly start a workout with Runtastic by saying “Start a 10km run with Runtastic”. Confirm the run, and off you go!

Filter your mail


This new button in the bottom left allows you to filter out all the messages that you’ve already read, so you can focus on the unread emails that you want to get through.

Control the filter


Tap the centre of the bottom bar with the Filter active to see a range of options. You can choose the mailboxes included, select whether you’re the recipient or just copied in.

Write a message


Let’s start writing a couple of messages at once. To begin with, go back to your mailbox and tap the Compose button in the bottom right of the screen to open a new message.

Send money


Apps like Square Cash enable you to quickly send money to friends, and now you can do it in Siri, too. Say “Send John £10 for dinner using Square Cash” and you can verify with Touch ID to send it.

Make a Skype call


Now that Siri and iOS supports VoIP calling, you can use apps like Skype and WhatsApp to quickly call your friends over an internet connection. Just say “Call Phil on Skype”.

Dock message


If you need to check something in Mail, tap and hold on the bar at the top of the email and drag it down. The message will be ‘docked’ at the bottom of the screen.

Write more


MailDrop and iCloud Drive

You can now browse your mailbox like before, and Double-tap in your even start a second message by message and tap on the tapping Compose again. Tap the pop-up menu to add attachments. docked message to see all your You can browse iCloud Drive, and messages, just like Safari tabs. large files will send via MailDrop.


Unsubscribe from mailing lists


You can now quickly unsubscribe from an email mailing list in the Mail app – all you need to do is tap the notification that appears at the top of a mailing list email.

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Apps that utilise the brand-new speaker system Best-ever Wi-Fi and 4G LTE WhatsApp Free


Whether you’re watching videos or sending photos from the weekend to your friends, WhatsApp is one of the best everyday apps to use if you want to notice the faster 4G of the iPhone 7 in action.

Google Chrome Free


Browsing the web over 4G is about to get faster with iPhone 7. Sites will load more quickly, which will be especially noticeable on pages with loads of images or videos.

YouTube Free


One of the best ways to test your iPhone’s speed is to watch a HD video using your new iPhone 7 Plus. Check it out at 1080p and marvel at the ease with which your phone handles the buffering.

The iPhone has never sounded so good The iPhone 7 has a trick up its sleeve. Sure, there are now two speakers on the bottom of the iPhone (bye, headphone jack!), but the real news comes at the top of the device. Now, instead of a small speaker that is only audible when held to your ear, you’ll find a full-sized speaker that can pump out some serious volume. The result is a stereo setup that produces twice the volume of the iPhone 6s, and does an incredible job with stereo sound. Here are some great apps to test the speakers out.

GarageBand £3.99/$4.99


One of the best ways to make music on your iPhone is also one of the best apps to use in stereo. You’ll hear every drum beat, every string and every keystroke as you tap out a masterpiece.


Always hear the call If there’s one contact you always want to hear calls from, open and edit their Contact card. Tap Ringtone and enable Emergency Bypass. Now your phone will always make a sound, even if on Do Not Disturb.

Netflix Free


With so many epic movies and TV shows to watch, Netflix will be able to take advantage of the extra volume in the iPhone 7 to give you a proper stereo experience – even on the small screen.

Figure Free


We’ve been huge fans of Figure for ages, and now its awesome beat-making and remixing abilities can finally live the stereo dream on iPhone. Prepare to get hooked on this brilliant music-maker.

Must-have iPhone 7 accessories Power up your iPhone 7 with these awesome additions AirPods £159/$159 Lightning CM4 Q-Card Audio + Charge Wallet Case RockStar Apple’s new £34.99/$39.99


wireless headphones pack in some smart tech. They’ll connect as soon as you open the case, have proximity sensors that stop music when you take them out, and can activate Siri with a double-tap.

£34.99/$39.99 This will help when you want to charge your iPhone but don’t want to stop listening to your tunes. Plug this in, then charge through one port and keep listening through the other.


28 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps This case offers a good amount of protection, and also allows you to carry your cards and your iPhone in one place. Even better, you can use a credit card as a kickstand by slotting it into the case.


Beats Solo3 Wireless £249.95/$299.95 These wireless headphones use the same wireless tech as Apple’s AirPods, meaning they’ll pair with whichever device you’re using just by holding them close. They’ll sound great, too.


Philips Hue bulbs £149.99/$179.99 These smart light bulbs can be controlled from your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. They are able to change colour with just a tap to one of these device’s screens. They are also fully compatible with the new Home app from iOS 10 for very easy control.


Tips Tricks Apps

Showcasing the best of the revamped Retina display Show off that stunning display with Sky Guide 

Peek at it


Sky Guide £2.29/$2.99 Rather more tranquil fare can also take advantage of the new iPhone screens. Sky Guide has always been a gorgeous astronomy app, but its colours pop on iPhone 7 as you explore the virtual night sky. It utilises 3D Touch; a Peek enabling you to X-ray a section of the sky, and Pop expanding the filter to full-screen. A Quick Action on the home screen icon displays a compact version of the app’s widget, for speedy access to rise and set times of key celestial bodies.

The app supports the iPhone 7’s 3D Touch brilliantly. Press gently and you can activate a Peek, which lets you scan parts of the sky with a range of different filters, such as X-ray.

Pop it out


Press firmly on the screen and you’ll use the Pop technique. This will expand the Peek scanner into full-screen mode so you can take a closer look.

Colour me impressed


On the new iPhone 7 screen, colours look better than ever. One of the best apps to showcase it is Sky Guide, which gives you an animated look at the night sky.

App shortcuts


Apple Watch magic


Do you have an Apple Watch? The Watch app for Sky Guide will notify you when the ISS is passing over, and show you the activity of the Sun.

On the home screen, you can use a 3D Touch to display a compact version of the app’s widget, which will quickly show you rise and set times for all kinds of celestial bodies.

Experience the best of the A10 Fusion chip Oz: Broken Kingdom Free


You know a game looks good when Apple uses it to show off their new iPhone display at the official keynote. This fun action title uses some seriously advanced graphics, which look incredible on the iPhone 7’s Retina display.

Geometry Wars 3 £7.99/$9.99


You can’t get more colourful than Geometry Wars, which throws you into a Tron-like world and throws dozens of shapes at you to shoot. It’s crazy, explosive and it looks great. A must-have for any iPhone 7 gamer.

Riptide GP: Renegade £2.29/$2.99


To really test the new processor, we like to push it with a game that goes really quick. Riptide GP is a speedy, jetski racer that – thanks to the iPhone 7’s waterproofing ability – you can play in actual water.

The Path To Luma Free


Nest Thermostat 3 £249/$249 It’s expensive, but this smart home accessory will make keeping your house warm easy. Control it from your iPhone’s Home app, set routines easily, and even track how much energy you save.


Twelve South HiRise 2 £49.99/$59.99 Twelve South is one of our favourite accessory makers, and the HiRise 2 shows exactly why. Designed to match the iPhone’s design, the stand holds your iPhone securely, while looking great.


JBL Charge 3 £149.99/$149.95 This speaker isn’t just a speaker – it can also charge up your device fully, and still have enough power left to pump out an hour or so of music. Even better, it’s IPX7 waterproof so you can even take it swimming.


Gorgeous 3D worlds won’t be too much of a struggle for the A10 chip, but the game looks stunning on the iPhone 7’s screen. Plus, the message at its core is important – environmental protection.

Rayman Adventures

Free This console star finally has a game worthy of his name on the iPhone, and the bright, colourful world of Rayman really pops on the iPhone 7 display.


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Home The iPhone Home screens are not just a set of icons; they can be used to find anything, manage all of your apps and also show you vital information

Move and delete

Manage all of your Home screen apps It’s easy to manage all of your apps on the iPhone Home screens. To move between screens, simply slide your finger left and right or tap any folder to bring up a new selection of apps. If you can manage to keep all of your apps and games to a maximum of two screens, you will be able to navigate a lot easier. The use of folders will also help to keep the amount of gestures you need to use to a minimum.

To delete an app, tap and hold your finger on the icon and wait for the ‘x’ to appear. Tap it and you’ll see a new box to confirm the deletion at which point the app will be removed forever. You can also delete multiple apps by going to Settings>General>Usage and then removing any of the apps that appear in the usage list. On the whole, the Home screen method of deleting apps works better on most occasions.

Use Spotlight

The invisible search On any Home screen, slide your finger downwards from the middle of the screen and a search box will appear. The keyboard will also pop up for you to start typing. Apps will be shown as soon as you start typing, alongside contacts and any other entry that matches your search term. Further down the results screen, you will also see a Search Web option to immediately jump to Safari and see further results. You can even customise the entries that are shown by going to Settings> General>Spotlight Search and ticking the items that you wish to appear. You can then move them around to choose your preferred order. Spotlight search will prove to be very useful every single day. Use the Spotlight Search to find items and files

30 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Set up Touch ID

Make your iPhone secure To add your fingerprints to an iPhone 7, go to Settings>Touch ID & Passcode. You will now be taken through a process of continually resting and removing your finger to train the recognition. You can train up to five fingers, but it is worth adding your main finger in two different

Add a personal level of security

positions for more accurate recognition. You can choose to use Touch ID when buying apps and media, which makes it impossible for anyone else to buy media and charge it to your iTunes account. This system is also a foolproof method of locking your device in case it falls into the wrong hands.

Tips Tricks Apps

Speak text

Use your voice

When the keyboard appears in an app or when using Spotlight search, you will see a small microphone to the left of the space bar. Tap it and start speaking, at which point you will see the line on screen start to move. When you have finished what you want to say, tap Done and the software will then present back all of the translated words. You will

need to add punctuation manually by saying ‘full stop’ etc, but you may be surprised at how accurately it can understand your speech, and the more you use it the more accurate it will become. Remember to keep your paragraphs fairly short, though, because this will also aid in the accuracy and give you the chance to make small corrections.

Use a passcode to protect your data It’s quick, effective and very secure

The four-digit passcode may look too simple to be secure, but it is actually very effective. iOS 9 required an even more secure six-digit passcode. To set it up, go to Settings>Passcode and then turn it on. You will be prompted to enter a new passcode and then asked to enter it again to ensure you are using the one you want. At this point you will need to choose when you want it to kick in and this will very much depend on your usage. A secure option is to set it to appear immediately. No matter what you choose, the passcode is a feature you should use and it only takes a second to take advantage of it and to keep your iPhone secure.

The icons at the top of the screen provide essential info

Status bar

Everything you need to know is there

“The Passcode is actually very effective” The Dock

Your most-used apps The Dock may not appear to be an important part of the Home screen, but it gives you access to the apps you use most often and they will always appear no matter how many screens of apps and games you have set up. To move an icon to the Dock, tap and hold it and then drag it to the desired position. The other apps will move over and the four that you choose to sit in the Dock will remain persistent

throughout your iPhone usage. It may take some time to work out which apps are best suited to the Dock, but if you make the right choices you will be rewarded with instant access every time you need to use them. The iPhone Home screen is uniquely accessible all of the time thanks in part to the Dock. The apps most likely to adorn your Dock are Phone, Messages, Mail and Safari, but the choice is entirely yours.

The status bar at the top of the main iPhone Home screen is unobtrusive, but it is capable of offering a great amount of information. To the left you will see the signal level and an icon showing if Wi-Fi is enabled or not. The dots are accurate, but remember that they are representations rather than actual signal levels. The time is shown in the centre and the battery life to the right. You can show the battery percentage by going to Settings>General> Usage and selecting the option. If you have set an alarm, a small clock will be shown and there are also icons to indicate if Bluetooth is turned on and if Do Not Disturb mode is enabled. Once you get used to what the icons show they will become obvious, but crucially they never ever get in the way of what you need to do on your Home screen. Ultimately, these icons provide you with essential, at-a-glance information on your iPhone’s status and whether you need to act in order to connect to a network or start charging your device.

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Control Centre The Control Centre is the perfect solution to accessing popular features and for making your iPhone quicker to use every day. It is hard to ignore

Make calculations

Accessing the calculator

The need to make quick calculations is something that all of us require from time to time. Whether you are using a bank app or simply need to work out some quick figures, the Control Centre offers the fastest way to get started. Swipe up to enable the Control Centre and you will see the calculator icon in the bottom row. Tap it and the Calculator app will immediately open ready for you to start adding and subtracting. Don’t forget that entering landscape mode enhances the available functions and will give you scientific capabilities as well. Once you have finished what you need to do, double-tap the home button to go back to the previous app that you were using. It’s a handy feature that you can access quickly and easily.

Take quick photos

Capture that perfect moment Accessing the camera in an instant is important when a magic moment happens in front of you. When you enable the Control Centre, you will see a camera icon bottom-right, which will immediately launch the Camera app. All that is left to do is take the photo and you are done. This is one example where the Control Centre can remove the need for an icon on your Home screen. You can, of course, also access your Camera app from your Lock screen by flicking the icon upwards, but if you are in the middle of using your phone for something then accessing your Control Centre is the perfect way to launch it. Tap on the Camera icon to launch it from Control Centre

32 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Mission Control

Access the Control Centre The Control Centre is purposefully designed to not allow access to sensitive information if it is accessed from the Lock screen. This means that you can enable it to work this way and not be concerned if someone picks up your phone and tries to activate it. Go to Settings> Control Centre and tap the

You have full control over the Control Centre

icon at the top to allow access to it when the phone is locked. Now whenever you need to use the shortcut apps or switch a hardware function, you can do so in an instant. You will also see an Access Within Apps function which can be enabled to give you immediate access while using another app.

Tips Tricks Apps

Time an event When you need to time an event, it is likely that you will need to do so quickly. Pull up the Control Centre and tap the second-left icon in the bottom row. You will immediately be taken to the Timer part of the Clock app where you can now choose the length of time required by moving your finger up and down the screen in the hour and minute sections.

Access the timer Tap Start and the timing will begin, at which point you can do something else and it will audibly alert when the end of the period has been reached. If you create timers often, there is no quicker way to do so than via the Control Centre. It offers almost immediate access no matter where you currently are on your iPhone and is useful for so many things in life.

Control your music Access playback controls

The Control Centre has been tweaked in iOS 10 and now features up to three pages of functions (one of which is only applicable to the Home app). If you swipe left from the first panel of the Control Centre then you will access the media playback panel, which provides a quick and easy short-cut to your music controls. From this panel you can skip tracks, adjust the volume and scrub through the track that is currently playing. You can also switch the broadcast from your iPhone to your Apple TV or external speakers if you have just got home and wish to transfer your music from your headphones to your home technology.

Use the set of icons to perform the key tasks quickly

Quick icon switches Quickly access important features on your iPhone

“You can swipe left to access the media playback panel� Set alarms

Create new alarms Few of us will require the exact same alarms to wake us up every single day, and it is likely that we will want to amend them as circumstances change. From the Control Centre, you are able to tap the timer icon and then tap the Alarm tab at the bottom in the Clock app in order to see a list of all current alarms. You can then use the Edit option at the top in order to change specific alarms or to create new ones.

It is an annoying little process to follow every single day, but with the Control Centre, some time is shaved off the process, and it is of course worth doing if it gives you a little bit more sleep than you would otherwise have had! You really can remove the Clock icon from your Home screen and still enjoy all of the functions, which is yet another example of why the Control Centre was such a welcome addition to iOS.

When you swipe up from the bottom of the screen when in the Home screen or indeed while using any app, you will see a row of icons at the top of the Control Centre. Each of these icons works in an on/off fashion; tap once to enable and tap again to disable a feature. From left to right you can turn on Airplane mode and turn it off again, Wi-Fi can be enabled and disabled in two quick taps and the same process works for Bluetooth. Next up is the Do Not Disturb mode, which will automatically appear if you have set a particular schedule, but you can override the time settings with this icon. Finally, the screen orientation lock works well for watching videos in landscape mode and can be turned on again when you want to read a book in bed or for any activity where the screen orientation lock is useful. Once you are aware of them and start using these icons, you will undoubtedly use them more often in the future.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 33

Tips Tricks Apps

Notification Center The Notification Center is a really convenient feature designed to give you quick access to everything that is currently happening and what has just passed

Display widgets

Access app features

The iOS 10 update builds on the use of widgets to help you access key features of your favourite apps without having to launch them. To access your widgets, swipe to the left while on your Home screen or Lock screen and you will see an array of widgets in effect. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and you will see the ‘Edit’ button. Tap on this and you will see a list of widgets that are already being used (you can disable them by tapping the red ‘–’ next to each one) and a list of those that aren’t. You can enable currently unused widgets by tapping on the green ‘+’ icon next to each one, after which they will vanish from one list and then appear in the other. Make sure you only enable widgets that are useful to you.

Lock screen notifications

Disable the Notification Center You may want to hide your notifications when the iPhone is secured by a passcode, but they can still be read by anyone unless you change a setting. On your iOS 10 device, go to Settings> Password and ensure that you have a passcode enabled. Now scroll down and under the section called ‘Allow Access When Locked’ you will see an option called Notifications View – move this slider to the off position. You will now have sound piece of mind that no notifications will flash up on your iPhone’s lock screen. You can also disable the Today view from here. You may want to hide your notifications from others

34 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Arrange your widgets Change the order You have full freedom to change the order in which your widgets are displayed, so you can move your most-used ones to the top of the list. To do this, access your widgets by swiping to the right from your Home or Lock screen and then scroll down and tap on the ‘Edit’ button. You will then see

Change the order of your widgets…

the list of widgets that you currently have enabled. Press and hold on the list icon to the right of an enabled widget and then you will be able to move it up or down to reposition it within the list. The order that they appear in on the list is the order that they will be displayed on your iPhone’s screen.

Tips Tricks Apps

Clear all

Remove old notifications

The chances are that you won’t want to view your notifications after the event, so you may want to consider clearing them. Swipe down from the top of any screen to access your Notification Center and then you will see a small ‘X’ icon next to the day of the notifications. Tap on this and then icon will change to a ‘Clear‘ command. Tap on this

and all of the notifications for that specific day will be instantly cleared. You can also act on notifications by swiping them to the left on your phone’s screen. Most will just come up with the ‘Clear’ command, but others, such as those from your News app, will feature additional commands such as ‘Share’ or ‘Save for Later’. Everything’s in easy reach.

LED flash alerts

See your notifications You can use the flash on the camera as an LED light for your notifications by making one simple change in the settings. Go to Settings>General> Accessibility and scroll down to the Hearing section. You will see an option called LED Flash for Alerts. Enable this and when your next notification occurs, the camera flash will light up so that you are aware of its presence even when the phone is in silent mode. Remember that the flash is quite bright so be considerate of those around you if you have your iPhone stored in a cradle or any position where the bright light could affect someone.

You can choose exact settings for each app

Prevent lock screen alerts

Stop notifications appearing in the lock screen

“When a notification occurs, the camera flash will light up” See your reminders

Keep your reminders close by Notification Center can present all of your recent alerts, but it can also act as a handy extra screen for your reminders. If you have reminders set to alert on a particular day, you can choose to have them displayed in the Notification Center and the end result is immediate access to everything that needs to be done. Go to Settings> Notifications and enable the

Reminders option. Nothing will change at all unless you have some reminders ready to alert, but if they are ready you will see a list of tasks that need to be completed. You can also complete any task within Notification Center and never go to the official app for added efficiency. Reminders and Notification Center will work closely together to produce a refined experience.

Notifications will appear on the lock screen as they happen, which obviously makes a lot of sense because it means you can quickly view a new alert without having to delve any deeper. However, you may want some notifications to not show at all and to do this you should go to Settings> Notifications and scroll down until you see the Include option. From here you will see a list of apps that will show in the center and which will display alerts on the lock screen. Open any one and then disable the Show on Lock Screen option to stop any alerts for that app showing while the iPhone is locked. It is easy to choose which apps to enable and disable and there are further options for apps such as Messages which can show a preview of messages on the lock screen, as long as you are happy for that to happen. Notification Center takes care of all alerts in real-time and you can specify every single aspect of how it works.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 35

Tips Tricks Apps

Settings You can customise many parts of iOS to your specific needs and all that’s needed is a little knowledge. You may be surprised at how beneficial it is

Closed captions

Enable subtitles quickly

There are two ways to enable closed captions on an iPhone; one is for all movies that support it and the other is to use them when you feel the need. If you take a trip over to Settings>General>Accessibility and scroll down to the Hearing section you will see an option called Subtitles & Captioning. Select this and then switch the top icon to green. You can now spend some time choosing the exact style you prefer for your captions. When in the Videos app, you can also tap the closed caption icon, which looks like a speech bubble at the bottom. This will offer the ability to turn it on and off as you wish. It is likely that you will need this all of the time or not at all, but at least the choices are included.

Set up flashing alerts See and hear all of your alerts

You can set up your iPhone to visibly flash whenever you receive a new alert, whether it be a phone call, a message or a calendar event. All you need to do is go to Settings>General> Accessibility and scroll down until you find the LED Flash for Alerts option. Switch the icon until it turns green and it will be set up until such time as you reverse the procedure. Remember that flashing alerts can reduce battery life significantly if you receive a lot of them and that they can also be inconvenient for those who are near to you when they flash. Use them wisely. Setting flashing alerts ensures that you don’t miss a thing

36 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Sign in once

Update multiple networks It is likely that you will want to share photos or comments through popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook. You could use the official apps and manually navigate to the media you want to share or you could take the quicker route and only sign in to both networks one time.

You only need social network access once

Go to Settings and scroll down until you see Twitter and Facebook. You can now sign in to each and the system will remember your credentials forever. Whenever you are in the Photos app or in Safari, you can share via either network by simply tapping the sharing icon. It is very quick.

Tips Tricks Apps

Enable lots of emojis We all understand what the characters of a smiley face mean and are used to textbased emotion in messages and emails, but did you know that you can use real smiley faces in iOS because it is already built in? Go to Settings>General and find the Keyboard options. Tap Add New Keyboard… and search for Emoji and tap it. You now have access to all

Add emojis

of the supplied emojis and can use them whenever the mood strikes. A new globe icon will be shown to the left of the space bar on the keyboard and if you tap it, a selection of emojis will be available to select with a series of tabs at the bottom showing many other characters. Pick what you like and then tap the globe icon again to return.

Do Not Disturb

Avoid troublesome alerts The Do Not Disturb function is extremely useful and you have the option of setting up a schedule so that you are never alerted at the wrong time again. Go to Settings>Do Not Disturb and tap the Scheduled option. You can now add a start and finish time and you will receive no alerts at all during the chosen time frame. However, if you wish for some people to get through, you can select Favourites in the next option or allow repeated calls that occur within three minutes of each other. You can also manually enable it via the Control Centre as well in only one tap. A subtle feature that’s very useful.

The iPhone keyboard is a lot more than mere letters

General keyboard tips

Get more efficiency from your iPhone keyboard

“You will receive no alerts at all during the chosen time frame” Screen brightness

Manage your screen brightness In Settings>Display & Brightness you are presented with a bar at the top and an Auto-Brightness option just below it. Tapping the AutoBrightness icon so that it turns green will cause the iPhone to monitor outside conditions and change the brightness accordingly. It sounds like a lot of unnecessary work, but it has been proven that when enabled, the battery

performance can increase dramatically. In low light, it will reduce the brightness and in bright conditions, it will push the brightness all the way up so that the screen is always visible. The manual setting can be used from the Control Centre if required on occasion, but the automatic setting is extremely adept at working out what brightness suits the conditions and is almost always correct.

The iPhone keyboard looks simple and that is deliberate as it makes it easy for you to quickly understand where every letter and number is. However, there are many hidden features that will be very useful the more you use them. In Settings>General>Keyboard you can use the Text Replacement option to input three- or four-letter shortcuts that will automatically add email addresses and longer phrases. If you want to use accented characters or currencies that are not shown, tap and hold the £, for example, and you will then see a row of alternatives appear ready to select. You can also avoid the keys completely by tapping the microphone icon and speaking into your iPhone, but there is one tip to remember above all others. Do not take your time when typing on the iPhone keyboard; if you type as quickly as you can, the autocorrection will understand what you mean and make immediate changes.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 37

Tips Tricks Apps

Phone The Phone app on an iPhone is capable of more than you may believe at first. If you use all of the features, you will keep in touch better than ever


Do other things while calling

You can make and receive calls on your iPhone while doing other things in the background, which is a feature that you may come to use time and time again. For example, if you are surfing the internet with Safari and a call comes in, you can accept it and jump straight back to the browser. A green bar will be shown at the top of the screen that you can tap to return to the calling screen at any time. If you are playing a game on your phone and have headphones in, the other party will not hear any sounds from your iPhone; just your voice which is as it should be. The Phone app is there when you need it, but it is also rather usefully capable of moving out of the way when you need to do other things while on a call.

Conference calls How to group chat Conference calls are common in business, but can also be useful among friends and in other situations. To set one up, initiate a call as normal then tap the ‘add call’ icon on the main screen. You will be taken to the Contacts app where you can search for a number or use the Favourites icon. Once the number has been chosen it will call out and you will see a new icon on the screen called ‘merge calls’. Tap this and you have created your first conference call. There will be an ‘i’ symbol at the top which when tapped lets you take one call to a private discussion or end it. The remaining callers will stay on the line, but the ability to individually tweak each caller’s permissions can be extremely useful. Advanced calling just became very simple.

38 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Calls from apps Make calls from other apps Many apps like Safari include the ability to leverage the Phone application to make calls without actually tapping the phone icon. If you see a phone number on a web page and it is underlined, you should be able to tap it and then be given the option to call it immediately.

The system is invisible when viewing most web pages, but is available should you want to avoid writing a number down and then jumping to the Phone app. You can also make calls directly from Messages, Calendar and many other default iPhone apps which recognise phone numbers.

Tips Tricks Apps

Withhold number There may be times when you need to stop your number being seen on an outgoing call and the process to do this is quite straightforward. Go to Settings>Phone and then select Show My Caller ID. If the icon is green, tap it and your number will be withheld from every single call you make in the future. If you want to then show

Stop caller ID

your number again, you will need to follow the same process and make sure it is switched back to green. For individual calls, you can type ‘141’ before the number to withhold your number, but this does not work on all networks so your success with this may vary. Please also remember that some phone numbers do not accept calls that are withheld.

Manage voicemail Listen to every message

When you receive a call that you cannot answer or you just happen to miss it, the iPhone will ensure that you are aware of a voicemail that has been left. You will see a new text message in the Messaging app advising what to do and a tap on the Voicemail icon in the Phone app will start the call without you having to dial any numbers. The process is completely foolproof.

Keep track of all the calls you have received and missed

“The iPhone will ensure that you are aware of a voicemail that has been left”

Monitor your historic calling activity Automatically track all of your calls

Don’t miss out on any messages

FaceTime calls

Enjoy better quality calls In any contact entry you will see an option to make FaceTime calls. The video camera icon initiates a traditional video call, but there is also a phone icon that you can use. When you tap this, you will be able to start a FaceTime Audio call which is free from network minute charging as long as you are connected to Wi-Fi and which also offers superior voice quality throughout. This facility is

available if the other party is using iCloud and will not work for those who are using other brands of phones, however, when you get the chance to try it, you will likely be amazed at the enhanced sound quality it offers. If FaceTime Audio is available for any call, you should try to use it and you don’t even have to worry about making yourself look presentable when using this FaceTime feature, which is a bonus.

The Recents icon at the bottom of the Phone app interface is home to all of your historic calling activity and can be a useful resource for business and personal needs. When you tap it, you will see a list of all of your recent calls and tapping the ‘i’ in any entry will bring up the time, length of the call and more contact details for the person in question. Tapping the Missed icon at the top shows you every call that you did not answer in time order, which gives you the chance to call each person back when you have the time. Any entry can be deleted by simply swiping to the left if you want to keep the lists more organised and all records are kept automatically. It’s a handy system that makes monitoring all of your calls (those taken and those missed) easy and ensures that you can call back anyone who has tried, but failed, to reach you with the minimum amount of hassle. For an easy life, the iPhone and iOS certainly deliver.

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Messages The days of simple text conversations are long gone. With an iPhone you can keep all of your conversations organised and emotive every single day

Wipe conversations

Delete with a swipe

All of your messages are automatically organised by conversation and when you tap any item in the list, you will see the entire chat with a contact. If you want to delete a single comment you can tap and hold any entry and then tap the trash can that appears at the bottom of the screen, but remember that this will obviously disrupt the flow of what has been said. You can, however, delete entire conversations from the main list by swiping from right to left and tapping the red Delete option. Be careful when doing this because no archive is held on the phone itself and if you want to retrieve it, the steps are quite time consuming and involved. So always proceed with caution when deleting individual messages or message threads.

Block messages

How to stop unwanted texts

Read receipts

Guarantee receipt of any message We tend to presume that read receipts are used only in email and while they are more commonplace for that form of communication, you do have the ability to use them in iPhone messages. To set up your iPhone to send read receipts when you have read a new message, go to

40 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Settings>Messages and look for the Send Read Receipts option near the top. If you tap it and switch it to green, your contacts will now be sent a read receipt whenever you read a message that has been sent. This is useful when you need to know that your important messages have been received.

The rise of spam texts is something that has followed the rise in spam emails, but for some reason an unwanted text message feels more intrusive and is something that you will likely want to stop as quickly as possible. Fortunately, Apple has included a remarkably simple feature that will let you block any number with a couple of taps as soon as you receive the first text message that makes you feel uncomfortable. Open the message and then tap the ‘i’ icon in the top-right corner. You will see the contact details listed as normal but if you look further down you the page will see the ‘Do Not Disturb’ option. If you turn this on, you will no longer be disturbed by incoming messages from that particular person.

Tips Tricks Apps

Use Tapback

Send instant responses

Tapback is one of the new features introduced with the iOS 10 update and it allows you to instantly respond to a received message with range of quick response animations. Tapback provides a swift and easy way to acknowledge received texts, especially if you don’t have time to response with typed text of your own. To inititate

Get more emojis Another new addition with iOS 10 is a greater emphasis on emoticons. You have a huge array to use as standard in the Messages app, but you can get more by tapping on the Store icon to the left of the text field and then choosing the ‘Store’ option. You will then go to a special section of the App Store whereby you can browse, purchase and download new sets of icons to use in the Messages app. Many cool sets are totally free so be sure to explore the Store.

Tapback, press and hold on a received message and a row of icons will then appear above it. Simply select one of the icons that best evokes your feelings about the text and it will be instantly selected and fired back to the sender. You can also tap ‘More’ on the Tapback screen to forward or delete selected messages in any of your conversation threads.

Shop and download new icon sets

Retrieve deleted messages with iCloud

Restore deleted text messages with iCloud Texts messages are rarely lost forever Tap the Store icon, then the grid icon to get to the emoji store

Disable the preview

Keep all of your messages private When you receive iMessages or text messages they will usually be presented on the Lock screen with the first couple of lines shown. This is useful for quickly seeing what has been sent to you, but has the downside that anyone could read your texts even if the iPhone is secured with a passcode. There is, however, a way to stop this happening, but the settings may not be where you expect them to be.

Go to Settings>Notifications and you will see a list of items that can be seen on the Lock screen. Scroll down the page until you see Messages listed and tap the option. You can now choose whether to show a count of unread messages on the Messaging icon and if these messages will be included in Notification Center, but if you scroll down further you can disable the Show Preview option to hide the text content.

When you delete messages they are in theory lost, but iCloud backup ensures you lose nothing. You will need to ensure iCloud backup is enabled before you attempt to retrieve messages, but this is good practice anyway because the service is free and reliable. Be aware that you cannot just restore messages; you need to wipe your phone and restore it in its entirety using iCloud. However, if the messages are important and have been backed up, at least you will get them back.

“Ensure iCloud backup is enabled before retrieving messages” iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 41

Tips Tricks Apps

Contacts Thanks to the Contacts app, it is easy to keep a detailed and complete database of all of your professional and personal contacts on your iPhone

Merge duplicates

Merge and link contacts

Over time, it is likely that you will end up with a series of duplicate contacts that not only make your contact list bigger, but which cause confusion and mean you have to tap multiple entries to find the information you need. There is, however, a simple solution built into the Contacts app that will let you merge two contacts together in one easy step. Scroll through your list and find two contacts that share the same name. Select one of them and then tap the Edit option at the top. Scroll down to the bottom to locate the ‘link contacts…’ option and tap it. You will now be asked to select one and once you have, tap Link at the top. The two contacts will now be merged into one entry.

Sync Facebook contacts Sync Facebook contacts Synchronising Facebook contacts sounds difficult, but it is actually very easy to do no matter how many Facebook friends you have. Go to Settings and scroll down until you find the Facebook entry. Tap it and then make sure that the Contacts field is switched to green. All of your Facebook contacts will now be synchronised to your main contacts database and will be available whenever you need them. The synchronisation happens in the background and will be completely invisible at the start and over time as they are updated. You can also update contacts with Twitter IDs. Facebook contacts are just one simple tap away

42 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

First name sorting Keep contacts in order We all have different needs when it comes to contact sorting and it may be that you are someone who prefers to see your contacts sorted by their first names. The process to do this is simple, but it is not found in an obvious place. Go to Settings>Contacts and you will find the all-important

Choose exactly how you sort your contacts

Sort Order option at the top. Tap this option and then choose either ‘First, Last’ or ‘Last, First’ and your contacts will be displayed as you wish from then on as it is a one-time process. You can also tap on ‘Short Name’ to determine how the names are viewed within the Contacts app.

Tips Tricks Apps

Sync with iCloud Synchronising your contacts with iCloud offers many benefits. It is very secure, it is embedded into the Apple ecosystem and all of the hard work happens in the background. The setup process is also very simple and once done, you can sit back and enjoy your new secure contacts database. Go to Settings>iCloud and make sure that the

Stay secure

Contacts option is enabled by switching the icon to green. If you already have contacts on your phone from other services and some in iCloud from a Mac or another device, you will be asked if you want to Merge the entries. Tap this and the process will begin to synchronise all of your data with iCloud. A very quick and simple setup.

Add contact info

More than names or numbers If you take the time to add as much information as possible about each of your contacts, you will be rewarded with a list of names and numbers that is useful on many different levels. Within each contact listing, you will be presented with a myriad of fields after you tap the Edit option. For example, you can add birth dates, multiple addresses, notes and even create a field of your own to truly personalise the listing. The more information that you take the time to add, the more focused you can be on the individual in question. Entering the extra detail is certainly useful in business but also for your friends. It helps make Contacts personal.

Ringtones can be completely individual

Assign contact ringtones

Instantly know who is calling you without touching your phone

“You will be presented with a myriad of fields after you tap Edit” Filter contact groups Select groups of contacts Contact groups are obviously important if you want to keep business and pleasure separate. However, they offer another advantage in that they enable you to peruse shorter lists when you are in a hurry. At the top of the contacts listing, tap Groups and then untick the groups that you do not want to see. When you tap on the Done entry, you will be taken back to the main listing, but you’ll notice that it doesn’t

show any groups that you do not need to see. It is good practice to put as many of your contacts as possible into groups because it will help you to organise them and not have to hunt for the one you want, plus you will become more familiar with each entry over time. Even better, the Groups feature is not visible until you decide to filter some contacts out, and the entire process is supremely efficient.

Imagine being able to know who is calling you without even having to look at your phone. Well, that is certainly possible on an iPhone thanks to the ability to set ringtones for individual contacts. To set this up, open any contact entry and then tap the Edit option at the top. Scroll down a little and you will see options for Ringtone, Vibration and extra ones for text tones. All you have to do is tap on any one of these options and a list of available tones will appear for you to choose from. Select any tone and it will now be assigned to the contact in question. However, a word of warning. Try to use this feature sparingly and only for your closest contacts as overuse can cause confusion and negate all of the benefits the feature offers in the first place. The ability to change vibration patterns is also available in the contact listing and you can choose from a list or create a custom pattern.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 43

Tips Tricks Apps

Mail The iPhone email app rivals some desktop solutions in terms of efficiency and features. It is also very easy to use and works with many email services

Calendar integration

Check availability

Since the release of iOS 10, your Mail app now works closely with the Calendar app to save you time planning meetings and events when using email. For example, if you compose a new email and then include phrases such as “I’m available at…”, the Calendar app will kick in to check your availability and present free windows as predictive text options above the keyboard – so all you have to do is select the time slot instead of typing it all out the long way. You will find that there are far more predictive text options in general when typing out emails, undoubtedly saving you a lot of time from your busy working day that you would normally spend typing everything out.

Format any email text

Select text and alter its appearance To change the formatting of text within an email, tap and hold any word and then tap the righthand arrow icon. Now tap the BIU icon where you will be presented with three options; Bold, Italics and Underline. You can choose any one of the options and then tap again on another to, for example, make a word bold and italic. There’s no denying that this is a very simple textformatting mechanism, but it’s also easy to use once you are familiar with the system and it is fast and extremely effective. Also remember that what you see in the main body of an email is exactly what the recipient will receive once you have sent it. Text formatting is available with just a tap and hold

44 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Zip attachments

Open and manage zip files The Mail app has direct support for zip files and you can deal with these type of attachments without having to install third-party apps. When you receive a zip file attachment, tap it in the main email screen and wait for it to download. You can now tap it again and the first file in the zip will be

Effortlessly handle zip file attachments

displayed. At the top of the screen you will see the total of files that are available to view, for example ‘1 of 7’ which shows that you are viewing the first of seven files. The system is built to let you read all that you need to and the Mail app never gets in the way of your personal email communication.

Tips Tricks Apps

Insert media

Mail different files

You can send media through the Mail app using Photos and many other third-party apps that support the facility, but it is often much quicker to add everything you need to directly from within Mail itself. In the main text field, tap and hold anywhere and you will see a pop-up bar appear. Now tap Insert Photo or Video to be taken to the

Photos app. The next stage is to choose a photo or video to include and once chosen, to select it. At this point it will appear and be shown exactly as it will look when sent. You may be asked what size file you want to send, which is useful when using mobile networks, but try the largest where possible to improve the quality. Finally, just click send.

Archive emails

Efficient mail archiving

If you want to remove an email quickly in the Mail app, you can swipe your finger to the left within any entry and then tap the Archive option so that it is no longer shown in your main inbox. This does not, however, completely delete the email. If you select More within the email a new panel will appear. Tap Move Message… and then find the Trash folder to delete it forever when that folder is emptied. If you have a generous amount of space, the archiving option is much quicker and does a similar job to permanent deletion, apart from freeing up space. Even with lots of space, however, it’s an idea to ensure regular deletion of unwanted messages.

The Edit key speeds up email management

Batch delete or move emails

You can manage multiple emails in one simple movement

“The archiving option does a similar job to permanent deletion” Jump back quickly Get back to where you started easily No matter where you are in Mail, you can quickly jump back to where you started from at any stage. There are two methods to remember and each will serve the same purpose. When viewing an email you will see an option in the top left-hand corner which has an arrow to the left of it; simply tap this and you will be returned to your email list. It’s a tried and tested method which will feel familiar, but it is actually

quite unnatural in comparison to the alternative. You can also swipe from left to right and the same result will occur. It is not necessarily quicker, but it feels right and is a gesture that is used in many different apps throughout the iOS system. Now it’s just a case of repeating whichever method you prefer until you reach the account list, which is the starting point for all of your email communication.

It is likely that there will be times when you need to take actions on more than one email at a time and using the on-screen gestures will just slow you down. When viewing a list of emails, tap the Edit key at the top-right and you will see a series of circles appear to the left of each email. Tap any email and the number selected will promptly change at the top, at which point you can then select further emails. At the bottom of the screen you will see three options: Mark, Move and Archive. If you choose Move, the folder list will appear for you to choose where to move the selected emails to. The Archive option will immediately remove all selected emails and the Mark option will let you note them as unread, junk or simply add a flag to raise their importance. If you have a busy email account, this simple feature will help you to tame the chaos, but remember not to tap too quickly to avoid errors.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 45

Tips Tricks Apps

Safari The mobile version of Safari is not cut down at all and offers many features that let you browse just as you would on a desktop. It’s also very quick

Define any word

Understand unknown words

You can discover the meaning of a word in a web page by simply tapping and holding it. You will see a pop-up box appear with two options; Copy and Define. Tap on Define and a new page will appear with a full dictionary definition, along with as much information as possible. There are also two more options which are available to help you gain more detail. Search Web lets you find more links about the word and Manage will show a list of dictionaries that can be downloaded for many different languages. The entire process from defining a word to arming your iPhone with even more sources of useful information can be done in seconds and will prove to be useful time and time again.

Rearrange tabs Keep pages in order The tabs feature in Safari is very handy when dealing with multiple pages. Tap the bottom right-hand icon to see all open pages and then tap an ‘x’ on any page to close it or tap and hold one. When you do this, you can then move it up and down the list and the others will move out of the way immediately. This is useful for researching the web and many other projects.

“The tabs feature in Safari is very handy for multiple pages” 46 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Create web clips

Instant access to pages Web clips turn any website into an app and show an icon on the Home screen which you can just tap to access the site. To create a web clip, tap the sharing icon in the centre of the bottom row and then choose Add to Home Screen. You will now be asked to confirm or amend the name of the

Turn a website into an app icon

clip. Try to make it short and descriptive because longer titles will end up truncated on the Home screen and make no sense. Tap Add and the process is complete. A new app-style icon will be shown on the home screen and you can simply repeat this process to create folders of bookmarks.

Tips Tricks Apps

Change font sizes Good news; after the feature to increase the font size was removed from Safari’s Reader function in iOS 7, it was then mercifully reinstated in iOS 8. To access this feature, tap on the list icon to the left of the URL bar (provided the page is compatible) to enter Reader mode and then at the top of the stripped back page you should see two

Control text

‘A’ icons. Tap the larger icon to increase the text size and then smaller icon to return it back to normal. Safari Reader makes reading web pages in general much easier as it strips back a lot of the page furniture to present a cleaner look. Being able to control the size of the text just adds to this feature and allows you to read online your way.

Never miss a read

Save long web articles for later Sometimes you will find articles in Safari that are too long for you to read at the moment you discover them. To get around this you can tap the sharing icon at the bottom and select Add to Reading List. The link will be saved with a summary and thumbnail in a list which is accessible by tapping the Bookmarks icon and then the spectacles tab at the top. The Reading List is home to all of the pages and articles you want to read later and can even be synchronised with the desktop Safari browser on a Mac. You can now read everything you want to, but try to limit the feature to only long articles that will benefit from the time you have to spend on them.

Speed up the act of entering web addresses

Quick web addresses

The much quicker longpress method

“The Reading List is home to articles you want to read later” Stay secure

Keep your browsing private There may be times when you want to browse web pages in private and the good news is that this facility is available in Safari. The bad news is that it is somewhat hidden, so you need to make a few finger-taps to get things started. Tap the bottom right-hand tabs icon and then tap the Private option bottom-left. A window will pop up asking if you want to close all of the tabs; do this and the interface

colour will change. You can now browse in private, but if you want to change it back simply return to the tabs view and tap Private again. The Safari browser is very secure when browsing normally and has many safeguards to protect you and your identity, but this option may appeal if you are accessing internet banking or if you want to share your iPhone with others without sharing your browsing history.

Typing long web addresses on any mobile device is not easy, especially if you have sausage fingers that don’t play nicely with small buttons, but there are some hidden features which make the process infinitely quicker on an iPhone. The iPhone knows that you are typing a web address when you tap within the top box in Safari and the first tip is to long-press the ‘.’ key at the end of the address. This will cause a row of web domain types to appear and all you need to do is slide your finger to the one you want and it will be added immediately. It’s very quick and only saves a small amount of time, but that will add up if you use it multiple times a day. Also, keep an eye on the results that appear as you type in the top box. You will probably find that you are able to tap to select the correct entry once it appears. Your chosen search engine works alongside Safari to make entering search terms and web addresses very efficient, even if you do find using small buttons fiddly.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 47

Tips Tricks Apps

Clock Even though your iPhone has so much power at its disposal, being able to use it to tell the time is one of its handiest features. But it can do much more besides…

Global clocks

Set the time for different cities

Even though you will use the clock for the time zone of the country you are in the majority of the time, setting up world clocks is incredibly useful if you regularly keep in contact with people in other countries. Tap the + symbol in the right-hand corner and select a city or country from the long alphabetic list that will be displayed. Use the search box to speed things up. Tap on the location and it will be added to your world clocks. Tapping Edit lets you remove any clocks and it also enables you to rearrange clocks (press and drag three-line icon to the required spot). Possibly to improve battery consumption, the option to switch between digital and analogue clocks is not possible in iOS 10, unfortunately.

Multiple alarms Set many alerts

These days, we need more than one alarm. As well as that much-hated wake-up call, you can set alarms that prevent you from missing a vital meeting or to indicate when you need to be heading home. In the Clock app, tap the Alarm icon and then select the + icon at the top to call up the Add Alarm screen. Move the sliders up and down to choose the time that you want and then toggle the settings at the bottom of the screen. Make good use of Repeat if you want the alarm to go off on a set day and change the sound so that you can pinpoint the difference between a wake-up and something else. You can decide whether to allow the Snooze function and you can also give each alarm a name. Simply tap Label and write the function. When finished, tap Save and repeat for more alarms.

48 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Set a timer

How to turn off your music The Timer function of the Clocks app is useful in so many ways. It is, of course, handy for cooking and suchlike, but it can also be used in an entertainment capacity. If you enjoy listening to music or audio books as you drift off to sleep then you can use the Timer function to turn off

Use the Timer to stop playing audio

the audio after a set period of time so to conserve your battery power. Tap on the ‘When Timer Ends’ option and then scroll down to the ‘Stop Playing’ option. Now, whenever your timer counts down to zero, your iPhone will automatically stop playing any audio or movies so you don’t lose your place.

Tips Tricks Apps

Reminders It’s so easy to forget stuff when you have a thousand and one other things on your mind, so make better use of Apple’s brilliant built-in Reminders app

Location reminder

Receive reminders on arrival

Ever gone somewhere and then, on your way home, realised there was something you needed to do there but had completely forgotten about? With the ‘Remind me at a location’ service, you can make sure that as soon as you are close to a location, your iPhone will remind you of a certain task. Add a reminder in the usual way and tap on the blue ‘i’ icon. Slide the ‘Remind me at a location option’ to green and tap Location. Search for a location or choose the current location. Select the ‘When I arrive’ option. A map displays the address and you can alter the circumference of the circle to dictate the distance from the location you need to be before the reminder alerts you. It takes some getting used to but is undoubtedly a useful feature.

Mark task done Tick off reminders

It makes sense that you cannot only set a reminder for various tasks but also very easily mark them once they are complete. Reminders has a simple way of checking off tasks in a reminders list without putting you through the trouble and hassle of deleting them. Open a list in the Reminders app then tap the check box to the left of each of the events that you have completed. The item will be marked as complete and it will disappear from the list. Only the tasks you have asked to repeat will remain. With those, the date on the item will change to the next date in the repeat sequence, so for example if you have set a reminder to repeat weekly and you mark a task set for 1 September as complete, the date will alter to 7 September and remain in the list.

Repeat reminders

Set a regular event reminder Some tasks need to be repeated often on a regular timescale. Perhaps you make a phone call on a certain day each week or grab something from the shop at the same time every Friday. To repeat reminders for the same task, slide ‘Remind me on a day’ to green, set a time and date and

Tick the option you want to use

then tap Repeat. Recurring reminders can be set for every day, every week, every two weeks, every month or every year and makes life considerably easier as you don’t have to write out the same task each time. If there comes a time when you no longer need to repeat a task, simply turn it off.

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Calendar Keep yourself organised using the Calendar app, by quickly adding events, receiving notifications and moving appointments around with utmost ease

Swipe around

Using many swipe gestures

Open up the Calendar app and you will see a glimpse of your schedule ahead. You can swipe to the left or right to show the previous or next day or you can swipe up and down to see more of any particular day. When you double tap an event to view it, you can swipe left to go back to the calendar view. Swiping is also useful when you are not actually in the Calendar app. You can swipe down from the top of the screen to call up the Notifications panel on your iPhone and then look for the Calendar section (make sure it is enabled by going to Settings>Notification Center and turning the button next to Calendar Day View to green). This will list all of the day’s events in an instant and let you view your schedule.

Search for certain events Find crucial events in an instant

Tap on the search icon at the top of the Calendar screen to find particular events. The search function searches through event titles, invitees, locations and notes fields to find whatever it is that you’re looking for. The results are displayed in a list showing the title of the event. Tapping on this will show you the full entry. Entries added automatically through Facebook and those that you add yourself, together with occasions such as birthdays, will be found and displayed in your Calendar app. Disable Facebook events by tapping the word Calendars and then unticking the entry next to Facebook Events. See search results displayed in a list within Calendar

50 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Agenda view

View a day’s activity You can tap on any date to call up the day’s agenda on a full screen, scrolling up and down through the various times. But you can also – thanks to revisions from iOS 9 – view the daily agenda from within the month view. Tap on a date and then tap the list view button which you will see

See agendas either on a full screen or beneath a calendar as the first icon in the top right-hand corner. This will force the monthly calendar to contract slightly and show you a list of the day’s events below it. To switch back to the calendar view, just tap the icon once more. This lets you quickly view agendas without flicking from one screen to another.

Tips Tricks Apps

Scroll to dates There are various view options in the Calendar app; you are able to see an overview of the year, a particular month or a certain day. You can move from a day view to a month view to a year view by tapping the word that displays in the top left-hand of the screen. So, for example, if you are looking at 25 May 2017, the top left-hand area

View future events will display the category May and tapping it will show you the entire month. In the top of that screen will be 2017 and tapping this will show the entire year. You can scroll down on these screens to show forthcoming dates or, with the yearly view, go to a different year entirely. Just tap on the date that you want to view and add new events or see what is coming up.

Week start date

Change the day a calendar starts on With flexible working, not everybody’s week starts on a Monday, and if you want to change the day that the iPhone calendar starts on, you must go to the Settings app. Select Calendar, then scroll down and tap Start Week On. By default, the week will start on a Monday but you can alter it to any other day. Simply tap the day you want to use from now on and then the back button in the top left-hand corner of the screen. The calendar will make the necessary adjustment. You can change your mind and alter the start date at any time.

Drag and drop your appointments within Calendar

Move an appointment

“By default, the week will start on a Monday but you can alter it to any other day”

Need to reschedule? Simply drag and drop

Add events from SMS/email Create an event or show in Calendar If you receive a text or an email with a specific time and date, or if it says something like ‘Meet me at 12.30pm tomorrow’, you can instantly create an event using the information. The text will be underlined in blue so tap it and select Create Event from the menu which appears. You will be instantly taken to your Calendar app where you can add a title, include a location and fill in the Add Event details

before tapping Done. What’s more, by tapping Show in Calendar, you can ensure the event is not going to clash with anything else that you may have scheduled for that day and time slot. This process has been muchimproved since iOS 7 and it means that you do not have to jump out of your Message or Mail app to find Calendar and then have to jump back to Message or Mail.

So you need to move an appointment because it clashes with something else or has simply got to be shifted. This is no problem; with Calendar on your iPhone, you do not need to delete an event and then re-enter it. All you need to do is find the event in the full agenda view and then tap and hold on it. You can now drag the appointment around the screen until you find the revised time slot where you can then let go. The event will be magically placed in the new slot. This can be repeated over and over again and with any kind of appointment you have entered into the Calendar app. You are not even confined to changing an appointment within a particular day. If you need to move an appointment from one day to the next or even further ahead, then you simply tap and hold and move the event to the right where it will show on another day. Keep moving forward until you find a suitable day and let go in the required time slot.

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Wallet Discover how to add debit and credit cards to the Wallet app and pay for your goods using your iPhone

Stay secure

Create a unique finger password

The Wallet app replaced Passbook in iOS 9, and it’s certainly an apt name for it as it replaces your physical wallet. It not only stores your coupons, tickets, boarding passes, etc, as before, but you can now add all of your debit, credit and store cards to purchase goods at outlets that using Apple Pay. The main concern with using a contactless payment method is security. When setting up the Wallet app, one of the first things you’ll find is that Apple will prompt you to set up a variety of security levels to make sure that your sensitive data is kept safe. One of these is Touch ID, a great system that uses your fingerprint as a way of accessing the app. The sensor built into the Home button will ensure that your print provides an impenetrable lock.

Add a new card

Edit your payment methods in Wallet You can build up a varied collection of payment cards in Wallet, including debit, credit and store cards, so you will need to know how to add new cards to the app – a quick and easy process. In the app, tap on ‘Next’, followed by the ‘+’ icon to bring up a scanning screen that you point at your payment card. You will then need to go through a security process that involves verifying your details and inputting your card’s security code. Your bank will require that you call them, or opt to receive a text verification code – the entire process only takes a few minutes. When it’s time to pay for goods using the card, you will need to hold your finger on the Home button to verify the payment through the iPhone’s secure Touch ID.

52 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Pay for goods

Make Apple Pay purchases Thanks to Apple Pay, all of your essential store and reward cards are stored digitally and a simple double-tap of the Home button when your device is locked will allow you to access Wallet to quickly pay for items on the move. If you own an iPhone 7, then the device’s built-in

Double tap home for easy access

Near Field Communication antenna means that you just have to hold your device near the contactless reader with your finger on the Home button’s builtin Touch ID sensor to pay for your goods. A subtle vibration alert will inform you that the transaction has been successful.

Tips Tricks Apps

Back up your details Sync your cards with iCloud All of the payment details that you store in your Wallet app can be backed up to iCloud so that, in the event of your device being lost or stolen, you can retrieve them quickly and easily when setting up a new iPhone (remember, Touch ID means that nobody but you can actually buy goods using your iPhone).

Go to the Settings app and then scroll down and tap on the ‘iCloud’ section. On the next screen will be all of the apps and services that are linked to your iCloud. Simply ensure that the slider next to the Wallet option is enabled and all of your card details will be backed up when your device is next synced.

Add details manually Register your cards the alternate way

If the card that you are trying to add to your Wallet app has seen a bit of action and therefore not as easy to scan as your newer flexible friends, then you can input the required details by hand. It obviously takes longer to complete the registration and verification process this way, but if you opt to enter the details manually then you can use the floating keyboard to fill in the various fields. Even if you do scan the card, if you spot any errors then you can opt to ‘Edit’ the details and then manually type in the amendments. If your card can be scanned without any problems then this should be your main inputting method and will help ensure that the set-up process is quick and easy, and avoids most mistakes that human error may cause, giving you more time to start spending your well-earned cash using your iPhone. It’s easy to add your details manually

Once it is set up, you can pay with your Watch too

Pay using your Watch

Buy goods with the flick of a wrist

Check your past payments View the purchases made on your cards With the new system of payment being introduced with Apple Pay, it is natural that we should be scrupulous when it comes to keeping track of what we have paid for using our iPhones. This is made easy in the Wallet app because all of your outgoing payments will be listed under each card used. This means that you can easily check that everything is accurate and keep a careful

track of your payments and spending habits. Checking your payments is a good habit to get into as well, especially to help ensure that you are alert to spot any rogue payments, in the very rare event of one occurring. It is natural to not be as vigilant the more you use your iPhone to pay for goods and services, but it’s still good to double-check every once in a while.

You can also use your Apple Watch to pay for items using the Apple Pay contactless payment method. However, if you choose to pay in this way then you must ensure that your iPhone is nearby – such as in your pocket – else it won’t register. Understandably, almost all of the security verification is done on the iPhone, so you will have to perfect the art of manipulating the wrist that your Apple Watch is strapped to into position over the Apple Pay terminal and then verifying the payment by placing your finger on the Touch ID sensor of your iPhone that is in your pocket using your other hand. This can make it a bit fiddly sometimes, so always be prepared and ready to pay.

“Checking your payments is a good habit” iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 53

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Notes If something is on your mind or if you want to save something for later, the Notes app is a handy way of keeping a log of your iPhone and life’s activity

Dictate notes

Write messages using your voice

Built into iOS is a brilliant voice recognition system that can be used via the Notes app. Create a new note within Notes by tapping New and call up the keyboard by tapping in the main writing area. Tap the microphone key and start to talk. When you have finished, tap Done and your words will be processed. They will be placed within your note. You can complete the note and save it by tapping Done in the top right-hand corner. For an even faster way of doing this, hold down on the Home button to activate Siri. Now say “write note” and dictate whatever you want to write in the note. Siri will then create the note on your behalf and save it. You will be able to review the text that Siri has written up for you by going to the Notes app.

Share a note Pass them on

So you’ve written a note and you would like to share it with someone else. The best way to do this is to send it via a text message or through email. Open up the note that you wish to share and select the Share button in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. You will see the options for Message and Mail. Tap one of them. In both instances, the text from your note will be pasted into the body of your message or your email and you can simply enter a recipient and send the message or email in the usual way. The note remains within your Notes app so don’t worry about losing it. You are also able to share a message via AirDrop with people nearby. Tap AirDrop and then select their device. You have various note-sharing options

54 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Sync your notes

Sync your notes across devices

Share notes across other devices When you write a note on your iPhone, it is possible to sync it across all of your Apple devices using iCloud. Go to Settings>iCloud and make sure iCloud is turned on and you are logged in with your Apple ID. Then ensure that Notes is turned on within the iCloud settings. By doing this, you

are able to view your Notes on an Apple Mac using the Notes app for OS X as well as see them on an iPad or an iPod touch. If you don’t want all of your notes synced then you can activate the ‘On My iPhone’ account in Settings> Notes to keep certain notes on the device you are using and not the others.

Tips Tricks Apps

Make lists

Create simple to-do lists

A key enhancements that came with iOS 9 was the addition of lists to Notes. You are able to create easy to-do lists and then tick them off as you go. When creating a new note, tap on the ‘+’ icon to the right above the keyboard and then tap on the tick icon to the left of the row. A circle will now appear on your note that you can write text next to. When

you have written the name of the task, tap Return and a new list item will appear – and so on. As you complete each task on your list, simply tap on the circle icon next to it and the task will be ‘ticked’ off as being completed. You can share your lists with other iOS users too – which is handy if you are forwarding shopping lists to family members.

Undo mistakes

Make text corrections

Everyone makes mistakes. It is why pencils have erasers. And it is also why your iPhone has a builtin Undo function that Notes can use, but that few people seem to know about. If you type some gobbledegook or find that you’ve just deleted something major, give your iPhone a nice little shake while the app is still open. It will call up a window which asks if you want to undo what you have just done. Tap Undo or choose Cancel. By tapping Undo, the last action will be erased. Be aware, though, that if you have just typed an entire sentence, the whole lot will go rather than just the last few words.

Since iOS 9 you have been able to add sketches to your Notes app

Sketch your notes!

You can now freely draw anything in Notes

“Your iPhone has a built-in Undo function that Notes can use” Check the meaning of a word within a note

Use the Define option built into the iPhone Have you ever come across a word that perplexes you, sending you reaching for a dictionary or perhaps Google in order to find out what it means? You don’t need to do that in Notes, which is great if you have pasted something into it that has baffled you. Simply hold down on the required word in order to select it and tap Define. The iPhone will look for a definition for you.

If you find that it keeps on throwing up blanks, though, tap on Manage at the bottom of the Define screen and select a dictionary to download to your handset. That will, in the majority of cases, fix any problems, and you will be able to view definitions, derivatives and the origin of most of the words that you highlight. Make sure that you utilise this very useful feature.

Another iOS 9 enhancement to the Notes app was the inclusion of a ‘sketch’ mode. You can select a sketching utensil (pen, marker, pencil) and choose from a limited palette of colours to draw what you want within your notes. To do this, create a new note and then tap on the ‘+’ icon to the right, above the keyboard. Now, from the row of icons that appear, tap on the wavey line. You can now select a sketching utensil by tapping on one of the three styles at the bottom of the interface – these vary in nib size, so you can apply as fine a detail as you like to your note sketch. Tapping on the ruler icon will place a straight edge onto the note that you can manipulate and rotate into position to assist you in the drawing of straight lines and the rubber can be used to erase mistakes (you can also use the ‘Undo’ icon at the top of the screen). Finally, tapping on the coloured dot will allow you to change the colour – there are three selections to swipe through to find what you want.

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Maps Never get lost again by maximising use of Apple’s very own built-in Maps. Better than ever before, it is now a must-use app

Tilt map window

Rotate and tilt the view

You can use a host of gestures to better interact with the Maps app. While zooming in by pinching the screen is likely to be familiar to you, it is also possible to use two fingers on the screen to rotate the map window so that you are able get a 360-degree view. Another neat trick is being able to place two fingers on the screen and drag when you are in the 3D or Flyover view. It gives the feeling that you are looking down and over at the map. In order to use both the two-finger rotate and the two-finger drag, you need to have the map in Overview but it works in both landscape and portrait mode. You can, of course, use a single finger to move around the screen to see more of the map.

“You can get information on local amenities…”

Share a pin

Let others see a location If you want to share a location with others, all you need to do is swipe upwards on the info drawer at the bottom of the screen that provides information about that specific location. Tap the

56 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Sharing locations with other people is easy

Share button and choose the method. Whatever method you choose, the pin location will be placed within the message so that the recipient will be able to tap it and see it in their own Maps app.

Info on local amenities

Find numbers and addresses, read reviews and see photos Maps aren’t just about getting you from A to B. They are also for locating important services and landmarks, helping you to acquaint yourself with an area and see what is around. With the Maps app, you can get information on local amenities including restaurants, bars and shops. Zoom in on the map to show key locations. If you see a restaurant, for example, tap it and you will be taken to a Location page. There are three tabs: Info, which shows you phone numbers, the website and address of the establishment and options to get directions to and from it; Reviews and Photos. The images show what the amenity is like and the user reviews give you a flavour of whether it is worth visiting. Add your own review by scrolling down and selecting Write a Review. At the top of the screen is a condensed set of data with a star rating (you can add your own), its opening hours and an indication of price.

Get all the location info you need in seconds

Tips Tricks Apps

Get directions

Search along your route

When you search for a location, the Maps app places a pin on the map to show where the destination you are looking for is. If you swipe up on the info drawer at the bottom of the screen, info will appear giving you the name of the location and an indication of how long it will take to get there from your current position. Tap ‘Directions’ and several routes will be plotted that you can switch between by tapping them. Use the tabs at the bottom to choose your mode of transport (Drive, Walk, Transport or Ride) and the app will calculate your route and tell you exactly how long it will take. Tap ‘i’ to turn on the live traffic.

As we know, the Maps app is brilliant at helping you get from ‘A’ to ‘B’, but what if you need to find something in between? A prime example is that you could be driving the outlined route but then find that you need to make a pitstop along the way for fuel or sustenance. Thankfully, since the release of iOS 10, the Maps app is now constantly scanning your surrounds while providing turn-by-turn directions on your route and by swiping the info drawer at the bottom of the screen upwards, you will see icons to search for things like petrol stations, diners and coffee shops along the way. It’s a great way to ensure that you always find what you need during a journey without having to cancel your directions and manual search for them within the Maps app.

Plot a route in double-quick time

See what’s around you

“Tap on the ‘i’ icon to turn on the live traffic information” Find transport An interesting recent addition to the Maps app is ‘Transport’ – a new mode that displays all public transport routes on the maps to help you get around easier. For any place that you visit, tapping the ‘i’ icon in the lower-right corner will bring up a screen with three tabs: Map, Transport and Satellite. Map is the standard view, Satellite view

Plan trips away is like an aerial photograph and Transport will display all local public transport routes, effectively allowing you to plan out a journey. If you then tap on a train station, for example, then you can see the routes to and from that station, arrival and departure times as well as any possible delays. You’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Get a Flyover tour

Explore the major cities in stunning 3D One of the recent additions to the Maps app is Flyover mode, which lets you take a virtual, 3D tour of the planet’s major cities, with the app pointing out all of the landmarks as if you’re on a helicopter tour. You could argue that this mode serves no real purpose other than to show off your iPhone’s capabilities and perhaps help you plan what to see on a real excursion to the city, but it’s certainly very cool to see in

action. The cities that feature in 3D Flyover mode are increasing in numbers all the time, but key in places like New York and Rome and you’re guaranteed a tour. To start a tour in Flyover, search for a major city in the Maps app and then swipe the info drawer upwards to reveal more information, pictures and more, including the ‘Flyover Tour’ option. Tap on this to take to the skies.

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Siri Talking to Siri may feel a little silly at first but once you harness his or her true powers, you will soon find yourself rather dependent


Generate random passwords

One little-known tip when using Siri is its ability to generate random, secure passwords to help protect your device. It uses Wolfram Alpha, a computational knowledge engine, and it takes mere seconds to do. Simply hold down the Home button on your iPhone and, when Siri activates, say “Wolfram password”. Siri will take a moment and then show you some results which you will be able to use to register for a site or service. It will also spell it out to you in written form using the phonetic alphabet. For more information, just scroll down. Siri’s search for a random password shows that the password would take a hacker a mere 229 years to crack. It also shows a list of common password types.

Who’s who? Identify friends

Siri wants to be integral to your life but like anybody who freshly enters your circle, it can be hard to know who is who without a proper introduction. Let Siri know who your friends and family are to make more effective use of Apple’s very own virtual personal assistant. Let’s start with your partner. Hold the Home button to activate Siri and say “Call my girlfriend/boyfriend”. Siri will ask who that is. Just say his or her name and Siri will ask whether you want it to remember the relationship so just say yes. Alternatively, go to Contacts and select your own name. Tap Edit, scroll down to Add Related Name and see a field entitled ‘mother’. Tap this to view different relations, from brother to spouse to manager. Select one and find the person who fits the bill. Then Tap Add Related Name again and repeat.

58 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Gender change

Set Siri as a man or woman Siri’s voice can be set to be either male or female depending on your preference. To change the gender, just open the Settings app and go to General>Siri. Tap on the option for Voice Gender to go to the options page. Now place a tick next to either Male or Female and

Choose a voice gender for Siri

tap Siri to go back. When Siri next talks, the voice will be either a man or a woman depending on your choice. Unfortunately, at present, these are the only two rigid options but you never know; in future updates you may be able to select different male and female voices and even celebrity voices.

Tips Tricks Apps

Schedule your life Siri is excellent at scheduling your life as events and appointments can be organised by asking. If you say something like, “schedule an appointment for 9am tomorrow” Siri will create a new Calendar app event and even alert you to the fact that you may have an existing meeting scheduled that could conflict and need moving. Siri also

Let Siri organise

works wonderfully well with the Reminders app, so you can casually set yourself new reminders and fill in all of the details just by simply telling your device all of the information. If you need to call or message anyone regarding any appointments that you create then simply say, “call…” or “send a message to…” and Siri will follow your instructions.

Open apps with Siri

Sounds lazy? It can actually be quite useful Yes, we know that opening apps on your iPhone is not the most difficult of tasks to perform. You look for the app you want and you tap on the icon and, hey presto, it appears on your screen ready for use. But many of us have so many apps on our iPhones that looking for the one we want can be a timeconsuming pain, so being able to take the sting out of it by using your voice and Siri to search makes life that bit easier. Activate Siri and say “Open [name of app]”. In an instant, Siri will find the app and open it up much faster than you ever could with a manual search. You don’t even have to say the full name. If it recognises a partial name, it will give you a list of possibilities from which you can choose. All you then have to do is tap on the one that best fits your requirements for the app to open.

Siri acts as your own personal DJ

Hey Siri

Launch the Siri service quicker and easier than ever

Leave Siri to open your apps

Let Siri hook into social media services for you Find out what’s happening on Twitter Siri can integrate happily with Twitter and Facebook as they are now built into iOS. However, since the release of iOS 10, Siri can now work across a wide range of other third-party social media apps too. For example, LinkedIn and Whatsapp are also now supported, so you can carry out your daily social networking updates simply by asking Siri

to do it for you. For example, if you command for Siri to, “send a new Whatsapp message”, Siri will start composing it and ask you the details like the person you want to send it to and what you want the message to say. When using third-party apps with Siri, you will first need to agree to Apple’s terms – but Siri will even read these out to you if you need.

One of the many great Siri features is the helpful ‘Hey Siri’ feature that lets you launch Siri totally hands free. Go to Settings>General>Siri and ensure that the Allow “Hey Siri” feature is activated and then whenever you speak those words at your handset, Siri will instantly kick into action. This makes summoning and commanding Siri much more intuitive than before as you don’t have to fumble around with buttons – you just pick up your device and start speaking. Also, bare in mind that the more you speak to Siri, the more it will learn and the more efficiently it will be able to deal with your questions and queries.

“With ‘Hey Siri’ activated you just pick up your device and speak” iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 59

Tips Tricks Apps

Music The Music app has undergone a metamorphosis recently, transforming from a virtual iPod into a full-blown radio and streaming service

Connect with artists

Follow bands socially

One of the cool features of the Music app is the Connect service. Much like Twitter, you can browse through all of the available bands and artists and then choose to ‘follow’ them. To do this, tap on the ‘For You’ section and then go to the Connect section. Here you can tap on the ‘Find More Artists and Curators’ option to choose who to follow. After you have selected a few bands and artists, you can come back to the ‘For You’ section at any time and then scroll down to see all of the respective act’s recent activity. If you don’t use the Connect service then you can simply turn it off in your settings. To do this, go to Settings>General>Restrictions and then turn off the ‘Apple Music Connect’ option.

“Any posts that you enjoyed can be ‘liked’”

Stream unlimited music

Get access to the complete iTunes library

Play and shuffle

Mix it up with shuffle

Enjoy and mix up your top tracks The ‘Library’ section contains all of your purchased and synced tracks. When you start playing a track, a mini player will appear above the dock. Tap this to view the full-screen music

60 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

player. You can shuffle your songs in numerous ways: tapping the ‘Shuffle All’ option at the top of the Songs screen, tapping the shuffle icon in the full-screen music player or asking Siri to shuffle.

Your Music app now includes a streaming service akin to Spotify whereby, for a monthly fee, you can stream and listen to anything on Apple Music. You can try this service for three months free of charge, which should give you ample time to assess the service and determine if you are happy to continue subscribing to it after your trial ends. If you find that you don’t wish to continue subscribing to the Apple Music service, then cancelling it is relatively straightforward. Just tap on the head icon in the top-left corner of the screen, which takes you through to your Account page, then tap on the ‘View Apple ID’ option. Scroll down and tap on the ‘Manage’ option under Subscriptions and you will see that your Apple Music subscription is set to renew once the trial period has ended. Simply turn off the Automatic Renewal option. You can start subscribing again at any time if you choose to do so by tapping on the ‘For You’ icon and then choosing the ‘Choose Plan’ option.

You can subscribe to Apple Music with Family Sharing too

Tips Tricks Apps

FaceTime FaceTime will change and greatly improve the way you communicate with others forever and includes many options to make the experience personal to you

Import contacts

Every contact you need

FaceTime contacts are no different to normal contacts and when you set up synchronisation with an online service, they will be available within the app. Go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars and tap on Add Account. Work through the instructions to add any account, which includes your contacts, and they will be available in the main Contacts app and the FaceTime app for calling immediately. The contact entry will need at least an email address or mobile number to be recognised as capable of using FaceTime and also remember that the other party will need an iPhone, Mac or iPad to use FaceTime. Not all contacts will be able to use FaceTime by default, so check before calling.

Mute FaceTime calls Add some privacy to your calls If you need to say something in private, but still want to continue a FaceTime call, there is a facility to do so. Next to the red call-end icon you will see a speaker icon. Tap it and the call will be muted. You will also see a Mute notification. To disable the mute state, simply tap the speaker again and you can continue the conversation. It’s almost invisible in use.

“If you need to say something in private, there is a facility”

FaceTime Audio

Improve voice-call quality FaceTime Audio is not a well-known feature, but it increases sound quality by a huge degree. Go to any contact listing and tap the ‘i’ icon. You will now see options for standard calls at the top with a FaceTime section just below. The phone icon can be used to initiate a FaceTime Audio call.

FaceTime Audio offers lots of advantages

Tap it and the familiar phone screen will appear. This facility is useful for saving network minutes and for adding a better atmosphere to each conversation. Don’t forget, however, that the other party must also have FaceTime and a valid internet connection for the call to take place.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 61

Tips Tricks Apps

App Store It’s one of the best shops in the world with loads of fun, useful and diverse apps on offer, many for free. Here is how you can make the most of it

Apps for kids

View children-friendly apps

When iOS 7 was launched, it brought with it so many great visual flourishes as well as a host of new features and one of those was the introduction of a Kids App Store within the main App Store app, which is still present in iOS 10. In order to view it, you need to open the App Store app and choose Categories>Kids. You will see four sub-sections. One will show you apps for all kids, and the others are broken down for ages five and under, between six and eight and between nine and 11. By tapping on each of these categories, you are able to view a whole host of amazing apps that are completely appropriate for that age range. However, the password of the account holder is still needed in order for your children to download or buy apps.

“Remove apps you do Wish Lists not use by deleting them” Add Save purchases for later

Delete apps

Remove apps from iPhone To free up some space on your iPhone or to remove apps you do not use any more, you should delete them. Tap and hold on an app until the icon shakes. Tap the X in the left-hand corner and then confirm

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App deletion will need verifying

the deletion. Deleted apps can always be re-installed via the App Store and since you have already paid for them, you won’t be asked for payment again. Be aware that you cannot delete the built-in apps.

When you browse the iPhone’s App Store, you can often be overwhelmed by the number of apps on offer. You may not want to buy all of them straight away – perhaps you would prefer to wait until you have available Wi-Fi or maybe you want to wait until you have enough money at your disposal. If you decide that you would like to buy an app at a later date, then you can add it to your Wish List in the meantime. It’s a convenient way to build up a shopping list and gather together apps for later consideration. Navigate to the purchase page of an app in the App Store and then tap the share icon. You will see an option called Add to Wish List. Tap on this. The app will be placed under the Wish List tab which you can locate via the icons at the bottom of the App Store screen. You are free to add as many items as you want to a Wish List, although you cannot add items that you have previously purchased. To buy items on a Wish List, just tap the icon and select Buy.

The Share icon has an Add to Wish List option

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iTunes Whether you want to listen to music, watch a film or TV show, enjoy a podcast or read a book, iTunes is your very own one-stop entertainment shop

Share listings

Pass on song descriptions

If you really enjoy a song or other entertainment item on iTunes, you can let the world know about it by sharing the description listing with other people. Navigate to the song’s page within iTunes on your iPhone and select the share option in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can share a direct link to the page via a message or email by tapping the corresponding apps or you can link to it on Twitter or Facebook. This is a great way of referencing a song on social media since it inserts the cover of the song or movie into your tweet or post. You can add your own message alongside the pre-written one created by iTunes and then send it in the usual manner.

Browse and enjoy

Sit back, relax and get downloading iTunes is your one-stop shop to a wealth of fantastic media. Within the iTunes app, you’re able to browse an incredible catalogue of music, films, TV shows and audiobooks. The iTunes store is easy to use, with handy tabs along the bottom, including a search function if you’re looking for something specific. Along the top you can view charts, browse specific genres and access your wishlist, where you can add items that you may wish to download in the future. Everything’s so easy to use, and once you’ve found a song, album, movie, show or book you want to download, you’re only a few taps away from having it on your iPhone to enjoy no matter where you are. It really is an essential app that you’ll keep coming back to.

Search for stuff

Carry out normal searches If you know what you are after, then search for the product within iTunes by tapping the Search icon at the bottom of the screen. Type the name of the artist, song, film or whatever it is you are looking for and a list of suggestions will appear as you start to type. If you see a match for the item that you

Results are split into categories

are looking for, select it from the list to save time typing it out in full. If no match appears, tap the blue Search button that appears on the keyboard when you have finished typing and all of the possible matches will be displayed on the screen across a range of different categories.

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Camera The iPhone’s camera is better than ever before with both the hardware and software offering all of the tools you need

Keep everything straight

Use a grid to straighten your photos Sometimes, there can’t be anything worse than taking a great snap and having it be annoyingly wonky. To combat this, you can turn on the grid of thirds. Go to Settings>Photos & Camera and then scroll down to find the ‘Grid’ option. Once activated you will see it active in the Camera app all of the time and our advice would be to leave it on all of the time if you are happy with it. Whenever you take a photo in the future you will be able to align the image correctly and also ensure that your subject is positioned in the right place. The end result will be photos that need less editing and you can also quickly learn how to position subjects using this feature.

Use Live Photos by exception

Take your time to capture a moving moment Live Photos are great fun and work particularly well if you want to keep a special moment on your lock screen. The feature does work best, however, if you are purposefully trying to capture a moment that you want to keep because it captures a small amount of time before and after you press the capture button. This means that you will want to be in position before and then remain steady throughout the process to capture the best Live Photo possible. For all other photos, stick with the Live Photo feature disabled to save precious space on your iPhone.

“The end result will be photos that need less editing” Avoid the flash and zoom Get better shots without extras The digital zoom on the iPhone is impressive indeed and so is the flash, but we would advise to avoid both at all opportunities if you can. If you can get closer to the subject, the end result will be far clearer and more accurate than using

zoom, and you may also be surprised at how capable the iPhone is at capturing detail in low-light conditions. Don’t automatically use the flash when light is poor and instead put the Camera in automatic mode to let it decide for itself.

Disable the Live Photo feature to save memory space

“The digital zoom on the iPhone is very impressive” 64 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

The flash and zoom can cause more issues

Tips Tricks Apps

Use 3D Touch for quick access

Press and hold to access camera functions The introduction of 3D Touch offers many benefits in a variety of situations and none more so than in the Camera app. When you press firmly on the Camera icon and hold your finger down, you will see four options appear; Take

Selfie, Record Video, Record Slo-mo and Take Photo. All you have to do is make your selection and the settings will automatically be applied, ready for you to capture the moment. It can make all of the difference when capturing a moment in time.

3D touch makes it much easier for you to access the options that you want in a quicker time

Use the new Exposure feature

Focussing and dealing with exposure are easy Within the main screen you will be able to focus on a particular subject with just one tap which can then be moved to any other part of the scene. Everything else will lose focus and the end result is a much more professional looking photo that can be printed and enjoyed forever more. Add to this the on screen slider which lets you change the exposure by simply moving your finger up and down on the screen. This is useful in poor lighting conditions and can make all of the difference when trying to capture a decent shot.

There are a lot of ways to access the camera app

Access from anywhere You can access the camera at any time.

Capture 4K video

Take your video capture to the next level In Settings, go to Photos & Camera and scroll down until you see the ‘Record Video’ option. Tap it and then select ‘4K at 30 fps’ to capture the absolute best quality video available today. You will of course need the required equipment to view the content, which is quite sparse at this time, but if it is available to you the end results will be quite amazing. Please remember, however, that 4K videos take up a lot of space on your iPhone and if you take a lot of videos every single day, your memory may run out very quickly. Be sparing with your 4K videos to save space.

“Be sparing with your 4K videos to save space”

Capturing photos and videos is all about timing, but the iPhone 7 has you covered. Not only can you access individual camera modes using 3D Touch, but you can also make the Camera app ready for a snap no matter what you are currently doing. If you are in an app, simply swipe from up from the bottom of the screen to make the Control Panel appear and you will see the Camera icon in the bottom-right corner. It literally takes a second to jump from within an app to snapping a photo. You can also access the Camera from the lock screen by hitting the power button and then tapping the small icon that is displayed at the bottom, and swiping upwards. Be aware, however, that using Touch ID may mean that you bypass the lock screen too quickly because the security system is almost instant on the iPhone 7. In this instance, you can simply tap on the camera icon without a worry.

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Photos Master the Photos app and discover how to browse the Years, Collections and Moments, fix flaws in images, resize and email them, or send them using Messages

Delete images

Select and erase many photos

Professional photographers always shoot many photos and they take dozens and then select only the best to show off. This is a great tip for improving your snapshots and there is no reason not to shoot as many as you can. Afterwards you can go through the images, selecting the ones you don’t need and deleting them to leave only the finest. After taking many photos, open the Photos app, select Albums, then Camera Roll and view your photos. Press Select and tap the images you don’t want to keep. Swipe up and down to see more photos and keep selecting them until you have marked all the unwanted ones. Press the trash can icon in the bottom-right corner and then tap Delete Photos.

“Turn your best photos into a slideshow”

Browse your photos Use different views There are many different ways to browse your stored photos, such as Years, Collections and Moments. Select Photos at the bottom and tap the top-left button to show thumbnails organised into

66 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Explore the thumbnail photo views

Years. Tap a photo and the view zooms to show Collections; tap again and you’ll zoom into a Moment. Each time, the date narrows to show only those photos taken at similar times.

View images as a slideshow Create slideshows

It costs nothing to take photos with the iPhone and you can shoot as many as you want. After the holiday, wedding or other event, you can select the best photos and turn them into a slideshow. This is a great way to view your photos, especially if you want to show them off to friends and relatives. Start by finding one of the photos you want to include in the slideshow and then tap the Share button at the bottom of the screen. A strip of thumbnail images is displayed at the top and you can swipe left and right through them and tap the ones you want to include in the slideshow. A blue tick is added to the selected images. Tap the Slideshow button at the bottom of the screen and the options screen will be displayed, which enables you to choose whether to show the slideshow on the iPhone or an Apple TV if you have one. Music from your iTunes library can be selected: just tap the button to turn it on and then select the track to play. There is also a choice of slide transitions.

Select photos and music for your slideshows

Tips Tricks Apps

Preview photo thumbnails

Revisit great times!

Long-press thumbnails to zoom

How to check out your best photo memories

We saw earlier how to view photos as Years and Collections. Select Photos at the bottom and then at the top left, press the button until it shows Years. Although this is a great overview of your snapshots, it can be difficult to tell one photo from another when the thumbnail images are so small. They are tiny, but it is possible to zoom in and show larger thumbnails. Press and hold on any of the photos and a larger thumbnail image is displayed. Keep pressing and move your finger over the images and it zooms in on each of the tiny thumbnails and shows much larger ones. Lift off to go to the Collections view with the selected thumbnail, or slide off the year to stop.

The recent iOS 10 update has made it much easier to search for photos and videos in the Photos app, but that’s not all, it helps you revisit your most cherished memories too. Without you having to lift a finger, the Photos app will group together all of the photos and videos captured at a certain location, or at a particular event and present them all in a magazine-style album in the Memories section. The new Memories feature relies on People, your iPhone’s ability to scan your photo library for people’s faces, adding the most frequently found to the People album, whereby you can assign names. The more photos you have on your device, the longer the first ‘people’ scan will take, but after that everything works like clockwork. Sadly, the Memories feature isn’t available on iPhone 5 and below.

“Press and hold to zoom in and show larger thumbnails” Shrink photos

Consider the size

The iPhone is capable of taking very high-resolution photographs and although they look amazing and are fun to share, your friends and relatives might not be so delighted to see many megabytes of images filling up their email inbox. When you add photos to an email (as described in the tip below) and hit the Send button, you will see a

warning about the size of the photos and you are given the option to make them smaller. There is a choice of small, medium, large and actual size. If you want the recipient to be able to print out the photos, send one at a time and select the Large size. If they are only going to view the photos on their phone, tablet or computer, the Medium size is sufficient.

Send photos by email or text messaging Select photos and share them with friends If you have taken some great photos, why not share them with your friends or relatives? They will love to see your snapshots, particularly if it is a happy event like a birthday or wedding. There are many ways to share photos and you could send them by email or text message. Open the Photos app, select Albums, then Camera Roll and swipe

up to get to the most recent snapshots. Tap one photo to zoom into it, then press the Share button at the bottom. Swipe through the thumbnails at the top and select the ones to send, then tap Message or Mail. To send an email, just enter the recipient, subject and message in the usual way. The photographs appear within the email body.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 67

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Videos Learn how to rent or buy videos, hide or show iCloud videos and stream movies to an Apple TV to watch on a big screen

Master the playback options Use the video, audio and other controls When a movie starts playing, the iPhone automatically switches to landscape mode and there are controls at the top and bottom of the screen. Tap the screen to hide or show the controls. The Done button in the top-left corner stops the video and goes back to the menu. Starting the video again carries on where you left off. The video duration is shown at the top and dragging the small circle along the bar enables you to jump to any part. The audio volume is bottom left while the bottom middle contains video play/pause, start and end buttons.

“Dragging the small circle along the bar enables you to jump to any part” Show/hide iCloud videos

Do you want to see iCloud items? Videos can be stored in two places – on the iPhone itself or in your iCloud. A video can be played from either location, but if it is stored in iCloud it is streamed over the internet and this might use your phone’s 3G/4G mobile data bandwidth or the Wi-Fi may not be fast enough. Go to Settings, then Videos and when the switch is on, you can see all videos – but turn it off and iCloud videos will be hidden and you’ll see only locally stored ones. Choose whether to show or hide the videos stored in iCloud by toggling this switch on or off

68 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Watch videos on your big-screen television

Stream them to your Apple TV You can watch movies, videos and TV shows on the iPhone on the bus or train to work, when you are out at a coffee shop, and so on. The iPhone’s screen looks gorgeous, but it is small and if you are at home and have a large-screen television you’ll have more fun watching videos on that instead. You can stream video content directly from the iPhone to a big-screen television if you have an Apple TV plugged into it. It takes just a couple of taps to switch the display from phone to TV. Start a video playing and then tap the button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Select Apple TV and you’re done.

Tips Tricks Apps

News Replacing the Newsstand app, News delivers your essential daily headlines in one handy digest, saving you time and effort

Add your favourites

Create your own feed

Replacing the Newsstand app after the iOS 9 update, News is a handy one-stop news digest that saves you the time and effort of accessing your daily news via Safari websites and other apps. By tapping on the Explore icon you will be presented with all of the available news sources across a vast range of topics which you can then add to your feed by tapping on the ‘+’ icon next to a source. Once you have finished compiling your sources, tap on the ‘For You’ icon and a neat news digest will be packaged up and presented in a continuous feed. In your news feed the main headlines and the source will be listed and tapping on a story will allow you to read it in its entirety. It’s a handy way to stay up to date with the latest news without have to search for it.

Save stories for later

Store articles to read later and access them easily When you open up an article in the News app, you will see three options at the bottom of the screen. To the left is the obvious ‘share’ button – use this to share the story on your social networks and more. The middle icon, the heart, allows you to ‘like’ a story. This tailors the stories you see. The final icon, the bookmark, allows you to save a story to read later. When you save a story, go back to the main feed and then tap on the ‘Saved’ icon. This will list all of the stories that you have saved in a lis. On this screen you can also tap on the ‘History’ tab to view a list of all of the stories that you have read but not necessarily saved. This makes it easy to recap on your news intake later on.

Turn off background app refresh

Toggle the option in settings

Stop the News app draining your battery To stay completely up-todate, the News app will continue to update in the background. The next time you launch the News app, it will deliver all of the news from your chosen sources that has accumulated while you have been away from the app.

However, the trade-off is a potential drain on your iPhone’s battery. So to turn off the News app when you aren’t using it, go to Settings>News and then turn off the ‘Background App Refresh’ option. You may also want to deny access to Mobile Data.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 69

Tips Tricks Apps

iBooks Carry a library of books in your pocket and you can read anywhere. Add bookmarks, look up definitions, get free samples and even send books as gifts

Search for text

Find any word anywhere

There may be occasions where you want to find where a particular word appears in a book. This situation would probably arise more often with study books, cookery books, reference works and the like, rather than novels you are reading for fun. You might be researching a subject, reading books associated with an iTunes U course, using a reference book and so on. All you need to do is to tap the magnifying glass icon at the right side of the toolbar and enter a word or phrase into the search box. Every place the search term appears in the book is listed. It shows the chapter, page number and the surrounding text. Another way to search is to long-press on a word on the page and then tap Search in the toolbar.

Skim through the pages Using the slider to move around

The usual way to move from one page to the next or the previous one is to swipe left or right. A nice animation of the page turning is displayed on the screen. It would be very tedious flipping each page in turn if you wanted to jump to another part of a long book. A cookery book with recipes does not require you to read from start to finish, for example, as you’ll simply browse it and look for something that you like. In any book you can press and drag the slider along the right-hand side of the screen to move quickly through the pages. It displays title or chapter headings, making it easy to navigate the book.

Drag the slider to jump to any section or chapter

70 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Get free samples Try it before you buy it You can’t judge a book by its cover and so won’t know whether you will enjoy it without opening it and reading it. At a real book store you’d be able to flick through it and read a few paragraphs, but what about online stores? You can do that in the iBooks Store too. Go to the Store and when

Not sure about a book? Read the free sample

you find what might be an interesting book, press the Sample button on the book detail page. It will be downloaded and added to the Library just as if you had purchased it. Return to the Library and look for the book with a red Sample banner across the corner. You can read the first chapter.

Tips Tricks Apps

Gift an iBook voucher If you know someone who loves to read books and they have an iPhone or iPad, why not send them a gift voucher to use in the iBooks Store? If there is a birthday coming up soon or you simply want to thank them for something they have done for you, head for the iBooks Store and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There are two buttons there:

Send gifts

one is to send a gift voucher and the other is to redeem one. Tap Send Gift and you can enter the person’s email address and select the amount the voucher is for, such as £15, £20 or some other amount. There is even an option to set a date for the voucher to be sent and it could be today, next week or next month when it is the recipient’s birthday.

Bookmark pages Mark pages and remember them

Sometimes you want to remember a page in a book so that you can return to it at a later date. iBooks remembers the page last read, of course, but there are other reasons why you might want to bookmark a page. You might want to mark important pages in a book associated with iTunes U or some study course that you are taking, favourite recipes or poems and so on. To bookmark a page, press the icon in the top-right corner so that it turns red. To see all the pages you have bookmarked, press the menu button in the toolbar and select the Bookmarks tab. Tap a bookmark to go there.

Tap the Share button and then tap Print

Print out an iBook

“PDFs that you add to iBooks can often be printed”

Print copies of certain publications in iBooks

Get word definitions…

…and manage your dictionaries

One of the great advantages of reading books in iBooks is that when you come across a word that you don’t know, you don’t have to put your book down and go and find a dictionary. You can look up words and get their definitions from within iBooks. It takes no time at all for the app to find definitions and you can choose which dictionary you wish to use. Long-press on a word and

when the toolbar appears, tap on ‘Look Up’. It may say ‘No definition found’ the first time that you do this so you need to tap the Manage button and select one or more dictionaries to use. Once added, you can long-press on a word, tap ‘Look Up’ and see the definition, as well as any other information that Siri finds that is related to the word – be it on the App Store or somewhere else.

Certain items in iBooks can be printed to provide a hard copy in addition to the electronic form on the iPhone. You won’t find this facility in any old book, though, and most titles purchased in the store cannot be printed. In fact, they won’t even show the print button or options. PDFs that you add to iBooks can often be printed, however, and some course materials downloaded using iTunes U end up in iBooks and these can often be printed. If the book or PDF allows it, there will be a Share button in the toolbar at the top of the screen. Press it and there are Email and Print options. Printing from iBooks is the same as printing from other apps and any AirPrint-enabled printer can be used. If it isn’t automatically selected by default after tapping Print, tap Select Printer. There are options to print all the pages or, by tapping Range, to select the pages you want to print. Set the number of copies.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 71

Tips Tricks Apps

Health With Health, your iPhone becomes a fitness hub collecting data from a multitude of third-party apps and gadgets to build an overall picture of your wellbeing

Add your data

Manually input your data points

Although Health relies to a great extent on pulling in data from other thirdparty apps, it’s important to remember that you can also add data yourself from within the app. Tap on the Health Data tab located at the bottom of the screen and choose a category such as Nutrition. Then choose one of the subcategories which appears, such as Protein. If an app is sending data to Health, the graph will be filled in automatically. But if you need to supplement the information, you will need to tap Add Data Point. You can now indicate a date and time and insert the data you wish to add to the app. That data can then be shared with a number of other apps by tapping Share Data.

Install a few useful apps Add diversity to Health info

The key element of Health is that it can read fitness data sent to it by various third-party apps and gadgets. It is able to pull in data about your heart rate, for instance, or the number of calories you are burning in any one day, week, month or year. To get the best out of it, you should aim to install a diverse range of health apps with as little overlap as possible. Good choices include Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker, Run with Map My Run, Lark and Zova – Workouts for Women. These will allow Health to track your calorie intake, see how much protein or iron you’re getting, work out the numbers of calories burned and understand your sleep patterns. More data equals a better overview.

72 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Sort permissions

Find an app and toggle its permissions

You needn’t share everything When you install a compatible fitness app, it will seek to write data to Health. But you can control this by going to the Sources tab within Health. This shows the apps requesting permission to update your data. Tap on one of the names and use the green sliders to grant or decline

permission for the particular sets of data that will be shown. MyFitnessPal’s Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker, for example, can write data relating to calcium, iron, protein, saturated fat and more. By selecting certain data, you can protect the privacy of some aspects of your health.

Tips Tricks Apps

View Health Data As individual sets of data are read by Health, the app plots out a graph showing the various highs and lows on what could be termed a colourful health card. These cards also include a daily average together with the actual day’s figure and a look at how things have changed over a day, week, month or year. To access them, you can delve into the different

The overview

menus via the Health Data section. Here you will find various categories, such as Activity, Mindfulness, Nutrition and Sleep and you can tap on one to get a general overview of your progress as well as tap on each individual category within each section to see your information plotted against a graph. Staying fit has never been easier.

Permit reading

Let apps read your data Some apps ask for permission to not only send data to Health, but read it too. This way, third-party apps can quickly get an idea of your overall health without having to go to the hassle of asking you for it or working it out. To grant permission over what can be read and what cannot, go to Sources, tap the name of an app and look under the category marked ‘Allow [app] to read data’ and use the green slider. You may want to download WebMD too: it has a feature called Healthy Target which takes data from Health, analyses it and provides some great fitness tips in return. Obviously if you’re wary of this, you can refuse permission.

Medical ID could be a potential lifesaver

Create a medical ID card

Have health details to hand in case of emergency

“Aim to install a diverse range of health apps” Prioritising the apps

Make one app more important There is a possibility of apps doubling up, with two or more potentially wanting to send varies details about your calorie intake to the Health app. Apple has thought of this and so it prioritises apps. Don’t worry though, as this order can be changed. Go to a data set and tap Share Data then look under the category of data sources. Apple explains that, when multiple sources are available, only one

will be chosen depending on the priority order listed, but tap Edit in the top right-hand corner and two three-line icons appear. These let you re-arrange the order of the data sources by tapping and holding on an app name and sliding up and own. Tap Done when you’re finished. Now the app that you placed at the top of the list will be the one from which information for a particular set of data will be pulled going forward.

A useful aspect of Health is the ability to create a Medical ID card which can, in case of emergency, be used to give medical staff speedy information that could potentially save your life. The process of setting up the card is simple enough. Tap the Medical ID tab and go through the various categories, filling them in one-byone. You will be asked for your date of birth, medical conditions, allergies and medications as well as your blood type and whether or not you are willing to be an organ donor. You can also add two emergency contacts, which is an extremely handy feature of the Medical ID. In case of an emergency, medics will then be able to access all of this information by opening the Health app. But what if your phone is locked? To get around the problems this would cause, there is an option to show the Medical ID card under such circumstances. At the top of the input screen is an option to allow the information to be accessed from the lock screen: just slide it over to green to ensure this is never an issue.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 73

Tricks 76 Learn Touch ID shortcuts

86 Use iOS 10’s Home app to

create an automated routine

Store your files and data in the cloud

Control your tech at home

78 Set up your personalised

88 Customise your Calendar app

Widgets panel

Get to grips with the new widgets panel

Become more organised with Calendar

80 View life traffic updates in the

Maps app

Track traffic and accidents

Make your everyday life easier and get more from your iPhone

90 Create and manage a blog

with Tumblr

Post your thoughts and opinions

82 Upload files to iCloud Drive

92 Save music for offline listening

84 Set up Family Sharing

94 Get a personalised playlist with For You

Store your files and data in the cloud

Share your devices and manage access

Learn how to store songs locally

Enjoy Apple Music’s tailored playlists

96 Streamline your podcast listening experience Subscribe to podcasts and stream episodes

98 Set up the DO Camera app Share photos to popular platforms

100 Apply exciting edits to

your photos

Add filters, crop images and more

102 Compose music on the fly Create and record your own music

74 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

music as you go 102 Compose

104 Get fitter and lose weight Choose your level and start a session

106 Build a personalised news feed Put together your own article feed

108 Get the latest sports news Catch up with live sports updates

110 Store and share your files

Upload documents directly from your phone

112 Create a custom icon Refresh your Home screen

114 Protect your device and its data Get peace of mind for your phone

116 Prevent unauthorised access Add an extra layer of security

118 Add voiceover and

sound effects

Add a touch of Hollywood to your projects

120 Upload movies to YouTube Get your finished movies online

122 Work with multiple tracks in GarageBand Get to grips with the Tracks view

to playlists made for you 94 Listen

TOP TRICKS Blog on the go Get traffic updates Customise widgets Compose music Prevent access

124 Apply filters with Prisma

live 80 Get traffic updates

Transform photos on your phone

126 Customise text in Pages

Make your words stand out more

128 Style charts in Numbers Customise styles in Numbers

130 Control Keynotes from an iOS device Control every part of your presentation

132 Record your musical ideas with Music Memos Use Apple’s new app to create your next hit

134 Discover ways to free up storage Ensure that you have plenty of space

136 Protect your phone from advertisers Prevent advertisers from viewing your history

137 Customise threaded emails Keep track of your emails

138 Move from Android to iOS Transfer your files across easily

140 Set up Reminders through Siri Get Siri to remind you

142 Activate Night Shift mode Look after your circadian levels

around 124 Play with fun filters

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 75

Tips Tricks Apps

Top ten 3D Touch shortcuts The latest time-saving 3D Touch techniques and controls for your iPhone and iPad 3D Touch in the iPhone 6s was undoubtedly a cool feature, and it certainly proved popular with users. However, in iOS 9 it always felt like the new technology was a little under-utilised. There were a few stock apps that used it, yes, but it was mostly a neat trick rather than a proper reason to upgrade. That has changed entirely with iOS 10. The new system adds new 3D Touch controls for built-in apps, but also expands the feature to include things like Control Centre and notifications. What’s more, Apple has also opened up 3D Touch to third-party app developers, so in the coming months you’ll see more and more apps using the new abilities to expand the usefulness of their apps on the latest devices. Suddenly, 3D Touch has come into its own.

1: Flashlight control Users with a 3D Touch screen can now get finer control over the Flashlight in Control Centre. Use a hard press to open this menu, which enables you to choose between three different brightness levels. Your selection will be saved as the default when you next tap the Flashlight button.

2: How’s the weather?

3: Calendar events

4: Quick replies

To quickly check the current weather, it’s now a simple case of using a 3D Touch to access the information. Hard press on the icon and you’ll get an instant forecast for where you are at that exact moment. Tap the Weather widget and the full app will open.

You can use 3D Touch to check on your Calendar events using the Up Next widget that appears when you press hard on the icon. You can also quickly add a new event to your calendar, which will take you into the full app with a new event screen loaded.

When you get an iMessage, or another textbased notification, you can 3D Touch the notification on the lock screen to quickly bring up a chat window and reply to the text instantly. It’s easy when you just need to send a quick reply without unlocking your iPhone.

76 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

5: Add a widget

6: Rename folders

3D Touch presses on several stock icons now open the app’s widget, as well as a menu full of options. If you 3D Touch an app that doesn’t currently have a widget activated, you can tap this small Add Widget button to include it in your list.

Admittedly this one will only save you a few seconds here and there, but if you use a 3D Touch on a folder full of apps, you’ll get an option to rename the folder. This jumps straight into the folder and you can start typing, or you can delete apps with a tap.

Tips Tricks Apps

Check your Activity

Health goal This widget gives you a quick update on your daily activity goals, including the number of calories burned and the amount of exercise you’ve done.

Get updates on your daily activity with 3D Touch

Back in time

The Activity widget

If you want to see how you’ve been performing recently, tap the History button. You can alternatively start a new Workout using the Workouts button.

A hard press on the Activity app now brings up its widget, detailing your daily achievements. It will also let you jump straight to your history, workouts, and sharing options.

Sharing You can finally share your Activity progress from within iOS 10 – before, you would have to take a screenshot to show others. Now just tap these buttons and share away.

9: Clear notifications If you have a fair amount of notifications built up in Notification Center, it’s now easier than ever to clear them all in one go. Simply use a 3D Touch press on the Clear button and a Clear All option will appear, which allows you to clear every notification with a single tap.

7: Camera modes

8: Control downloads

10: Apple Music

Control Centre has offered quick access to the iPhone camera for a while now, but finally it’s getting more options thanks to 3D Touch. Press hard on the icon and you’ll get options for recording videos, taking a selfie, recording slo-mo and taking a normal photo.

If you have a few different app updates downloading at the same time, use a hard press to bring up some options. You can prioritise an app you really want installed first, cancel an install or share the app with friends. You can also pause the download if you wish.

You can use a 3D Touch on a song or album to bring up several options. Add the track to your library or to a specific playlist, or alternatively share the track with friends. You can also choose to Love or Dislike a track here, to help Apple Music learn your preferences.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 77

Tips Tricks Apps

Master your new Widgets panel Get to grips with the new and improved iOS 10 Widgets panel App used: Widgets panel Price: n/a

To many people, the term widgets simply means a block of information that resides in the home screen, as is the case on Android devices. Apple, however, has continued to stay away from such a notion in order to keep the home screen as clean and clear as possible, but that doesn’t mean that improvements haven’t been made in it’s latest OS update. The beefing up of the Widgets panel in iOS 10 makes them more accessible and easier to read for the user, thanks to a more pronounced design and added features, that app developers can leverage to make them more interactive. The Widgets screen is no longer just a list of information to read when you’re in a hurry, and is now more akin to real apps that can be accessed with one swipe. You don’t need to download the Widgets panel, as it is built into your iPhone thanks to the iOS 10 update . It works as a hardware upgrade instead of a new feature such as a preset app.

1: Swipe to open

2: View your widgets

3: Customise layout

If you swipe from the top of the home screen you will see all of your latest notifications. The two dots at the bottom highlight the fact that there are now two panels to navigate.

Swipe right and the widgets will appear. The advantage here is that you can now see all of your new notifications and app widgets without technically leaving your home screen.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen until you see the Edit icon. Tap it and you’ll be taken to a screen where you can begin to add new widgets and make changes to the layout.

78 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Tips Tricks Apps

Instant updates that work

Customise the look Some widgets let you expand them to reveal extra entries of more detailed information. You can select and expand the most important ones for your requirements.

Great-looking widgets in a logical screen

Visual splendour

Just a glance

Apple has redesigned the appearance of widgets so that they now take up their own space and stand out against any background. The result is modern and clean.

Many of the widgets that are designed to offer real-time updates and info now display data in a much more obvious way.

Media-based widgets What you see today is likely just the start of what will be available. Apple has already demonstrated a widget that includes video streaming, and potentially we will see many more uses for widgets within iOS. The fact that they can be used to retrieve information and provide entertainment without opening an app is a huge bonus.

Edit the list You can add new widgets and change the order of them using the Edit icon at the bottom. Take time to experiment with the ones that work best for you.

4: Add and remove widgets

5: See real-time information

6: Touch to add

Tap a red circle to remove an app and then scroll down to see other widgets that you can add by tapping the ‘+’ icons. You can change the order by holding and sliding each widget.

For apps that want to present real-time updates, you will need to go to their settings and enable Background App Refresh. This greatly increases widget usability.

On 3D Touch enabled devices, you can hold and press an icon to add widgets for selected apps. Look for the small Add Widget option when you use the 3D Touch action.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 79

Tips Tricks Apps

View traffic information en route in Maps Avoid traffic jams with ease thanks to Apple Maps’ new traffic-tracking feature App used: Maps Price: n/a

Out of all the apps that have been updated in iOS 10, Maps is arguably the one with the most new features for users to check out. If you love driving, the new traffic search function is remarkably helpful. In practice, it can help drivers to pinpoint the areas of your route that are currently experiencing traffic problems, or even spot passages of a motorway that are currently completely blocked up. What we like even more about this new traffic direction system is that it stems from the first time that you search out a route. Maps will automatically give you a series of possible routes, each displayed with the traffic you’ll potentially face and the estimated time that it will take you to reach your destination. You are still able to see how long the journey would take you if you chose to walk, cycle or take a public transport option, but the traffic search feature would only really help you when using public transport – unless of course, entire roads are blocked off for all road users.

1: Set your location

2: Get directions

3: Choose your route

The first thing we need to do is find our desired location. Open up Apple Maps and use the search bar provided to find the location you’re looking to travel to.

Once your location has been found, scroll up from the bottom of your display to find the Directions option. Press on this and Maps will begin to calculate your route.

Maps will give you an overview of the routes you can take. Each has its own timings based on the traffic on that route. Select one of them, and press the GO button to start.

80 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Tips Tricks Apps

Plan the perfect route

Take a closer look If you want to know the location of the traffic buildup, use two fingers to zoom in. In certain cases, you’ll be able to see the direction and lanes the buildup is situated.

View route details with ease and steer clear of traffic View congestion When Maps generates your route, you’ll instantly be able to see the state of the traffic. Orange indicates minor holdups, while red indicates more serious traffic jams.

Faster route? Maps will present different routes based on the traffic it finds within it. Press an alternate route to get directions from that instead.

Avoid tolls

Switch and change

As well as providing you with information on traffic buildups and how to best avoid them, Apple Maps can also generate your routes to avoid all toll roads. Before confirming your route, keep an eye out for the £/$ symbol, as this helpfully indicates if the route contains a toll road that you need to pay for.

To go back to your own news feed, you’ll want to select the For You section. Here you’ll be able to see the current library of articles from your chosen sources.

4: View traffic

5: Zoom in and out

6: Switch routes

As you travel, you’ll come across areas of traffic. Orange listings in Maps show minor traffic holdups, while red passages indicate roadworks and serious accidents.

To take a closer look at the exact location of the traffic holdup, place two fingers on your display and move them apart to zoom in. Push them together to then zoom out.

If you’re hitting a lot of traffic, swipe up from the bottom of the Maps display and select the Overview option. Here you’ll be able to switch to a different calculated Maps route.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 81

Tips Tricks Apps

Upload your important files to iCloud Drive Apple’s cloud storage service rivals Dropbox and Google Drive… and it works behind the scenes Service used: iCloud Drive Price: n/a

The iCloud Drive service gives you a sizable amount of cloud-based data storage on which you can save files and images – not only from iOS devices but Sierra-powered Macs, and PCs running Windows 7, 8 or 10. All of your important files are automatically stored in your iCloud Drive and, with the built-in app, you can access and manage them at any time. What’s more, with iCloud Drive you will always have access to the very latest versions of your documents. This means that you can create, for example, a Numbers document on your Mac, make changes to it on your iPad and then review it later on your iPhone – and all of the changes made along the way will appear automatically on all of your devices. Another cool iOS 10/Mac OS X Sierra feature is the option to access your Mac decktop documents and folders. This needs to first be enabled on your Mac but, once done, you can then access your desktop files anywhere.

1: Upgrade to Drive

2: Activating your drive

3: Compatible apps

The iCloud Drive feature was introduced with iOS 9 and has been enhanced in iOS 10. Go to Settings>General>Software Update and ensure you have the latest iOS.

Once your phone has been updated, go to Settings>iCloud and then you will see the iCloud Drive setting – upgrade when prompted to activate it.

You can determine which apps installed on your iDevice can access iCloud Drive by going to Settings>iCloud>iCloud Drive and using the slider next to the individual apps displayed.

82 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Tips Tricks Apps

4: Accepting iCloud

5: Create a document

6: Save file

When you launch many apps, they will ask if they can make use of iCloud. If you would like that to happen, then simply indicate Use iCloud when you are prompted to do so.

We’re going to create and upload a spreadsheet file to iCloud Drive. Open Numbers, tap Create New and produce your spreadsheet. It will automatically save.

When you have finished editing your document, you will be able to see that it has saved. How can we be sure this is in iCloud Drive, though? We can check to make sure it is.

7: Open the app

8: View your files

9: Access your desktop

Open the iCloud Drive app from your Home screen and you will see folders dedicated to the various apps that store files on your iCloud Drive. Tap on the Numbers folder.

You will now notice that the document that we just created in Numbers is present within your Numbers iCloud Drive folder. From here you can open it on any device.

On your Mac running OS X Sierra, go to System Preferences>iCloud and click on ‘Options’ next to iCloud Drive. Now enable the ‘Desktop & Documents Folders’ option.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 83

Tips Tricks Apps

Set up iCloud Family Sharing on your iPhone Share purchases with up to six family members and allow payments from a single credit card Service used: Family Sharing Price: n/a

As fans of Apple products, it is highly likely that you will have more than one iDevice at home, possibly being used by multiple people. But what if you could bring all of your family’s accounts together and allow purchases made on one iPad or iPhone to be made available on another? And what if you didn’t have to share your own Apple ID or password but allowed everyone to have their own accounts while using a single credit or debit card that you can still control? With Family Sharing, you are able to link accounts together within a single group. Purchases made by one family member can be downloaded by another. Children under 13 can be forced to have their payments verified by you before they go through, and you can use the new feature to share a family calendar, photo album and reminders list. What’s more, if you turn on Location Sharing, you can even allow other family members to see where your devices are.

1: Set up sharing

2: Get Started

3: Share purchases

When you activated iOS 10, it asked if you wanted to set up Family Sharing. If you skipped this, then you can simply go to Settings>iCloud>Set Up Family Sharing.

On the Family Sharing set-up page, there is an explanation of what the feature does. Tap Get Started and you should see your name. Tap continue to become the Family organiser.

You must indicate an Apple ID account which will be used to share purchases. Don’t wish to use the one you are logged in to? Tap ‘Share purchases from a different account.’

84 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Tips Tricks Apps

4: Payment method

5: Share location

6: Add Family Member

A payment method needs to be linked to your account. If one is missing, go back to Settings, tap iTunes & App Store, tap your ID and input the details of a debit or credit card.

Now you must decide whether or not you wish to share the location of your device with your family. It will show up in the Find My Friends, Messages and Find My iPhone apps.

Start to build up your family. Tap Add Family Member and input their name or email address. Repeat this for your other family members. You can have six, including you.

7: Invitations sent

8: Child’s Apple ID

9: Ask To Buy

Your invitees will be sent invitations via email. Invitations can be accepted or declined. Once accepted, the family member will be included in your group. You will be alerted.

Do you have a child without an Apple ID? Create one. Go to Settings>iCloud>Family and select ‘Create an Apple ID for a child.’ Input their date of birth, name and think of an ID.

Want to approve iTunes, iBooks and App Store purchases? Slide Ask To Buy to green. Tap on family members and indicate if they are a parent/guardian to give them approval rights.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 85

Tips Tricks Apps

Create an automated routine in Home Get your connected devices talking to each other with the new iOS 10 Home app App used: Home Price: n/a

Smart home devices are growing in number and the good news is that many of them are compatible with Apple’s HomeKit. This means they can be controlled using iOS; in the past, getting all of those various devices talking to each other was a bit of a pain, as you had to use third-party apps. Not any more. Apple has created a built-in app that lets you add accessories, create rooms and produce various scenes from your iPhone, to your own home. Say, for example, that you wanted your lights to turn on, your thermostat to kick in and your locks to open the minute that you arrive home – this can now all be achieved with Apple’s ingenious new app. With the right gadgets and the creation of a scene, you can activate all of those processes at the touch of a button. Be warned, though – it’s not the most intuitive of apps and it takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s worth persevering with since it’s a good step towards an integrated connected home.

1: Add a room

2: Create a profile

3: Choose a photo

To organise your home, start by creating different rooms. Tap Rooms and hit the topleft menu button and choose Room Settings. Select Add Room on the next screen.

You can now fill in the profile for your room, selecting the name – for example, kitchen or bedroom – and adding a photograph. Selecting Take Photo will access the camera.

Once you’ve taken your photo or chosen one from your Camera Roll by selecting Choose From Existing, you will just need to select Set and it will form part of the profile block here.

86 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Tips Tricks Apps

4: Create automated routines

5: Select a scene

6: Get set up

Now you have saved your profile, you need to make a routine. Select your room by tapping the menu option in the top left. Now tap + and then Add Scene.

Scenes enable you to tailor your setup for a specific purpose. You can select one of the suggested scenes, or you can create one of your own by selecting Custom and naming it.

Now choose Add Accessories. Select what you want and tap Done. Touch and hold an accessory to adjust its settings (with Philips Hue, adjust the bulb brightness).

7: Test it out

8: Refine and adjust

9: Press the scene

Scroll to the bottom of the screen to see an option to test the scene. Press this and what you were intending to happen should activate. Keep adjusting to get it to your liking.

To make further adjustments, you will see options for adding and removing accessories to your scene. Now turn on Show in Favourites to add scenes onto the main page.

When you activate the scene, the accessories should do what you intended. You can set up as many scenes as you like to suit a multitude of different scenarios in your home.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 87

Tips Tricks Apps

Customise the Calendar app on iOS Make a date to work on your Calendar app and you’ll become better organised in the process App used: Calendar Price: n/a

The Calendar app enables us to remain organised in our day-to-day lives whether it’s at work, at home or in our spare time. But a calendar isn’t effective if it doesn’t work well for you personally. Maybe your working week starts on a Saturday and runs through to Wednesday or perhaps you’re flying from one place to the next all the time and you need a calendar that reflects your multiple destinations. Did you know that Calendar in iOS is highly customisable? Whatever your needs, the Calendar app should have an option to cater for it. It will allow for you to use colour coding, for instance, and will let you view dates by week as well as by month if that is how you prefer to view things. One thing is for sure, if you commit a small amount of time delving into and tweaking your Calendar’s settings as well as editing your calendars within Calendar itself will save you lots of time and hassle in the long run.

1: Set a time zone

2: Override time zone

3: Alternate calendar

If your busy life has you jetting around the world, you’ll need to adjust your time zone to suit your current location. Go to the Settings app and click Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Scroll down to the Calendars section and tap Time Zone Override, then move the slider on the next page to green before selecting a time zone by searching for a location.

You can also switch to a different calendar type, choosing between Chinese, Hebrew and Islamic. Simply select Alternate Calendars within Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

88 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Tips Tricks Apps

4: Change starting day

5: Alter flag colours

If your week doesn’t start on a Monday, stay in the Mail, Contacts, Calendars section of the Settings app, scroll down for Start Week On and quickly choose a different day.

Need a way of identifying entries across calendars? Change the flag colours. Open Calendar, tap Calendars and select the ‘i’ icon next to a Calendar you want to change.

6: Select the colour

7: Show week numbers

8: Deactivate events

Now you can tap whichever colour flag you want to be associated with that calendar. You can also add other people to your calendar here and make it public if you wish.

You can manually turn Night Shift on and off by dragging up from the bottom of the screen and tapping the Sun/Moon icon in the centre of the bottom row in Control Centre.

Suggestions of events are pulled from the Mail app automatically but if you prefer for this not to happen, turn it off within the Settings app.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 89

Tips Tricks Apps

Create and manage a blog with Tumblr We quickly showcase how to use Tumblr to set up and manage your blog App used: Tumblr Price: Free

These days you have a plethora of social platforms through which you can post your innermost thoughts and opinions. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and WordPressbased sites, to name a few. All of these have their own pros and cons, however. Facebook is more of a friends-only affair, unless you create a page to go alongside this, but then you have the hassle of managing your private and public posts. Twitter is limited to only 140 characters per post, whereas WordPress sites can be time-consuming to manage. Fortunately, Tumblr offers a best-of-both-worlds scenario, in that it sort of acts like Facebook/Twitter, so you can follow other users and get updates in real-time, but you also get more characters to play with when posting your thoughts. As well as that, you can add extra multimedia material in the form of videos, photos, quotes and even chat through the service. In the following tutorial we will showcase how to create and manage your blog so you can start expressing yourself.

1: Sign up and create user

2: Who to follow

3: Adding a post

Tap on the Account icon at the bottom of the screen and choose Sign Up. Select the camera icon to add a photo for your profile, then return to key in a username.

Back at the main screen, you can tap Search to search for other users and then tap the Follow icon to add them to your list. Tap Account to see who you are following.

Tap the pencil icon to select something new to post. Options include Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Chat and Video. Tap Text then key in a title and the main body text.

90 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Tips Tricks Apps

Adding content

Settings options The Settings icon will allow you to perform additional tasks on the post. For example, instead of posting straight away, you can schedule a post to go live later.

You can add various content using Tumblr’s intuitive interface

Reference blogs

Adding text and tags

Another system that is similar to Twitter is the inclusion of the @ symbol. Tapping this in the bottom-right corner will allow you to reference other blog users, eg ‘@blogs’.

Adding text in Tumblr is straightforward, but you can also attach tags – using a similar system to Twitter – that can help others locate similar posts.

Activity and managing followed blogs

Adding multimedia

The Activity icon can be used to see which people have followed you or liked one of your posts. Additionally, you can remove people you follow. To do so, select Account>Following and from the right panel, choose Edit and the option to delete the blog will be presented to you via the red circular icon.

You can supplement the text of your posts with other media, such as photos or videos. These can be taken directly from your Photos app.

4: Adding tags

5: Post or schedule

6: Deleting/managing posts

Tap the hashtag symbol and enter a suitable term, then select the tag from the list. Repeat as necessary. Tags help others find your content and are very useful.

Tap Post at the top to save, or tap the Settings icon. Here you can opt whether to post now or schedule it to go live at a later time, which is good to keep activity up if you are away.

From the main menu, tap Account> Username. You can select existing/queued posts. To delete posts, tap the bin; or use the pencil icon to edit.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 91

Tips Tricks Apps

Save music for offline listening When you’ve lost web connection or want to conserve data, learn how to store songs locally Service used: Apple Music Price: £9.99/$9.99

Apple Music, as we all know, is an online subscription service from Apple providing cloud access to all of your favourite, familiar tunes and a whole load of new ones too. By its very nature, to experience the latest tracks or benefit from the live radio broadcasts, you need to be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or a cellular network. However, there is a workaround if you don’t have or can’t find a connection, because with iCloud Music Library enabled, users are able to save tracks for offline enjoyment. This is particularly useful on iOS devices (including iPads, if you have one) when you’re away from your Wi-Fi connection, when cellular networks are unavailable or you simply wish to conserve data caps. The process is actually made very simple and so in this guide, we’ll look specifically at this feature in various instances. By mastering this technique, mobile music fans can look forward to enjoying Apple Music on the move without any interruption apart from a run-down battery.

1: Show Apple Music

2: Enable iCloud Music

3: More Options

Given you have a valid Apple Music account, the first step is to turn on Show Apple Music within the Music app. Open Settings>Music and ensure the slider is turned on.

Still within Settings>Music, you must also enable iCloud Music Library. Choose then to Merge local and cloud libraries or Replace the device library with the cloud.

Within the application itself, it’s just a case of navigating to any track, album or playlist you want. Then simply tap the three-dot icon to the right to view the More Options menu.

92 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Tips Tricks Apps

4: Add to Library

5: Make available

6: Inside your Library

From here you have some choices. Add to Library simply places a link to the item within your Library tab, however this cannot be accessed offline.

You will now be asked if you wish to download the music automatically when it is added to your Library. Enabling this will make it available offline.

Switch to the Library tab and the downloaded song or album is added to the Recently Added list within the Library tab, or in the Playlists tab if a whole playlist was added.

7: Dropping offline

8: Keep on listening

9: Space limits

When you lose your internet connection, notice that all tabs show an offline status, denying access to Apple Music-based music. All online songs are now unavailable.

Even with the My Music tab offline however, you will still be able to listen to the newly downloaded offline item – simply tap tracks to initiate playback and then enjoy as normal.

Every time you download a track locally, it takes up space on your device. Anyone with a 16GB iPhone, for example, will want to keep an eye on the General tab in Settings.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 93

Tips Tricks Apps

Get a personalised playlist with For You Tell Apple Music about your tastes to enjoy tailored playlists brimming with favourite tunes Service used: Apple Music Price: £9.99/$9.99

When it comes to the Apple Music app, one of the most intuitive features you’ll come across in your exploration is the For You tab. This is the bit, in audio terms, for making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, suggesting music matches tailored to your tastes. When you want to listen to fresh selections beyond your normal library of music, take time to explore the personalised playlists and you won’t need to look any further. What’s really neat is the way For You trains Apple Music to identify and learn your genre, band, artist and musical era preferences. Over just a few screens of selection ‘bubbles’ you can manipulate to signify your likes and dislikes – even the most eclectic music fan is sized up for sounds. Within moments those picks are translated into pertinent playlists and often obscure album recommendations, guaranteed to expand your music taste beyond the familiar. So in this guide we’ll focus specifically on using the For You tab, from training tastes to browsing the personalised playlists.

1: For You tab

2: Training for taste

3: Dismiss instead

To get started, open the home screen Music app within iOS. From here, switch to the For You menu by tapping the bottom-left corner tab denoted by the heart icon.

For You initially queries your musical preferences on first use. Tap once on the genre bubbles you like or twice for those you love, with each expanding to signify selection.

For You lets you throw out the music you are less fond of, too. This time press and hold those genre bubbles you don’t like to remove each one, before tapping Next to continue.

94 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Tips Tricks Apps

4: Choosing favourites

5: Personalised lists

6: Digging deeper

The next screen works the same but shows you bands or artists. As you tap to like these bubbles they show images of the artists, while tapping More Artists reveals extra choices.

Reset your selections and redo if required, before tapping Done in the top right. Those choices are now saved and For You basically becomes a list of your personalised playlists.

Tap a playlist to view the full track selection, start playback or share as you would any other list. Swipe below to find Featured Artists for further personalised browsing.

7: Album selections

8: Changing tastes

9: History lessons

In between the various playlist suggestions, For You grabs iconic relevant albums and inserts them in groups of six. Simply tap to play or view the full playlist’s tracklist.

Tap the Account icon in the top-right corner. By selecting the Choose Artists For You item from this pop-up menu, you can start the genre and artist selection process again.

Although the top of the For You tab refreshes suggested music based on new taste selections, if you swipe down to the bottom you will find older playlists archived below.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 95

Tips Tricks Apps

Streamline your podcast listening experience Fan of podcasts? Then check out the Pocket Casts app App used: Pocket Casts Price: £2.99/$3.99

While vlogs from YouTube are starting to eat away at the popularity of audio podcasts, they still have a large following. Listening to your favourite podcast on the way home or to relax after a busy day is one of the most rewarding experiences, as there are some genuinely brilliant podcasters out there. Podcasts are also a way to catch up on your favourite radio shows without the distraction of music. In recent versions of iOS, Apple opted to move the podcasts away from the main iTunes app, underlining their importance. Mind you, the default app is not perfect by any means and this is where third-party alternatives can come in handy. One example is the focus of our tutorial, an app called Pocket Casts. Within the steps here, we will be showcasing how to use it to subscribe to podcasts, stream/download episodes and create playlists. In the ‘Creating your own filters’ boxout we also look at how to organise your podcasts into tailored sections, courtesy of the handy filters. Heightened listening pleasure is just a few steps away.

1: Create an account

2: Browse for podcasts

3: Subscribing

When you launch the app, tap on the Settings option and then tap on Account to create a new account. You will then be able to sync across all of your devices.

From the main menu, tap ‘+’. Now use either the search bar to manually look for podcasts or use the tabs at the base to browse for content – there is plenty on offer.

When you’ve found a podcast you like, tap Subscribe. Next, tap Done (or Cancel) at the top and select the podcast you subscribed to from the main interface.

96 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Tips Tricks Apps

Podcast interface

Adding podcasts To add the aforementioned podcasts is straightforward, just go to the Discover section and then browse for interesting new podcasts to subscribe to.

Managing your podcasts in Pocket Casts

Blank interface


At first the interface will be pretty much barren, but as more and more podcasts are subscribed to, the list will start to populate with attractive thumbnails.

Podcasts are automatically sorted into sections when you subscribe. So by clicking on the main menu Video icon, for instance, you can quickly find your video podcasts.

Creating your own filters


A useful feature of the app is the ability to add your own filters – accessible via the main menu – to organise your podcasts. Adding a filter will allow you to specify variables for how the podcasts are grouped, such as the Playing state (played/unplayed), the Episode type (video/ audio) and the sorting order.

Under the main menu icons is also where you will find the playlists that you have created on Pocket Cast (when you have an account). Playlists are ideal for grouping similar podcast episodes together.

4: Stream or download

5: Share a podcast

6: Unsubscribing from podcasts

Tap an episode to begin streaming the content. For offline use, you can tap the Download Episode option to begin downloading it to your device.

While listening to a podcast, if you tap the ‘…’ icon and select the ‘Share’ option you can share your favourite podcasts with your friends. Select an option from the menu.

Select Podcasts from the main menu. Next, tap on your podcast thumbnail, tap the ‘…’ icon and choose the Unsubscribe option from the menu that appears.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 97

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Set up and master DO Camera by IFTTT Quickly share photos to popular platforms and social services with this intuitive iPhone app Service used: DO Camera Price: Free

DO Camera is part of a suite of apps by developer IFTTT for reimagining some of the key features on your iPhone (it works for the iPad too). This one specifically targets your camera so you can effortlessly share snaps instantly to all of your favourite social services. With support for Facebook, Twitter, Google, Flickr, Tumblr and many more, the app uses simple rules or ‘recipes’ for invoking popular actions. Posting photos to albums, tweets, Dropbox storage or even Google Drive are just a few of the one-tap benefits that the DO Camera app brings to your photography arsenal. But this isn’t all that’s on offer from DO Camera; you can also customise photos with filters and messages before sharing them with the world. To help you take advantage of all this, in this guide we’ll focus on initially setting up the app on your iPhone, creating an IFTTT account, linking to desired services or platforms and adding recipes.

1: IFTTT account

2: Email photo

3: One-tap send

DO Camera requires you to sign up for a free IFTTT account. At the login prompt, enter your email and a password of at least six characters. You must then authenticate via email.

The app automatically sets up a DO ‘recipe’ to illustrate. This will email you a camera photo with a single tap. You may remove this recipe if you wish and add a maximum of three.

On the camera preview the photo button now shows an email icon. Tap this and the photo is stored in your Camera Roll, but will also be sent instantly to your email inbox.

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4: Library shots

5: My Recipes

6: Edit recipes

You can also share existing photos from your Camera Roll by tapping the rounded square icon in the corner. Here you can apply filters before tapping the button to send.

Here your active recipes are shown as tabbed statements. You can have a maximum of three, with DO Camera recommending new ones and the ‘+’ button used to add more.

Tap a recipe tab to edit the actions linked to that recipe’s rule. For example, here you would edit the tweet sent with a photo to Twitter before tapping the Add button to confirm.

7: Connect Channel

8: Add a Recipe

9: Set the permissions

With a recipe defined, you may add it once the channel has been activated. Tap the Continue button and you’ll need to provide login details and allow the app to have access.

This tabbed screen has access to more recipes. Five ‘Collections’ organised by type, with popular ones listed as recommended. You can also search through the full 187 Channels.

The Settings menu has access to all of the permissions options. You can toggle Camera Roll save, as well as adding location support to recipes and enabling push notifications.

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Apply exciting edits to your photos In this tutorial we look at how to edit your photos with Afterlight! App used: Afterlight Price: £0.79/$0.99

When taking shots with the iPhone camera (or another and importing them), the results may not be how you envisioned them. While the default Photos app offers an editor, its feature list may not have enough grunt for some, which is where third-party apps can come in handy. It’s for this reason that we take a look at the image-editing app called Afterlight. This provides numerous features for enhancing your photos. For example, you can adjust the saturation/tone or apply several pre-rendered effects/filters that can be previewed in real-time. Afterwards, you can save the photo back to your Library or share it with others via photo-centric social-media services such as Instagram. Interestingly, there is even an integrated postcard maker so you can send a postcard to your loved ones (charges may apply). We will cover the basics of Afterlight with the tutorial here, but due to its user-friendly and intuitive design, you should be able to pick up most tasks with ease.

1: New or existing photo

2: Auto-enhance

3: Add filters

From the main menu, select either the Camera icon to take a new snap or choose an existing image via the Gallery icon. Tap ‘use’ to continue.

Tap the sliders icon (bottom row), then the wand icon. Use the slider to adjust the intensity, then tap the tick to auto-enhance the colours of the image.

Tap the coloured circle icon, then the horse. From here, tap on pre-rendered filters to adjust the photo. Use the slider and tick icon to finish.

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The Afterlight interface

Cropping The crop icon (which we covered in the tutorial) also contains several additional features so you can flip the photo or rotate it at an angle for added effect.

A quick tour of the features

Pre-rendered filters

Preview photo

Tap this icon to choose from a range of prerendered filters, shown by horse icons (as in Step 3). Selecting these will dynamically affect your photo.

At the top of the page, you always get your preview photo and can use this to see how the enhancements will look in real-time before applying changes.

Send a postcard


When you have saved your photo, you can send it as a 4” x 6” postcard. Simply select Postcard from the list and tap Continue to follow the instructions – this includes scaling your image and sending it to an address (note a ‘Sincerely’ account is required and charges may apply).

There is also a dedicated revert icon at the far left of the screen, which will restore the image back to its original, pre-edited state.

4: Crop photo

5: Undo changes

6: Save your changes

Tap the crop icon, then tap the same icon again. Now, in the top panel, use your finger to drag the grid markers to the desired position and then tap the tick to confirm.

If you are unhappy with any of the adjustments you have made then you can always tap the undo icon (left arrow) to undo any changes and start again.

When your photo is ready, tap ‘done’. Now choose the resolution (higher uses more space) and tap the ‘Camera roll’ icon to save the photo.

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Compose music on the fly with Figure Lay down some funky sounds with the Figure music-making app App used: Figure Price: Free

The iPhone is not only an ideal platform for listening to music, it’s also great for making your own. However, while many of its third-party music-making apps offer a vast range of sounds, effects and creative options, they can often be a bit daunting to get to grips with. Figure, on the other hand, is incredibly intuitive to use and yet enables you to record some impressive electronic tracks made up of three simple layers: Drum, Bass and Lead. It’s hard to explain fully here just how much fun Figure is to play around with – even for nonmusicians – but with a little practice you can use it to create some superb sounds. Indeed, you can listen to other users’ creations that have been uploaded to SoundCloud (as you can do with your own). We will keep the tutorial as easy to follow as possible by simply guiding you through the record function – with the boxout handling some more complex features. On the whole, though, the key here is to experiment and have fun!

1: Hit the drums

2: Alter rhythm patterns

3: Changing the pitch

Tap the Drum tab at the top, then swipe the drum-kit name at the top of the interface to change kits. Tap the blue drum pads beneath to hear the sounds.

Tap one of the black circles and slide up or down to alter the number of beats per bar. Now long-press on the respective drum pad to hear the difference.

Switch to Bass (or Lead) and slide your finger along the Pitch pad to play notes. Use Range and Scale Steps to alter the notes available for you to use.

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Gesture controls

Play the pads Slide your finger around these pads to alter the drum sounds played by the rhythm pattern. For Bass and Lead parts, a single Pitch pad is used to play notes.

Figure uses gesture controls to great effect

Tweak the sounds

Record that!

Once happy with the recorded patterns, hit the Tweaks tab and move the numbered markers around to alter the sounds in real-time. Tap Song to change key/tempo, or Mix to alter the sound levels.

Recording music is really intuitive thanks to the way the track keeps playing on the fly while you make adjustments to the rhythms, notes and sounds.

Start remixing

Rhythm master

Any saved recordings can be accessed via the Browse button. You can switch the instruments and use the Tweaks and Mix tabs to drastically alter the sound of your track. Tapping the Share button via the System tab allows you to share your masterpiece with others via SoundCloud, Facebook or Twitter.

Simply swipe up and down on each of these circles to alter the number of beats each drum plays per bar when you long-press the pad below it. Or ad lib and tap the latter manually.

4: Start recording

5: Undo your mistakes

6: Saving your track

Tap the Drum tab, then Rec and play the pads to record a drum pattern. Then switch to the Bass and Lead tabs to record those parts. Tap Rec again to stop and listen to it back.

If you’re not happy with a recorded pattern, tap Rec again and then tap Revert to undo changes. Or tap Erase Mode, then the Pitch/ drum pad to erase notes.

Hit Rec again to stop recording. Select the System tab at the base and tap the name field to change it, then hit Save to store your song to the system.

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Get fitter and lose some weight Runtastic’s Push Ups Trainer Pro app can help you lose weight and keep fit App used: Runtastic Push Ups Trainer Pro Price: £1.99/$1.99

Keeping fit is one of life’s challenges and going to the gym isn’t always possible if you lead a busy lifestyle. Mind you, even with a gym, without a motivational incentive you are likely to slack off your fitness regime. One of the simplest and costeffective means to combat this is to utilise the Runtastic Push Ups Trainer Pro app, as for a small fee it provides a rep-style training plan and various motivational features (voice and achievements, similar to those on the Xbox games consoles) to keep you going. The voice – thankfully – is kept to a minimum, but the clever part is how it logs your push-ups in the first place. One method is to use a proximity sensor to measure the push-ups. However, if your device is older and doesn’t have one then you can register a push-up by touching the screen with your nose! Let’s just say it forces you to do proper push-ups. For this tutorial, we cover the above process and also look at how to keep track of your fitness via the History tab.

1: Create a profile

2: Choose your level

3: Begin training

First, sign up via Facebook or tap ‘Sign up with Email’. Make sure you enter your height and weight to ensure accurate calorie readings during your training.

When prompted to input your level, it’s best to select Level 1, with the aim to get up to 20 push-ups in one sitting over a ten-day period. But ultimately go with your goals.

Via the Workout tab at the base, tap Start Training. When prompted, perform the pushups by touching the screen with your nose. Get ready to sweat!

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View your progress

Share your results At the top right of the History section you will find a familiar share icon. By selecting this, you can share basic results with others via Facebook/Twitter or Mail.

The History tab is where all of your stats are kept, so visit it regularly


Basic stats

The Leaderboard icon will showcase what push-ups other users have achieved, so it gives you a goal to aim for (though some of the figures are questionable).

The History tab is normally where you get to see a range of statistics. This can include the number of push-ups and the calories burned.

Desktop browser

Break it down

One of the benefits of registering, apart from being able to gain achievements (earned by attaining certain goals), is the ability to log into your account on another platform – via a web browser. This way you can keep track of your progress and schedule even when you are away from your iPhone.

Additionally, you can get more of a graphical view of the number of pushups achieved if you select either the Month, Year or Overall tabs.

4: Rest off, push on

5: Start a session

6: View history

You can rest after each rep, or quickly tap the screen to continue. When the reps are over, tap the Stop & Save option at the base and take a look at your progress.

Tap Session/Record at the base of the main screen to start a freestyle workout where you try to do as many push-ups as possible! Use Stop & Save to finish.

Tap the History tab at the base to view how you’ve progressed over the days/weeks/year. Or use the Leaderboard to see the results of other users.

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Build a personalised news feed with News Make use of News’ extensive library of outlets by putting together your own article feed App used: News Price: n/a

Arguably one of the biggest and most welcome additions to iOS has been the launch of the News app. As the name suggests, News is an all-encompassing news app, which collates the latest headlines and stories from hundreds of outlets from around the world. Due to the vast library of articles and sources available, you’ll want to make your first port of call to be the task of curating your own personalised news feed. Thankfully, the News app makes the process easy for beginners and seasoned iPhone users alike, even if it can take a little while to complete the initial process. Once finished, you’ll have your own list of sources to enjoy, with a steady stream of articles appearing each day to keep you in the loop. Although the News app has been redesigned in iOS 10, it is still in incredibly intuitive and easy to find your way around. Read on for a quick guide on how to get set up and ensure that your own personal news feed is incoming.

1: Choose your news

2: Explore For You

3: Manage Favorites

When you first open up the News app you’ll need to pick your favourite news sources from a list. You’ll find your first batch of headlines related to these outlets.

Once done, the For You menu will appear. This will be the hub for all your articles and any future outlets you add. Select the Favourites icon from the toolbar.

Favourites will include all the sources you selected, as well as some recommendations from Apple. Press Edit and then the x button to remove any you don’t like.

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Adding new sources

Add with ease Whenever you come across a topic or channel you want to add, press on the + symbol to the right of each listing. You can then go on the Favourites list to delete them.

Access multiple outlets in seconds Explore topics As well as being able to add individual channels, there’s also scope to add topics of interest. These are more general and cover a wide breadth of articles and channels.

Choose channels At the top of the Explore section you’ll find an overview of some of the channels that Apple recommends you should follow.

View your history

Find your feed

If you head over to the Saved menu, you’ll be able to use the History tab that’s provided to see a full rundown on the articles that you’ve previously read. If you want to remove your history from the News app, simply press on the Clear History button that’s provided at the top of the page.

To go back to your own news feed, you’ll want to select the For You section. Here you’ll be able to see the current library of articles from your chosen sources.

4: Explore new options

5: Perform a search

6: Add your search results

Now select the Explore tab, before choosing a category of particular interest. From here you can choose specific news outlets to add, or instead add certain topics.

If you’re looking for a particular type of article or news source, use the Search tab on the toolbar to do a full search of News’ library to see what it can offer you.

If your search provides you with some decent results, press on the + symbol to the right of each listing to add it to your own news feed to enjoy whenever you like.

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Get the latest sports news wherever you are Catch up with live updates of your favourite team’s latest exploits on the move using your iPhone App used: Eurosport Price: Free

Eurosport is without doubt one of the biggest sports broadcasters on the planet. So when you need a source to turn to for up-to-the minute bulletins, news and clips of what your sporting heroes have been up to while you’re on the move, the Eurosport iOS app can readily be considered a safe pair of hands. And we’re not just talking football either: Eurosport’s pantechnicon of content also includes tennis, golf, cricket, F1, rugby, cycling, superbikes, Moto GP, boxing, snooker, swimming, athletics, basketball – in fact practically any sport you can think of. The app is free to download and no subscription is required to view the content, which is updated daily with over 100 news stories and 30 video clips. There’s also a live scoring and results database for every major event, together with free score and news alerts. With all that on offer, you’ll be over the moon whatever sport you’re into, so on these pages we’ll show you how to hit the ground running.

1: Main page

2: Article page

3: Select a sport

The app’s main menu contains the latest sport news headlines, newest first. Swipe up or down to scroll through the various headlines, blogs and features.

Tap any headline to open the page for it. Articles contain video clips, comments and tweets from media pundits and fans, so there is plenty to read, view and digest.

From an article, swipe down to return to the main menu. Then tap the top-left menu icon to reveal a menu that lists all of the various sports covered.

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Read top sport stories

Header options Scroll across the headers here and you’ll find options to view the headlines, latest news, results and live info for your chosen sport.

Keep abreast of all the latest developments Update the news


You can update the content at the app any time simply by swiping down in the main menu. If new content is available it will instantly refresh within the app.

This icon accesses the main menu, comprising sport selector, content filter, alerts section and more.

Football crazy

Stories, blogs and more

The Eurosport app does cover a wide variety of sports, but the football section is where it particularly shines. It offers live text commentaries on every Premier League and Championship League match, plus exclusive web chats with players, pundits and media analysts alike.

The app comes packed with a wide range of media, including news stories, sports blogs and video links.

4: View the news

5: Set default

6: Result

Tap a sport to view the headlines for it. By using the tabs at the top of the interface you can also see the latest news and get all of the latest Videos.

You can customise the app’s settings by tapping on the list icon in the top-left corner of the main menu and by choosing the ‘Profile’ option.

Tap the Results tab to reveal a comprehensive results section featuring live scoring updates, starting line-ups, scoring stats, fan comments and more.

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Store and share your files on the go Upload documents to OneDrive directly from your iPhone App used: OneDrive Price: Free

Formerly known as SkyDrive, OneDrive is Microsoft’s equivalent of iCloud, essentially a hard drive up in the sky – or rather the internet – that can be used to access, store and back up your files. Much like how iCloud is built into OS X, OneDrive is built into Windows 8 and 10, so it’s particularly handy if you use any of Microsoft’s desktop office apps such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint. The OneDrive iOS app, then, is likely to appeal to those who use a Windows PC at work but have an iPhone at home. It’s free to set up and use, and you get 10GB of storage space on your OneDrive to begin with. What’s not immediately obvious when you first install OneDrive onto your iPhone, though, is how to actually get your documents into the app and up onto your OneDrive in the first place. Considering that a good number of iPhone users are going to want to transfer documents created in Pages, we thought we’d guide you through the process – it’s easy enough, but only when you know how.

1: Sign in

2: Library page

3: Choose Pages document

To begin, you need to sign in with an existing Microsoft account. This could be a Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, Live, MSN or Xbox Live account. Tap Sign In and enter your details.

The main library window initially only displays three folders: two for documents and pictures that only you can access, and a third, public folder that others can access.

To upload a Pages document, open Pages and then tap the share button at the top of the interface. Choose ‘Send a Copy’ and then pick the document to send.

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Tips Tricks Apps

View your documents

Add and select Tap the button in the top-right corner to create a new folder, take a new photos or create new Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents in your OneDrive.

Upload and store documents with OneDrive

Settings menu

View options

Tap ‘Me’ to get an at-a-glance indication of how much free space your have on your drive as well as find links to sections such as Settings, and Offline Files.

Pull down the page from the top to reveal the view mode selector. Choose between linear and grid-based displays.

Photo backup

View, upload, share

Tap the Backup button to see what files you’ve backed up to your OneDrive. On first launch, the app gives you the option to back up your Camera Roll.

While you can view, upload and share documents using the OneDrive app, it doesn’t allow you to actually edit them. To make alterations, you need to transfer the documents to another app – like Pages, for instance.

4: Select format

5: Upload

6: Choose location

Choose a format to export the document in. We’ve gone for PDF here, but you can export in Pages, Word or ePub formats too; just tap to make a selection.

You will then need to choose where to send a copy of the document to. Scroll through the various options and then choose the OneDrive option.

Choose a location for the file (we opted for My Documents), then tap ‘Upload Here’. Without a very short space of time you document will be uploaded.

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Create a custom icon Learn how to give your Home screen an eye-catching refresh App used: Iconical Price: £2.29/$2.99

Your iPhone is a wonderful device. It’s arguably the finest piece of tech in the world, the trailblazer for the intensely competitive smartphone market today. It lets you do a massive range of tasks with simplicity that you don’t get elsewhere. However, where the iPhone loses points is in the lack of freedom for users to be able to customise their device – unlike open source Android smartphones But iPhone users need not fear. Iconical from app developer DAP Logic sets out to let you personalise certain parts of your iOS experience – namely app icons. It’s true that Apple doesn’t allow you to do this, but Iconical finds a handy workaround without needing to jailbreak your device and void your warranty. Creating your own icon is made as straightforward as possible in the app. You choose the app you want a new icon for and then either draw a new one, take a picture or select a URL. How Iconical gets around the lack of system customisation is by creating a web app for your icon on your Home screen, which you can access in the same way you would any other normal app you have. It’s a game of hide and seek, and it just about works – read on to see how.

1: The main page

2: Select an app

3: Replace icon

Download Iconical from the App Store. Launch the app and this is the first, and most important, screen you’ll see. It’s a simple and very easy to understand starting point.

Hit Select App at the top. Iconical searches for supported apps. When the list appears, scroll and select the app you wish to create a new icon for. We’re choosing the Spotify app.

Hit Create and Spotify’s icon adorns the main menu. We’re going to replace it with an image, so tap the camera icon in the top-left and choose an image from your Camera Roll.

112 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Tips Tricks Apps

Understand your options

Information Tapping the ‘i’ icon gives you more details about the app and also gives you a platform to contact the developer should you wish to.

Customise an icon just the way you want it Take a photo We chose an image from our Camera Roll for this tutorial, but you could take your own if you think it would be better for you. Hit the camera icon and select Take photo.

Pencil time You can draw on your icon with the pencil tool. You get access to a massive palette of colours and the option to adjust the brush size.

Download Press the cloud icon and you can download an icon image by entering an image’s URL address into the on-screen box and hitting Download.

Finding an app Want to perform your own iOS makeover? Chances are you’ll be able to. Iconical lets you customise over 14,000 app icons, including the untouchable system apps like Settings.

4: Edit away

5: Add title

6: Share your creation

Sticking with the music theme, we’ve chosen picture for the new icon. It needs resizing, so hit the middle-right of the edit options, resize the image and hit Save.

Tap on the Create Home Screen Icon link. Follow the various instructions (which are relatively straightforward) and your new icon will appear on your Home screen.

If you think others would like to use your icon, hit the share icon at the top of the main page. You can upload it to Iconical’s own cloud server or via Apple’s normal methods.

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Protect your device and its data Let Lookout protect your device and personal data in the event of loss or theft App used: Lookout Price: Free

With so many of us now keeping so much precious data on our iPhones, the thought of it being lost or stolen doesn’t bear thinking about. It’s not just the physical loss of the device itself, but all the personal data it contains that would be hardest to bear. For this reason, with something as personal and valuable as an iPhone, it makes sense to adopt a ‘belt and braces’ approach to security. While Apple’s Find My iPhone function provides the ability to locate a lost device via GPS, and iCloud Backup can automatically back up your Camera Roll, accounts, documents and settings, Lookout offers a combination of several useful security features in one app – if you lose your iPhone, you can log into on any internetenabled device to locate it on a map, display a contact message on the screen and even make it sound a loud alarm. The app also saves the device’s location before it runs out of battery, automatically backs up all your contacts and notifies you if your iOS needs updating.

1: Enable location services

2: Sign in

3: Create account

When you launch the app, you’ll be asked to turn on Location Services for your device. To do this, launch your Settings app, go to the Privacy section and enable Location Services.

You’ll need to sign up for a free account, from which you can locate your device if it gets lost. Tap on ‘Sign up’ to begin the process.

Enter the requested details – including your email address and a password – into the boxes provided. When you have finished, tap Submit to complete the process.

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Tips Tricks Apps

That’s your Lookout

Missing device This section handles the protection in place for if you lose your device. Tap an item for more information on how that particular function works.

Get peace of mind for your iPhone and data


Status report

To allow Lookout to automatically back up your contacts to, you need to browse to Settings>Privacy>Contacts and enable Lookout.

The banner across the top of the screen indicates the app’s general status, pointing out which areas need your attention.


Much of Lookout’s operation is done from your account on an internet-enabled computer. This includes adding a custom message to be displayed on the screen in the event of loss, the ability to call a lost device, and the option to make it scream if you think it might be nearby.

The Security section checks for system updates, as well as monitors Location Services and notifies you if any of your apps are running potentially malicious processes.

4: Allow notifications

5: General settings

6: Back up contacts

Once logged in, you’ll be asked if you want the app to send you notifications of anything suspicious. Tap on OK if you want to grant permission for these.

Tap the gear icon in the top-right corner of the interface to access the general settings pane. The Support tab reveals a useful FAQbased help system.

To back up your contacts to, tap the Backup button, followed by the green Enable button. You can also enable this in settings to do it automatically.

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Prevent unauthorised access to your iPhone Add a layer of security to your smartphone with the all-new Two-Factor Authentication App used: Settings Price: n/a

Security is one of the most important things you need to factor in when setting up and using your smartphone. While there are many options already available, iOS 10 provides a few more key options for your to explore – one being Two-Factor Authentication. The main purpose of Two-Factor Authentication is to add an additional layer of security to your Apple ID, preventing unauthorised access to your account. Whenever a new device looks to sign in with your Apple ID, it’ll be prompted to enter a verification code that will be sent to your primary device. It’s an easy enough system to use, but be warned that you’ll need to wait three days for the verification to be enabled before use. We’ll outline all of the steps you need to take in the following tutorial. If you decide at a later date that you want to disable Two-Factor Authentication, that’s not a problem. Check out the ‘Can I turn the authentication off?’ boxout on the next page.

1: Log in on a Mac

2: Find the option

3: Enable and wait

You’ll first need to enable the authentication setting on your primary Mac. Go to System Preferences>iCloud and then click on the Account Details option.

Once you have signed in, click on the Security tab and then select the ‘Set Up Two-Factor Authentication’ option near the bottom of the window.

Press on the Enable button next to the twostep option. Once done, you’ll need to wait for three days before being able to finish setting it up on your iPhone.

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Tips Tricks Apps

Understand Apple ID options

Update information You can update all your basic contact information that’s linked with your Apple ID by selecting the Contact Information tab that’s listed.

Take control of your Apple ID and its core security settings

Stay secure

Set trusted devices

To alter passwords and update general security options, make sure to check out the Password & Security menu. You’ll also find the two-factor option included in here.

Keep a tight grip on all the trusted devices tied to your Apple ID. The Devices menu includes all of this, as well as the information needed to remove any linked devices.

Can I turn the authentication off?

Edit payment options

Although we recommend that you keep the authentication enabled at all times, it’s easy to disable. Go through the Apple ID login on Mac and disable the option. Once done, you’ll need to confirm by entering the details of your security questions and also respond to the confirmation email.

Through this Apple ID menu, you can take control of the payment methods you use to purchase items via iTunes and the App Store.

4: Over to iPhone

5: Finish setting up

6: Does it work?

You’ll receive a notification after three days, alerting you to finish the set-up process. Now go through the iCloud menu on your iPhone and open the Security menu.

Now toggle the verification option listed at the bottom of the menu. Your iPhone will be set as the hub for all new devices looking to log in with your Apple ID.

When you attempt to log in on any new device, you’ll find that you need a verification code to proceed. This code will be sent to your primary iPhone via a notification.

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Add a voiceover and sound effects Bring a touch of Hollywood to your projects with epic voiceovers and cool sound effects Making your own movies using just your iPhone is great. But how much greater would they be if you could add your own sounds? Using iMovie for iOS, you can do just that. We’re going to take a look at two of the most common uses of audio in video projects – recording voiceovers and adding sound effects. Voiceovers are the perfect addition to documentary-style movies and movie trailers, and the great news is that you can create your own using the built-in mic on your iOS device, giving your movie project a professional edge to really make it stand out of the crowd. It’s incredibly simple, too, with a few quick taps giving you the perfect commentary for your clip. The biggest budget Hollywood movies are famed for their use of sound effects – so why not add a touch of Hollywood to your iMovie project by adding one of the cool builtin sound effects that iMovie has on offer?

App used: iMovie Price: £3.99/$4.99

Edit audio on your iPhone A look at some useful audio editing tools

Fade Create a fade-out for your audio – perfect for a professional finish. Double-tap the audio and tap Fade. Drag the triangle icon that appears to the location in the audio where the fade out should begin.

Split Speed Speed up or slow down the audio in your project. Doubletap the audio track, tap Speed and drag the slider towards the tortoise icon to slow things down, or towards the hare to speed things up.

Use the Split tool to cut up your audio so you can move it around separately. Doubletap the audio and move the playhead to the split location. Tap split to break the audio.

Theme music Volume To adjust the output volume of the audio, doubletap the audio file and swipe to the first ‘page’ of options. Drag the Volume slider to the left to decrease the volume or to the right to increase it.

118 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

In addition to recording a voiceover and adding sound effects to your movie project, you can also insert music tracks from your iPhone’s Music app, or theme music that is available directly in iMovie. To do this, tap Audio and choose Songs to browse your own music or tap Theme Music to view the free theme music on offer.

Tips Tricks Apps

1: Add a voiceover

2: Record voiceover

First, open up an iMovie project you are already working on, with video in the timeline. Move the playhead (the white vertical line) so that it is positioned over the precise point in the project where you would like your voiceover to begin.

Next, tap the Microphone icon on the left-hand side of the top half of the screen. A recording pop-up box will appear showing your recording volume. Tap Record and, after the countdown, begin speaking. A red box will appear while you are recording.

3: Play it back

4: Add a sound effect

When you’ve finished, tap Stop. You can play back your recording to check it sounds okay by tapping Review. If you’re unhappy with it and you want to re-record, tap Retake. Alternatively, you can instantly add the audio you’ve recorded to your project by tapping Accept.

You can also add sound effects to your project; first, tap the Media button on the left-hand side of the interface. Next tap the Audio button in the bottom-right of the screen and from the menu that appears, tap on the option labelled Sound Effects.

5: Preview sound effect

6: Edit and move

A list of sound effects will appear on your screen. You can tap on an effect once and then tap the Play icon to preview the sound effect before you add it to your project. Once you’ve found a sound effect that you like, click the curved arrow icon.

Single tap the sound effect and a yellow box will appear around it. You can tap and hold this to move it around your project’s timeline, or press and drag either of the left or right edges inwards to trim it, or outwards to extend its length.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 119

Tips Tricks Apps

Upload your movies straight to YouTube Get your finished movies online straight away with the iMovie YouTube upload tool Being able to not only shoot, edit and export movies on your iPhone, but also upload them to popular video streaming sites such as YouTube or Vimeo, means that you can quickly distribute your videos online for your friends, family and followers to see. All of this can be done within the iMovie app. With the app’s handy Share function, your video will be exported and uploaded to the internet in a quality of your choosing. Of course, if you’d rather, you can export a MOV file and then transfer it to your computer, where it can then be uploaded manually. iMovie connects directly to YouTube, allowing you to sign in with your YouTube account login details. Once you are signed in, you can add all of the relevant tags and details to your video before uploading it. In these following steps you’ll learn how to get your video uploaded and ready for worldwide viewing.

Sharing options Ways in which to share your video

App used: iMovie Price: £3.99/$4.99

Email sharing Sharing via email isn’t advised due to the sheer size of the files you are dealing with, but iMovie will compress your movie down to as attachable a size as possible.

iTunes AirDrop With the AirDrop share tool (just out of sight here), you can quickly send video files to other Apple devices. Sharing via Bluetooth is the fastest way to transfer files.

By exporting your movie to iTunes, you can quickly send it over to your computer via the iTunes software. Just connect your iPhone to your computer and transfer the file.

Shooting modes Save Video Saving the video to your iPhone’s local storage is useful for quick playback of your movie. It’s also the best option when you want to stream your movie from your iPhone to another screen.

120 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

The most recent iPhone models will shoot video at 1080p. Older models shoot at 720p. These numbers refer to the horizontal lines of vertical resolution that video is shot in: the higher the number, the higher the quality. The ‘p’ stands for progressive. Progressive video creates a smoother image and is formatted for most display types, such as modern TVs.

Tips Tricks Apps

1: Finalise your movie

2: Share options

Before uploading, ensure every aspect of your movie is complete and up to your standards, including your audio and music. Once you are finished, return to the Project window and select the movie you want to upload.

Tap the Share icon below the movie’s title. In the Share window, tap on the YouTube icon. From the Share window you can also distribute your movie to iTunes, Vimeo and other video sites. You can also upload to social media sites, like Facebook.

3: YouTube and Theater

4: Movie details

When the YouTube window initially opens, you’ll be prompted to log in to your YouTube account. Once signed in, you can switch on the Add to Theater option to export your film to the iMovie Theater. If you have multiple accounts, make sure you choose the right one.

Fill in all of the text boxes in the YouTube window. The more information that you can provide about your movie, the better chance you have of people finding and viewing your YouTube video when they search the website.

5: More settings

6: Upload to YouTube

If you are not ready to make your video public yet, then select the Private or Unlisted option available. Unlisted videos can be shared via a private link that is generated by YouTube, but they can’t be searched for on YouTube itself.

Once the upload process is complete, tap Visit YouTube to open the YouTube app on your iPhone. From here, you can view your video and manage your movie’s settings within YouTube. You can also delete your video, if you so wish.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 121

Tips Tricks Apps

Work with multiple tracks in GarageBand Learn how to get to grips with the Tracks view in GarageBand for iOS The Tracks view in GarageBand is essentially your mobile musical post-production suite. You’ll probably be in the numerous Instrument views while you’re actually recording your music but, when it comes to the editing portion of your project, the Tracks view is where you’ll be spending most of your time. It’s the perfect place to make changes to your tracks; a simple double-tap on the screen will open up a wide range of options. You can do everything from going inside your keyboard recordings and changing the length or pitch of each individual note to looping recordings so that they form a full-length track. However, even if you get all your takes right first time, the Tracks view is still a great way to tune your song in different ways, by muting or soloing the different instruments you’ve used, adjusting each track’s volume, or even adding reverb and echo effects.

The Tracks view A look at the different track controls The Tracks view Regardless of the instrument you’re recording with – Smart, live or otherwise – tapping this button will take you straight to the Tracks view so that you can edit your piece with ease.

App used: GarageBand Price: £3.99/$4.99

Track changes You can make additional track control changes in this menu using the sliders. Among the options not present in the Tracks view are Pan control, Echo and Reverb Level settings.

Muted tracks A blue speaker icon below a track name means that the track is muted, so it will not be heard when you press Play. This can be done on the fly.

Double tapping Merged tracks To save space or free up room for another instrument, make sure you merge tracks when you can. Note that you will be sacrificing control of the separate tracks by doing so.

122 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

By double tapping a region in the Tracks view, you will gain access to several options. You can cut, copy and paste your selection as normal, loop your recording for as long as you like, split a region to make rearranging easier, edit each individual note (not on live instruments though), and rename the recording for easier identification.

Tips Tricks Apps

1: Access tracks and track options

2: Solo and mute

Once you’re done recording, tap the Tracks view button (the three broken lines to the left of the Play controls) to access this view. These are the tracks that you have just laid down. Tap and drag on any instrument on the left side of the screen, to open up extra controls.

To stop a track from playing while the others in your project carry on, tap the Mute (speaker) icon. If you want only that track to play, tap the Solo (headphones) icon. These can be done while your music is playing, and you can adjust individual track volumes here, too.

3: Rearrange your tracks

4: Trim or Merge

Sometimes, the order in which you record your tracks isn’t how you want to arrange them. Thankfully, you can move them at any time; to re-order, tap and hold the track you want to move, then drag it up or down until it’s where you want it to be.

You can only have 16 tracks, so merging can make sense. Tap once on a selected track’s instrument, then tap Merge to combine multiple tracks. Shortening clips is simple, too; just double-tap the track, then drag the yellow bars at each end to shorten or lengthen the track.

5: Add Reverb

6: Adjust the song length

To add echo and/or reverb to a specific track, select the one you want and then tap the settings cog button in the top-right hand corner of the screen. In this menu you’ll see sliders marked Echo and Reverb, and you can adjust these to change the levels for your chosen track.

Your recordings may not fit with GarageBand’s default project length, but you can alter the default to your own needs. To change this, tap the small ‘+’ icon in the top-right (below the settings cog icon) and then tap the section. Choose the number of bars you wish to use.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 123

Tips Tricks Apps

Add funky filters to images with Prisma Reinvent your iPhone photos and transform them into impressive and realistic works of art App used: Prisma Price: Free

If you’re fed up with the overused image filters offered to you by the likes of Instagram, Prisma may be the perfect solution for you. The app will completely transform even the most mundane amateur photograph into an impressive and artistic masterpiece. Using a powerful AI, Prisma will redraw your chosen image to make it look like it was painted by hand, transforming any picture on your smartphone using the art styles from a selection of famous artists. Through the user-friendly interface, you will be able to create an exciting piece of art in just a few simple steps. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use and make the most of the Prisma app, from image selection and capture, all the way to exporting and sharing. With all of the different photo editing options on this app, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice deciding how you want your image to look. The app can be connected to Facebook and Instagram to make posting easy.

1: Select an image

2: Crop your photo

3: Choose a style

First of all you need to choose an image that you’d like to transform; you can shoot one from scratch in the app or select a preexisting shot from your Camera Roll.

Prisma will prompt you to crop your image into a square format. Simply pinch to zoom in and out, or slide the image into the desired position with your finger.

You’ll be presented with a selection of artistic filters to choose from. These include styles inspired by famous and well-known pieces of art, such as The Scream by Edvard Munch.

124 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Tips Tricks Apps

Navigate the Prisma app

Adjust the effect Change the strength of the art effect by sliding your finger to the left or right. The strength is measured in percentages.

Why this creative app is extremely easy to use Square format

Export or save

Whether you shoot an image in the camera or choose one from your Camera Roll, they’ll be cropped in the square Instagram style format – 1:1.

Prisma lets you share your newly created piece of art instantly to either Facebook or Instagram, or save it to your iPhone.

Art styles

Intelligent AI

The various art styles run along the bottom of the screen, with a thumbnail showing what the effect looks like. You can scroll through the effects with a simple swipe of the screen.

What makes Prisma unique is that, instead of overlaying basic filters on top of the original image like Instagram and other similar apps do, it completely redraws your picture in the way that an artist would through various layers, using intelligent AI technology to transform it into an elaborate piece of art.

4: Apply the filter

5: Change the strength

6: Export and share

Simply tap your preferred filter and Prisma intelligently re-creates your image in the chosen style. Some styles will work better with certain genres of photography.

Depending on how you want your image to look, you can alter the strength of the art effect. Swipe your finger across the image to the right to strengthen it or left to lessen it.

Once you’re happy, you can easily export and share it directly to either Facebook or Instagram. You can also save the picture to your phone or email it from the app.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 125

Tips Tricks Apps

Customise text in Pages Use the Style drop-down menu to get your words to stand out that little bit more In order to keep someone’s attention when reading a document these days, black ink on a white page doesn’t always cut it. Luckily, Pages for iOS has become an impressive hub for creativity thanks to the templates, styles and other aspects that can be dropped in to bring documents to life. In this tutorial we will focus on how you can add new levels of style and excitement to your text, in order to make your documents all the more appealing. Whether it be a school report or board meeting preparation, there are settings and options built into Pages that can help you do a lot more to your text than you realised. From simple upgrades like changing the text’s font, colour and size, to deeper tweaks like changing the paragraph style and layout, we have covered everything you need to know. In no time at all you’ll be creating documents that you can be truly proud of.

App used: Pages Price: £7.99/$9.99

Styling images in Pages As well as text, you can also tweak the appearance of your images

Image The Image tab in the middle of the screen has a Mask option that enables you to reset the zoom and focus of your image. Perfect if you want to cut out some of the dead space from a photo.

Style Options Photo appearance Part of the Style menu is taken up by border options for the photo you have selected. You can even add 3D picture frame designs to make your images pop out of the page.

This choice contains a scrollbar that lets you alter the opacity of your image on the page. You can also turn on shadows and a reflection.

Secure your documents Your photos Scroll through your document and tap on any of the images and you can make tweaks to get your work to stand out. Just tap Done at any point to finish and move onto your next area of editing.

126 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

If you want to be private about your files, Pages contains a feature that enables you to set a password that must be entered in order to open a file. Tap the spanner icon to open the Pages settings, and from that list choose Set Password, and then enter a word.

Tips Tricks Apps

1: Highlight and Style

2: Size, colour, font

Begin by opening your Pages document and highlighting the text you want to improve by double-tapping it and dragging the blue markers to surround the text. Tap the paintbrush icon to open the Style window and see your editing options.

The first option at the top deals with the font you’re using, its size and colour. Tap the current font to be taken to the Text Options screen, where you can adjust all of the settings to get the look and feel you want for your text.

3: Paragraph style

4: The List tab

Each area of your page is linked to a different style. Scroll down in the Format menu and you’ll see the Paragraph Style section. Here, you can quickly tap on any one of the preset styles to instantly change your text to fit with the rest of your document.

Tap the list tab next. This section of the Style menu is predominately for use in your main body, and it can be used to create a bullet-point or numbered list. Use the options to put together clean-looking documents, complete with letters or numbers to count items.

5: Layout and columns

6: Line spacing

Tap the Layout tab to see more options for your text. The Column option is perfect for writing newsletters to friends and family, or if you’re creating a magazine type document or flyer. It won’t work so well for titles, so try to use it primarily in your main text.

This feature, found beneath the Column option, is most suited for academic documents, where space for marking is needed, or for when you’re formatting your text to look good on a poster. Simply use the up and down arrows to adjust the spacing.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 127

Tips Tricks Apps

Style tables & charts in Numbers Create beautiful tables and graphs by customising styles in Numbers App used: Numbers Price: £7.99/$9.99

Numbers lets you input data quickly and easily using keyboards that adapt for the kind of info you’re adding. You can form this info into eye-catching graphs and charts that help you visualise your statistics, using the selection of pre-made templates and styles. You can use this info and graphs in Pages and Keynote, but should format it first to make it a little more interesting. Numbers contains all kinds of formatting options, allowing you to quickly change styles with a tap or completely customise individual areas with your own selection of colours or gradients. You can even pull out specific areas of your graphs that you want to pay particular attention to, and recolour them using a series of preset styles Alternatively, switch your chart or graph into 3D and manipulate it, moving the perspective point around and adjusting settings to make your data look incredible. With the customisation options, making charts bright, interesting and unique is simple.

1: Styles

2: Customise cells

3: Arrangement

First, select your table and open the Table section of the Format menu to find the Styles options. Here, you can quickly change the look of your entire table based on six presets.

To be more specific, select the cells you want to change in your table. Tap the Cell tab in the Format panel and use Fill Colour and Border Style to add colours and lines.

When you’ve created a chart or graph, tap the Format button and choose Arrange to pick where the chart will sit compared to the other elements in your project.

128 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Tips Tricks Apps

Customising with 3D charts

Depth control In Chart Options, you can control the depth of your 3D chart using the slider in the menu. Combine this with the rotation option for best results.

Create and adapt 3D graphs with unique colours and lighting

Make it 3D

Pull it out

To change your chart to 3D, open the Format menu and either tap the 3D option at the top of the Chart section, or choose a completely different chart type in the Chart Options area.

If you want to pick out a particular part of your chart, like a segment of a pie chart that is the focus of your project, tap and hold on the segment and pull it away from the rest of the chart.

Lighting or colours


Unlike the desktop version of the app, the iOS version of Numbers doesn’t enable you to control the lighting on your 3D chart. However, you can add a bevel to your pie charts, or change bar graphs to cylinders rather than rectangles in the Chart Options section of the Format panel.

You can control the rotation of your chart with a single finger. Tap and hold on the rotation arrows at the centre of your chart and move it around to meet your requirements.

4: Titles and legends

5: Chart text

6: Table text

Tap the Chart Options button at the bottom of the Format menu to add a title and legend to your chart or graph, or change the style of the graph to something like a bar or column.

Still in the Font Options section, you can use the controls to change the font and alter the size of the text for the titles and labels. The formatting will adjust automatically.

You can, of course, alter the fonts and colours in your tables, too. Select the cells you want to change and tap the Format button, then Cell>Text Options.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 129

Tips Tricks Apps

Control keynotes from an iOS device Upgrade your presenting style by controlling the whole show from your iPhone A huge part of giving any presentation is how you come across as you go through the slides of your beautifully crafted Keynote file. Using just your Mac can feel a little restrictive, though, as you have to keep stepping back and forward to it in order to move along to the next slide in your keynote. Thanks to the addition of the new Remote feature, you can now use your iOS device to control your presentation, moving through slides as it suits you. Remote uses either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to enable you to connect Keynote on both Mac and iOS while you’re giving your presentation. This is the perfect solution if you don’t have access to an Apple TV, with its AirPlay mirroring features. Follow these steps and you will be giving polished and smooth presentations in no time, using your iPhone to control your Mac and looking like a pro while you do it.

App used: Keynote Price: £7.99/$9.99

Keynote Remote Utilise the full potential of your iOS device

Different views Use the view button in order to change the screen setup. This lets you see the current slide as well as the next one so you can link them as you speak – making for a better presentation.

Your slides How your slides appear on your iOS device is how they are displayed on the big screen of your Mac. Though there is some lag on iOS, you won’t see any on Mac.

Slide numbers Next to the animation indicator is a slide counter to help you navigate your show. Use this in order to track where you are in your presentation and stay on course with your topics.

Notes Timing light This handy little icon turns red when a new slide is loading or an animation is taking place. This means you can time your speech perfectly alongside the slides as they appear on-screen.

130 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

In the Layout Options window, be sure to take advantage of the Notes view, which lets you see the current slide on view, as well as any notes you have made. Tap the pen button in the topright of the screen and you can draw directly onto your slide using your touch screen. These sketches will appear on the main screen, which is perfect for pointing out specific areas.

Tips Tricks Apps

1: Remote on iOS

2: Remote on Mac

Start by launching Keynote on your iOS device, and if you’re editing a presentation, tap the Presentations button in the top-left. Tap the central of the three icons in the top-left corner to open the Remote settings window and get started.

Having now been prompted by your iPhone, open Keynote on your Mac and go to Preferences. Select Remotes from the top menu and then tick the Enable box. You will need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi, or linked via Bluetooth to link the two devices.

3: Create the link

4: Enter the code

Now that the box is checked you should see your iPhone’s name appear in the list on the right of the Remotes Window. Click the Link button to the right of it and you will kick start the pairing of your two devices immediately.

A code will now appear on the screens of both of your devices to ensure that you are connecting the right devices. Check that the two codes match and then click Confirm on your Mac. The code will change to a Play icon on your iPhone’s screen.

5: Taking over the screen

6: Interact and present

When you hit the Play button, your presentation will open on both your Mac and iPhone screens, ready to be controlled by your iOS device. The current time will appear at the top of the screen so you can stay on schedule, along with a slide counter.

You can tap the screen to move through interactions and slides, enabling you to step away from your Mac and engage the audience. Just tap the ‘x’ in the top-right of the screen to close your presentation when you’re done.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 131

Tips Tricks Apps

Record your musical ideas on iPhone Use Apple’s new Music Memos app to make a quick audible note of your next big hit App used: Music Memos Price: Free

Apple’s new Music Memos app (released alongside an update to GarageBand) might not mean much to everyone, but to musicians, it’s made their iOS devices all the more useful. The iPhone’s Voice Memos app has long been a tool for songwriters and musicians to quickly record their ideas – it’s simple, convenient and easy to work with. Music Memos, though, takes things a step further. As well as making it quick and easy to hit Record and capture the early stages of your next big hit, Music Memos has a whole set of music-specific features to enhance those quick recordings. Once you’ve captured your idea, Music Memos will be able to add chord names to your recording and work out its tempo and key. From there, you can even choose to automatically add a virtual backing drummer and bassist to play along with you. Before you know it, you’ll have your next track ready for the world to hear.

1: Sync it up

2: Set yourself up

3: Start your recording

When you first fire up Music Memos, you’ll be asked if you want to sync your recordings over iCloud. If you have more than one iOS device we’d recommend it, so hit Use iCloud.

Grab your instrument and get ready to record. Remember that your iPhone’s main microphones are on the bottom of the device, so point it towards the sound source.

Hit the Record button on your screen to start playing. You’ll see the button pulse and waveform and the sounds you’re making appearing on the bottom of the screen.

132 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Tips Tricks Apps

4: Tap to stop

5: Give it a name

6: Tag it up

Tap the Record button again once you’ve finished recording. Don’t worry if there’s a gap between you stopping playing and then stopping the app – these are just rough ideas.

Tap on the title of the song you’ve just recorded to give a descriptive name. You’ll find this really helpful when you come back to find one of your old ideas at a later date.

Tap the tag icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen to add tags to your recording. Again, this makes it far easier to find the right recording if you fill up the application quickly.

7: Test it out

8: Rate your take

9: Forget it

You don’t have to stick with Apple’s predefined tags; you can add your own. Type it into the top text area and hit Add Tag. Again, keep them descriptive and memorable.

If you’re particularly happy with an idea or think it needs improvement, ratings are a great way to remind yourself of this later. Just tap the five stars and set a rating.

All ideas are a bit rough around the edges at first, but if one in particular sounds bad, you can hit the trash can icon in the bottom-right corner and delete your recording.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 133

Tips Tricks Apps

Ten ways to free up iPhone data and storage Ensure that you always have plenty of room for the things you want to do and keep No matter how much storage you have available on your iDevice, it’s likely that you’ll start to run out of space at some point. Whether you’re an avid gamer, music lover, frequent visitor to the App Store or someone who uses an iPhone like a mini-computer for all your creative work, there comes a time when you can’t squeeze much more on, meaning little room for that next update or must-have app. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to freshen up your iPhone and regain lots of space, and the same goes for iCloud too. The free 5GB iCloud plan only lasts for so long before you’re gnashing your teeth with frustration at the thought of having to pay for extra storage, but some simple tricks will pull you back from the brink and save you some cash too.

1: Change backup settings It’s important to get a handle on what will be saved to iCloud and this is done via Settings>iCloud. You’ll see a set of sliders and, by moving any or all to the off position, you can stop certain services from backing up their data to iCloud and taking up unnecessary space.

2: Delete unwanted apps

3: Remove old media

4: Remove data hoggers

It is likely you’ll have many unused apps on your iPhone eating up valuable space, so delete the lot by tapping and holding their icons before hitting the Xs on each one you want to remove. This will instantly free up space and make your screens far less cluttered.

It’s likely you’ll have podcasts, videos and books stored in their relevant apps that you don’t use. So remove any re-downloadable media: iBooks will store purchases in the cloud, for instance, and iTunes lets you download videos again.

Some apps bloat your storage with cached files. You can see how much they use by going to Settings>General> Storage & iCloud Usage>Manage Storage. Delete and reinstall them to clear away the clutter. Don’t remove apps if you may need their data later, though.

5: Cancel Photo Stream When you use the Photo Stream feature, the last 1,000 images are stored across your different devices – but do you really need that? Go to Settings>Photos & Camera and turn Upload to My Photo Stream off. You can also choose to save HDR images only too, so to do this deselect Keep Normal Photo.

134 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

6: Auto expire messages Messages take up a lot of space, but you can tell your iPhone to delete them after a certain time period. Go to Settings>Messages>Keep Messages and select 30 days or a year. Audio and video messages can also be set to expire after set times.

Tips Tricks Apps

Check dataguzzling apps How to tell if an app is storing too much information Documents and data Look at the size shown next to Documents & Data. In this case, we can see data taking up a staggering 2.2GB. Given the 7.4MB app, it is clearly storing a lot of files.

Make a decision This app is not likely to be saving data that we’ll need in the future, so we’d be inclined to delete it and re-download it if necessary. That way, we’d save more than two gigabytes of space.

App size Having gone to General>Storage & iCloud Usage>Manage Storage and clicked on an app, you will see this info page. Beneath the version number, you will find the size of the app.

9: Check out iCloud You need to keep an eye on your iCloud storage as well, so go to Settings>Storage & iCloud Usage and tap on Manage Storage under iCloud. Look at how many backups you have stored on iCloud and remove those you don’t need. It may be that you don’t even own one of the devices any more.

7: Delete browser cache

8: Do some admin

10: Switch services

Safari will store your history, cookies and browsing data as well as your temporary files. Remove these and clear your cache by going in to Settings>Safari>Clear History and Website Data. You should get an instant space boost on your device, especially if you have never done this before.

If there are apps that contain data you want to keep – such as presentations in Keynote – delve into the app itself and do some pruning. Remove the documents you don’t need and save those you do to iCloud. The same goes for images in Photos, which can eat a lot of space.

You don’t actually need to use iCloud to store all of your data. For example, you can use Dropbox to save your photographs and have Gmail save your contacts. Rather than pay for the extra iCloud space, you can simply sign up to the likes of OneDrive and Google Drive for free.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 135

Tips Tricks Apps

Protect your iPhone from advertisers Prevent advertising from keeping an eye on your browsing activity when using Safari on your iPhone App used: Safari Price: n/a

When we browse the internet, advertisers use different software to track our activity, in order to produce individual profiles that allow them to target you based on your browsing habits and history. It can sometimes feel very invasive when you look at a product on Safari, and then see advertisements for this very product on your browser when you next go online. Many people are concerned about the effects that this could have on their online privacy, so Apple has included a feature in its iOS called Do Not Track. This feature tells advertisers not to track your browsing sessions when you are using the Safari app. Although the advertiser is not obliged to act on this, the option does go some way to stopping websites, plug-in providers, ad networks and analytic companies from collecting your browsing data. It is very easy to switch on and it should give you some peace of mind if the security and privacy of your online browsing is of concern to you.

1: Delve into Settings

2: Activate Do Not Track

3: Block cookies

If you don’t want advertisers to track your activity across websites, then you need to open up the Settings app, scroll down the screen and choose the option marked Safari.

Under the section Privacy & Security, you will see an option called Do Not Track. Simply slide the switch into the green position to activate it. You will now be protected.

By default, cookies are allowed. This option also prevents websites that have embedded content in other sites you browse from storing data. You can choose a block here.

136 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

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Customise threaded conversations in Mail With the new Mail features in iOS 10, it’s easier than ever before to keep track of your emails App used: Mail Price: n/a

Threading has been a feature of the Mail app for a while, but iOS 10 takes it to a more usable level, enabling you to better see the flow of a conversation. Instead of forcing you to move back and forth between each email message that you have received by pressing Next and Previous, you are now able to view each email message within the one thread on a single page. Each email appears in its own easily identifiable block, and you simply have to scroll up and down to view the message completely. This makes the threading feature far cleaner than it was before, while allowing you to better keep on top of your messages. What’s more, you can also customise the look of the threads, which will ensure that it works well for you personally. In this tutorial, we will show you just how to do just that. And you never know, it might just make you that little bit more organised when it comes to communicating via your email accounts.

1: Head to Settings

2: Organise by Thread

3: View recent mail

To customise the threads, you need to visit Settings>Mail>Threading. If you want to view a complete thread in a single threaded view, ensure the Complete Threads option is on.

This option has been available for a while. It enables you to see multiple messages from the same thread as a single inbox entry, so if this is what you’d want, activate it.

You can select to have the most recent message on the top to save a lot of scrolling. It’s also worth noting that messages in a thread will be taken from multiple mailboxes.

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Move from Android to iOS Use the new Move to iOS app to easily transfer your files across from your Android device App used: Move to iOS Price: Free

Moving to a new operating system can be a daunting prospect, whether you use Windows, Android or iOS . Not only do you have to find a secure way of moving all of your files, you also need to deal with porting your number and switching tariffs. To help those moving across to iOS from Android, Apple has released a new Move to iOS Android app on Android’s Google Play Store. The app itself looks to port over files, contact information and other important data directly from your Android device to your new Apple iPhone. It’s important to note that the app doesn’t cater for every single file type, so it’s advised to make use of the various cloud storage options that are at your disposal across both operating systems. Apps like Google Drive and Dropbox are available on iOS and Android, just make sure you log in to the same account on both devices. Remember to read the terms and conditions of the app before you enter your individual code to connect your two devices. Follow the steps below to make the move from Android to iOS as easy as possible.

1: Find your code

2: Enter the code

3: What to transfer?

Once prompted, select the Move Data from Android option when setting up your new iOS device. A numeric code will appear that you’ll need to remember..

Now open the Move to iOS app on your Android device, confirm the T&Cs before entering the code listed on your iPhone. The devices should now be connected.

You’ll now be prompted to select the types of files and details you want to transfer. Select the items using the check boxes and press Next to continue..

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Restore and set up your iPhone

Restore from iCloud Download a backup of both your files and contact details directly from Apple’s own cloud storage system, iCloud.

Explore the options for setting up your new iPhone Start from scratch If you’d prefer not to restore any backups, then select the ‘Set Up as New iPhone’ option to go through the entire set-up process from beginning to end.

Restore from iTunes It can take a while to restore with this method, but restoring your old data to a new iPhone via iTunes is a viable choice to make.

Recycle your Android device

Move from Android

Once you’ve transferred your files across from Android to iOS, you may wonder what to do with your old Android device. There’s no point in keeping it as an expensive paperweight, so you may consider recycling it; users are able to take their device to any Apple store and get it recycled for free.

When dealing with a large quantity of Android-specific files, make sure to select the Move Data from Android option and let Apple configure the files for you.

4: Start the transfer

5: iOS configuration

6: Log in to finish

The transfer process can take anywhere from five to 50 minutes depending on the number of items you selected. You’ll be notified when the process is done.

Once done, your iPhone will configure your files to make sure they work correctly on your new device. You should now be able to finalise the last set-up options.

The final thing you need to do is to sign in to your Google account on your iPhone. Head into the Accounts section in Settings and add the password to finalise this.

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Set instant reminders with Siri on iPhone Use your iPhone’s virtual assistant to create context-aware reminders so you never forget a thing App used: Siri Price: n/a

iOS 9 brought many innovations, but this might be one of the most useful. If you have ever looked at something on your phone that you know you will need to remember later, but then forget all about it when it actually matters, you’ll definitely welcome Siri’s context-aware reminders. You can now use Siri to remind you about a whole host of important things, from a page on a map to an event that you put into your calendar. This means that you no longer have to leave the app that you are in to head to your reminders page or to take a screenshot. This is because it gets automatically saved in your Reminders app, allowing for you to continue from where you left off in the app that you are using. In this tutorial, we will show you just how to use Siri to remind you about a specific event or appointment when you need to be made aware.

1: Set a folder

2: Find your reminder

3: Use Siri

Head into your Reminders app and tap the ‘+’ icon to create a new list. This is where your Siri-created reminders will be sent to as they inhabit the most recent list in the app.

When you are using one of a number of different iOS apps and see something you need to remember, frame the screen so it covers what you need to remember.

Press and hold the Home button to load up Siri. Say “Remind me about this” and Siri will add it to your Reminders list. You don’t need to say “Hey Siri” to get it to respond.

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Setting your reminder up

Edit request If you change your mind about when or where you want to be reminded, tap the ‘Tap to edit’ flash to manually alter your request to the right time or place.

How to help Siri help you

App logo

Delete reminder

As well as a description of the place or time Siri thinks you want to be reminded about, it displays an icon of the app you were using for easy identification later.

If you change your mind and decide that you no longer want to be reminded of whatever was just on your phone screen, just tap Remove.

What is covered? There are currently 15 native apps that Siri is able to set reminders for. These are Calendar, Clock, Contacts, iBooks, Health, Mail, Maps, Messages, Notes, Numbers, Pages, Phone, Podcasts, Reminders and Safari. Any one of these can therefore make use of Siri’s instant reminder setting, meaning you’ll never lose your place or forget a message again.

Be specific Make sure you tell Siri exactly when or where you need to be reminded so it knows when to alert you to the reminder. Otherwise it will stay sitting in the Reminders folder.

4: Enter Reminders

5: Edit reminder

6: Get reminder

To check your reminder, head into your Reminders app and tap on the list you created. It will display a small icon and some info about the topic to help jog your memory.

To make sure you know exactly what you’re going to be reminded of, tap on the reminder, delete the text and type in something more specific so you aren’t confused.

Siri will flash up an alert at the time or place that you specified you wanted to be reminded. This alert will only happen if you told it when or where to remind you.

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Activate iOS’s new Night Shift mode Want to sleep better at night? This new iOS feature looks after your circadian rhythms App used: Settings Price: n/a

It has long been known that exposure to artificial light fools the brain into staying awake. This obviously isn’t an issue during the day but it’s certainly a problem when you’re trying to drop off to sleep at night. The cells in your retina are sensitive to blue light and too much exposure in the dark hours affects the chemicals in your brain. Given our iPhones and iPads emit a lot of blue light, it means quickly checking your email and social media can lead to an upset of your circadian rhythm. For that reason, the Night Shift mode from iOS 9.3 was welcomed with open arms (and bleary eyes). It moves the colours of your screen towards the warmer end of the colour spectrum, replacing stark white with a more pleasant mellow yellow. This should help you sleep a lot better and enable you to perform at your creative best when you need to quickly check something before bed. Read on and discover what’s involved in setting up the Night Shift mode on your iPhone.

1: Go to Settings

2: Create a schedule

3: Customise the times

Open the Settings app with your iOS and you will see a new option called Night Shift under Display & Brightness. It is turned off by default but tap it to view the various options.

You can tell your iPhone or iPad when you want Night Shift to begin and when you want it to end. Turn on Scheduled and you’ll see times starting at 10pm and ending at 7am.

Tap the times which are displayed on the screen. You can now produce your own schedule. Tap Turn On At and set the time using the wheel. Do the same for Turn Off At.

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4: Automate schedule

5: Check Location

Not sure which times you should go for? You can always opt for Sunset to Sunrise. This will activate Night Shift according to your current location and it should feel rather natural.

If you can’t see the option From Sunset to Sunrise, then it is because Setting Time Zone is turned off. Go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services>System Services.

6: Manually enable it

7: From Control Center

8: Adjust temperature

You can also manually enable Night Shift to come on and turn off whenever you want via Display & Brightness>Night Shift. By turning it on, it stays active until the following day.

You can manually turn Night Shift on and off by dragging up from the bottom of the screen and tapping the Sun/Moon icon in the centre of the bottom row in Control Center.

You can make the screen more or less warm by moving the slider either left or right. Apple warns that some on screen motion can be affected by warmer temperatures.

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“The essential list guaranteed to help you do something quicker, smarter and even better than before, all from that handy little smartphone that you take with you everywhere� 144 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

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Essential iPhone

apps Discover the best apps to help you transform the way you use your iPhone


here are so many apps on the App Store that it can often be difficult to know where to start. Everything you might need help or assistance with appears to be covered by an endless list of apps that the developers say will change your life. But everyone is different and not all apps live up to their billing. We have been through the App Store and used our knowledge and personal experience

to find you the best five apps from the main categories available. Here then, we present you with the essential list guaranteed to help you do something a little quicker, smarter and even better than before, all from that handy little smartphone that you take with you everywhere. Whether you’re hoping to be more productive, looking for something to help you relax or hoping to customise your device, there should be something here to help you get more from your iPhone.

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5 essential apps Audible Price: Free Developer: Audible, Inc If you’re tired of having to read a book on your iPhone’s screen, then there is a solution. This app gives you access to a plethora of titles, from the latest releases and bestsellers to all the old classics. They will then be read aloud to you, meaning you can enjoy a novel hands-free, wherever you happen to be.

Kobo Price: Free Developer: Kobo A fantastically fun eBook store and reader that combines millions of free downloads with cool statistics and a reading profile that you can share with other users. Earn badges for reading achievements, check your total reading time and engage in debates with other readers directly within the pages of your downloads.

HOOKED – Chat Stories Price: Free Developer: Telepathic, Inc This is a Literary social media app whereby you can read stories for free and create your own stories on the fly to share with the ever-expanding network of users. Your every day experiences can be turned into gripping and witty stories and if you are a fledgling author then this is a good way to expand your readership.

QGet lost in the stunning artwork of Madefire’s unconventional comics

Books Before we owned an iPhone, planning our holiday reading could be a bit of a dilemma. We’d need enough books to keep us occupied while lounging on a sun bed for a week or two, but were limited by what we

Madefire Price: Free Developer: Madefire A completely new set of original and unconventional comics and stories. Instead of page numbers and panels, the stories are full of panoramic views, sound effects and animations to get lost in. There is plenty for a traditionalist, but this is very much a nod to the digital future.

“Download your favourite novel” could cram into our suitcase. This reduced our reading list to a few paperbacks. Thanks to today’s electronic book apps however, we can download hundreds of books onto our iPhone without eating into our luggage weight. This gives us more than enough material to read on the plane, before bed and on the beach. The holiday may even be over before we can finish our downloaded novels. When it comes to books there’s an app for everyone. You can download your favourite author’s latest epic, catch up on the classics for free and keep the kids entertained with illustrated storybooks. There are even comic book apps to keep teenagers happy so there really is nothing stopping you.

QRead classic books for free with Kindle

Kindle Price: Free Developer: AMZN Mobile Believe it or not, Kindle’s eReader and wide selection of books can be downloaded to your iPhone. You can read the first few pages for free before purchasing books, newspapers and magazines or use it to read PDFs and back them up to Amazon Cloud’s online storage.

146 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

QHave your books read aloud thanks to Audible

QGroup your books into Collections with Kindle

QHooked is a social network for authors that lets you share everyday experiences as literature…

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5 essential apps Dragon Dictation

Your iPhone isn’t just for playing games or reading books – it means business. There’s a whole category on the App Store dedicated to turning your iPhone into a valuable business tool. Time is money, so we’ve highlighted five essential apps that will speed up typical work chores and inspire you in the workplace. There are apps that will turn your speech into text, enabling you to write out an email to a colleague more quickly, apps to give you remote access to your work or home computer. There are even apps in the Store that will help you turn your iPhone into a scanner that automatically lifts vital contact details from business cards and adds it to your iPhone’s address book. You can also connect with clients and prospective employers through LinkedIn. The apps included here are just a taster to some of the tools that will enable you to spend less time in the office and more time at play.

Price: Free Developer: Nuance Comms So much more than simply a note dictation app, Dragon Dictation enables you to do all the typical iPhone-based tasks that you would normally use your keyboard for. The app can even be used to post to social networks, as well as set reminders, compose emails and much more to make your day that bit easier.

PayPal Here Price: Free Developer: PayPal, an eBay co

QIt’s simple to record notes in Dragon Dictation

This app lets you accept card payments anywhere, which is ideal if you run a small business and carry out a lot of business at trade shows and the like. Through a simple interface you can accept payments from all of the leading credit and debit cards, get paid with PayPal, track cash and issue invoices.

Yammer Price: Free Developer: Yammer by Microsoft Yammer is a new social network designed to make your job easier and more productive. It brings together employees, content, conversation and business data in a single location that is easy to access. One of the best features is that you can collaborate and share ideas with other people in real-time. QUse your iPhone to search and apply for jobs

QUse LogMeIn to access your computer remotely

Indeed Job Search Price: Free Developer: Your iPhone can be a very useful tool when searching for a job – both in terms of research, writing a CV and actually applying. This app provides a comprehensive search engine to search for jobs in your local area or further afield and you can apply and send a CV in-app.

LogMeIn Price: Free Developer: LogMeIn

QMeet business contacts on Yammer and collaborate in real-time to get the job done in no time

QTake card payments anywhere with the PayPal Here app…

Get access to your PC or Mac using your iPhone. LogMeIn enables you to access and control the desktop of your computer even when you’re not there. The app enables you to run applications, meaning you can open and edit files from anywhere on the go.

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5 essential apps

Your iPhone is the perfect platform to help you develop your knowledge of a wide range of subjects and there’s an app for everyone, regardless of your age. If you want to find out more about the iconic NASA space program then there is the official news app. If this inspires you to explore the heavens yourself, find constellations using your iPhone’s GPS and augmented reality. Younger users can explore the human body and interact with organs. We have entire university courses that you can get direct to your phone, complete with the required reading. If you’re more concerned about the depleting bee population, then there’s an app to help you see what you can do to help.

Night Sky 4 Price: Free Developer: iCandi Apps One of the best uses of augmented reality on the iPhone, Night Sky 4 allows anyone curious about what goes on in the night sky to hold up their iPhone and find out. Not only are constellations named and identified, but there are also weather reports so you know when it will be too cloudy to go stargazing.

iTunes U Price: Free Developer: Apple Apple has near enough created a portable university for iPhone users, with this app giving you access to genuine courses, and all their materials, directly from your device. Real universities have made their content available, complete with the set reading lists that will also download direct to your device.

NASA App Price: Free Developer: NASA All the latest news from the space agency direct to your iPhone. The app also contains a very impressive image gallery with more than 150,000 images to look through, as well as video content and a Twitter link to all the latest social network discussions. In short, this is the ultimate space information centre.

QDiscover more about the Solar System and NASA’s missions with the NASA App QNight Sky 4 uses augmented reality to allows users to see what’s going on in the skies above them

Great British Bee Count Price: Free Developer: Thomas Burr This app has been launched to help monitor and preserve the UK’s bee population. It provides information on the different species of bees and when you see one you can push a button and relay information straight to the experts on their whereabouts.

The Human Body by Tinybop Price: £2.99/$3.99 Developer: Tinybop Inc Tap the tabs down the side of this family-friendly app to peel back the layers of the human body and view what it is made of and how it works. View the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems and view the heart, brain and more up close. QHelp yourself to some free study aids with iTunes U

148 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

QDiscover how blood is pumped in The Human Body

Tips Tricks Apps

Entertainment Thanks to your iPhone, there’s no danger that you’ll get bored on long journeys or rainy lunch times, especially if you pack it with the best apps from the Entertainment category of the App Store. You can use apps to help you pass the time by sketching out something cool, watching a boxset on the go with Netflix, or accessing content saved on your desktop at home with Plex. You can also make the most of the BBC’s massive radio

QRecord remotely…

output of music, live shows and talk radio and download podcasts using the iPlayer Radio app. Alternatively, you can sample podcasts from around the world with Pocket Casts. This download has been popular on the App Store for a long time, but has recently been given a facelift for iOS with a new look and easy-toswipe controls. Whatever your entertainment tastes, there should be something here to keep you occupied.

QWhat anything on Netflix

QSubscribe to your favourite podcasts with Pocket Casts

QEnjoy BBC TV channels beamed straight to your device

QCreate fine art with the Emulsion app

5 essential apps Sky+


Emulsion Paint

Pocket Casts

BBC iPlayer

Price: Free Developer: BSkyB

Price: Free Developer: Netflix, Inc

Price: £1.49/$1.99 Developer: Meritum Soft

Price: £2.49/$3.99 Developer: ShiftyJelly PTY

Price: Free Developer: BBC Media

If you are a Sky+ user then this app is a miracle of engineering that allows you to remotely record programmes on your Sky+ box no matter where you are in the world. You can browse the full TV listings in-app and see what you’ve missed before recording.

This hugely impressive streaming service is now available on your iPhone. There’s a huge number of shows, and the stream quality is excellent too. You can even start watching a show on one device and pick it up in the same place on another.

This is a surprisingly sophisticated digital art app that features an intuitive, yet in-depth set of graphic and painting tools to create original artwork or edit existing works or photos to create something truly memorable.

Podcasts provide hours of free entertainment. Add your favourites to this so-called ‘podcatcher’ and you will be able to download or stream new episodes as they are broadcast. With the Sleep Timer you can drift off listening to new episodes.

Undoubtedly a must-have app for your iPhone, this viewing portal lets you catch up on your favourite BBC programmes and even watch live BBC TV through on your device. The interface is easy to manage and you can also download shows to watch offline.

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5 essential apps Angry Birds Epic

Super Mario Run


Jetpack Joyride


Price: Free Developer: Rovio Ent Ltd

Price: Free Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd

Price: Free Developer: Betaworks One

Price: Free Developer: Halfbrick Studios

Price: £0.69/$0.99 Developer: Andreas Illiger

Endless running games are all the rage these days it would appear, so it seems only right that Nintendo’s iconic mascot should get in on the action. Storm through platform levels collecting coins and staying alive is the aim of the game.

This puzzler looks simple but it soon becomes incredibly addictive. As the name suggests, you have to connect as many samecoloured dots as you can in 60 seconds. Compete against friends and share scores on Facebook.

This is a genuine alternative to Temple Run. The one-touch controls make this a good game to pick up when you have a spare couple of minutes. Collecting in-game coins also lets you buy upgrades and adds longevity.

For something special, try Type:Rider. In this adventure puzzle game you guide two dots through the ages of typographic style, from rock paintings to digital pixel art. Solve riddles and enjoy an audiovisual feast as you go.

At first glance this appears to be a slightly desperate attempt to revive the franchise – ditching the physics engine of the usual games in favour of a turn-based combat system. It just about pulls it off but don’t expect this to be anywhere near as popular.

“You’ll never be short of games”


The iPhone is a gamer’s dream come true. Its high-quality screen displays pixels perfectly so you can enjoy a game’s colours and graphics to the full and it’s more than capable of pushing pixels around at a decent rate so the action never falters. Unlike traditional handheld consoles, iPhone games are relatively cheap (or even free), so you’ll never be short of games to enjoy. Gameplay varies dramatically, from first-person shooters to platform games. Some games also put the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer to good use so that you can steer characters by simply tilting the phone. Whatever style of game you favour there’s sure to be something on the App Store to take your fancy.

QThe Angry Birds ditch the catapults in favour of broadswords and magic

QEarn points by connecting dots

QExplore fonts in puzzle adventure Type: Rider QEnjoy endless platform action with Super Mario Run

150 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

QHave some fun with the stolen technology you’ve got hold of in Jetpack Joyride, where distance means coins for upgrades

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Health & Fitness Health and Fitness is something we all promise to do more about but rarely get round to starting. Luckily there are enough fitness fanatics out there that the App Store has taken the idea of fitness on your iPhone and run with it. In this section we will look at the apps that are designed to help you get more aware and active. There are apps to take along with you when you exercise to help track your progress, as well as provide that little boost of support when you need it. One of the apps here even allows friends to

record messages of support that can then be played back to you in times of need. We’ve also included an app that takes the physical action of your exercise and turns it into a fullon role-playing game where you’re trying to outrun zombies and build yourself a shelter. For those with not much time to spare, 7 Minute Workout Challenge promises to get you in shape through intense, short workouts, while Nike Move+ factors in running, walking and general activity to keep you healthy. With these, you’ll be in better shape in no time.

QLog runs using the Nike+ Running app

QTrack your movements and manage your data easily with RunKeeper

QStay on track with your eating plan with Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

QGet all your fitness stats in one place using Endomondo

QTurn your exercise into a game of survival with Zombies, Run!

5 essential apps Endomondo Sports Tracker Price: Free Developer: Endomondo The workout tracking app that comes with a host of social features. There’s a feed of recent updates from all your friends so you can see who’s been exercising. Then while you work you’ll receive audio updates on your progress.

Nike+ Move Price: Free Developer: Nike Inc Designed exclusively for the iPhone 5s and showcased at launch, this app makes the most of the device’s built-in movement sensor as a fitness companion. Earn NikeFuel points through exercise and try to increase your daily average.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker Price: Free Developer: With a database of more than 2 million products, you can accurately record your calorie intake as well as track nutrient groups individually, as well as seeing graphs marking your progress.

Zombies, Run!

RunKeeper – Track Running with GPS

Price: Free Developer: Six to Start A brilliant and imaginative app to help you exercise, Zombies, Run! plays out the horror of a zombie apocalypse through your headphones, complete with the sound of the fast-approaching undead to help spur you on to keep running.

Price: Free Developer: FitnessKeeper, Inc This app turns your iPhone into a personal trainer to help you track your runs, walks, bike rides, hikes and more using the built-in GPS technology. The intuitive interface makes it easy to track, compare and store your workouts.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 151

Tips Tricks Apps

5 essential apps KORG iKaossilator

Spotify Music


Music Memos

Magic Piano

Price: £14.99/$19.99 Developer: KORG, Inc

Price: Free Developer: Spotify

Price: Free Developer: SoundCloud

Price: Free Developer: Apple

Price: Free Developer: Smule

This neat app is a touch-version of KORG’s groundbreaking Kaoss Pad, which contains a synthesiser, the sound of which you can manipulate by dragging your finger across the X-Y pad. You can create and record some epics sounds and export to other apps.

After downloading you can trial the Premium version for free for 48 hours or simply listen on your normal account. There are radio stations to try out for free if you live in the US, and you can even listen to tracks offline if you download them.

This app lets you hook up with your favourite recording artists and sample some of their new tunes before anyone else. It’s like a social network for music fans and more up and coming bands are using it as a means to get their music heard.

Essential for musicians, this app lets you quickly record all of your song ideas, such as new riffs you come up with on guitar, and then embellish them with drum beats and fills to flesh them out and give you an idea of how they could sound.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play the piano but either haven’t found the time, or didn’t want to splash out all that cash on a baby grand, this is the app for you. Simple tips will take you through mastering the basics of playing chords and keys.


If you love listening to music, or even want to make it, then these apps deserve a place on your iPhone. We’ll feature an amazing app that enables you to discover new artists every single day of the year, complete with biographies and tour dates. Alternatively, you may want to simply tap the screen to compose tracks and record them on the move – there’s an app for that too! If you’d rather consume music than create it, then there’s an app that will tell you the track and artist that you’re listening to by sampling it through your iPhone’s mic, meaning you won’t miss out on discovering new bands. You can rediscover old music too by listening to music-streaming apps, and use the internet radio in one app to listen to a whole host of music that is tailored to the sort of thing you like listening to.

QThe Magic Piano app will help you learn the basics

Q(Right) Enjoy music in a different way thanks to SoundCloud

Q(Left) Make interesting new sounds with the iKaossilator

152 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

QGet your song ideas down with Music Memos QListen to your Spotify library wherever with this app

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Navigation We tend to carry our iPhone around with us at all times, so it’s the perfect device to help us get where we want to go, or find local amenities like pubs or hotels. Your iPhone already comes with a decent built-in Maps app that does a great job of showing you how to get from A to B, but there are other apps that can extend and expand your gadget’s navigational abilities in exciting ways. In this section, we’ll introduce you to

5 essential apps five essential navigation apps that perform a variety of different functions. One of them even transforms your iPhone into a turn-byturn navigator at the fraction of the price of a dedicated gadget like a Sat Nav – just make sure you use it safely in the car. You can also keep tabs on the flight paths of specific planes, keep track of the local bus times, or even find hidden caches of goodies that you can hunt down in your area.

Geocaching Price: Free Developer: Groundspeak Inc The advent of geocaching brightens up any walk because with apps such as this on your phone, you are able to pinpoint the locations of any possible ‘drops’ on the way. The free part of this app gets you accustomed to what geocaching is and helps you find your first few geocaches.

Google Maps Price: Free Developer: Google, Inc If you’re finding Apple’s app a little too unreliable then you can go back to good ol’ Google Maps. It’s as robust and accurate as you remember when it was a native iPhone app and includes turnby-turn navigation, Street View and voice guidance ensuring you always get to where you need to be.

iTrack for iPhones Price: Free Developer: JLC Mobile QEnjoy the thrill of the geocaching hunt

QDownload TomTom maps for offline use

This app uses the GPS tracking technology of your iPhone to enable you to follow multiple people. As well as monitoring their movements, you can see the speed at which they are travelling, get directions to their location and access various Google Maps features, such as Street View, to find them easily.

QFollow friends with ease with iTrack

TomTom GO Mobile Price: Free Developer: TomTom Transform your iPhone into a Sat Nav with TomTom. Offering voiceguided turn-by-turn directions of the UK and Ireland, all maps are downloaded to your phone, which eat ups memory but ensures you can access all maps offline and not worry about signal problems.

Sky Walk Free Price: Free Developer: Vimal Bhanvadiya

QIdentify the stars in the sky with the Sky Walk Free app

If you can copy with pop-up ads then this free version of the popular star gazing app will provide instant insight into the various stars and satellites that orbit the Earth. Simply point your device in any direction and the locations of the constellations will be displayed on screen. QGoogle Maps gets you where you need to go

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 153

Tips Tricks Apps

Photo & Video Thanks to your iPhone there’s no danger that you’ll miss a photo (or video) opportunity. The built-in Camera app enables you to focus on your subject matter and capture a decent exposure, but there will be occasions when you may want to produce more creative-looking results. One of our essential apps enables you to turn photos into striking works of art that you can share with a huge community, so you can impress your friends with your

apparent artistic skills. Another one mimics the amazing colours and tones of toy cameras, turning ordinary snapshots into extraordinary retro images with attractive borders. If you prefer to shoot videos, experiment with quick fire creations like Vine and Kscope, that enable you to shoot six-second videos. If you prefer to watch rather than create videos, YouTube has been given a makeover and a whole host of new features for you to enjoy.

“Turn photos into striking works of art to share”

QThere is no end to the entertainment with YouTube QSnapseed has all the fun photo filters of other apps but also some serious tweaks for users to work with

QCreate kaleidoscopic videos and still photographs with Kscope

QInstagram is still the one to beat

5 essential apps Snapseed Price: Free Developer: Nik Software Many people will say that this is the best photoediting app available on iOS, and it is hard to disagree. Snapseed contains a great mixture of light-hearted filters and serious tweaks, as well as an attractive and easy to use interface.

KODAK Kiosk Connect App Price: Free Developer: Kodak Alaris This app lets you connect your iPhone wirelessly to your nearest KODAK Picture Kiosk and print out your photos. Ideal if you like spending time with your friends out and about around town and want to savour those moments.

154 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps




Price: Free Developer: Google, Inc

Price: Free Developer: Burbn, Inc

Price: Free Developer: Bond & Coyne

Watch videos from one of the world’s most popular websites with this official download. For endless entertainment, subscribe to your favourite channels, create a Watch Later list for when you don’t have time, or even watch videos while searching for the next one.

The fact that Instagram now has over 300 million users is a testament to just how good it is. Capture a photo or select one from your Camera Roll before adding custom filters. You can then share the image to the community or other social networks.

Create kaleidoscopic photos and videos with this arty app. There are five filters to experiment with to create crazy patterns, but the app also responds to surroundings, light, movement. Share creations on Twitter and Facebook.

Tips Tricks Apps

5 essential apps Weave Price: Free Developer: Intuit Weave has a smart interface that’s not over-complicated yet gives you the tools to work effectively. Essentially, Weave breaks up all your tasks into main projects, with each project containing the various tasks that go with it. You can sync this with other users and assign them tasks to help break up the workload.

Dropbox Price: Free Developer: Dropbox QMicrosoft Word is finally available on your iPhone

QThe smart interface of Weave and its sectioning are key to its appeal

QTake all your important folders with you everywhere you go with Dropbox

Productivity Thanks to apps, your iPhone can be more than a phone; it can also help you get things done. In this section, we’ll show you productivity-boosting apps that enable you to access important documents while you’re out of the office and a range of task managers that not only help you to create to-do lists,

but in one case put time limits and deadlines on each item to keep you productive. There’s also an app that helps you to share and delegate tasks to those around you, and an alarm clock that saves you time by opening your essential apps for you when you wake up in the morning.

With Dropbox, gone are the days where you have to rely on email or pen drives in order to transfer your work – running the risk of losing them in transit. Now, just upload your files to your Dropbox account, and log in to retrieve them anywhere thanks to the app on your iPhone. Peace of mind is a hard benefit to measure.

Start by Tack Price: £0.69/$0.99 Developer: Tack Mobile Get productive from the get-go by not wasting any time in the morning. This alarm clock launches your favourite apps when the buzzer goes off on the morning, so you don’t have to. Covering everything from Facebook to Fantastical, this helpful app also doubles as a stopwatch just by swiping downwards.

Microsoft Word Price: Free Developer: Microsoft If you want an alternative to Apple’s Pages app that comes with iOS 9, then you can’t go far wrong with Microsoft Word. Create detailed documents and share them across devices, and format text as you would if you were working on a Mac or PC.

OneDrive Price: Free Developer: Microsoft Corp

QSave time with Start by Tack’s alarm clock and app

QStore and access files easily with OneDrive

Microsoft has updated (and renamed) its own cloud storage service to provide a simple-to-use interface to which you can upload photos and documents and then access them from any device or computer. It also allows you to manage and share your files with ease.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 155

Tips Tricks Apps

Reference We all take the internet for granted as a source of information, and the iPhone is often the portal we use when we need to access the world wide web’s vast ocean of knowledge. Although the Safari app’s search field is often our first port of call looking for information, it can take a while to wade through hundreds of search results before we find exactly what we’re after. The apps featured in this section should help you

narrow down your search to find relevant information more quickly, whether that’s foreign text translations or facts like how many inches there are in a foot. Looking up articles on Wikipedia is made easier with bookmarks, while another app claims to be as smart as the computer in Star Trek. Our essential reference apps should help you filter your search for information more effectively to find results more quickly.

QSearch easily with Google

QConvert units

QVoice and text recognition are supported in Google Translate

Q Scan words in video stream with Meanings

QSearch and bookmark articles with Wikipanion

5 essential apps Meanings


Google Translate



Price: £0.79/$0.99 Developer: jinahadam

Price: Free Developer: Google, Inc

Price: Free Developer: Google Inc

Price: Free Developer: Robert Chin

Price: £0.79/$0.99 Developer: Marco Torretta

When reading, do you ever come across a fancy word that you don’t know the meaning of? Rather than typing into a search engine, scan it with this app for an instant dictionary definition. The app will also look up words on Google and Wikipedia.

This app not only lets you find what you need quickly, it allows you to add tiles to your own home screen that convey everything from the current weather to the latest football scores and news for your favourite team. Great for managing every area of your life.

Google Translate covers most languages and enables you to enter your phrase by simply typing it in. You can also get locals to speak into the app and get a translation. The app includes symbols for languages such as Japanese and Mandarin.

With over 4 million articles, Wikipedia is a sprawling encyclopedia. Wikipanion makes it faster and easier to read, bookmarking pages, keeping a log of your browsing history by date, and the option to search for keywords in entire pages.

How many watts are there in a kilowatt? How long is a fathom? How many dollars are there to the rupee? Amount is packed with over 500 units, but its controls make it easy to convert units, it only takes two taps to answer any of the above questions.

156 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Tips Tricks Apps

Social networking Many of us now spend more time socialising online, enabling us to sustain relationships with family, friends and colleagues over any distance. Your iPhone is a key tool in helping you keep up-to-date with your friends and so we take a look at apps that let you find out who’s doing what, and discover apps to help you make cheap or even free calls to other iPhone users.

5 essential apps

If you use any of the main social networking sites then you will find dedicated apps that let you access these sites with ease. We will take a look at the apps from big-hitters such as Pinterest and a very good Facebook client. We’ll also show you an app that communicates only in photos that quickly vanish and show you how to track your friends’ locations with GPS.

Messenger Price: Free Developer: Facebook, Inc Instantly reach the people you care about without having to navigate through every Facebook post. Text them privately like you’re sending an SMS, but without paying a penny. You can also share voice messages, send photos and express yourself with stickers. Don’t want to be disturbed? Turn off notifications for an hour.

Hangouts Price: Free Developer: Google, Inc If you are active on Google+ and like to stay in touch with your circles while on the move then this cute spin-off app lets you communicate with ease via free text messages, group video chats and even free calls. It’s a brilliant service that is worth turning to if you fancy an alternative to the Skype app.

Pinterest Price: Free Developer: Pinterest Pinterest enables you to create your own mood board. Anything you find can be pinned to one of the multiple boards you can create, and shared with other users. They can then start to follow you and re-pin things that you post, and you can do the same should you find something from someone else that you love.

WordPress Price: Free Developer: Automattic QSee what’s happening in the world through Twitter QInstantly reach friends without opening Facebook

WordPress puts the power of publishing in your hands, making it easy to create and consume content. Write, edit and publish posts to your site, check stats and get inspired. If you run your own online blog then this app boasts an impressive array of publishing tools.

Twitter Price: Free Developer: Twitter, Inc

QCreate digital pin boards using Pinterest

QUpdate your online blog with WordPress

QHangouts lets you communicate for free with your Google+ circles

Still massively popular, Twitter is the perfect place to share opinions, promote products and general get word out there to your followers. The interface is very easy to use and sharing content is a quick and easy process thanks to the way the app is linked to your iPhone.

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps 157

Tips Tricks Apps

5 essential apps Soccer Saturday Super 6 Price: Free Developer: BSkyB Super 6 is a fun game that everyone can play – all you have to do is predict the correct scores for six featured Premier League, Championship or FA Cup fixtures and you could win £250,000. What are you waiting for?!

ESPN Goals

BBC Sport

Coach’s Eye


Price: Free Developer: ESPN

Price: Free Developer: Media Applications Technologies

Price: £3.99/$5.99 Developer: TechSmith

Price: Free Developer: BSkyB

If you teach sport then this app is an essential tool for teaching the right technique across a wide range of sports. By recording the action, you can use a variety of tools to analyse the postures and techniques to iron out any faults that may be present.

Are you a sports fanatic? Then interact with others like you. Set up your sporting preferences, so you’re only recommended blogs about the sports you care about, then chat with like-minded users about sporting news and live blog sporting events.

The place to go for up-to-theminute scores, the latest news and shed-loads of videos from the world of sport. You can sign in and personalise the experience to get alerts and scores straight to your device. A thriving and well-presented sports news app.

Watch video highlights of all the world’s major sports, listen along to BBC Sport talk radio stations and read articles on post-match analysis. The amount of info in this app is outstanding, so remember to customise the content.

Sports There are many sports and recreational activities to enjoy and no matter what you’re interested in, there’s bound to be an app for you in our sporting musthaves. We have an app that enables coaches of teams from any level to analyse their players by uploading footage and then annotating the screen as plays develop. You will also find the app that has the Premier League goals before anyone else on a Saturday, so you don’t have to miss out even if you can’t be there. You can prep for the World Cup and study all there is know about the stadiums, so you can post on sports social networks when the time comes. You can also stream video highlights and listen along to games via digital radio. QUse Coach’s Eye to prep your team

QBe in with a shout of winning with Super 6

QInteract with fans of your favourite sports with Sportslobster

158 iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Apps

QStay up to date with the final scores with BBC Sport

Tips Tricks Apps


5 essential apps

Your iPhone is the perfect travel companion, especially when armed with a selection of essential Travel apps. There are apps for every style and way of travelling, whether you are going abroad, or just trying to get across London. You can track your flights, even seeing the exact location of the plane live if you so wish. There are some greatlooking and detailed travel guides that can be downloaded and used offline so you avoid

any data-charge issues, and there is even an app to take with you if you’re just going for a walk in the country, enabling users to capture and blog every step of the journey so you can share what you’re up to with others. There’s even an app that turns your iPhone’s camera into a foreign text translator (though it is limited to dealing with short signs with clean fonts). And it all takes up a lot less space than an A-Z and a phrase book.

“There are apps for every style of travelling”

Uber Price: Free Developer: Uber Technologies This app allows users to order a cab directly from their phone, quote a price for the journey and pay before you open the door of the cab. You can use the in-app map to see how close your cab is and eradicate the need to nervously glance at the meter while fumbling around for loose change in your pocket.

Skyscanner – All Flights! Price: Free Developer: Skyscanner Ltd Described as the ultimate air travel companion, Flight+ is most definitely an incredibly useful app to help calm the frenzy that can be the trip to the airport. The app contains all your flight details so you can quickly check your departure time and gate number without having to dash to one of the screens.

GuidePal City Guides Price: Free Developer: GuidePal There are two crucial factors that make this app such a good download for the travelling iPhone user. The lesser of the two is the interface and impressive detail that has gone into these guides. The other huge selling point is that these guides are available offline so you don’t end up eating into your data allowance.

QFind the coolest places on Earth to visit with Airbnb QThe stress of finding a cab is long gone thanks to the Uber app

Tripadvisor Offline City Guides Price: Free Developer: TripAdvisor LLC This app allows you to access the best itineraries from TripAdvisor users and destination experts for cities all over the world. Using the phone’s GPS, you can follow along and read about the interesting sights along the route. A pointer will also guide you to locations.

Airbnb Price: Free Developer: Airbnb, Inc

QTripAdvisor Offline City Guides will point you in the direction of your hotel QCheck departure times and gate numbers on the go with Skyscanner

QOffline travel guides make GuidePal a must-have when you travel

Featuring castles, trailers, hotels, even people’s own homes, Airbnb opens the door to amazing getaways at last-minute prices. As well as being able to discover interesting places, you can also use this app to advertise your own property and get to know customers.

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