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Organizing Your Business Of fice

Organizing a business office is important for enhanced productivity. If your office and files are unorganized, messy and frustrating, read on.

Vir tual Filing Cabinet If you have a paper-free office, organize the files on your computer the same way you would organize them physically. Here's an easy way to do this: •

Create a folder on your desktop to represent a filing cabinet. Let's use the example 'Legal Documents'.


Create 'dividers' within your virtual filing cabinet by making a number of folders in it, naming them with broad categories, such as 'Insurance', 'Contracts' and so forth.


Now you will create sub-categories within the dividers. In the Insurance folder make folders named for the types of documents you will be filing - building, vehicles, health, et al.

Now move your files into the appropriate folder.

If you have a huge number of alphabetized files to organize, such as employee files, create a folder for each letter of the alphabet to help you find the documents you need more quickly, just as you would with a physical filing cabinet.

Physical Filing Cabinet If you need to keep paper documents organized, set up your physical filing cabinet in the same way. Keep your docs filed away instead of laying around on your desk – spending a few minutes each day will go a long way in keeping them organized.

Organize Your Desk An organized desk will help clear your mind so you can get more work done. Get a drawer organizer to corral pens, paper clips, sticky notepads, pushpins and all the other small but necessary items you need.

On top of your desk, keep only the items you use on a regular basis. If you want to keep photos, flowers or a candy jar on your desk, designate a corner for these items. If you have a metal desk, wall, or a filing cabinet nearby, you can slip your photos into a magnetic photo frame and place it wherever you want. This is a great way to keep your photos clean and organized.

Posted Notices Most offices are required to post legal documents pertaining to employees in a place where everyone can see them. These are often taped to a door or a refrigerator, and they can get dirty and torn over time.

To avoid this, slide them into a magnetic photo frame and place on a metal surface. They will stay clean and easy to read. It’s a simple matter to change them out when necessary.

License to practice

Required legal info for employees

Certificates or awards This tip works for many different types of documents that are necessary in an office environment:

Fire drill instructions

Work schedules

Important phone numbers

The strong magnetic backing means they will stick to any metal surface without slipping or flying off when a door is slammed shut.

No need to have expensive signs made - just print, insert the paper, and stick onto a metal surface – fridge door, filing cabinet, locker, metal door or wall.

Magnetic Gif t Items MGI offers magnetic picture frames in a variety of sizes. They are made in the USA of heavy duty, flexible die-cut vinyl and are MADE TO LAST. The opening is on the side for ease of insertion and removal of documents. Visit to learn more.

Organizing your business office  
Organizing your business office  

Strong, flexible magnetic sign and document holders make organizing your office easier. They cling strongly to any metal surface, including...