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Chester Mullins, a local wood craftsman with significant experience in production, manufacturing and training, was hired to oversee the furniture manufacturing process. Ten students from the Student Labor Program manufactured and built all 246 pieces. As part of the design concept, the furniture pieces consist of an overall interchangeable frame, making assembly easier with pieces that mix and match.

and Archaeology at the time, led her students in the research of the site’s development history. Students performed digs and collected and cataloged various items and artifacts related to the prior use of the building. These objects will also be on display in the new building.

Agriculture Between the college’s hands-on agricultural program and the 800 acres of agricultural land owned and farmed by the college, student labor in agricultural efforts provides both a work force for projects and an educational experience for students. In conjunction with the new Berea College Farm Store, designed by H+B and opening in late fall 2013, plans are underway to tie a variety of new agricultural initiatives to the student residence building. The manager of the farm store, Bethany Pratt, is working with students on an edible landscaping design for the grounds as part of a course on Appalachian plants and people. The college’s Agriculture & Natural Resources Program is working on beekeeping, egg, chicken, fish and mushroom production as part of a new agricultural initiative that will be posted in the main student lobby of the residence hall and featured on the student residence website. The Student Labor Program will provide labor positions to carry out these initiatives, process raw material to create value-added products, and sell them in the farm store retail area and outdoor farmers’ market. The desired result is to produce a complete farm-to-table learning experience that will be tied into the information featured in the student residence.

Sundial Inspired by the Biophilia Imperative of the Challenge, H+B looked for opportunities to connect students with nature and natural cycles on a day-to-day basis. A major driver of the site design was the optimization of the east-west axis and southern roof exposure to provide the most efficient orientation for photovoltaic panels. A sundial on the façade of the student residence seemed a fitting symbol of this effort. It not only interprets the daily and seasonal movement of the sun, but also provides the time. The building committee agreed on using a Kentucky barn quilt pattern for the geometry of the sundial, which has become an iconic symbol on campus and a smaller version will be sold in the Berea College Crafts Catalog.

Archaeology During the site design and development process, the Archaeology Department was given the opportunity to develop a course on the social and cultural history of the proposed site, which has had a series of previous uses since the founding of the town of Berea and the development of the Berea College campus. This course investigated the proposed site prior to construction during the fall 2011 term. Julia Hruby, Professor of Art

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Arts Integration

Under the leadership of Arts Director Lisa Kriner, ceramics faculty members Sarah Gross and Phillip Wiggs created a new tile fabrication course tasked with interpreting the colors and producing the tiles for the sundial. The course was designed with student learning and flexibility at its core, with a small group of students involved in every step of the tile fabrication process: conducting material tests, mixing clay, making and glazing tiles and loading and firing the kilns. At the onset of the course, the students toured the construction site and were able to see their work assembled in place shortly after the conclusion of their class. Art Niches and Interior Murals The Residential Life program is currently developing a student-led group to manage and facilitate the display of student art found in art niches in the study areas on each floor. Each niche has been designed for three-dimensional ceramic artwork, but could also


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