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2009 Annual Report

Immersion • Investment • Inclusion

On the cover, left: In 2006, Emir Dzaferagic, Firelane Graphics owner, got small business loans and technical assistance to expand his business.Today, Firelane has 4 employees: 2 Bosnian and 2 American-born. (Right) Beautiful Korean dancers are always a highlight of the annual Festival of Nations. Photos by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute


2009 Year in Review

ur activities were many and varied, forming three “pillars”

of service: Immersion, Investment and Inclusion. In all, our

80 staff provided services to 7,274 clients. 1,000+ volunteers

provided almost 25,000 hours of volunteer service valued at

$527,400. Our service capacity was greatly expanded in August with the addition of five VISTA volunteers. They were assigned to us

full-time and subsidized by government grants for one year each. In the spring, I was appointed to Governor Nixon’s Complete Count

Committee to help find ways to improve the immigrant census count in Missouri. And, in the spring and fall, Erica Fendler, our NEI Emerging Leader, and I attended several weeks of leadership development training courtesy of Bank of America’s Neighborhood Excellence

Initiative. We received our second check from BoA as well— for a total financial contribution of $200,000!

“Wish You Were Here!” our biennial gala was held at the end of May. The lovely event recognized two very important occasions — our

upcoming 90th anniversary and the debut of the William K.Y. Tao Family Refugee Resettlement Fund.

In July we hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony at our North Urban

Garden near Skinker Blvd. and Hodiamont. For the second year, the

2009 marked the International Institute’s 90th anniversary as well as our 10th anniversary in our Grand Blvd. headquarters facility. Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

Monsanto Fund provided gardening funds so our clients could raise fresh vegetables to improve their diets. More than 125,000 visitors attended Festival of Nations at the end of August. The annual event would not

have been possible without the support of nearly 100 ethnic organizations, performance troupes, businesses, and hundreds of volunteers.

In October, the International Institute was recognized with the Mayor’s Award at the St. Louis Development Corporation’s Annual Recognition Lunch at America’s Center.

And in November I was privileged to accompany the St. Louis Stuttgart Sister City delegation to Stuttgart, Germany. There I presented for St. Louis at Stuttgart’s Annual Twinning Conference.

In all, 2009 was a challenging but productive year. Kudos to the many St. Louisans who continue to believe in our mission and support us in countless ways! Anna Crosslin

President & CEO International Institute 2009 Annual Report


Pillar I: Immersion

Education and Social Services for Newcomers

But refugees quickly begin to transition toward independence as they learn about and acclimate to their new surroundings. Their resiliency and ability to survive in the face of sometimes horrific conditions enables most of these new arrivals to adapt to their new environment in a surprisingly short time.

Soon, these new arrivals join programs with thousands of other clients determined to learn English, support their families, and to eventually take their places as fully participating St. Louisans of immigrant heritage. They attend English classes day after day or, frequently, evening after evening after a long day at work! Here, they get customized training to develop English skills for the workplace and everyday life.

Refugees must start working a few short months after arrival in St. Louis. Here Burmese arrivals learn about the American world of work. Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

English Classes for Adults

For instance, some students aren’t literate in their native language. So, we’ve developed individualized literacy instruction provided by trained volunteer tutors.

Counseling & Social Work Crisis Intervention • Elderly

Most new arrivals also attend job readiness classes while concurrently learning English. They must understand American workplace culture to obtain and keep a job. Our 10-week state-certified vocational training program transitioned from patient care assistant training to certified nurses training.

• Mental health

• Victims of human trafficking • Domestic violence

Job Training & Placement Refugee Resettlement

Immigration Assistance

Some refugees have been abruptly uprooted from their homes as a result of war or unforeseen hostility. Mired in legal limbo, others have been languishing in refugee camps for a decade or more. Regardless of their circumstances, refugees are uniformly traumatized and in need of a helping hand when they arrive in St. Louis.

In the first hectic months after resettlement, we focus on meeting basic needs for the refugees we sponsor. Essential support includes food, housing, clothing, transportation and interpretation along with medical assistance and even trauma therapy.


International Institute 2009 Annual Report

As students progress, they can begin studying for US Citizenship. We even offer a special citizenship class for elderly immigrants. Computer training, Michigan testing services, and pronunciation instruction are also available.

This year, our Education Department staff launched the St. Louis Citizenship Project, one of only 13 projects across the nation to be selected by the US Citizenship and Immigration continued on page 4

Right: An Iraqi refugee operates computerized embroidery machines at Vantage, a local small business that provides customized logo and design work. Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

2009 Accomplishments

• 637 refugees were sponsored from Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nepal, Congo, Burma and elsewhere. • 2,077 immigrant students received English instruction.

Refugee students and volunteers share a fun moment while learning and working together. Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

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Services (USCIS) from nearly 300 applications. With the award, we are strengthening and expanding our naturalization assistance and citizenship preparation services. The new services are geared to help adult Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) with special application challenges. Barriers can include lack of literacy, limited English and/or knowledge of US history and government, elderly age, lack of resources, as well as medical or mental health impairments. New program services include literacy-level US Citizenship preparation; a telephone-based “Citizenship Telephone Conversation Partner” program; guided online preparation practice; a 6-week intensive summer citizenship preparation course; Jury Duty and Voter Registration workshops; and expanded case management services. We are also working more closely with the USCIS office staff, increasing understanding among our respective staff but also in the larger community. As part of the grant project, the Institute hosted a Path to Citizenship event in December. The session drew more than 140 LPRs of 29 ethnicities.

Management staff also focused on a variety of capacity-building initiatives, most notably the development and installation of a computerized client services and case file system. In the next several years, the division will move toward eliminating hard-copy files and to become largely paperless. Additionally, with funding from the Missouri Foundation for Health, the services of a professional consultant were arranged to help staff identify ways to streamline messages and services, eliminate duplication and otherwise improve the quality and quantity of division services.

• 227 adult immigrants attended US Citizenship preparation classes. 80% of those who attended for at least 20 hours demonstrated progress toward their goal of becoming naturalized. • 892 clients received job services, including 404 placed in jobs at 95 companies. 65% of jobs included medical insurance. The average wage for all placements was $8.15. • 333 immigrants were seen by therapists and social workers; 39 individuals were seen in counseling and 247 received social work services. Of clients in therapy, 68% increased their GAF scores within 6 months; 95% of clients receiving social work intervention accomplished some or all of their service plan goals.

2009 Lead Charitable Support Job Training facility

Emergency Client Needs - William T. Kemper Foundation-Commerce Bank, Trustee Women’s Textile Training Program Client Database Software Client Database Software Capacity-Building

Financial Education Community Gardens


International Institute 2009 Annual Report

Pillar 2: Investment

Economic Security for Immigrants and All St. Louisans Small Business Center

• Business loans to $35,000 • Technical assistance

Financial literacy & asset-building • Home buyer & other seminars

• IDA (Matched savings program) • Credit counseling

Peer Lending Circle

II Community Development Corporation After a few short years in St. Louis, many immigrants are ready to set their sights to the future. They realize that household financial stability can frequently depend on saving enough money to start a business or buy a home or a dependable car.

We use a combination of public and private funds to help immigrants achieve their financial dreams. The purpose of our economic development services is to improve the economic stability and future potential of immigrants, especially recently arrived refugees, generate positive economic impact to strengthen St. Louis (job creation & sales increases), and leverage public dollars by creating public-private partnerships First, we offer matching savings accounts known as the IDA Program. With the matched savings, immigrants can buy a home or a reliable car, enroll in post-secondary education, or start or expand a small business. Funding sources include the Office of Refugee Resettlement, Department of Health & Human Services (ORR), as well as a grant from the United Way of Greater St. Louis.

Fati, a refugee from Mauritania, poses in front of her hair-braiding business on Chippewa. Cissie’s was launched with loan from our small business center and technical support. Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

October 2009 began the fifth of a five-year IDA federal funding cycle. A total of 148 accounts were opened thus far in the cycle, namely: Entrepreneurship


Home Purchase


Education Vehicle

16% 8%

As a result of two funding cycles in the past decade, we have helped more than 100 refugee families buy homes at an average purchase price of $120,000. That’s more than $12 million in economic contributions that participating immigrants have made locally. They are helping to stabilize previously declining neighborhoods and otherwise strengthening our community as well. Additionally, we provide hands-on technical assistance and micro-loans to immigrant entrepreneurs, also with federal and local support. Immigrants need sound business plans and linguistically and culturally sensitive technical assistance to successfully start, strengthen, and expand businesses. Micro-loans, up to $15,000 per loan, have been provided through a grant from the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), DHHS. ORR Loans may be supplemented or new loans made with a maximum of $35,000 through pooled loan funds in the II Community Development Corporation. Program services were supplemented in 2009 by a grant from the United Way of Greater St. Louis. continued on page 6

International Institute 2009 Annual Report


2009 Accomplishments

• Sales Impact of IDA Asset-Building Program • Amount spent on purchasing assets with ORR IDA funds, $1.4 million

• Additional attributable sales in the community, $1.04 million

• Economic impact (total of assets purchased and additional sales), $2.44 million

• Total additional sales in the community during a decade of operation, more than $14 million

In March, we hosted a national Individual Development Accounts (IDA) conference for participants from around the US. Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

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The second year of a two-year $100,000 per year capacity-building grant from the Bank of America Neighborhood Excellence Initiative enabled us to further build our program’s capacity. NEI also provided leadership training the agency’s president, Anna Crosslin, and an emerging leader, Erica Fendler. We were also fortunate to send our entire department staff to the Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO) conference in Washington DC in May. Underwriting was provided by National City/ PNC and the NEI of Bank of America.

In March, we hosted the annual IDA workshop for ORR contractors. The two-day on-site program drew representatives from more than 20 agencies from around the US. A reception was sponsored by National City/PNC. There four volunteers were formally recognized for their dedicated service to our program. In all, 304 income tax returns were prepared for agency clients with a total federal refund of $251,205 and state refund of $62,983. We are grateful to Volunteer Income Tax Assistants (VITA) volunteers for their assistance with this service.

Job Creation by Small Business Center

• Through various business start-ups and expansions, 60 jobs were created resulting in 76 total jobs in the economy

• The 60 jobs produced $1.5 million in wages • Total revenue created from the 60 jobs, $4.1 million • Total economic impact, $6.19 million

• Total economic impact after a decade of operation, more than $100 million

Support from Local Institutions

Bank of America Foundation - $200,000 total in capacity-building funds during 2008-09 through the Neighborhood Excellence Initiative (NEI)

Summer Intern Program Multiple Project Support Peer Lending Circle


International Institute 2009 Annual Report

IICDC Statement of Financial Position

Year Ending December 31, 2009* ASSETS

Current assets

Cash and cash equivalents Current portion of notes receivable

Total current assets

Long-term notes receivable Total assets


$250,364 89,088




Liabilities and Net Assets Current liabilities

Accrued interest

Notes Payables to Banks

Total current liabilities




Net assets

Undesignated, available for operations


Total net assets


Equity equivalent investments Total liabilities and net assets



* Unaudited. 2009 audited statement will appear as a portion of the International Institute’s consolidated audit. Please direct any questions to the Institute’s accounting office (314) 773-9090 ext. 126.

2009 IICDC banking partners:

International Institute Community Development Corporation

In 2006, the International Institute incorporated another not-for-profit corporation called the International Institute Community Development Corporation (IICDC). The IICDC, a separate 501(C)(3) organization, was founded to broaden micro-lending opportunities for St. Louis’ immigrant entrepreneurs. The IICDC utilizes additional tax opportunities only available to community development corporations for banks to build the loan fund pool.

In April 2008, an agreement was reached with four banking partners to contribute a total of $180,000 annually for five years to a pooled microlending fund. The banking partners were National City/PNC, Pulaski Bank, Southern Commercial Bank, and Southwest Bank/M&I. The IICDC fund enables staff to serve immigrants as well as refugees and expands the maximum loan from $15,000 to $35,000. At the end of 2008, Southwest Bank/M&I changed its status to that of a supporting organization rather than continuing as a partner bank.

The IICDC provides services through a Memo of Understanding with the Institute. The Institute’s Small Business Center staff serves as loan officers for the IICDC pooled loan fund and the Institute’s Senior VP for Finance and Business Development Services also serves as Director & President of the IICDC. In the summer of 2009, the IICDC’s by-laws and memorandum of understanding with the International Institute were revamped to clarify the IICDC’s position as a supporting organization of the International Institute parent. IICDC is certified as a CFDI/CDE by the US Department of Treasury.

In the 2009 calendar year, the IICDC had made 16 micro-loans for a total of $180,000.

IICDC Board of Directors David L. Kirkland – Chair

Frederick J. Berger, Esq. – Vice Chair Linda Eggleston – Secretary

Ryan Clark, MBA, CPA, CVA – Treasurer

Ihssan (“Al”) Alyasiri Ezezew Biru Gonzalo Corvera

Jane Allen Jones Patrick Naabien Pari Sheth, Esq.

Joseph S. Stock Ibro Tucakovic Lynette Sledge Watson

International Institute 2009 Annual Report


2009 Accomplishments

• International Institute’s Festival of Nations drew 125,000 visitors to Tower Grove Park, August 29 and 30. The festival audience was drawn from more than 100 zip codes.

Pillar 3: Inclusion

Appreciation and Acculturation for Immigrants and all St. Lousians

• 50% of the festival visitors were first-timers. 70% were under 40 years old. 45% were of Hispanic, Asian, African or Mid-eastern heritage. • 5,883 fee-based interpreter appointments were provided by the Language Services program, a 26% increase from 2008.

• 1.7% of non-emergency appointments were voided due to lack of an available interpreter.

• Increase in interpreter jobs in: • St. Louis City and County – 25% • St. Charles – 163%

• 98% of Language Services customer feedback was positive.

Festival of Nations Lead Sponsors

Students are mesmerized by the formal ceremony accompanying the inauguration of Barack Obama as President. Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

Festival of Nations Resources & Links

• Community Calendar

• Culture Links: St. Louis Directory

Ethnic Mediation Council

II Business Solutions Center

• Interpretation & Translation • Consulting & Training

As new Americans become integrated in the broader community, they want to preserve their arts and present them to all St. Louisans. Among the most popular venues is our annual Festival of Nations, the largest, most diverse multi-ethnic event in our region. This fun-filled annual late-summer celebration promotes the many cultural traditions of St. Louis, those of newcomers and long-timers alike. This year, Festival of Nations was held on August 29 and 30. More than 125,000 visitors crowded into Tower Grove Park. There they delighted in music and dance on three stages, shopped at dozens of ethnic gift booths, and dined on ethnic cuisine from the four corners of the world. Hundreds of ethnic organizations and volunteers continue to make this magnificent celebration possible. In the fall, festival leadership transitioned as Anna Crosslin returned to her previous role as Festival Director in preparation for the retirement of Left: Festival of Nations is a fun-filled weekend for all ages. Here a young Latin American dancer balances a basket on her head during a traditional dance that delights the audience. Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

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International Institute 2009 Annual Report


Supporters, Collaborators & Partners 3D Police Partnership AARP Foundation

Advantage Capital Company

African Mutual Assist. Assoc. of MO African Presbyterian Church AmerenUE

American Association for Retired Persons (AARP) American Eagle Credit Union Americorps STL

Armstrong Teasdale LLP

Assistance League of St. Louis Refugee family poses for a photo at our annual Children’s Holiday Party. Photo by Claudia Marin/International Institute

continued from page 9

long-time Institute staffer, Ann Rynearson. Ann had been ably serving as director of the festival and as its arts coordinator since 2006.

We worked with HEC-TV to provide more opportunities for schoolchildren around the US to interact online with immigrants. During the programs, students learned about culture and asked questions to raise their awareness and understanding of immigrants with whom they might not normally have a chance to meet. And we helped prepare KETC Channel 9 staffers and a production crew for a major immigration project they will undertake in 2010. The Institute’s president served in a leadership role providing extensive orientation to KETC staff about immigration and immigrants in our region. Our student interns shared information and their thoughts on Facebook, Twitter and many other social media sites. We also hosted the Leadership St. Louis and CORO Women in Leadership classes again. We cancelled our classes on January 19 so all of us could watch the inauguration of Barack Obama as US President. Students listened intently, clapping when appropriate and cheering as well. Most knew that Obama was the son of an immigrant, and it gave them hope that their children would succeed as well.

In early October, more than 50 contracted interpreters and translators attended a Friday evening reception to recognize our language support services in the past year. Many of the guests gave high marks to our staff who operate our Language Services Program so skillfully.

Bank of America

Better Family Life Beyond Housing

Bilingual International Assistant Services Bosnian Chamber of Commerce Bryan Cave LLP

CANA Network/STL Mental Health Board Catholic Charities Refugee Services Center for Survivors of Torture & War Trauma Chaminade High School

Christian Friends of New Americans Citi

Coalition of Asian Pacific Americans Commerce Bank

Community Alternatives Consortium of Care

Daughters of Charity

DeSmet Jesuit High School

Family Health Care Centers

Family Support Division, State of MO Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Five Star Senior Center

Gateway Earned Income Community Coalition Gateway Greening

Harrah’s Hotels & Casinos HEC-TV

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Hispanic Leaders Group


International Institute 2009 Annual Report

Human Development Corporation Husch Blackwell Sanders LLP

Immigrant & Refugee Women’s Program Inspired Life & Work

Institute for Family Medicine JVS – Kansas City

Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture KETC-TV, Channel 9 Lead Safe St. Louis

Leadership St. Louis - FOCUS League of Women Voters Legal Services of E. MOImmigration Law Project LIFT – Missouri

Literacy Roundtable of Metro St. Louis MasterCard Worldwide

Mercy Neighborhood Ministry MERS/Goodwill

Missouri Career Centers

MO Foundation for Health

Dancers from Hui Hula ‘O Punahele Hula Halau perform at Festival of Nations. Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

MO Immigrant & Refugee Advocates

St. John’s Mercy Medical Center

STL University High School

National City Bank/PNC

Stephen Novack

US Citizenship and Immigration Services STL Field Office


National Park Service

Nerinx Hall High School New City Fellowship

Office of Jury Commissioners of St. Louis City Courts Operation Food Search

People’s Health Center

Professional Latino Action Network Pulaski Bank

Refugee and Immigrant Consortium of St. Louis

State of Missouri, Dept. of Higher Education STL Catholic Charities Community Services - Southside STL City Health Department STL Community Colleges

STL Community Credit Union STL Community Foundation

STL Convention & Visitors Bureau

STL County Business Assistance Center STL County Dept. of Workforce Dev.

South Grand Community Improvement District

Southern Commercial Bank Southwest Bank/M&I

US Attorney’s Office – Eastern MO US Bank

Vatterott Foundation

VECTOR Communications

Wachovia/Wells Fargo Foundation

STL Enterprise Centers

STL Mental Health Board

Webster University

STL Lead Prevention Coalition

Social Security Administration

Urban League

Washington U-Gephardt Institute for Public Service

SLPS – Adult Education & Literacy Program SLPS – K – 12 Bilingual / ESL Program

Univ. of MO Extension East Central Region

STL Development Corporation

Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis SLOEN

United Way of Greater STL

Washington U – School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry

STL County Economic Council

STL Diversity Awareness Partnership/KMOV-TV & Emmis

Regional Health Commission

Tower Grove Park

STL Police Department STL Police Explorers STL Public Library

STL Rescue & Restore Coalition STL University

Washington U –GWB School of Social Work Washington U-Olin Business School Webster University Graduate School of Communications Whitfield High School

World Affairs Council of St. Louis Youth in Need

International Institute 2009 Annual Report


2009 Honor Roll Donors $100,000

Bank of America, NEI


Kemper Foundation


In 2009 our Refugee Resettlement Fund was named after the William K.Y. Tao Family. Bill and Anne Tao and their family are recognized at our biennial “Wish You Were Here!” Gala in May. Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

2009 Wish You Were Here! Auction Donors A. Bommarito Wines Aalim Belly Dance Academy Araka Bank of America BARcelona Tapas Restaurant Baxter Gardens of Chesterfield Bentley Studio, Ltd. Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center Casa Loma Ballroom Casablanca Market Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis Barbara & Gonzalo Corvera Craft Alliance Anna Crosslin Anne & Larry Dill Farshid EtniKo Duff's Restaurant Frazer's Restaurant & Lounge Friends Image Design Gifted Productions Grand South Grand Healing Arts Center Karen Isbell Hameed Jafri K. Hall Designs Renata Kelly Janet Kelly-Harmon Kemp Auto Museum Kennelwood Pet Resorts Kitchen Conservatory Gregg Lemley Jimmy Liu Grace Yin & Frank Lo Los Flamencos Lu Lu Seafood Restaurant Anna Lum Mandarin House Amal Mansuri Mark Twain Home Boyhood Home & Museum MasterCard International


Mavrik Jewelry Max & Erma's Restaurant Leslie McKinney Mitchell-James Salon Modesto Tapas Bar & Restaurant Randal Narike Kiku Obata Paint Me Pottery Plowsharing Crafts Manuel Prado Racketman Beth Radtke Jane & Bruce Robert Sameem's Afghan Restaurant Schlafly Beer Phyllis Siegel Stacey & Scott Sifton Six Flags Friends Edgar Smart Southern Commercial Bank St. Louis Business Journal St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Science Center Ann & Robert Steck Straub's Market Sunset Tennis Center Tan-Tar-A Resort Mr. & Mrs. William K.Y. Tao Richard Tao Pat & Bob Teak The Magic House The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis Tiffany & Co. Sandy & George Tsai Helen & Jonathan Turner Union Avenue Opera UzmaQ Boutique Sally Van Doren Wapango Woodard Cleaning and Restoration Y.S. Rho Martial Arts Margarita Zhukova

Citigroup Foundation Enterprise Holdings MasterCard Worldwide Monsanto Fund The Pettus Foundation The Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation

$5,000-$9,999 Enterprise Holdings Foundation National City Bank Neilsen PNC Foundation Jane & Bruce Robert Spoehrer Family Charitable Trust The Boeing Company Sandy & George Tsai Webster University


Ameren UE AT&T Ashok Chawla Daughters of Charity Foundation Edward Jones Stacey Goldman Jane Allen Jones Mary Lou Pudlowski Sev-Rend Corporation Janice & Edgar Smart St. Louis Community College Helen & Jonathan S.Turner US Bank


Center for International Studies UMSL John Colwell Eliot Cori & Richard K. Tao Covidien Eugene V. DeFelice Rachel Eidelman Ernst & Young, LLP Eventive Marketing, LLC Harrah’s St. Louis Myra & Bill Hart Mary & Bob Heger Laurie & Ted Hellmuth Helen Lee & Peter Tao Anne & John F. McDonnell Gayle & Randal Narike Nestle Purina PetCare Company Pfizer Foundation Volunteer Program

International Institute 2009 Annual Report

Beth Radtke Rynearson, Suess, Schnurbusch & Champion LLC Stacey & Scott Sifton Ruth & Al Siteman Southwest Bank Suburban Journals Old Newsboys Farzad Wafapoor Grace & Frank Chi-Pong Yin


Anna & Walt Beck Fred Berger Ezezew Biru Lisa Bradley Peter Chang Harriet Switzer & David Cronin Anna E. Crosslin Joan Beer & Donald Damask Tina Deeljore Rick Essen Cynthia Tao & James Fong Ladan Foroughi Martha & Robert Gaddy Harrah's Casino & Hotels Jeff Smith for Missouri Carol & Ward M. Klein Phillip Klevorn Grace Yin Lo & Frank Lo Natasha Merchant-Pappu & Rohit Pappu Linda & James Morice Nerinx Hall High School Arif Pyarali Ann & Sam Rynearson Seltzer & Associates, L.C. Karen & Richard Sems St. Louis Mennonite Fellowship Dr. & Mrs. William K.Y. Tao Pat & Bob Teak Trinity Presbyterian Church Gina Williams Chris & Mike Zambrana Wubing Zong & Tong Gao

$250 -$499

Mary Bard Patti & Tony Bou Samra Lili & John Bruer Debbie Champion-Snyder & Jeff Snyder Sam Charrington Julie & Charles Cobaugh Commerce Bank Jeffrey Craver Tatiana & Igor Efimov Laura & John Ellis Judy & Wayne Failoni Friends of Taiwan Greater St. Louis Elaine & Roberto Gill Gravois Dental Charles Grbeich Cheryl Griffin & Steven Stone

James C. Guyol Linda & Mark Halton Karen Jordan Nancy Kalishman David L. Kirkland Peggy & Jim Ladd Betsy & Edward Lawlor Kathy Leonard M & M Management Christina & Lei-Hoo Mak Kim Martin Keia & Derek Mays Metropolitan Taxi Cab Corporation Lisa & Tony Moise Susan & George Newman Melody O'Brien Organization of Chinese Americans Virginia G. Pasewark Teri & Joel Pesapane Kathy & Tom Reeves Mr. Tony Samra & Mrs. Patti Bou Samra Daniel Schesch Slay for Mayor K. Snoe Maria & Tyler Steinbach The Epoch Times Mid-US Branch Lily & Lihong Wang Eileen & Dan Wolfington

$100 -$249

Dinorah & Edgar Aguilar Deborah & Malik Ahmed Beth & Dan Albes All Souls Christian Action Group Amer Al-Yasiry Kathy Aoki Anita & Tim Barker Linda Bearman Carrie Becker Laura Beckman Dean Berry Ayitevi Boccovi Peggy Boschen Senator Joan Bray Christine A. Brochtrup Debby Carpenter Sara & Ryan Clark Betsy & Bruce Cohen COR Productions Ann M. Corrigan John Cowell Cuddles Day Care Dr. William H. Danforth Julie DeGraaf Bree DeGraw Pamela DeVoe & Ronald Mertz David Dickman Ngoc Doan Carol & Irl Don Jean & Joseph R. Dugan Nancy Durbin Linda Eggleston Kevin T. Eiler

Sara & Fred Epstein Laurie & William Falk June & Flint Fowler Linda Fried Gannett Foundation, Inc. Graham Academy of Irish Dance Susan Meryl Greenberg Sue Hahn Donna Heckler Kay Henry Anne & Robert Hetlage Jennifer & Matthew Hoffman Alan W. Hopefl Jeri J. Horn Kate Howell Beth Hunsicker HY-C Company, Inc. Islamic Community Center Wendy & Neil Jaffe William Jenkins Christina Johnson Emma Kafalenos Kay L. Gabbert & Associates Marcia & Robert Kern Kathryn Koch & Arnold Mark Ampy Kollman-Moore & Ron Moore Katherine Kornfeld Janet Kourik Ladue Chapel Women's Association Flery & John Langholz Janice Lauer Helena & Harold Law L'Ecole Culinaire Katherine & Gregg M. Lemley Sheryl & Andrew Lock Lucy Lopata Dana Lorberg Rose Luh Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Maldonado Amal & Shariq Mansuri Lisa & Ray Mayse Margaret W. McCalpin Brigid & Mathew McCauley Kevin McDevitt Jane & Kent McNeil Mekong Restaurant Jennie Meresak Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc. Michael J. Sommers & Associates MidTown Printing Co. Steven Miller Valerie Mudd Dale Navratil New City Fellowship Linda Nodiff Stephen Novack The Hon. & Mrs. Robert V. Ogrodnik Dana O'Malley Padilla Personnel Professionals Shanta Pandey & Gautam Yadama Dimple Patel Garie & Ken Perry Manuel Prado Cheryl & Robert Reany Alderman Lewis Reed Lisa & Mohammed Riad Kathleen & John C. Rorris

Maureen Ross-Lang & David Lang Stephanie Sachs JoAnn & Theodore Sanditz Rosa & Luis Schwarz Lily & Bruce Seymour Barbara & Nathan Simon George Spies St. Louis Chinese Journal St. Louis University Ann & Robert Steck Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP Ann & Richard R. Stith Jr. Lakshmipriya Subbaram & Alagendran Sundararajan Mr. & Mrs. William Sullins Laura Tabat Jason Tang Mary & Austin P. Tao The Rome Group, Inc. Laura Toledo Jacqueline & William Tung UHY Advisors MO, Inc. University of Missouri Mrs. William Van Cleve Norma Jean Vavra Patricia Verschueren & Chris Vogeleer Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts Program Janie & Herb Walker Anne & Gregory Walter Webster University Jill Wehmer Suzanne & Robert Whitman Janet & J.R. Williamson Kathy & Ralph Woods Mark Wyn Cileia & Andrew Yuen Sandra Zak & Mark Mowrey

Up to $100

Marylin Abbott Medina Abdali Michael Ackerman African Mutual Assistance Association of Missouri Ashok Agrawal Marla Aldrich Aaron M. Allison Yvette Anderson-Chesson & Jehu Chesson Kathleen Avenevoli-Johnson Marjorie Baier Nancy & Daniel Bailey Catherin e & Rich Barnes Robert Barrale John Barth Lindsay Bayham Michelle Beech Janet & James Behnke Sarah Bekemeyer Lorraine T. Bemis Andrea Berdugo Daniel Berg Vicki Berg-Russell Herbert Bilgram Amy Blaskiewicz John Blumfelder Vicki & Michael J. Bolger Robert Brauch Teresa Brauch Joan & Dennis Breite

Shawna Brinson Basak & Benjamin S. Brown Carol Brownson Timothy S. Bruening Helen S. Cadoret Aneta S. Campos Angela Ceerri Charles Chappelle Mary Chavez Kelly Childress Janet Clendein Norman Cobb Judy Copus David Costigan Nancy & Rex A. Couture Susan Crawford Theresa Dames Mary & Quang Dang Lisa Day Susan & Jaymes Dearing Carmen & Joseph Dence Bonita & Douglas Dillard Amy Dimaggio Tara & Simon R. Dix Patricia Dolson Laurie Donnell Patrick Dougherty Anita Draper Sarah & Robert C. Dunn Jr. Kristin Jane Durant Claudia Eads Marjorie Eddy Sheilah Clarke Ekong Kari Ellis Jill Coakley & Christopher Emert Daphne & Marcel Esubi Debbie Faulkner Robert Faulkner Dee Ann & Steven Fones Michard Forbis Joe Gabbert Anna Garwood Arnulfo Garza Pam Gempel Rick Ginger Aren Ginsberg Susan Glassman & Peter Strauss Ronald J. Glossop Allison & Dan Gluck John P. Goodwin William Grivna Eugene E. Guttin Jean-Paul Halsberghen Janet & Geoff Hamill Mark Hamilton Martha & John M. Hanley Harambee Institute Maryenne Harvey Julie Hasenstab Ghazala & Sultan Hayat Virginia Hayden Melinda R. Hayes Phyllis Henderson Matthew Hillebrand Sharon & Warren L. Hoffmann Natalie Hornsby Carol Iglauer Karen J. Isbell Christine Jett & Jim Pearson Elise & C. Dennis Joerger Summer Johnson Lucille Long Joiner

Frances H. Jones Neil Jones Carol Kaplan-Lyss Susan Kashubeck-West Shelli Kastin Rebecca Keller Joanne M. Kelly Elena Garcia Kenyon Kelly Kindle Deborah King Nicole Klein Wallace Klein Katie Knebelsberger Jacqueline & Daniel Koenig Susan & Ed Koob Marlene Kruse Paula & Todd Kurlowski Sinie & Robert La Cour Carolyn Lamas Lisa & Steven Lange Ryan Larser Joseph Laviana Law Offices of Pari Sheth, LLC Hedva & Donald Levy Janice & Paul M. Loewenstein Yvonne & Joseph P. Logan Marsha Logan Anne & Jeffrey Lowell Jeralyn Madison Annabelle & Scott Marshall Ivan Martin Betty Marver Joan Mass Pat Matthews Gina McClaine Mary McGlaughlin B. McKeithan Judith G. McLachlin Janelle Messel Laura & John S. Meyer Debra Misuraca Cindy Mitchell Roxana Mixco Lynne & David Moo Gwen Moore Nitt Moow Barbara Morris Davidson Mullgardt Anne Murphy Lena & Patrick Naabien Rose Nagl Maurice Noellsch Denise Jaquet Noland Valentine Obzldo Dan O'Connor Mary & John S. Olsson Gnanasiuam Palaniappan Georgia Palmer Leigh Palmer Nathaniel Palvye James Parker Joyce Patton Erik Pawar Patrick Pedano Judith Peer Mary Kathryn Peterson Chris Petranoff Shannon Phelps William R. Piper Henry Podgorny & Michael Mullane Todd Porter Allison C. Prabhakar

International Institute 2009 Annual Report

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Richard Sems

President & CEO, Missouri Banking, National City/PNC

Stacy Sifton

Compliance Counsel Edward Jones

Edgar Smart

Sr. Business Leader MasterCard Worldwide

Richard Tao

Independent Consultant Anna Crosslin accepts FOCUS St. Louis’ Leadership Award at its “What’s Right with the Region” program in May. Deborah Patterson (right), FOCUS Board chair and President of the Monsanto Fund, presents the award. Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

2009 Board of Directors As of December 31


Jane Allen Jones

Ashok Chawla

Karen Jordan

Independent Consultant


Associate Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal

Vice Chair

Edgar Smart

Phillip Klevorn


Private Client Advisor US Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Mgmt

Richard Tao


Phillip Klevorn

Ampy Kollman-Moore

Immediate Past Chair

Independent Consultant

Helen Turner

Gregg Lemley

President & CEO

Managing Shareholder Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, PC

Anna E. Crosslin

Board Members

Kathy Leonard

Ashok Chawla

VP Public Relations Geile-Leon Marketing Communications

Community Volunteer

Gene DeFelice

Sr. VP, General Counsel & Secretary, SAAVIS, Inc.

Grace Yin Lo

Community Volunteer

Donna Heckler

Amal Mansuri

Brand Strategy Lead Monsanto

Mary Heger

Independent Consultant

VP Information Technology & Ameren Services Center Ameren

Debra Hollingsworth VP, External Affairs AT&T-Missouri


Derek Mays

Assoc. General Counsel Maritz, Inc.

Randal Narike

Sr. VP, Canadian Operations Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

Jane Robert

Community Volunteer

International Institute 2009 Annual Report

Robert J. Teak

Independent Consultant

Sandy Tsai

Suzanne LeLaurinSr. VP Individuals & Families Ann Rynearson Sr. VP Culture & Community Cesar FigariVP & Director of Operations Marisa EchevarriaAccounting Mgr.

Christina JuelfsAdministrative Services Mgr. Kate HowellCommunity Relations Mgr.

President, Pangea, Inc.

Sarah Bekemeyer Emsada Bilkan Mary Harris Tim Niehoff Rosa Puerto Jorge Rincon George Williams

Robin Carnahan

Erica Fendler Sr. Business Specialist

CEO, Deli Foods Mfg.

Helen Turner

Community Volunteer

Michael Zambrana

Advisory Council MO Secretary of State

David Kirkland

President Hallmark Sr. Housing, Inc.

Linda Morice, Ph.D.

Asst. Prof. Dept. of Educational Leadership SIU-Edwardsville

George Newman

Attorney Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP

Economic Development

Jasmina Jakupovic Sr. Business Specialist

Julie Mauchenheimer Sr. Business Specialist Mohamed Mohamed Nha Nguyen Niloufar Safariyeganeh


Anita Barker-VP & Director

Kiku Obata

Sarah Barnard-Asst. Director

Ellen Sherberg

Anita Agic Ana Betancourt Nate Brinson Angela Folkes Charlene Glass Hyrije Hoxha Mirsada Karadzic Eric Kramer Marlene Kruse Sevil Kyazimova Benigna Marchiukaitis Daniel McGowan Leslie Myers Kelly O’Donnell

President Kiku Obata & Company Publisher St. Louis Business Journal

William Willert

President Willert Home Products

2009 Staff

As of December 31


Anna Crosslin-President & CEO

Kathleen Delpha-Sr. VP Finance & Economic Development

Mary Hemmen KuzielEduc. Office Sup.

Mary Owens Richard Rash Brian Ryan Rodney Smith Maryska Suda

Client Services P. Ariel BurgessVP & Director

Lara FallonSocial Work Coord. Booker GilliamHousing Mgr.

Spogmai HashmiMG Coordinator

Kathy TuckerArea Team Leader Khadra BashirArea Team Leader

Kathy Wiegard-Adm. Sup. Zaenab Abdali Hussein Hassan Ali Ahmad Barekzai Zemka Basic-Dogic Nsengiyumba Bertrand Zlata Bilkan April Buck Hazira Caus Marilou Connoyer Semere Desu T.J. Eisenstien Abdulahi Haji Blake Hamilton Saad Hussein Bluena Khatri Varasteh Khazaeli Umar Mamakmov Lany Van L. Maas Kam Sing Anna Wagner Basia Yeziorna

II Language Services

Andrea Wren-Supervisor Aida Avdic Sarah Graber Barekzai Tim Niehoff

Quality Assurance, Program Development & Training Paul CostiganVP & Director

Kelly Patterson Moore Karen Heitzman Jane Knirr Rene Kreisel Vanessa Loyd Rhonda McKenzie Asmira Ogresevic Marybeth Smith


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Warner Baxter, AmerenUE President and CEO, conducts a press conference at the International Institute in December where he announces their 100 x 100 Program. The program benefitted the Institute by providing energy assistance for clients.

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International Institute 2009 Annual Report

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Volunteers — Our Champions!

iSquared, our Young Friends Association, hosts an annual Trivia Night to benefit our refugee resettlement program. Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

Volunteers help provide critical educational and social services. They make a meaningful difference in the lives of our clients and in our community by working one-on-one in small groups and classes and at special events. In 2009, 1,000+ volunteers dedicated almost 25,000 hours of time for a value of $527,403. What an amazing and admirable feat! More than 500 volunteers made our 10th Annual Festival of Nations our most wellattended to date. Volunteers distributed toys, created crafts, and played games with newly arrived refugee kids at our Children’s Holiday Party in January. And members of iSquared planned and operated a challenging and fun, internationally-themed Trivia Night to benefit our refugee resettlement program.

Since August 2009, the Institute has also been fortunate to have the skills of five dynamic VISTAs (Volunteer in Service to America). Hannah CostiganCowles has developed and implemented emergency preparedness plans for our agency. Maria Hummer has assisted with volunteer recruitment and training, managed our Telephone Conversation Partners program, and provided support for instructional development. VISTA Jessica Yoches has coordinated our Home Visitor Program and facilitated a weekly home management class for new arrivals. Evan Armstrong has served as our 2010 Census point person, working to ensure that all ethnic groups in St. Louis are counted. Kate Holley has assisted with our community garden and sewing programs and has helped to write proposals. One of her successes was a $10,000 award for our community gardens.

Thanks to South Grand Senior Ministries for facilitating our application for 2009 VISTA slots. And kudos to our many other volunteers and interns!


International Institute 2009 Annual Report

Introducing our Junior Board

In 2009, we launched the Junior Board of the International Institute. The Board supports the work of the International Institute by hosting social, educational and community service activities promoting our community’s growing diversity. Board members also serve as volunteers and provide financial support. The Junior Board aims to further the mission and vision of the Institute and promote its Three Pillars of service by raising awareness of the important role of refugees and immigrants in our region. Board members collaborate with iSquared, the Institute’s Young Friends Network, on many annual events and projects including our annual Trivia Night, Children’s Holiday Party, and Festival of Nations.

Junior Board of Directors Sarah Bekemeyer

Kevin McCulloch

Bree DeGraw

Libby Papineau

Danielle Bond

David Gonzalez Blake Hamilton Kate Howell

Robin Huffman

Tim Niehoff Dan Richter

Maxim Schillebeeckx Mary Jo Sokol

iSquared Rolls On!

iSquared, the Young Friends Network of the Institute, continues to sponsor social and educational events to create a fun and relaxed environment for people to get to know each other and the Institute. There is an ever-growing number of young people who meet for an iSquared-sponsored Happy Hour or attend monthly Dinner Club events.

They now constitute a large network of Institute volunteers, working to support our mission, publicize the importance of the work of the Institute and immigrant newcomers, and make financial contributions. The International Institute is grateful and proud of its many and growing number of iSquared members!

Financial Statement * For Year Ending 12/31/09

Total All Funds Revenues

Contributions .....................................$149,902 Foundations.......................................$103,785 Donated Services ................................$832,873 Contracts and Grants .........................$3,745,305

United Way .......................................$226,228 Fees, Sales to the Public,

and Other Revenue ..............................$946,782

Total Revenues ..................$6,004,875 Total All Funds Expenses

Employment ......................................$940,065

Education .........................................$827,015 Cultural Transition including

refugee resettlement .......................$2,037,006

Mental Health ....................................$216,167 Economic Development.........................$577,605 Intergroup Relations.............................$752,758

Management & General ........................$518,598

Fundraising .........................................$92,752

Total Expenses....................$5,961,966

Current Fund

Revenues in Excess of Expenses ................$42,909 Unrestricted Net Assets on 12/31/08......$3,877,787 Unrestricted Net Assets on 12/31/09......$3,920,696 *Unaudited Statement as of 6/1/10. Final audit available after 7/1/10.

Address questions to: Anna Crosslin, President (314) 773-9090, ext 119

Michael Akoka and Anna Crosslin pause for a photo at the 2009 “Wish You Were Here!” biennial gala. Michael made an eloquent fundraising plea on behalf of our community’s needy refugees. Photo by Wayne Crosslin/International Institute

Giving Back to Our Community

How do our refugees fare in the long term? Here is the story of one.

Michael Akoka was a Nigerian refugee. Until he was 17, Michael lived a life of privilege as the son of a tribal chief in the Ogoni Region of Nigeria. Civil conflict erupted, fueled by the politics of oil, and Michael, as the eldest son of an honored family, was marked for death. For more than four years, he hid out in Nigeria. He finally escaped to live in abject poverty in a refugee camp in Benin for four more years. Michael arrived in St. Louis on July 12, 1999, just 11 years ago. As his sponsor, Institute staff met Michael at the airport, found him an apartment, and enrolled him in English classes. We also found him his first job, boxing products for Nestlé USA. It wasn’t glamorous, but it was a start. By January Michael had enrolled at St. Louis Community College at Forest Park. Later he transferred to Washington University on an honors scholarship to major in Communications. Now he’s completed a Master’s degree in Non-Profit Management from the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University. Over the years Michael has worked as a security guard, part-time teacher, and has done work-study programs to support not only himself but also his mom and siblings back in Nigeria. Currently, he’s operating a tax and financial services business, and some of his clients are refugees just like him.

Michael’s dream is to become a lawyer because as he says, “Life is all about fighting for justice.” Recently, he started the process to become a US citizen. In May 2009, Michael told his story to our gala guests who then pledged funds to help refugees resettle in St. Louis. He did so because he “…appreciates the chance that St. Louisans have given us [sic] refugees.” International Institute 2009 Annual Report


Since 1919, the International Institute has been providing adjustment services to new Americans and fostering cross-cultural understanding. We are a Missouri non-profit corporation with full 501 (C) (3) status.

For further information, please contact: International Institute of St. Louis 3654 S. Grand Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63118 (314) 773-9090

International Institute of St. Louis 2009 Annual Report  

Report of the activities of International Institute for 2009.

International Institute of St. Louis 2009 Annual Report  

Report of the activities of International Institute for 2009.